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Request In Cancelled By The User

Hello,I'm printing a report, created in Crystal Reports 6.0 from VB6 application (Crystal Reports ActiveX control is used). Sometimes the users get an error 20545 ("request was cancelled by the user"). They do not click "Cancel" button, "Use default properties" option for the printer is set in the report, and default printer exists on the machine (it is a network printer). Can anybody suggest, what's wrong?Thank you, Vlad.

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Cancelled By User Error In Print Dialog Box
I would like to add a print dialog to my program.  Everything seems to be going alright with the exception of the Cancel button.  Below is the code I used:

frmMain.dlgCompany.CancelError = True
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
dlgCompany.PrinterDefault= true                        
rptEE.Destination = crptToPrinter
rptEE.Connect = g_sRptConnect
rptEE.Action = 1
Exit Sub
'User presses cancel
Exit Sub

This process is being used to print Checks that were designed using Seagate Crystal Report Designer. However when I press the cancel button, I still get the Cancel by user error.  Is there something missing from the code?



User Info Request
hello all

i'm relatively new to vb, and have been searching the net to see if i could get a piece of code that can basically read the amount of time a user has been logged on under windows XP and 2000.
I've looked around at quite a few sites, and have an idea that it needs to use the GetObject command, but from there im not sure what to do.

Any help would be appreciated.

Winsock - Notification When User Accepts Request
Does anyone know of a way that an initiator of a Winsock connection can be notified when a user on the other end accepts the connection ? I'm new to Winsock, so my terminology might not be the best, but I'm trying to find out if the inititator has any way of knowing that a connection was made before any messages are exchanged?

Thanks for any help....

How To Launch A User Form From A Macro? - New (&& Different) Request
Thanks for the suggestions guys!!

I managed to get it to launch.

I have another problem however!

I am getting info from the user via text boxes on the forms but I need a date and for some reason, one text box brings me the result in a date format, the next one in a text format.

Do you have any suggestions?


Original Message:
>>I am looking to launch a User Form that would prompt the user >>to fill in similar data for a number of different records.
>>However, I haven't been able to launch the form from within a >>macro. I would like to find the string required to do so.
>>(I am planning to use a loop to launch the form for each record >>after using the data entered for the previous record)
>>Has anyone got any suggestions?

Request For Help - How Can I Have A User Select A Database Location At Runtime?
I have a VB front end that is attached to an Access back end. The front end can be run on different computers, so the location of the database can change from computer to computer. When the app starts I would like a window to come up that prompts the user to select the location of the database. Instead of the user typing this in, I would like them to be able to click their way through a file directory.

I tried DirListBox, but this only lists the directories, not the files in them. I also checked this forum and saw that CommonDialog was reccommended. I added it, but it doesn't show when the app is run.

I have to think that this is simple, but I can't figure out how to do it. Can someone tell me how to get a graphical interface to select a file?

Thank you,

Steve Geller

Request A Password When User Selects From Combo List
I have a combobox on one of my forms which is conneted to a database. When you drop down the list it gives me employee names. What i want to achive is that when a employee selects his name from the list he must be prompted for a password, can this be done?

Cancelled By An Associated Object
I am using MS access along with my vb program in dynaset format. When i click on my update button after i have added in the information. It doesn't add it to my database. I get error 3426 'action cancelled by associated object.

check out my frmparts in my code

Operation Cancelled
Dear all

I am new to this forum..

I have created and ADODC for doing data entry. I have some field which get assigned with glocal variables.
After data is entered and when i use the next buttton on the adod contol it throws out an error 3662 operation cnacelled.

Just to test i then made the field visible and entered values in the field and moved to next record it did nto ahow any error

thanks in advance for all the help..

Thanks and regards

Help! Operation Cancelled
I am using ADODC to show my database in textfields. using ado.recordset.fields("something") = txtsomething.text.
and i have a cmdCancel button, which has adosomething.recordset.cancelupdate. cmdClear which sets all textfields to "". cmdNext and cmdPrevious which move data back and forward.

Private Sub cmdNext_Click()
If Not adoUC.Recordset.EOF Then
End If
If adoUC.Recordset.EOF Then
End If
If Not adoBrkCosts.Recordset.EOF Then
End If
If adoBrkCosts.Recordset.EOF Then
End If
If Not adoBrkCost_P.Recordset.EOF Then
End If
If adoBrkCost_P.Recordset.EOF Then
End If

End Sub

Private Sub cmdPrev_Click()
If Not adoUC.Recordset.BOF Then
End If
If adoUC.Recordset.BOF Then
End If
If Not adoBrkCosts.Recordset.BOF Then
End If
If adoBrkCosts.Recordset.BOF Then
End If
If Not adoBrkCost_P.Recordset.BOF Then
End If
If adoBrkCost_P.Recordset.BOF Then
End If
End Sub

Private Sub cmdClear_Click()
Dim cTemp As Control
For Each cTemp In Controls
If TypeOf cTemp Is TextBox Then
cTemp.Text = ""
End If
End Sub

Private Sub cmdCancel_Click()
txtsomething.text = adosomething.recordset.fields("something").value

the problem is, when i click edit, then clear, then click cancel, and then try to move data next or previous, it gives me error "Run-time error '-2147217842 (80040e4e)': Operation Cancelled".

can someone help me to solve this? urgent.. thanks.

The Operation Is Cancelled
I have no idea whats going on, very weird error. All im doing is sending a query to a server with winsock, and on the .senddata (udp) its happening. My computer crashed and im reverting to old code, code which didnt have any errors...

Query Is Cancelled
I am trying to run an SQL statement that would sum 25 columns of a certain table with a large number of records.
Using the same select statement with a condition that will yield to a few query result, the select statement generates the expected output. I would like to know what might be the cause of cancellation of the execution of the said SQL which I encounter whenever I use condition that would generate a large query result? Is there a maximum number for records returned?

Post Cancelled
I Have Cancelled This Post As I Have Sorted Out My Problem On My Own
Thanks Anyway

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Cancelled From This Forum
cancelled from this forum

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Sendkeys Cancelled
I am running an application which pops up a dialog box and all I
need to do is simply press <ENTER> to continue.

SendKeys "{ENTER}", False


Problem is that it seems to be clearing the type ahead buffer as the Sendkeys has no effect.

(I am guessing that they are deliberately clearing the type ahead buffer)

The box shows and I need to press the enter key to coninue and all works fine.

Can anyone think of a method to solve the clearing or to force the sendkeys to work

If Printer Is Cancelled
I was wondering if anyone knew what to add to my code so that if the user selects "cancel" instead of "print", he returns to the listbox(that's where the print items are located) with the items as they were before the print job. I think it has something to do with vbCancel, but I can't find it anywhere in my book. Thank you very much.

Private Sub mnuPrint_Click()
Dim Item As Integer


' Prints the contents of the lstShopping list box.

For Item = 0 To lstShopping.ListCount - 1
Printer.Print lstShopping.List(Item)


Archie Kantzavelos

Error---Action Cancelled

I am entering data through my VB front-end to an Excell sheet. I use the addnew method and enter data. When I am finished entering data and press update and go to the next form, it is giving the error that "Action cancelled by an associated OBJECT". I tried to modify the link timeout , cause I thought The connection with the database is being broken, but still the error continues while at times it is ok with no errors. I am totally confused. Can anyone help me out?????


This Action Was Cancelled By An Associate ...
I have a database file that deletes the entries when entering new data, but when i use AddNew procedure i get "This action was cancelled by an associate ... " error message. Why?

ADODC Says Operation Cancelled. Why?
I've placed an ADODC onto my form and when i run the program and click on the ADODC arrows it shows me the first record in the table and then says "Operation Cancelled" . Any time i click on the ADODC it keeps saying "Operation was Cancelled" so i'm left at the first record on my form.

It doesn't highlight any code in yellow because there is no code since i entered them all in the properties tool bar. How do i know what's going wrong?

Im assuming the move to the next record was cancelled but why? Is the ADODC better then other methods? HELP!

Problem When A Command Is Cancelled
I have used some VB code for a delete record button on a form in Access. When I press the button it asks whether you are sure you want to delete the record. It works exactly as it should when the Yes button is pressed, however I get the error message:

Run-time error '2501'
The DoMenuItem action was cancelled

Is it possible for me to put anything in the code so that instead of coming up with the error message, the action is simply cancelled and nothing else happens?

Sendobject Action Was Cancelled
I am using the simple Report Operations to email a report that is based on a parameter query. When I hit the button, it asks for Vendor Number (which it should since it is a parameter query) and then I get the

The SendObject action was cancelled....


Private Sub Command14_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_Command14_Click

Dim stDocName As String

stDocName = "RptEmail"
DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, stDocName

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_Command14_Click

End Sub

Action Cancelled By Associated Object
VB 6 and Access 2003 database. If I try to update a field from any value to an empty textbox, I get the action cancelled by associated object error. Can someone tell me how to be able to allow the user to delete one or more values in the textboxes on the form without getting this error?

Thank you

Sending Program..&lt;cancelled&gt;
For my last project of the year, I need to make forms circulating across the desktop. So when I run it from VB I need to send VB program to the taskbar so my forms can move around the desktop. Im a novice so take it ez on me :P

Determining If Unload Was Cancelled?
If for some reason searching through the forms is an unaccaptable solution, you could always have a boolean variable (or boolean array) that is something like this: blnFormLoaded(0) that is set to True in the Form_Load event, and set to False in the Form_Unload event.

Granted this uses more memory, it was just another way of doing it.


Action Cancelled By Associated Object
Hi---I am trying to save values from a test box t an Excell sheet. I have three forms each having a Data control(data1,data2...) connected to a different sheet (sheet1,sheet2..) of the same workbook. But after I have used the addnew method and entered the values in the text boxes and finally clicked update Its giving the error "action cancelled by associated object",when i go from one form to another. I have used the same button to go to the next form and for the update method......

And also i tried to modify the link timeout whose default value is 50 (thats is in secs I hope) to 3600 coz i thought that the connection to the database is being lost but the problem continues...............

can anyone help me out please?

Err 3662 Operation Cancelled
Dear gurus

I have created a data entry screen with adodc. after doing an add new when i
move next to save the record it throws this error.

Can anyone please guide me on this

thanks and regards

Rif: This Action Was Cancelled By An Associate ...
Error 3426 "Action cancelled by an associated object" indicated as ([129)
NOT included in Help

has been caused using DAO by :

1) Object (Text Box, etc ) with Text Lenght exceeding max dimension of
Database Field of destination

2) Invalid date written in a Data Aware meb (Mask Edit Box connected o
Date Field by Data Control )

3) AddNew after initializing default value to object

Correct commands sequence

command button Add a New Record Click


Assign Default Value to objects

command button recording new record fields Click

Assign values to Database Field indicated by NON Data Aware
objects ( option button etc. )

DataControl.Recordset.Update MUST be last line of code before
Hide of Input Form

4) Initialization to Default Value of a Mask Edit Box with mask for Dte
after Click on command button Exit to avoid new record

add code : Form.DataControl.UpdateControls to command button
Exit Click

5) Trying to move before BOF or after EOF with command button click

6) Code assigning value to Property ( text, caption etc. ) of an Objet (
text box and Mask Edit Box, label etc.)

having : DataField = Empty, DataSource = any type of Data Cotrol
with RecordSource = Empty

i.e. Format(Form.DataControl.Recordset.Fields("Date Field"),


I cannot exclude any other !

Hope this help

Michele Rossi

-------Messaggio originale-------


Data: mercoled=EC 28 maggio 2003 18.04.37


Oggetto: [visualbasic-l] this action was cancelled by an associate ...

Archive Page -


I have a database file that my program sends data

after processing and reads from when displaying the

result. It also deletes the data in the database when

inputing new data. When i use "AddNew" procedure i get

an error message saying "This action was cancelled by

an associate ...", why?


This Action Was Cancelled By An Associate ...

I have a database file that my program sends data
after processing and reads from when displaying the
result. It also deletes the data in the database when
inputing new data. When i use "AddNew" procedure i get
an error message saying "This action was cancelled by
an associate ...", why?


3426 - Cancelled By An Associated Object
New to VB and killing myself over something dumb I'm sure.... I error on the 'Data3.Recordset.Update' line. I've been through the other 3426 error posts, but can't figure out my problem. My error occurs when I'm deleting a value from the datagrid and trying to save - so it could be related to a null going back to the database... Any assistance is much appreciated. Thank you!

Code :

Sub SaveInfo()
'Save Maintenance Changes To Times table
Dim rnKey
Dim i As Integer

If UpdateFlag = "YES" Then 'updates have been made to the grid

    DataGrid2.Row = 0
    DataGrid2.Col = 1

    Do Until DataGrid2.Text = ""
        rnKey = DataGrid2.Text
        Data3.Recordset.Index = "Key1"
        Data3.Recordset.Seek "=", rnKey

        Data7.Recordset.Index = "Key1"
        Data7.Recordset.Seek "=", rnKey
        For i = 0 To 10
            Text3(i).Text = text7(i).Text
        Next i
        DataGrid2.Row = DataGrid2.Row + 1
    UpdateFlag = "NO"
End If

End Sub

MAPImessages Trap A Cancelled Message
I am using the Microsoft MAPI Controls in VB 6.0 to send email from one of my applications. The MAPIMessage.Send property is set to 'true' so that the users can modify the outgoing message. However, when the dialog box is displayed, the user can cancel the outgoing message by clicking on the 'exit/cancel' "X" button in the upper right hand corner of the dialog box. I need to know when the user cancels the email. It does not return an error message. Is there an API call or some other method of trapping for this
cancel? Please Help! Thanks.

Action Cancelled By Associate Object
I have this employee information project that seems to be having an error at its Add command. The concept of the form is that once you click the Add command, a file directory will automatically open for you to choose a picture. This is so because you will need to choose the picture of an employee first before filling out the rest of the data like name, etc. By the way, I'm using VisData for this project too since I'm more accustomed to using it in database projects.

Here's the problem code:

Private Sub cmdAdd_Click()
Dim MN As String
cmdSave.Visible = True
cmdAdd.Visible = False
F1.Visible = False
F2.Visible = True
F2.Enabled = True
Frame6.Enabled = False
Frame4.Enabled = False
Frame7.Enabled = False
Frame3.Enabled = False
cmdEdit.Enabled = False
cmdDelete.Enabled = False
cmdActive.Enabled = False
cmdDeactivate.Enabled = False
'this is for the auto number of empid
txtEmpID2.Text = Val(txtEmpID.Text) + 1
txtEmpID2.Enabled = False

'this is to set a preset value on the combo box
txtSex2.Text = "Male"
MN = Month(Now)
txtBDate2.Text = MonthName(MN)
txtJDate2.Text = MonthName(MN)
txtBDay2.Text = Day(Now)
txtJDay2.Text = Day(Now)
txtBYear2.Text = Year(Now)
txtJYear2.Text = Year(Now)
'this is for the picture
'the system will add a picture first before you can input other
'information about the user
'if the employee has no picture yet you can use the default picture.
CD1.Filter = "Metafiles (*.jpg)|*.jpg"
PicImage.Picture = LoadPicture(CD1.FileName)

End Sub

Run Time Error: Operation Was Cancelled
VB Code:
Public Sub MoveNext()    If RsDataSource.EOF = False Then        RsDataSource.MoveNext '<---- error source                If RsDataSource.EOF = True Then            RsDataSource.MoveLast            MsgBox "There are no more records"        End If        RaiseEvent RecordChange    Else        MsgBox "There are no more records"    End IfEnd Sub

The problem occured when I try to edit an record and save the record into ms access table. However, there is a runtime error of "Operation was Cancelled" and the error source is located at "RsDataSource.MoveNext"

Any solution for this error.

SOLVED////the Action Was Cancelled By Associated Object
i am using the following code to save after modifying a record :
Private Sub Command4_Click()

Command1.Enabled = True

Command6.Enabled = True
Command2.Enabled = True
Command3.Enabled = True
Command4.Enabled = False
Command5.Enabled = False


End Sub

after that the msg appeared : the action was cancelled by associated object

and it highlighted : Data1.Recordset.Update

any body?

The Error From Hell {You Cancelled The Previous Operation}
Well... sort of.

The error occurs at the following line:

hrs = DLookup("[F" & cc & "]", SourceTable01, "[Num] = " & rw)

What I have there is a table indexed 2 through the number of records (the first column in each record is the index number/key, I mean). All the columns starting at F5 through whatever are looked through for data matching a certain criteria. I know this isn't the most efficient way of doing this, but the big picture warrants it. cc is a loop control variable that starts at 5 and increments once for each column of data that is looked at, which is usually 10 times after it's all said and done. rw is the record that is looked at, corresponding to the index/key that is the first column which I described earlier.

Anyhow, I get an error at that line that says Runtime error '2001': You cancelled the previous operation. I have no idea what to do about it. Any help?

Error 3426 This Action Was Cancelled By An Associated Object?
Does anyone know what this means and how to correct this?

Error 3426 This Action Was Cancelled By An Associated Object
I have created a simple Access 2003 table and pointed my VB application to the database. On attempting to add or update a record I get the error "Error 3426 This action was cancelled by an associated object". This error does not always occur but mostly does.

In the code I am using <datacontrol>.recordset.Addnew and <datacontrol>.recordset.Update . I have tried other things as well like <datacontrol>.recordset.edit before update, BOF and EOF but nothing works. I am out putting to a label and the label's datacontrol's configuration is all correct and I am pointing the datefields and datasource to the correct data control as well.
Really frustrated now and cant find a fix. Can anyone help.


Mike G

Operation Was Cancelled Error In Ado Data Control
hi. im using ado data control. whenever i edit a record and save it using adotest.recordset.update its working.
but when i click the ado data control, a msg box with an error "operation was cancelled" is displayed. but when i checked the database, the record is successfully updated. how do i get rid of that error?

[SOLVED] Testing Unload SomeForm For QueryUnload Cancelled
What I want to do is this:

Code:Dim f As Form

For Each f In Forms
      Unload f

      If (xyz) Then ' What is the code here?
           MsgBox "QueryUnload cancel condition occured."
      End If

Make sense?

Edited by - LarryBlake on 4/24/2005 12:00:30 PM

I am having problems running the following code to search
through the database for matching cases.

If I seach for a known value, everything is fine and works
as expected. However, as soon as .EOF = true,(ie, i've
searched for a case that does not exist) and then i try to
search a known value, the error message 3426 is displayed.

how do i sort this one out!!!

Code:Private Sub commloadform_Click()
Dim testno As String

DialogWhichTest.Show vbModal, FormICS2000
testno = TestNumberForICS2000

Do Until DataList.Recordset.Fields("Job Number").Value =testno
    If DataList.Recordset.EOF = True Then
        MsgBox "No Record Found - Try Again", 48, "warning"
        Exit Sub
    End If


Call UpdateDisplay

End Sub

[Cancelled] Adding Custom Icons To Access Forms, Using .CopyFace?
I initially posted this in the VBA forum, but I think I might have more luck in here because the programming references quite a bit of API's to gather graphic elements from ICO files, etc. If I should post elsewhere, or provide more details, please let me know. Thank you!

What I'm attempting to accomplish is related to the article found here:
API: Put a custom icon in the form's caption bar

Programming In:
Access 97 (still common in Corporate America)
Windows 2000
Now, I'm completely able to reproduce what they discuss, and I'll admit that the result is quite enticing. However, the limitation that I'm noticing is that each form will require it's own ICO file in order to display a custom icon. Not altogether a HUGE task, but not very easy to dynamically manage or expand functionality because it requires the creation of a new ICO, etc.

As you can see from my attached image, I currently use many custom icons along with a dynamically created toolbar & menu upon a user's login to my database. Ideally, I'd like to be able to use the .CopyFace method from the Utility toolbar (which places the image on the system clipboard, and I've used to great extent within Access itself), but I'm having trouble getting a proper handle to the copied value in the clipboard.

If I'm able to actually achieve this, then I wouldn't have to worry about storing separate ICO files, and it would make things much easier to dynamically manage & update in the future.

Any help would be appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to digest what I've asked!


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"This Action Was Cancelled By An Associated Object"(data1.recordset.addnew)
"This action was cancelled by an associated object"

VB Code:

I cant find the error anywhere in my code, anyone have any ideas.
I only get this error when the database is fully blank, anyon ehave any ideas?

"This Action Was Cancelled By An Associated Object"(data1.recordset.addnew)
"This action was cancelled by an associated object"

VB Code:

"The Action Was Cancelled By An Associated Object" ERROR
I've two empty Access DBAs. Structures of two DBA is the same. I want to add new record whenever command ADD is clicked

Text1ofdata1.Text = LastName.Text
Text2ofdata1.Text = FirstName.Text

' From here, the second dba got above error
' "The action was cancelled by an associated object"
Text1ofdata2.Text = LastName.Text
Text2ofdata2.Text = FirstName.Text

If I don't want to create new record like above code. For Table 2, how can I copy all structure and database from Table 1 into Table 2 with VB code?

NExt Question:

How about if Table 2 have all field of Table 1 (LastName, FirstName), plus one more field (i.e Address), and Address field is in Table 3. So how can I copy all structure from Table 1 (LastName, FirstName) and Table 3 (Address) into one table 2 (contain all LastName, FirstName, Address)

(Resolved)PLEASE HELP!"Action Cancelled By An Associated Object"??
Hi. Ive got a form with 4 text boxes displaying ID, FirstName,Surname and YearID fields from a DB Table. There are also Next and Previous buttons on the form.There is a list box on the form which allows the user to choose which of these four fields they wish to search thru to find a particular record. When a field is chosen, the user enters their search in another text box and the record is searched for. This works ok but my problem is that once the user uses the search button my Next and Previous buttons give the following message once the EOF or BOF is reached: "Action cancelled due to an associated object". The Next and Previous buttons work fine when the search hasn't been used. I have no idea what the prob is. Plz look at my code and help me out here...

VB Code:
Private Sub cmdNext_Click()Data1.Recordset.MoveNextIf (Data1.Recordset.EOF = True) ThenMsgBox "This is the last record!.Returning to the first record", vbOKOnly + vbExclamationData1.Recordset.MoveFirstEnd IfEnd Sub Private Sub cmdPrevious_Click()Data1.Recordset.MovePreviousIf (Data1.Recordset.BOF = True) ThenMsgBox "This is the first record! ", vbOKOnly + vbExclamationData1.Recordset.MoveNextEnd IfEnd Sub Private Sub cmdSearch_Click()Dim strFind As StringDim sBkmark As String If lstSearchOptions.Selected(0) = True ThenstrFind = "ID LIKE '" & Text5.Text & "'"ElseIf lstSearchOptions.Selected(1) = True ThenstrFind = "FirstName LIKE '" & Text5.Text & "'"ElseIf lstSearchOptions.Selected(2) = True ThenstrFind = "Surname LIKE '" & Text5.Text & "'"ElseIf lstSearchOptions.Selected(3) = True ThenstrFind = "YearID LIKE '" & Text5.Text & "'"End IfEnd IfEnd IfEnd If sBkmark = Data1.Recordset.BookmarkData1.Recordset.FindFirst strFind If Data1.Recordset.NoMatch Then    MsgBox "No match was found."        End If  Data1.Recordset.Bookmark = sBkmark Text1.Text = Data1.Recordset!ID Text2.Text = Data1.Recordset!FirstName Text3.Text = Data1.Recordset!Surname Text4.Text = Data1.Recordset!YearID cmdSearch.Visible = False lstSearchOptions.Visible = True Label7.Visible = True Text5.Visible = FalseEnd Sub

Bloody "This Action Was Cancelled By An Associated Object"
Hi All,
I am at the end of my tether. This fecking error message "This action was cancelled by an associated object is gonna send me to my grave. Can anybody help?. It happens at the line marked >>>

frmView.txtMessage.Text = txtMessage.Text
txtRead.Text = "Yes"
If LCase(Left(txtMessage, 8)) <> "copyself" And LCase(Left (txtMessage, 4)) <> "rcpt" Then
FindIt = InStr(1, txtRCPT.Text, txtThisUser)
If FindIt = 0 Then
txtRCPT.Text = txtRCPT.Text & "?" & txtThisUser.Text
ThisPos = dtMessages.Recordset.AbsolutePosition
txtFrom.Text = txtThisUser.Text
txtTo.Text = Trim(Left(lstMain.List(Selected), 8))
txtDate1 = Format(Date, "dd/mm/yy")

Bloody "This Action Was Cancelled By An Associated Object"
Hi All,
I am at the end of my tether. This fecking error message "This action was cancelled by an associated object is gonna send me to my grave. Can anybody help?. It happens at the line marked >>>

frmView.txtMessage.Text = txtMessage.Text
txtRead.Text = "Yes"
If LCase(Left(txtMessage, 8)) <> "copyself" And LCase(Left (txtMessage, 4)) <> "rcpt" Then
FindIt = InStr(1, txtRCPT.Text, txtThisUser)
If FindIt = 0 Then
txtRCPT.Text = txtRCPT.Text & "?" & txtThisUser.Text
ThisPos = dtMessages.Recordset.AbsolutePosition
txtFrom.Text = txtThisUser.Text
txtTo.Text = Trim(Left(lstMain.List(Selected), 8))
txtDate1 = Format(Date, "dd/mm/yy")

"cancelled Previous Operation"
NumBox.Value = DLookup("[IDNum]", "Stafflist", _
"[LoginID] = " & names(cc))

This is within a loop and cc is a counter. Stafflist contains a list of people with id number, login name, name and other things. The left side of the expression is just a text box on a form. names() is an array containing login names. The idea of this code is to match a login name you already have to a login name in the list and get the corresponding ID number.

Whenever I run this, at the first iteration (cc = 1), I get this error:

Run time error '2001':

You canceled the previous operation.

Any ideas on what I could do? Maybe I shouldn't use strings as the lookup criteria?


I was trying to do a Recordset.ADDNEW. But when ever I run the program, a error msgbox would pop up that says


Please advise. Thanks.

Error: "Execution Cancelled"
I've encountered this type of error when I'm trying to open a LARGE recordset (snapshot type) using ODBC direct call (OpenRecordset()). I really could use some help on this one. Thanks.

Request ID's
Can I use one Winsock control on one port and assign a different request id for multiple computers.

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