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Setting Expiry Date For VB Software

Any one pls let me know, How to set the expiry date for a VB software.I've developped one software using VB,and want to distribute the evaluation copy which should work for only one week.first i thought to set the date(from system date) in one encrypted hidden file ,which would become useless when the user deletes that any one pls help me to set the details in registry or ini file...
Thanks in advance.

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Software Licence Expiry Date / Adjusting Windows Time
We have produced a small licence activation bolt on for a our software, which allows the user to activate their copy of the software. After confirming activation with us it logs the activation date on the local machine. This is then used to calculate when the software should expire.

We will know when the time is up and our central system will reinvoice the client. However, we can't stop the client cancelling the subscription and adjusting the Windows time to keep the software running.

We have considered using the BIOS date rather than the Windows date, however we came accross problems coding this (nasty code), besides the BIOS time is not always correct!!

I have some ideas for how to at least detect if the client has changed the time, but wondered if there was an excepted solution to this problem. I can't find anything out there, and am sure that we are not the first people to want to do this!!

Any ideas would be gratefully received...

Expiry Date
Hi all,

I would like to check a date input against the current date + #months/days

how do i access the current date through vb ??

and could someone point me in the right direction of adding #months/days to the date and then validating against date input...



Expiry Date
Ok. I've made a program that stores all it's top secret information in the tempory file folder during runtime. When the program finishes executing, that file is deleted. Now here's my problem:

Suppose windows crashes or something and the program is not been able to shut down properly. Then the file remains in the temp directory. Is there anyway to overcome this problem. I heard that there is something called expiry dates for tempory files. Like in a certain number of days the file deletes itself or something like that. Is there some way to set the expiry date.


Hi can anybody help me..
I'm trying to take a date from a text file,
put it into a variable varExpiryDate, and compare the
ExpiryDate with the varDateNow variable..

If varDateNow >= varExpiryDate Then
MsgBox "This Program has reached the end of its time
End If

the previous code works if I manually put in the date instead of the variable varExpiryDate, #12/4/00#

The code to find the date is something like this

If InStr(TextLine, 1) = #12/5/00# Then
varExpiryDate = #12/5/00#
Call TimeLimit
End If

the date in the text file is written 12/5/00

if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

Creating Expiry Date
Can someone help me in creating an expiry date program?

How To Set Expiry Date Of Application
How do i set an expiry date for my application.
Say for example i dont want it to open after 1 year?
Plz help.

Expiry Date On Application
I just completed my first application using VB (access db), and I am ready for the clients to test it. However, I would like to put an expiry date on it and am not sure how to go about this, or if it is even possible. Essentially we have set the test period for 4 weeks, and after that, if they are happy with the prototype developed, then we will move to the next phase of development. We, therefore don't want them to be able to continue using the "prototype" instead of purchasing the final product, but we don't want to lose their data either (they need to be able to take their data with them even if they don't take the product). They will be installing the setup on their system, and the db will be located on their server as well.

Any help will be appreciated!

Thankx, Addie

Simple Database With Expiry Date
how to create this one..

we have 1 text box for name, 1 text box for registered date and 1 text box for expiry date

example: you register Your Name:


John Volt
EXPIRY DATE: 09/31/06

after the date of expirty delete the john volt record..

System Date && License Expiry
When a user enters a license key into my software, the key generates a date (which is stored in the registry), when the software "license" will expire. Obviously by altering the system date and time renders my license just about useless in terms of "licensing".

The users that will be using the software are quite experienced but not enough to go through the registry. Does anyone have any advice to lend concerning what I could do to maybe stop people tampering.

The OS it is running on is Windows 98, if it was Win 2000 I would have probably just not given them any rights to the clock.

Regards and Thanks in advance!


Message Box To Capture List Of Expiry Date
Dear all,

I have 3 worksheets representing product A, B and C to monitor the expiry dates of each product. All these worksheets have same format with column A for Product Code and column B for Expiry Date. The expiry dates are sorted in ascending order.

My requirement are:
1) A message box will remind me with product code if it is going to expire within 7 days.
2) After the prompt message of each expired products, I would like to have a final message box which list down all the expired products from worksheet 1, 2 and 3.

My problem lies on the second requirment which sees it captures product codes from worksheet 1 i.e. Product A only and leaves out other worksheets. Appreciate for your assistance to review the below codes. Thank you.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Dim LRow As Integer
Dim LResponse As Integer
Dim LName As String
Dim LDiff As Integer
Dim LDays As Integer
Dim ref(5) As Variant, refdate(5) As Variant, c As Integer, i As Integer, refmsg As String
c = 0
LRow = 2
LDays = 7
refmsg = "Referenceate Due" & vbCrLf

While LRow < 200
'Check Product A
If Len(Sheets("Product A").Range("B" & LRow).Value) > 0 Then
LDiff = DateDiff("d", Date, Sheets("Product A").Range("B" & LRow).Value)
If (LDiff >= 0) And (LDiff <= LDays) Then
ref(c) = Range("B" & LRow).Offset(0, -1).Value
refdate(c) = Format(Range("B" & LRow).Value, "dd/mm/yyyy")
c = c + 1
LName = Sheets("Product A").Range("A" & LRow).Value
LResponse = MsgBox("The AW Reference No. for " & LName & " will due on " & LDiff & " days.", vbCritical, "Warning")
End If
End If

'Check Product B
If Len(Sheets("Product B").Range("B" & LRow).Value) > 0 Then
LDiff = DateDiff("d", Date, Sheets("Product B").Range("B" & LRow).Value)
If (LDiff >= 0) And (LDiff <= LDays) Then
LName = Sheets("Product B").Range("A" & LRow).Value
LResponse = MsgBox("The BW Reference No. for " & LName & " will due on " & LDiff & " days.", vbCritical, "Warning")
End If
End If

'Check Product C
If Len(Sheets("Product C").Range("B" & LRow).Value) > 0 Then
LDiff = DateDiff("d", Date, Sheets("Product C").Range("B" & LRow).Value)
If (LDiff >= 0) And (LDiff <= LDays) Then
LName = Sheets("Product C").Range("A" & LRow).Value
LResponse = MsgBox("The CW Reference No. for " & LName & " will due on " & LDiff & " days.", vbCritical, "Warning")
End If
End If

LRow = LRow + 1



For i = 0 To c - 1
refmsg = refmsg & ref(i) & ":" & refdate(i) & vbCrLf
Next i
MsgBox refmsg, vbOKOnly, "Expiry Dates"
'PROBLEM : The msgbox captures data from worksheet "Product A" only.

End Sub

Data Validation For Expiry Date And Email Address
How do I create a data validation to an expiry date for a credit card number?
For example, I need a code so that a value of only 1-12 is acceptable for the
month and 05 (or greater than) for the year. how do i assign these codes to a command button so that when the button is pressed, the customer is informed about wether the code is correct or not.

Lastly, how do i create a data validation for an email address so that the '@' symbol is entered

Setting Up The Software Renderer
II am trying to get the software renderer going on this machine that has no hardware device. I cannot figure out how to get it started here is my code

Set Dx = New DirectX7

'now find all the direct draw drivers
Dim ddEnum As DirectDrawEnum
Dim strGuid As String
Set ddEnum = Dx.GetDDEnum()
Dim i As Integer
'look at each one
For i = 1 To ddEnum.GetCount()
strGuid = ddEnum.GetGuid(i)
GetDisplayModes strGuid

'now set them up
If flags = ddWindowed Then
Call GetDisplayModes(strGuid)
Set DD = Dx.DirectDrawCreate(strGuid)

DD.SetCooperativeLevel BackO.hWnd, DDSCL_NORMAL
now what I cannot figure out is how to set the strGuid to a software renderer as it only seems to return "" on this machine

Setting Long - Short Date Format In Date Time Settings
How can i set the Date Time Setting Format in Control Panel

i m usiing window Xp

also i want the date format in dd/MM/yyyy

Pls Answer Me, How Can I SET To Long Date Fomat The Date Settings In Regional Setting
Pls answer me, how can i SET to long date fomat the date settings in regional settings? i want that when my form loads, it automatically change the date settings in the regional settings to long date format

Date Problems In Microsoft Development Software
As I recall MS has changed their date calculation several times over the last 20 or so years. I am referring to the earliest date possible. For whatever reason I couldn't locate in MSDN.

I need to deal with daily records from 1900 to today.


1) Anyone know what the earliest date you can have in VB without a duplicate date showing up?
2) The best workaround for conflicting dates?


Convert Short Date Settings To Long Date Setting (control Panel - Regional Settings)
does anybody know how to automatically convert the shortdate format of the date settings in the control panel-regional settings to long date format?

Program Expiry
Now, i checked the past posts on this, but i didn't understand them. Can somebody please tell me how to make a program expire at the end of the month. If someone could post an example of how to do it, with some code, i would really appreciate it, cz i don't know how to do most things, e.g. make registry entries

Setting A Date To A Null Value
In Access 2000, how do I set a date field to a null value? I tried

Me.DateField = " " , but I get an error message.

Thanks in advance

Setting Custom Date

i'm setting a custom date for my DTPicker1, at my form it show the right format: d-MMM-yy, but a soon as i print it uses
to set the variable i use:

objLbl.Variables("var1").Value = fr1.DTPicker1.Value
obviously dtpicker1.value is filled with the old format, can someone help me on this one?

Setting Null To A Date
Please delete it

Setting The Date && Time
I'm looking to include a form to set an "Alarm". The windows "Date & Time" tab as shown in the attachment would be an ideal layout for what I want. I have looked for a code example but have been unsuccessful. Can anybody point me in the right direction?


Date And Time Setting
would someone give me the idea or codes on how could I set the 'time and date' in a distributed network using Visual Basic.? t.y.

Question About Setting A Date
I have a table (tblYearToDate) in a database that I want to set a particular field (CurrentYear) to January 1 of the current year whatever it might be at the time and another field I want to set with the current date in(CurrentDate). Can someone help me with some sample code here?

Rev. Michael L. Burns

Setting Date To Null

I'm working on an application with VB interface and an Access backend.  I need a way to let userschange and/or delete certain dates of they so desire. While it will change the dates just fine, if I try to delete a date by setting its value to null, it throws an error. Is there another way to do this? If you could help me out, or point me to somewhere that might have the answer, I'd appreciate it muchly :)

Thanks in advance


Mshflexgrid Date Setting
Hi gurus,
I am using MSHFlexgrid, Adodc and Access2000 in VB6. When I show Date in the Flexgrid, this shows as 2006-14-01 though the database has the date in dd/mm/yy format i.e. 14/01/06. This is possible if I see it in DBGrid or DataGrid but not in MSHFlexgrid. Can I see it as I want? Please help.
Advance thanks



System Date Setting
Is there any API to change the System Date correctly through VB ( in the Application load) even if the user changes the System Date to some Date of his own


How To Check If A Password Has Expiry...
I want to check if a particular password has expire for a particular user in the active directory.

how can i do it?

provide code if possible.


Trial Program Expiry
What is the best way to make a 15-day demo?

Yes I've used the "search" button. But the codes that I found are not fool-proof.

My current method is to store the encrypted installation date in the registry. And whenever user opens the program, use the DateDiff function to see if it is over 15 days from the date of installation.

Apparently, that method has many holes.

1. I can change my comp date to something like "1/Jan/2337" before installing the program. After installaion, I change it back to year 2007. I will be able to use the demo program forever.

2. I can roll back to the installation date and keep using the demo forever..

How to prevent these?

Expiry Module Not Functioning
I use a very simple system for controlling the expiration date of trial versions of my software - a .bas file containing just the following code:

Attribute VB_Name = "Expiry"
Public Sub Main()
If Format(Now, "mm/dd/yyyy") < "12/31/2004" Then
    frmMain.Visible = True
Exit Sub
End If

End Sub

I've been using this method for a long time and everything has been fine. Now when I change the date to anything in 2005, however, it no longer works and the software is treated as though it's already expired.

Any ideas what could be causing this aberrant result?

Thanks very much and Happy New Year!


Setting Multiple Date Boxes
I am trying to setup a form that uses the DTPicker (Date/Time) control drop down box. Currently I have 13 lines in the form with 3 fields that contain either a date or time.

Date Field = WORK_DATE1 .... WORK_DATE13

What I am trying to do is set the max and min date values and the display value from another date box.

Rather that set the values by;

TimeSheet.WORK_DATE1.MaxDate = "1/07/2004"
TimeSheet.WORK_DATE2.MaxDate = "1/07/2004"
TimeSheet.WORK_DATE13.MaxDate = "1/07/2004"

I am trying to use a loop (especially if I want to add rows later).

Have tried the following unsucessfully

For i = 1 to 13
TimeSheet.WORK_DATE & i & .MaxDate = "1/07/2004"
Next i

For i = 1 to 13
DATEFIELD = "TimeSheet.WORK_DATE" & i & ".MaxDate"
DATEFIELD = "1/07/2004"
Next i

For i = 1 to 13
DATEFIELD = "TimeSheet.WORK_DATE" & i &
DATEFIELD.MaxDate = "1/07/2004"
Next i

For i = 1 to 13
.MaxDate = "1/07/2004"
End With

Not even sure If I am attacking this is the right way - any help appreciated.


Setting The System Time && Date
Is there anyway (w/code) to set the System Date & Time?

Many Thanks,

Setting A Date Field Blank
Hi All,
I have an Access Database, and when I try to set a date field in it to nothing in my VB program (I've tried "" and Null) it doesn't like it. The field in the access table has Required set to no, and i don't know why this happens.

Can anyone help?


Adrian Osmond.

Setting System Date N Time
how to set the system date and time inside MySQL database. so everytime i no need to key in this 2 field. like access where we can set it i.e Date() and Time(). but i try this in MySQL but it can't work.

Setting Calendar To Current Date
Simple problem...In Access 2002 I am using Microsoft's Calendar Control. Prior to displaying the calendar I would like to set it to the current date. Shouldn't be rocket science however nothing I try works. Can someone please help this moron out. Thanks.

Setting The Date/Time Format
How would I set a Date/Time column in Access to format it as a "Medium Time" or "Long Date" like you can when your just creating a DB in access?

Setting Current Date To Variables?
when updating a database I want the date of a transaction
now, I would like to have three variables(month, day, year) to the current date
how would I set that?

Setting The DTPicker Control's Max Date

How do I code a DTPicker to restrict the max date based on the current date? I know how to set the max date in the properties section, thats not the problem. I need the latest date allowed on the DTPicker to be 2 days later than the current date. It needs to change everyday, based on the current date.

I appreciate any help anyone may offer.

Another Date Problem (Regional Setting)
Hi there,

What will be the possible reason to get this 2 different output. Below mentioned is what I did.

If Adodc1.Recordset.State > 0 Then Adodc1.Recordset.Close
Adodc1.Recordset.Open "orders", Adodc1.ConnectionString, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
If Not Adodc1.Recordset.EOF = True Then
Do While Not Adodc1.Recordset.EOF
(1) Debug.Print Format(Adodc1.Recordset.Fields!orderdate, "dd-mm-yyyy")
(2) Debug.Print Format(Trim(Adodc1.Recordset.Fields!orderdate), "dd-mm-yyyy")
End If

->Pointing to ORDERS table of NWIND and current ORDERID IS 10249
->1st Debug print gives me output as 05-08-1994
->2nd Debug print gives me output as 08-05-1994

NOTE:- My Regional Setting is [yy/dd/mm]

Thanks in Advance

Formatting Date To System Setting
I've gathered information from a remote device (serial port) and essentially want to build a date.

I have the month, date, century and year in integer formats. I want to "build" a date from those integers and format it in the same way that the Regional settings are set to. (mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy) Is there an easy way to do this?


Setting The Date Format In A Text Box
I am new to VB (ver6). I am trying, with no luck, to set the date format in a text box (e.g. the label caption for the box is Date of Birth: and I can enter numbers, but I WANT to be able to enter the numbers so that the text box automatically inserts the /'s in a date fornat such as dd/mm/yyyy). Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Also, where does the code go? in the section for the text box? or in the section for the frame in which the box lies?


Setting A File's Creation Date
Is it possible within VB to set a file's creation and last modified dates? Or am I going to have to use API calls? If you are wondering why I need to set a file's creation/last modifed date it is basically because I am copying it (several times between computers) and the original creation date is being lost. It is this original creation/last modified date I need to keep.

~ Shandy, Ex Microsoft VB MVP 2004/5 has a technical blog.
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Setting System Date Format In Vb
In my program the user enters the date in the format dd/mm/yy. If the system short date format is set to yyyy-dd-mm then the date is saved incorrectly ie day stored as year. Is the any way in vb to set the system date format when my program is run


Setting A New Creation Date For A Directory.

How can I change the creation/modification date of a specific directory (not a file)?

Kind regards,

Maurice Sanders

Change Of Regional Setting Particularly Date
Could you help me in changing the date setting i.e. if the date setting in the system is 'd/m/yy' and i want to change the date setting in 'dd/mm/yyyy'.
Is there any API function for it.

Time Limit && Program Expiry
Hi Gurus,
I want to do some test or some experience:
After finish developing a program, I want to set up a "time limit" for USER(s) to use it. For example, I want to set one year time limit for user to use it, this means, after one year, the program will expire, where should I write the code? and what kind of code should I write?

How To Write A Expiry Counter Code In VB
I have a VB program which wants to add an expiry counter code in it. This expiry counter is to count the date which the program is installed for the customer, if the program has used for 30 days, a message will pop up saying that the program is already expired.
I don't know how to write the code for this date counter. Please help ASAP. Thanks!

How Do I Apply The Regional Date Setting To A Mshflexgrid?
We use dd-MM-YYYY

The mshflexgrid uses MM-dd-YYYY

How can i apply the windows regional setting to the mshflexgrid?

Another question: I want to copy the grid content to the clipboard so i paste it in excell. Any code out there that will take care of the formats of columns?

How To Change The Regional Setting Date's Format
Hi, i need the way to change the format of regional setting date from my visual basic program, because if have dd/mm/yyyy and somebody change it to mm/dd/yy, all my programs then has an error with the format. so i need to check the date format when my application load and if it is not like dd/mm/yyyy i need to change it from my program.

Control Panel Short Date Setting
I am using Visual studio 6.0 enterprise edition and having a MSDN library subscription.I write code in VB.

I have a problem with the short date setting in the control panel- regional setting.

I want to programatically set the short date setting when application starts and restore the setting when finished.

Since we are from India our date setting is dd/MM/yyyy.
I want to change the setting from within my application.

I searched the MSDN april 2001 and found a tpic on this which shows a code listing for 16 Bit which only changes the date format in WIN.INI. It is not helpful for me since I want to use it with VB 6.0 on Win98.

Hope you will consider my doubt as a genuine one and give me the correct solution.

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