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Speech/voice Recognition

is there any Good speech/voice recognition that can recognize words through a microphone???

PLEASEE let me know! aSAP


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Voice Commands -- Speech Recognition..
I am using the following code:

Option Explicit

Private Sub DirectSR1_PhraseFinish(ByVal flags As Long, ByVal beginhi As Long, ByVal beginlo As Long, ByVal endhi As Long, ByVal endlo As Long, ByVal Phrase As String, ByVal parsed As String, ByVal results As Long)
'this event fires when directSR comes up with a result
'the word that has been recognised is stored
'in the Phrase argument
Select Case Phrase
Case Is = "red"
MsgBox "you said red"
Case "green"
MsgBox "you said green"
Case Is = "blue"
MsgBox "you said blue"
Case Else
MsgBox "what the?!"
End Select
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim GrammarStr As String

'this is the list of words that directSR will
GrammarStr = "[Grammer]" + vbNewLine + _
"type=cfg" + vbNewLine + _
"[<start>]" + vbNewLine + _
"<start>=red" + vbNewLine + _
"<start>=green" + vbNewLine + _
"<start>=blue" + vbNewLine

'load the words to recognise
DirectSR1.GrammarFromString GrammarStr

'start listening

End Sub

when I run my app, it doesn't even recognise me saying anything!!
it doens't even bring up the msgbox with WHAT THE?!

what is going wrong??


Voice Recognition, Not Speach Recognition..
hi everyone!^^

hope you could help me out a bit..^^

1. do any of you know of any algorithm on voice recognition? not the speach-to-text/text-to-speach thingy.. i want an algorithm that could determine whose voice it was which was played.. for example, i would have a database of wav files of different people and when i receive a voice from the mic, the algo could determine, based on the current database, whose voice it was.. is this possible?

2. is it possible to detect and delete the start and end of a wav file which has no sound? like for example, from wav file recorded from a mic.. there is bound to be some part at the start and end of the wav file that has no sound right?


Speech Recognition
I think this has been asked, but I never quite found out the answer. Is there a way to enable my Application to accept voice input, and convert it into text and enter it into a Richtextbox. Just like in Office XP's Voice Recognition. Also, I can't find the MS Direct Speech Recognition control anywhere.

Speech Recognition
does anyone know of a good tutorial for the microsoft speech recognition sdk

all i want to do is constantly input speech and scane it for known words and when a know word is found execute the command i have associated with it. i would like to be able to compare the input with strings like

if last_word_in = "File" Then
end if

Speech Recognition
Hi all

I am trying to write a speech enabled program using vb.
I had downloaded speech sdk 5.1 from microsoft.
I am using VB6 on NT Server 4.0 with SP5
But Speech sdk 5.1 requires NT 4.0 SP6a
Where can I find the download of SP6a.

I had tried the link

The informations of sp6a is there, but I can't find a download.

Pls help.

Speech Recognition
Anybody, could help me on Direct Speech Recognition. I want the computer to respond to voice. Please help me if anyone has done something on this.

Speech Recognition In VB
I have a final assignment in my college to build a project, and I choose 'make the presence of the employee by voice'. So the employee can fill their presence by say something then computer will check their voice frequency and compare to the employee database, so computer will know which employee who come to work or not, then save to database. Ooh.. sound very hard to make this I think.

I confuse to start this project. May anyone can help me where I can find site related to this thing?
Or if possible, a piece of code maybe..?

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Speech Recognition
I am doing my project on Speech Recognition in Vb. Well as you know that you need a grammar for Speech Recognition and this is constructed in XML. the problem is that i cannot find a way as to how i should add the XML file yto the VB environment. I would appreciate if someone could help me out on this.

Speech Recognition
Has anyone ever used Microsoft Voice Command control or Microsoft Speech Recognition control? How well does it work? Does anybody have a code example?

Speech Recognition
Hi all!

I am trying to make a program that will sit in the system tray in VB6 and use MS Direct Speech Recognition to recognise and act upon voice commands.
(controls can be downloaded Here)

I have created a working example successully which loads the required grammar from an external text file etc. but my problem is when i try running it on other computers. I have installed the controls mentioned above, but whenever I try running the program on my brothers PC, it closes with "Unexpected Error". I have also installed the nececarry VB6 runtime files but to no avail!

Could anyone please provide an explanation or suggestion as this is really confusing me

Edit: Im using Windows XP Pro Sp1 and my brother is using XP Pro Sp2 if that helps...

Speech Recognition
Has anyone had any success using Speech Recognition in VB?

I can get Text To Speech to work, but not Speech Recognition.

Any help would be appreciated.

Speech Recognition
can anyone help me using Speech Recognition. im trying to build a voice browser using web browser control and MS speech recognition engine.

Speech Recognition API's
Anyone know which is the best API for speech recognition?

Speech Recognition
Im trying to make a program recognize short commands, but im having trouble installing the SDK. I guess I need .NET, anyone got this thing to work with vb6?

Speech Recognition
ok can someone write me an example code so i can understand how to work with speech regocnition?

i want to know how i can say "a" and the program will do:

VB Code:
Text1.Text = Text1.Text + " a"

Speech Recognition In Vb6
I have a class in my program (CSpeechReco) that allows for speech recognition. When I run the program on a windows 2000 machine, it works. However when I run the same program on XP I get an automation error. Any ideas why. I'd post the code but it's very big.


Speech Recognition
This is kind of off topic but is related to my vb project.

How do i transfer a speech profile from one computer to another so i dont have to train each computer i have?

Speech Recognition
I´m having a proglem installing my speech recognition app on a diffrent computer, getting this error:

run-time error '-2147200966 (8004503a)'

Automation error

some help would be nice


Speech Recognition
Can I use DirectSR to display any spoken word or is it limited to certain commands?

I would like to try to use it in a reading testing program. Is that possible?

Speech Recognition
Hi there,

Does anyone know where I can get some good tutorials on using speech recognition and voice commands? I've already written a basic program that will talk back to me and open programs, but it's very limited and I'd like to learn more, make it more advanced.


Speech Recognition Using VB
hello all,
i'm trying to build a voice biometric system using template matching techniques. here we extract templates using some algorithms and compare / verify those template using algorithms like DTW or Euclidean distance or HMM..
Does anybody in the forum have any ideas regarding this...
Please let me know


Speech Recognition

The Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 can be used to develop application in VB.

Has anyone ever used it?

Has anyone ever used Dragon Naturally Speaking to develop application in VB?


Speech Recognition
Is there a way to use speech recognition in my program? (jsut to pick up on words like Start, Stop, One, Two, Three, Four)?

If so, how doI do this?


Speech Recognition
I have seen posts on speech recognitions here before but none seem to work. Can someone please attach a file attachment with source code or point me to a download somewhere please!

Speech Recognition In Vb

I have a question. I want to use speech recognition in my VB program. I hired a book at the library and it says if I use microsoft (**** I think this is the problem) Speech SDK it works. I downloaded speechsdk 5.0 from microsoft (142 mb). And installed it. In the book they say use createobject("Speech.Voicecommand"), but this isn't working. I read the help from Speech SDK and it say :

Microsoft Visual Basic Support

A set of COM-supported speech Automation interfaces are not included in this version of the Microsoft Speech SDK. Therefore, you must develop or obtain a COM-supported Automation wrapper to program using Microsoft Visual Basic® or Web scripting language.

Can anyone explain me in what to do and where to get it.


Speech Recognition

Is it possible to play an audio file instead of accepting voice through a mic, then recognise it and convert to text with Speech SDK 5.1

Biju Alapatt

Speech Recognition ?
Does anyone know if VB can process speech ?

Speech Recognition
I have found several code examples on the web for speech recognition and was able to create and modify working programs in Visual Basic .NET. In order to fine tune this code for my purpose I would need a better understanding
of the code. Can someone help me with the parameters of CreateGrammar(). I have been to MSDN Library and several other places and I understand the Definition and meaning of this function.

Question: The function Accepts an integer and that parameter sets up Grammar rules for the RecoContext
Can someone help me find a list of the parameter definitions????

Grammar = RecoContext.CreateGrammar(GrammarID)

Grammar = RecoContext.CreateGrammar(0) 0 is for default
Grammar = RecoContext.CreateGrammar(1) 1 is for Dictation
Grammar = RecoContext.CreateGrammar(2) 2 is for ??
Grammar = RecoContext.CreateGrammar(3) 3 is for ??
Grammar = RecoContext.CreateGrammar(4) 4 is for ??


Speech Recognition
i am totally new to i want to create a speech recognition application but i have no idea from where to start. please guide me.

Speech Recognition
I would like to create an application with a speech recognition feature in it. I would like to know if this can be done through using embedded visual basic ??

If yes then where can i find more information about it ???

Speech Recognition
Hi there,
please can somebody tell me where can i find a speech recognition engine in Spanish, i am using SAPI 4.0 (the only one that i found with speech controls in spanish but only has text-to-speech engines),i found one recognition engine but it is in english

please if you can give me the link it would be great

thank u beforehand

Speech Recognition...
Hello everybody,
i am currently working on a speech recognition project. And I’m using Microsoft SDK 5.1. Since this is my first exposure to the area, I would really appreciate if any one could help clarify some of my doubts;

- How do u improve the accuracy of the speech input using SAPI?
Is there any algorithm that I can use?

- Currently I am doing some research on this topic and one of the
familiar terms that I come across too often is creating templates
(which help the speech recognition to identify the input words).
How can I create templates using visual basic?

- Is it possible to incorporate speech recognition algorithm such
as dynamic time warping (DTW) or Hidden Markvo Model (HMM)
along with SAPI inorder to improve the accuracy of the system?


Voice Recognition
Hi i know this is a very complicated subject but i wonder does somone tried to do it in VB?

If yes please give me ideas how to ,waht you tried what worked what can work.

If no why what was the reason it seemed not worth trying.

I want to do a simple Voice Recognition Program (as simple as a voice recognition can be ).

Any sugestions are welcomed.

Voice Recognition
someone knows how to do or what tool I can use to do a voice recognition divise...
how can I calculate the wave leght of a record file??

THANK's you again!!
Lucas from Argentina!
forgive my english!

Voice Recognition :(
does anyone remember the component name of voice recognition thanks,cause i'm a bit confused

Voice Recognition
Anybody knows how to get documentation on Microsoft Direct Voice Recognition ActiveX control?
I am trying to record some audio and then try to recognize some phrases in the file, may be the fileName property could help but I dont know how to use it!!!

Voice Recognition
Hello Folks!
Is it possible to record some audio into a file and then analyze it (recognize some phrases in it?)
Please note that I need to save the recording first

Voice Recognition
Hi all
I have this video database proggy that im trying to run on my dvd computer.
Now my dvd computer sits in the lounge room with a tv as a monitor and i watch my dvd collection from the hard drive.
Now I though it would be very cool and impressive when ppl come over is to add voice recognition
Now i have no problem working the VoiceRec it works fine. My problem is this...

when i add a movie title to the database in order for the VoiceRec to recognize the movie title i have to add the following:

the gramma file is linked to a txt file so updating that is no problem and easy

However i came to relize this

VB Code:
Private Sub reco_PhraseFinish(ByVal flags As Long, ByVal beginhi As Long, ByVal beginlo As Long, ByVal endhi As Long, ByVal endlo As Long, ByVal Phrase As String, ByVal parsed As String, ByVal results As Long) If Phrase = "Show me top 10" And Disallow Then        Bot.Play "DoMagic1"        Bot.Play "DoMagic2"     End If     '''''''''' PHRASE 2    If Phrase = "Play Pretty Woman" Then        Bot.Play "DoMagic1"        Bot.Play "DoMagic2"            Bot.Play "Idle1_1"        Bot.Speak "Launching Movie"        Exit Sub        ' This will launch the RAW DvD file with the default application        Shell "C:prettywoman.vob", vbNormalFocus    End If

My question is how can i run phrase 2 and all of its coresponding code from a database
and not have to update the code manually every time a new entry is submitted.

I hope this makes sense
thanks in advance

Voice Recognition
Using the Microsoft Direct Voice Recognition component how would i make it my word appear in a text box on the form....

Voice Recognition
Anyone have a simple way to output EVERYTHING I say to say... A textbox?

I've used the Direct Speech Recognition and stuff to handle certian keywords, But I want everything.

Any ideas/code? Thanks.

Voice Recognition...
HOw can I use voice recognition in my program?

Voice Recognition
Anyone successfully incorporated voice recognition into their apps.

As I understand it voice recognition is in its infancy, so the quality available is dubious, approx 60% success, even with trained engines.

Can anyone suggest an accurate voice recognition engine, or should I avoid trying to incorporate this feature?

Voice Recognition
pls tell me if there is a difference between MSAgent and Direct Speech recognition control. and i downloaded a couple of speech recognition and MSAgent examples but when i said stuff, nothing happened. I tested my microphone with Netmeeting 3.01 and it's working. Something wrong???

pls reply asap,


Voice Recognition
how easy is it to get voice recognition working with VB. Does anybody have any examples or code I could use.


Voice Recognition Help
Hi all,
I'm new to these forums and very new to VB I'm currently writing an app that requires Voice recognition I only require two commands:


I downloaded the Microsoft Voice Recognition Software at

And I don't have a clue how to use It I would really Aprecitte It if someone could point me in the right direction and maybe a bit of code

Voice Recognition
Does anyone know where I can find a beginner to intermediate course for VB's voice recognition online?


Voice Recognition
I read the article "Writing your first speech recognition program", and was intrigued enough to try it. But I'm having problems with the code...

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim totaldata As String
Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lpOperation As String, ByVal lpFile As String, ByVal lpParameters As String, ByVal lpDirectory As String, ByVal nShowCmd As Long) As Long
    totaldata = totaldata _
    & "<start>=Notepad" & vbCrLf _
    & "<start>=Volume" & vbCrLf _
    & "<start>=Media Player" & vbCrLf
    DirectSR1.GrammarFromString (totaldata)
    DirectSR1.Activate 'start engine to begin recognizing voice commands
End Sub

I believe this code is to load an API function ShellExecute() when a voice match occurs.

The italicized is where I am getting the error "Compile error: Only comments may appear after End Sub, End Function, or End Property". Is the code in the proper module? The article states: "To declare the API put the following code on top of the form module". The code being referred to is the function line that is getting the error. So, I thought maybe I had it in the wrong module.

I hope this is enough to go on. Please help.

Best regards,


Voice Recognition Ocx
Does anyone knows a good ocx for voice recognition

Voice Recognition
hi there,

i have a prob, don't know how to do? it is easy to convert a text to voice with components, how i can read a voice with a microphone and then convert it into text, is there any components in vb6 to do that job?

thanx anyway, bye.


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