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On a form I have some textboxes that are connected to a database with a adodc control. I also have 3 optionbuttons on the form. Because I can't directly connect them to the database, I set there value thru code. That doesn't create a problem, but when I wan't to perform a requery on the adodc control the system gives the error3219 The operation requested by the application is not allowed in this context.When I delete the optionbuttons everything works Can anyone help me with this?Thanks'this works optGebruiker_Soort(Adogebruikers.Recordset![gebruiker_soort]).Value = true'this causes the errorAdogebruikers.Recordset.Requery

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Need To Requery??
Greetings, all. Today's hurdle:
This sounds kinda confusing, but see if you can follow. These projects are too wrapped up to include code.

I have two projects that are using the same local Access DB. One is my client side app and the other is my server side app. The problem I am having is that when I create a new record (and appropriately populate all the necessary fields) with either app, the new row shows up in the DB when I open it in MSAccess, but will not show up in a combobox that is populated in my other app. I have tried inserting a requery statement and a resync statement before the combobox is populated, but it still doesn't show the new row. Interestingly enough, if I close the IDE and reload the project, the combobox populates itself and includes the "new" row. I am closing my recordsets and think I am exiting the app correctly, it's just that an exit doesn't work, but a restart of the project does. What am I missing??? Thx in advance for help!


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An Sql Requery Bug
CleGeneriqueCourant = CurrentDb.execute("SELECT t_Analyte.CleEnreg FROM t_Analyte WHERE ( t_Analyte.SigleAnalyte = " & SigleGeneriqueCourant & ");")

hi, i want to select a simple variant from the table.
but when i lunch the programme i receive a message error.
what can i do?

SigleGeneriqueCourant is a variable of the programme.
SigleAnalyte is a string field of the table
CleGeneriqueCourant is another variable of the programme

i want to select a value from the table.
the returned message is
variable or function is waited


i open my recordset like this

dim rs as new adodb.recordset

rs.field.append "Code",adchar,3
rs.fiels.append "Name",advarchar,20 , , adOpenKeyset
set datagrid1.datasource = rs
end sub

rs.delete adaffectcurrent
end sub

rs(0) = text1.text
rs(1) = text2.text
end sub

in this case i already add many data to that recordset
(50 data), and i delete that data randomly, not sequential.
1. how can i requery my recordset ?

2. assume i already delete data and remain 1 record exists in my datagrid, when i click my last record in my grid and then i click command2, sometimes its occurs error "Either BOF and EOF is true" but sometimes not. i already add code
if rs.recordcount > 0 then
if not (rs.bof and rs.eof) then
rs.delete adaffectcurrent
end if
end if
end sub

my recordcount 1 but error msg "Either BOF and EOF is true"
since i use adOpenKeyset, then error is gone.....
does someone can explain this ?
3. is this a bad way method to have temporary recordset ?

i'm using ADO 2.5

I m using a multiple parameter query to return values from an SQL server database, (the query consists of a date range),
When I execute the query it works fine, but if I try to change one of the parameters without restarting the program I get the following error

* Runtime Error invalid parameter value *

Here is the code

DataEnvironment14.Commands("logdate").Parameters("Param1") = CDate(DTPicker1.Value)
DataEnvironment14.Commands("logdate").Parameters("Param2") = CDate(DTPicker2.Value)

If DataEnvironment14.rslogdate.State = 1 Then
End If

'DataEnvironment14.rslogdate.State = 1

If Not DataEnvironment14.rslogdate.EOF Then '* Records were found
lCount = DataEnvironment14.rslogdate.RecordCount


End If

Set VSFlexGrid3.DataSource = DataEnvironment14


Requery ???
I am getting two strange errors when calling the .requery method for an adodb recordset. Requery is called when the user clicks a listbox. The recordset has 5 textboxes bound to it.

# 3704 "Operation is not allowed when the object is closed", this error occurs at random when i call requery.

# 3219 "Operation is not allowed in this context", this happens only after the text of a textbox bound to the recordset has been changed.

Here is the code.

Set rsPackage = New ADODB.Recordset
rsPackage.Open "select * from Package", con, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
For Each TextBox In txtRS
Set TextBox.DataSource = rsPackage
End Sub

Private Sub lstOther_Click()
Me.Height = 7740
rsPackage.Find ("PackageID = " & CStr(lstOther.ItemData(lstOther.ListIndex)))
End Sub

Does anyone have any ideas about where these errors are comming from?

ADO And Requery
I have a program that was using DAO with an access database. I found that after deleting or adding a record it was neccesary to do a requery, otherwise problems arose. I have now changed to ADO and after experimenting it seems that the requery is not neccesary. I don't want to get any nasty surprises later, so my question is this: Using the ADO, is it safe to open a recordset, then add, delete or edit records and continue using the recordset without doing a requery ?

Requery ? Please Help
for some reason when i addnew to a recordset and then do a requery i get an error but if i dont addnew then the requery statement dosent error what can be causing this

How To Use Requery?

how do i use Requery for this example? is this possible?what's wrong with my code? pls. help

rsOne.Open = "select * from Table1 where FieldName1 = ' & rsTwo!FieldOne & "'",dbconn, adOpenKeyset, adLockPessimistic

Do while Not rsTwo.Eof

thanks in advance

Ado Requery
I have a form that on a command button opens a second form to add a new record, then on the update hides the add new form.

How/where do I perform a requery to force the recordset to recognize the new record. The only thing I have gotten working short of stopping and restarting the program is a requery button on the first form. I have tried on the close of the add button, form load of the first, lost and got focus of both and it doesn't perform the requery.

How do I requery. I need to requery my recordset based on the sql statement. During the time the code steps thru, a variable changes in value. I need to take this new value and place it in the sql statement and have the recordset requery dependent upon the changed sql. I can do this by opening and closing the connection, but this seems a long way to do it. Is there a way to tell the recordset to requery?
Todd Poole

I want to display a report, but the first time the program runs, the report that is displayed is blank. That's because there is not a requery command. So, I wrote this code:

If dePrinting.rsPrintFields.State = adStateOpen then
End If

However, still blank on first run! That's because:

dePrinting.rsPrintFields.State = adStateClosed

But if I don't check this state, it fires because recordset is open! How else can I requery?

Michael Vlastos
Automation Engineer
Company Modus SA
Development Department

Hi Everyone,

I have a multi-user VB 6 app that connects to an MSAccess 2000 database. I use an ADO unbound connection to update, edit etc the data.

Does anyone know the best way to keep everyones data current?

Thanks for your help,

REquery On A Subform
Probably an easy question but I am getting tired of BS'ing around with it.

I have a subform, that is on a pag of a tab contol, that is on a master form. Once the user presses a delete button, the current record is deleted but an ugle '#DELETED#' is left in each field, on the subform that is on a page of a tab control that is on the master form.

How do I requery the subform, that is on a page of a tabcontol, that is on the master form?



OS:Windows 98SE,Access 2000.
I have two .mdb files. .mdb #1 has data, and .mdb #2 has forms, reports, and one local table. I have a good ADODB connection to both .mdb files, and the apropriate recordsets. I can populating the local table(tmpDevices) in .mdb #2 fine. However I am unable to easily display it in a listbox. Following Code:
'-------------Begin code---------
Private Sub Form_Load()
lstDevices.RowSourceType = "Table/Query"
lstDevices.RowSource = "tmpDevices"
End Sub
'---------End Code--------
I know for a fact that the data is in the table before this runs. The problem is that it does not show the contents of lstDevices until I unload, and reload the form.
P.S. I also have code that adds items to the local table "tmpDevices", The problem is that when the first device is added, and I requery, I get nothing, however after the first entry it seems to work fine. I have decided to solve my first problem, with the hope that it gives a solution to the other.

Any Ideas?

Requery In Access
I have a subform that is supposed to keep track of "total hours worked." When I add a new record to the field that this subform totals the subform does not update to show the new total. I've tried several event procedures (requery & refresh) under the "Lost Focus" property but none have worked properly. I'm probably using the wrong syntax or something (I'm new to VBA in case you couldn't tell) but I would appreciate any help I could get.
Here's the last sub I used

Sub Hours_Worked_LostFocus()

Dim ctlList As Form
Set ctlList = Forms![TotalHoursForm].Form![Sum Of Hours Worked]

End Sub

Requery List Box
HI everybody,

Im having a problem with one of my forms. For sum reason when I requery a list box on a form, A record in the sub form is changed (The subform and the list box are related to the same table)

Any ideas



Record Set - Requery
The folowing procedure used to delete records from some form
my question is :
i am using static curser
in case of deletion of 1 record while the recored set containe 10 records what will happen if the .Requery will return 0 records instead of 9 since other user already delete those 9 records ?

Private Sub CmdDelete_Click()
Message = MsgBox("Are you sure you want to delete the selected row ? ", vbYesNo, "Save")
Select Case Message
Case vbYes
RecordPos = rs_DefineDialNo.AbsolutePosition
If rs_DefineDialNo.RecordCount = 0 Then
rs_DefineDialNo.Open "Select * from DialingNo where 1=2 ", con1, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
Set_Fields_Data FrmDialNo, rs_DefineDialNo
Set_DialNo_Fields_Tags FrmDialNo
CmbFunction(DialNoCurrentFrame).ListIndex = 0
If DialNoCurrentFrame = 0 Then CheInternationalLine.Value = 1
If RecordPos > 1 Then rs_DefineDialNo.AbsolutePosition = RecordPos - 1
Set_DialNo_Fields_Tags FrmDialNo
End If
End Select
End Sub

DataEnvironment How To Requery....
i'm using DataEnvironment, and i have a comand in it that is based on a query, with a parameter:

DataEnvironment1.my_command my_parameter

is it possible to make the query many times without closing DataEnvironment1.
if i change my_parameter and i try to redo the command
DataEnvironment1.my_command my_parameter

it say me that it isn't possible if it is open!

Requery Problem
To make a long story short…I basically have a few DataCombo boxes used to make a search through an Access DB of cars. When I choose the “Make” I want the list for “Model” to be limited to that make (like you would find on a website). I have a command in a data environment that is a basic query with one parameter. The parameter would be the value of the previous DataCombo box. EXAMPLE: If I choose “Ford” from the “Make” list I want my “Models” to be limited to only Fords. When I want to run a requery I can’t the code right.

If I use:

I get:
No value given for one or more required parameters

If I use:
deCarDb.rscmdModel.Requery cbMake.Text
deCarDb.rscmdModel.Requery cbMake.Text ()

I get:
Type mismatch ( I believe because requery has some optional parameters)

If I use:
deCarDb.rscmdModel.Requery () cbMake.Text

I get :
Expected end of statement right in the design window

Any ideas? I would really appreciate it. I can email anyone the bare bones of what I have right now if they’d like to play with it. Or if anyone can point me to a copy of similar code, that would be great too. Thanks in advance.


My program is a multiuser-program.
I opened a SQL-Server Database-connection with ADO.
using Serverside Cursor and Cursortype Keyset.
But i cannot see the changes made by other users. only if i close the program and restart.

Requery Recordset
I have a form(formA) with a Listbox, a couple of textboxes, and a command button all tied to a database.
If the user wants to add an item to the listbox they click on the command button, which opens another form(formB).
FormB has a textbox where you enter in the data that you want added to the listbox on formA. I've got that part working fine. The data is added to the database, but you can't see the change in formA until you close the form and reopen it.

How do I requery/refresh the connection to the database when I close formB so FormA will see the change straight away??

Requery Error
Can someone help me.

i always encounter error when using requery.

here's my sample code

private sub cmdRefresh_click()
end sub

or when i filter data

private sub txtEmpNo_change()
with RS
.filter="[EMP NO]='" & text1.text & "'"
end with
end sub

what will i do and why does an error occurs

i set RS as my recordset.


Requery Failing?
Hi all,

This is a weird one, and I'm on a deadline, so the assistance will be so very appreciated!

I've never had this issue before with other projects... I have the module (which I was provided help from tHuNd3r to perfect!):

Global dbConn As ADODB.Connection 'Connection to ADODB
Global dbRS As ADODB.Recordset 'Holds records
Global bBookMarkable As Boolean

Public Sub QueryExec(strTable As String, strQuery As String, bQuery As Boolean)
Set dbConn = New ADODB.Connection
Set dbRS = New ADODB.Recordset
Dim strRecordSet As String

dbRS.CursorLocation = adUseClient
dbConn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=" & App.Path & "datadbMain.mdb;" & _
"User ID=Admin;" & _
"Jet OLEDB:System Database=" & App.Path & "dataworkgroup.mdw;" & _
strRecordSet = "SELECT * FROM " & strTable
dbConn.CursorLocation = adUseClient
dbRS.Open strRecordSet, dbConn, adOpenDynamic, adLockPessimistic
If bQuery Then
bBookMarkable = IIf(dbRS.Supports(adBookmark), True, False)
dbConn.Execute strQuery
End If
End Sub
And in the form that I'm calling it from, all are successful to retrieve data needed etc., except for this part:

Private Sub PopulateAnswers()
Dim strQuery As String
Dim arrClientID
Dim arrQuestionID
arrClientID = Split(txtClientID.Text, ",", -1, vbTextCompare)
arrQuestionID = Split(txtQuestionID.Text, ",", -1, vbTextCompare)
strQuery = "SELECT * FROM AnswerMain Where ClientID = " & arrClientID(cboClients.ListIndex) & " " & _
"AND QuestionID = " & arrQuestionID(lstQuestions.SelectedItem.Index - 1)
QueryExec "AnswerMain", strQuery, False
For i = 1 To dbRS.RecordCount
lstAnswers.AddItem dbRS.Fields("Answer").Value
End Sub
It's not that it doesn't work, it gets the data from that table, but the recordset does just not seem to refresh from when it is opened - so it's got every record in the answer table, rather than that what matches the query. My other calls to this are all designed the same way so it's doing my head in!

Thanks HEAPS in advance,

can someone help me... i have 2 tables that are already in a relationship (item & request details) and i want to add some data in the request details table but it draws ang error that the item# in the request details table should not be null... how can i query this in vb so that i can put some data in my request details with the specific item# and description from the item table... someone please help...

Combo Box Requery Help
I need alittle help here I have a combobox that once a building is selected the tenant names for that particular apartment will show up example if I enter the names Bob, and Jim for apartment 150 and then select apartment 160 and enter Lisa, and Daryl when I select apartment 150 only the names Bob, and Jim will show up in the Tenant cboBox but, what is happening is when I select any apartment and click on the combo box all the names I typed in show up so if I select 150 the names Bob,Jim, Lisa, and Daryl are there that is not what I would like could someone help me. I know I need to Requery but just not sure where I need to do it.

Requery: Subform
i'm having trouble updating my subform in my form. My form has these components: textfields, comboboxes, and a search button. i want it so that when i click the search button, it dispays the results in the subform. i tried this code:

but i think what it does is it just refreshes the subform. it doesn't really show the search results.
how can i go about doing this?
thanks in advance!

After using objRS.Requery ,
do i need to add the any other codes so that the data shown on the screen (form)changed immediately after requery? or just will code will do? (ie after clicking on a button that include objRS.Requery) thank you.

whne i use works when i click on the next 'button' wat should i put the statment after this so that on the spot the updated data will be shown immediately like a 'refresh' instead of the need to do clicking back and forth.?

Problem With Requery
My VB project is to control stock distribution at work. It is an MS Access database containg tables and queries as follows:

tblStockMain - The list of stock items

tblStockUsed - When stock is taken from stores, it is recorded here. (Related to Main table via StockID-StockID)

tblPurchaseItems - When stock is recieved it is entered here. (Related to Main table via StockID-StockID)

qryMovement - A Union query based on queries based on the 2 tables above showing stock recieved/stock used.

qryCurrentStock - A summary of Used and Received stock items returning the current quantity of each stock item.

My VB project has a Data Environment with a connection to the Access database and the following hirearchy of recordsets


My problem is that I cannot requery the CurrentStock recordset and therefore when I enter stock used it doesn't show until i close the main form and re-open it.

I've tried:-

Set rsTemp=DE1.rscmdStockMain("cmdCurrentStock").Value

This causes the error "Command Text has not been set for the command object"

Please will somebody help me

Requery - VB Simple
Morning posties...
I'll lay down a bit of background info 1st.
Have a database. Table called Jobs and within this table there is a field called Internal (True/False).

In VB a have a collection which comprises of records from this table. The SQL statment is:

"SELECT * WHERE Internal = 1"

Every five seconds I requery the table using:

"SELECT * WHERE Internal = 1 AND Timestamp > " & strMaxLoadedTimestamp

This loads all records that have been added or amended since the last query. I can now update only the items in my collection which have had their data changed.

My problem is when someone edits a record and changes the flag Internal and sets it to 0. Now the query:

"SELECT * WHERE Internal = 1 AND Timestamp > " & strMaxLoadedTimestamp

Doesn't work as the record isn't loaded due to the Internal flag not being 1. As far as my prog is concerned this record has not been amended and therefore will not REMOVE it from my collection.

the following is what I have come up with to get around this problem. What I want to know is, is there a better way to do this?

"SELECT * WHERE Timestamp > " & strMaxLoadedTimestamp
If record exists in collection then
"SELECT * WHERE Internal = 1 AND Timestamp > " & strMaxLoadedTimestamp & " AND Job_ID = " & (ID of item in collection)
If RecordCount of this query = 1 then
Update collection item with new data
Remove item from collection as it no longer satisfies the query
"SELECT * WHERE Internal = 1 AND Timestamp > " & strMaxLoadedTimestamp & " AND Job_ID = " & (ID of item in Record)
If RecordCount of this query = 1 then
Add Item to collection

Does that make sense?

I hope so.

Requery && Refresh
I did a


While the DataReport is already loaded. The content does not change even the DB has been updated.

If I run the above statements a few more times, the DataReport will be updated with new content. After this, any changes to the DB will be updated to the DataReport immediately.

Only the 1st few attempts would fail.

What seem to be the problem?

Please advice.



Requery In Access
Is there a way to remotely requery another form's controls through VBA code?


requery a subform's controls when an event occurs on a parent's subform.

BTW - I'm using Access 97

ReQuery Database
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to requery an MS Access database so that the information that has been put into an excel spreadsheet is updated? Right now the only information in the spreadsheet that is updated is information that has been added to the database. Old information is not taken out of the spreadsheet. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

ADO And SQL Auto Requery........ HELP.....

Hi all, I am new in SQL. I have a problem here. I have a computer used
Server. This server is receiving data and the data will be input to the
using SQL2000. The other computer is used as Client. This client is
for showing the data only. and I want the new data that input in server
show in client (directly). maybe there is an announcement in client that
is a new data in server (client is auto requery data)

Does any body can help me please?

Rano Nugrah Agung Homan

Requery Not Working
I'm relatively new to VB and Microsoft Access. I currently have difficulty with the requery function. I'm trying to reload a textareas on the load event of a form. Here is the code
Private Sub Form_Load()
    Me.NoOfRec = Me.lstSearch.ListCount
    Me.txtStartDate = Me.txtStartDate2
    Me.cmbStartDate.Value = Me.txtStartDate2
    Me.cmbEndDate.Value = Date
    Me.txtEndDate = Date
End Sub
This unfortunately doesn't work as it's not maintaining updates when I re-enter the page. Anyone have any ideas here or alternative solutions. The query I am calling is quite complex involving 3-4 tables.

Recordset Requery
I have a recordset with record on it, no i want to delete a record and see the result of it, but it gives me the error on line "rstList.Requery"  . it says  "operation is not allowed in this context"

rstList.Filter = "EquipId=" & grdGood.Columns(2).Value
rstList.Filter = adFilterNone

any idea?

Error With Requery Of ADO
I am attempting to execute a requery method of an ado recordset created using the Dataenvironment. Recordset queries an Access database. When I attempt to do so, I get the following error:

3219: Operation is not allowed in this context

Anyone know why?

How To Requery A Listbox
Form1 has an unbound listbox List0 and a button that opens Form2.
Form2 writes to a table that populates List0.
When I close Form2 I want to requery List0 and show any additions, deletions that Form2 did.

Problem is, I haven't found the right method. I have tried:
    'Update unbound list box in previous form.
    If IsOpen(strName:="frmDisplayFamilyNeedsAsmt", varObjectType:=acForm) = True Then
        Forms("frmDisplayFamilyNeedsAsmt").Controls("List0").RowSource = "qryCaseNeedsAsmtList"
    End If

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Limit In Requery
I believe I have stumbled upon something which says that there is a limit to Requery, any guru who could clarify me with this?

Recordset Requery
Dear All,

I am using a Access database in VB 6 via a ADODB recordset.

A am adding a record to a recordset say invoices, by .Addnew method and then dump whatever data in it. I also use .Begintrans & .Committrans before & after data replacement respectively.

After committrans, I fire .Requery method of the recordset. However, this take a bit of time say 6 seconds for 90,000 records. Why I fire requery is to refresh the data in the recordset instanteneously.

Now suppose, if I remove this .Requery method to save time, What will happen?
- Will my data in the recordset never get refreshed?
- it will refresh after some time say every 5 seconds. which is configured somewhere.
- What will be the fastest alternative to this?

Can someone help?


Vishal Badle

ADO Requery And Bookmark
Hi, I am developing a software with ADO in a part of a code it crases when updating data to the table.

Recordset opened in batch mode

bmark = rs.Bookmark
rs.Bookmark = bmark <-- crashes here.

do someone now why?....

Requery On Subform In VBA
I just want to do a requery on a subform inside a form of an access database.

Example: Form name is frmX, subform name is frmY.

When clicking on a button in form frmX the recordsource in subform frmY should be changed and a requery should follow. The code should look like this:

Private Sub cmdSortByValue_Click()
Me.frmY.RecordSource = "qrySGgroupDesc"
End Sub

But the Recordsource in Subform Y does not exist. Why??? How can I change a record source in a subform?

Thanx in advance, greetings from germany.

Requery Method
Hello there,
I am using SQL Server's native OLE DB provider to open a connection on SQL Server database. Then with cursor location serverside & cursortype Keyset, I am opening a recordset.
Whe I try to update my recordset in multiuser env. if error occurs then I am trying to dislay latest record to user by requrying the recordset.
However requery method does not work. It gives error 3219 (This operation is not allowed in this context) Has anyone faced similar situation ?
Or is there any way out to deal with the situation ?

Form Requery In Access
i hav a simple form thats updates a table in access 2k2.

once the table is updated, i want to refresh (requery) another open form.

DoCmd.Requery only requeries the current form
DoCmd.Requery("frmNameOfOtherForm") return ErrMsg: "no such fieldname in current record"

how do i requery another open form??


Form Requery In Access
Hi All

I have continuous form set up in an access db. When the user clicks a button next to a record a number of actions take place. One of these is that it updates a check box to show that the item is ready for deletion. After each click there is a


command to requery the source recordset and update the information the user can see. However after every click the records jump back to the top of the form meaning that once a user moves beyond the first page every action flicks the form back to the top and they have to scroll down to find the next record.

Is there any way of stopping this from happening.

For any clarification give me a shout. I can't post the db as its data is secured by work.

Requery Recordset Problemette
What on earth am I doing wrong here?

I have a recordset and I am setting up a filter then requerying it. Everything is running through okay apart from once the filter applies the recordset goes down to one record when it should find four. The one record in question meets the criteria so I am not sure why the filter would get one of the desired records instead of all of them.

When I debug I can see the recordcount as 11 (the full set of test data) then the filter applies and it goes straight down to 1 (as I said, it should be four).

Any ideas?


Forever Everton

ADODB.Recordset And Requery
i have a program that i make lot of queries
and beacuse of that i tried to do :

If rs.State = adStateOpen Then
rs.Requery update
Else update
End If
but i recive type mismatch when i do requery (the syntax in the update is ok i chekced it withthe db)
any idea what can be the problem?
thnaks in advance

Requery Open Recordset
I haven't posted here in a long time but you folks always proved to be the most helpful bunch out there so I am hoping you can help again

I have an open ADO recordset. Every record I want to change or update or select is part of that one. I want to know how to select a specific item of that recordset and be able to later update it or delete it without having to close it and reopen it again later with a different SQL statement.

Thanks in advance,

DataGrid Refreshment After A Requery

I have the following problem: Using ODBC, I'm connected to a Access DataBase. Using query, I have a form which shows some parameters. To select the recordset I'm usind a DataGrid.

I can modify the query with the form opened. I reload the value and diplayed it to check that the query has been modified (I done a requery) and it's work.

My problem is that the DataGrid is not modified, the old value is still displayed. I need to close the form and to reopen it to see the change in the DataGrid.

Have somebody an idea? I have tried :


Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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