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Text Direction

Is there a property, or ability for that matter, to display text in a textbox or caption on a label (or command button.. anything) sideways.. so that you would need to turn your head to the left to read it?

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Text Direction With Printer Object
Hi all,

I use printer object to send data directly to printer (something like that Printer.CurrentX = 8: Printer.CurrentY =100: Printer.Print "ABC") but I don't know how to print a text rotate 90 degree, can we do it, please help me.

Thanks a lot.

Text Direction With Printer Object
Hi all,

Please let me know can we assign a text direction when printing with Printer object.

Thanks a lot.

Vertical Text Direction For A Label
is there a way to change the text direction of a label from the normal horizontal direction to vertical direction? how could I do it? If its not allowed for a label, are there any other controls in vb6 which allows that?
Thanks in advance!

Textbox Text Direction... Starting From The Bottom?!
Ok, I am trying to make a console for a particular application that I am working on, and I have run into a problem. The multiline textbox adds text from the top down, but for this console I need the text to be added from the bottom to the top. So, how can I fix the textbox so that it adds text starting at the bottom of the textbox, and adds to the bottom, sending previous strings scrolling upwards?

Direction Of Text In Access Report Labels
I'm hoping this is an easy question -- I'm working in Access, creating a report. The Labels identifing each column are long, so I wanted to make them vertical. I got that okay, but they read from top to bottom instead of bottom to top -- they're backwards. In the Remarks paragraph of the online Help for "Vertical Text", it references using half-pitch characters, but I can't find half-pitch characters in any of the Helps or the Knowledge Base. Have you heard of this or worked with them? How do I get them? Thanks a lot.

How To Make Text Scroll In Verticle Direction && Timer?

I'm in need of assistance with verticle scrolling text controlled line by line by a reoccurring signal. I have found only one example and that code actually read the file which led to exceptionally slow scrolling when running large files. My application is a CNC machine control interface and the motion controller card supplies the signal in the form of an event complete response. I need to be able to scroll the code just as fast as if I was dragging it with the verticle scroll bar.

I'm using timer control for polling the motion controller for information like axis position with a 100ms refresh. I understand how that function works but I would like to know how to use a timer for fuctions such as flashing text or simulated LED indicators.


Changing Text Orientation/Direction In Table Cell - VBA Word Automation
I need to change the text direction/orientation to 90 degrees in a table cell in a Word document using automation. I know how to achieve this manually.

Right click on a table cell, select Text direction, in the window: select the orientation you want.

The same result I need to achieve through VBA automation. I am using Word 2003 & VB 6.

Could you please help me out in this regard ?
Thanks in advance.

ive been trying to make a triangle rotate and move. Ive done the rotating, but i want it to move the direction that its pointing when the forward button is pushed. I want it to go 360 different directions. I know how to do this the long way. eg. naming how much the shapes top and left properties will change for every single different angle, but what i really want to know is. Is there a faster way?
thnx in advance for any help

Need A Direction For ????
I've picture box in form1. The problem is I want to
display a window look and acting like pop-up menu
when the event picturebox_click is activated(Now, I'm trying
to display some option,say: view employee profile,..etc, when
the picture box associated with an emploeyee is clicked

I've tried with pop-up menu but I gor trouble to locate
it at specified coordinat I wanted and to activate it with
left click mouse event.

So, What should I do for this purpose? is there other way,
or I keep go with pop-up menu?
I need a direction, Can anyone help me, please

Sorry for my english


right now with my programs my objects move by adding their xmove to their xpos and their ymove to their ypos to make them move.
i want to use vectors and direction in degrees/radians and all that. anyone got either an explanation for it or a link?

hi ive been making a shooting game that has a target that the user can move around the screen. heres the code so far

Private Sub Form_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
Select Case KeyCode
Case vbKeyLeft
direction = "left"
Case vbKeyRight
direction = "right"
Case vbKeyUp
direction = "up"
Case vbKeyDown
direction = "down"
Case vbKeySpace
End Select
End Sub

now this works fine but how can i get the target to move diagonaly cos this only makes it move if 4 directions.

please help

In Need Of Direction
hey, I'm looking to start a game in VB6 but am not sure how to approach this. I'm thinking of doing a puzzel game of some sort or another, but am not experienced in VB's graphics. I am a reasonably compitent programmer in VBA and QBASIC(lol) but am not sure where to start with VB6 graphics. Thanks.

Need Some How-to Direction
I am new to this and I've never coded in VB so please bear with me. I need some "how-to" direction. I need to come up with codeto down load (ftp) two files on a daily basis. These files reside on an app server and I want to drop them on my desktop. Yes, there is a firewall. Yes, I am on a network. And yes, the app server is password protected. I tried writing a shell script to "put" them on a network drive - that is "okay" but eventually they need to be on my hard drive so there is still work to be done to get them from network to C drive.

There used to be a script we ran on my desktop that would do ftp form app server to local drive but the source code is nowhere to be found. The problem is the app servers got replaced and there isn't anyway to change the executables. I am almost certain the execs were written in VB so that is why I am here.

Can anyone offer up soem guidance? I am desparate....


Is there any way i can get where a object should move from a direction from 0 to 360.

Public fDir As Single

sub RotateRight()
fDir = fDir + 1
if fDir = 360 then fDir = 0
end sub

how would i get what X and Y coordinates of the direction to move an object?

if the fDir points up then its 0
if the fDir points right then the X = +5
if left then X = -5
if up then X = 0 and Y = -5
if down then Y = +5
how would i get inbetween?

Some Direction If You Please
Hello everyone!

I have a need to code an application. This application would ideally be installed as a service on an NT4 machine (eventually a 2000 Advanced Server). It will access the SQL server (7 for now but eventually will move to 2000) every so often to determine the age of certain tickets in that database. Once these tickets are so many minutes old the application will send emails/text pages to users the database.

So that is the basics of what I need to do. I'm better with VB than C++ hence I want to try this in VB. I understand I may have to use the command line way to run it as a service but I would prefer to some how install it as a service.

Do any of you know of any good resources I could access to help me get started? I would say my main issue is to write a VB exe and have it installed as a service.

Thank you in advance for your time and any responses.

In Need Of Some Direction
This is going to be lengthy, but I want to give you an idea of what I'm up against. I am developing a program that lets our sales team design and price a product. There are inside and outside sales that will be using this, so especially with the outside sales, we need to have control over whether they are able to run the program, because we don't want them to be able to run the program after they leave the company.

Maybe I'm doing this backwards, but I've already came up with an idea and written the code, and now asking for help. So if the idea sounds stupid, oops, because I've already done this, but your opinions would be welcome anyway. But read on and see what you think please.

I have created a local MSAccess DB (call it WebDB for now) with the intent of deploying it to the Web, and code in VB6 using ADO to communicate with that db, checking for the user's status. I am also using another local DB (call it UserDB for now) to store the date of the last update, whether they are allowed to update, etc.

This assumes good credentials (I am handling bad creds just not going into detail here.)
Any time they run the program, I look at UserDB for a CDKey, UserName and GUID.
1.If CDKey and UserName are missing, I launch a msgbox and prompt for these, then continue to step 2.
2.If CDKey and UserName are present but GUID is missing, I:
a.connect to WebDB
b.pass the CDKey and UserName
c.verify that the CDKey exists in WebDB and does not have a UserName assoc. w/ it
d.update WebDB with the CDKey
e.retrieve the GUID (assigned for each CDKey) and LastUpdate (date to terminate program) from WebDB
f.close the WebDB connection
g.skip 3, proceed to 4
3.If GUID is present in UserDB, then connect to WebDB, pass GUID and get LastUpdate, then proceed to 4.
4.Open, Update, Close UserDB with the data retrieved from WebDB.
5.Finally, if thereís a program update and theyíve made it this far (good credentials) then I want to download the update.

So here's my question; I have all of this working the way I like with WebDB being stored locally. The IT mgr does not want to do a dedicated server, and not sure that would really simplify anything anyway, so Iím left with having to put WebDB on the web somehow. I looked at sites offering MySQL, and maybe Iím confused, but they all seem to be geared towards a user going to the site and manually entering data. I would like to find a way to put this WebDB on the web and connect to it without having to do too much overhauling of code. I do not need a DataAccess page or equivalent, as I can hopefully make the changes locally and then just upload the DB. I would also like to have the program updates on the same Web, and finally, I would like to have that page secured (doesnít need to have high security, just a user name and password, and Iíll pass it in code) that way if anyone visits the site they wonít see anything.

So I guess the big question is, if it is possible to put the WebDB on the web and communicate with it, where do I do that at, and am I downloading a small recordset or am I actually downloading the whole DB and then opening it locally?

And finally, do I need to worry about encryption? The sales staff and our competitors arenít very computer savvy, so I doubt theyíd be able to do anything with this, and the market this company is in is pretty small, so even if a hacker got it, it wouldnít do them any good. The biggest problem I have is that I have a lot of code to write still, so unfortunately I donít have a lot of time to learn new things, and Iíve never messed with encryption.

Thanks in advance for any advice, guidance, or laughs on behalf of my idea here!

Need Direction!
Can anyone help me out with this problem. I want to create a software program that will monitor the usage of applications by day/week/month. In fact I want this program to be used on more then one computer (100's). I just started a new job and if I can solve this matter, this forum would make me look like a superstar. Any snippets out there to get me started? the closest app that I've seen was a company callled scalable software. I think they have exactly what I want to create(Survey Software Manager).

Right Direction...
I've been looking left to right and run into dead-end in some area that not providing what I'm really looking for.

Hope you can help me point to the right direction.  My objective is on "How To":

-Export Listview (with arrays)
-Export to CSV (or txt)
-Import CSV (or txt)

Many links in Tips are dead..


MSCHart To Indicate Direction?
Hi there,

I am currently working on a little project where I would like to filter certain regions on a map depending on the direction they are at. e.g. all the cities that are between 80 and 100 degrees (= east) in direction. I have all the "main problems" solved as in how to read the map, calculate centers of each region, filter the region, etc. Now I would like to find a way to let the user choose the direction to filter and show this in some kind of way. I was thinking of the following combination to do this:

1. scrollbar to choose the min.-angle (e.g.80 degrees)
2. scrollbar to choose the max.-angle (e.g.100 degrees)
3. a (pie-) Chart to indicate the direction.

For 3. I wanted to use a code like this:
ChartDirection.ChartData = Array(MinDirection, MaxDirection - MinDirection)

Unfortunatly I didn't get it to work the way I want it. Does anybody know how I could solve this problem (with or without the MSChart)? It really shouldn't be that hard. I guess I am just a little blocked here.

Thanks a lot in advance

Is This Possible And If So Could Anyone Head Me Into The Right Direction?
Is it possible to use cookies to log onto a website that requires a user name and password? If not is it possible to log into a website that's user/pass is hard coded aka *enter username* takes you to new page *enter pass*

Need To Be Pointed In The Right Direction!
Basicly im doing my A-Level in Computer Studies and i have been given a project to create a word processor in VB. I have got all the tool bars and buttons and menus, but i dont have the code to get them to work :/

I was just wondering if anyone knew a good place or source that would help me and point me in the right directions. Things i need to know are like; saving, making new documents using File > New etc.

Any would be great, thanks!

Movement In Any Direction
Hey guys, i need some help with the matrix math here please.
Iv been at this for a week now.

What im trying to make is a 3d viewer for a bunch of points.
I have all the code for displaying finished.
However, the code for moving around is extremely confusing.

I looked thru various examples and websites but they only show rotating left and right and walking in that direction like a normal FPS game....

i need the kind of movement of a flight simulator, where you are moving in the direction you are looking at.

The code for the matrix translations and rotations would go in the UpdateViewport function..


Private Sub UpdateViewport()

If bRunning = False Then Exit Sub

Call Render

End Sub

Private Sub viewport_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)

If KeyCode = 37 Then Player.Rotation = Player.Rotation + 2 'Left
If KeyCode = 39 Then Player.Rotation = Player.Rotation - 2 'Right

If Player.Rotation < 0 Then Player.Rotation = 360
If Player.Rotation > 360 Then Player.Rotation = 0

If KeyCode = 38 Then 'UP
Player.Pos.z = Player.Pos.z + 0.01
End If

If KeyCode = 40 Then 'DOWN
Player.Pos.z = Player.Pos.z - 0.01
End If

If KeyCode = 33 Then 'Page Up
Player.RotationY = Player.RotationY + 2
End If

If KeyCode = 34 Then 'Page Down
Player.RotationY = Player.RotationY - 2
End If

End Sub

I only need the viewport to update whenever movement changes so i do not use an infinite loop.

any help would be great please!

Changing Direction
I am making a snake-like game for my programming class and i have not a clue in the world on how to change the direction of the snake with bitblt. any help is much appreciated. thanks

Direction Change
how do you bit blt a image so that its reflected horizontally

im sure its really easy but i just started

i think its some thing to do with the rastor or its a special bitblt function like the stretch bitblt

Direction Maths
I want calculate the DirectionX and DirectionY for one object (Child) follows other (Parent):


Calculate NextPosx and NextPosY according to a Velocity and always following the ParentObj

Vel = 10

NextPosX = ?????
NextPosY = ?????

ChildObj.PosX = ChildObj.PosX + NextPosX
ChildObj.PosY = ChildObj.PosY + NextPosY

How I can determine NextPosX and NextPosY ?


A Point In The Right Direction...

I'm better with VBA in Excel (actually, all I know is VB for Excel), But I'd like to add controls to a would-be Form Letter (I have code tucked away for a UserForm w/Bookmarks, but I have no time to Construct, code, de-bug).

I'd like to have a ComboBox appear in the appropriate spot in the form letters (there will be several), with stock "variables"


Dear <MailMergeFirstName>:

Thank-you for your [ComboBox] and your interest in our Company.
|time |
|e-mail |
|call |
|interest |

You get the point (I know I'm the 5000th person to ask this)...

I'd like to have the ComboBox appear on the Page (And I know this is Taudry if Word is anything like Excel) with the Variables loaded in at Run-Time (to avoid storing them somewhere else).

Here's the tricky part: Most of our Sales Reps have given me their sig. I scanned them, trimmed them down into small HTML Images that sit on another word document for me to choose from, copy paste, yada yada.

Can you name Images in word the way you can in Excel? And if so, is it simply a matter of calling/opening the Doc in VB (On, say a Button_Click event that'll generate the letter) Selecting the Name of the image (that'll probably correspond to the name selected at the Signature Line), cutting and pasting it in the right spot, and so on.

How do you know where something is going in Word? (The lack of Cells to guide me has me all confused)

I know these are rudimentary questions, but if you wouldn't mind taking the time, I'd appreciate it!


Guidance And Direction
I have created a UserForm for a spread sheet that is used to create a paver (like a drive way paver) proposal. The CostCalc spread sheet calculates and records all the information for a complete proposal. So my UserForm has 6 tab pages to capture all the data. The UserForm was created because 1) to make it easier for people to enter the data and 2) to hide the calculations that are performed. I have a print button on the UserForm that will print out the CostCalc spread sheet which has a proposal form as one of its sheets.

Programming I know how to do. I am recently new to VBA but I am learning quickly. I am not sure how to do some things that I want to do so that is the purpose of this thread. I need some suggestions. I also want the input of those that have more experience at this.

1) I want to use the CostCalc spread sheet in the back ground to actually do the calculations that will be displayed on the UserForm as the quantities are inputed in the UserForm. I want that CostCalc to be hidden. Where do I look at to do this?

2) I am thinking that as I user inputs Data to the UserForm, I will write the input to the spread sheet to get the calculations that will be displayed in the UserForm. Is this easily done? Will the response be quick?

3) When the user is done inputing data, I want to save the template CostCalc spread sheet to a new one with a spread sheet saved named by the project number. I assume that I will SaveAs? And I want the Template CostCalc sheet to be new so that the user can input another proposal.

4) Are there some thngs that I need to consider for such a under taking?

Thank you for your responses!

Changing Tab Direction
What is the easiest way to change the cell that is activated on a worksheet to go down (row) to the next unprotected cell, instead of to the right (column)....and then once all of the unprotected cells in the column are accessed, to go to the next unprotected cell in the adjoining right column.
Yeesh that sounds confusing!!!
Simply stated, once I press TAB, I want to go Down, not Right.

MSFlexgrid Direction
I would like records to be added top of the flexgrid as they are downloaded, currently they are added to the bottom. Do you have any ideas on how to achieve this?

Dim vntVl As Variant
Dim vntv0 As Variant
Dim aCounter As Variant
Dim bCounter As String
Dim cCounter As String
Dim dCOunter As String
Dim ECOunter As String
Dim fCounter As String
Dim ZCounter As String

n = 0
If iFills > 200 Then
grdFills.Rows = 2
Rows = 1
iFills = 0
Rows = Rows + 1 ' We have seen one more fill
End If
iFills = iFills + 1

vntVl = pFillObj.Get("instr.product,Timeexec, Price, netqty, OrderNo,Cntrmember,") ' Get the information on the fill
If vntVl(6) = "CME-C" Then

'loading2.Caption = "Please wait while your fills are being loaded."
aCounter = vntVl(5)
bCounter = CStr(aCounter)
cCounter = RightB(bCounter, 14)
dCOunter = Trim(cCounter)
ECOunter = Left(dCOunter, 6)
fCounter = RightB(ECOunter, 6)

Dim i As Integer, filnum As Integer
Dim strLine As String
Dim strvalue, strCP, Color As String
Dim Sound

Open "C:ToolsCounterPartyCPFirm.txt" For Input As #1

Do While Not EOF(1)

Line Input #1, strLine

If InStr(strLine, fCounter) <> 0 Then
strvalue = Len(strLine)
strCP = Mid$(strLine, 5, strvalue - 3)

Color = RightB$(strLine, 4)
Sound = RightB$(strLine, 2)

Debug.Print strCP
ZCounter = strCP
End If
If Sound = 1 Then
ElseIf Sound = 2 Then
Else: End If

Close #1

ZCounter = "No Counter Party Data"

End If
vntv0 = vntVl(3) & vbTab & vntVl(0) & vbTab & vntVl(2) & vbTab & ZCounter & vbTab & vntVl(4) & vbTab & vntVl(1)
With grdFills ' Update the display

.Rows = iFills + 1 ' Set number of rows in the grid
.Row = iFills ' Set current row
.Col = 0 ' Set first column
.ColSel = .Cols - 1 ' Set last column
.Clip = vntv0 ' Put data in grid
End With

Call grdfillsColor(grdFills, n)
On Error Resume Next
grdFills.TopRow = grdFills.Rows - 1 'Sets the highlighted row to last

End Sub
I really appreciate any help provided!


Anyone Point In The Right Direction?
Hi guys and girls.

I'm brand new to VB. I just found an old version (4.0) on a CD from a business project a few years back.

I've never used it before, but I have alot of experience with other scripting languages/tools such as PHP, NeoBook, Multimedia Builder, etc.

I was wondering if someone could give me a push so I could start to learn VB. I'm thinking about buying but I think I should learn some basics first.

I've looked at the examples that were on the MSDN CD and the VB CD but I just don't understand the basics of VB. Actually, I'm abit confused. I tried to figure out how to make and use variables, buttons, internet links and objects, but it's not what I'm used too.

Is Delphi easier to learn?

Hope someone can give me a hand.

Thanks folks

Point Me In The Right Direction
hey fellow vb'rs, can any of you fine gentlmen or gentlwoman suggest some functions i could use to search, create, delete, and bla bla bla for files, folders and directories.

you have need not go into any explanations, unless you feel so inclinded too, i just need something for reference and i can learn it from the msdn. just "Point me in the right direction."

please post anything you've found useful. any responses are greatly appreciated.

Thanks all

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Point In The Right Direction
been doing vb a few months now and i thought it was time to look into databases but i dont know where to start or which type.

what would you suggest.

btw: just thinking of doing something simple for now like NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER etc.


Direction Of Mouse?

I have made an engine that has a ball that can move in 360 directions... Now that i know the position(x,y) of the ball I want to determine in which direction the mouse is in degrees? The engine works like so:
The angle 0 is in north...
The engine automatically determines how to move if it is given an angle (example.. 270 degrees)

So basically. I have two parameters. (X1,Y1) whitch are constants. Then i have the X2 and Y2 of the mouse which are variables and i want to know the direction of the mouse in degrees.

Hope you get the point..

Need Some (Basic) Direction
A few weeks ago, I found a nice splash screen program called tinsplash.

It downloaded and works fine, but to really use it I need to change a couple of the parameters, which I've done by editing the frm file.

My problem is that I now need to compile the result to get an executable. I've been trying to figure out how to do this now for two weeks, so I joined this forum in hopes someone can lead me through what would seem to be a simple process.

I have VB6.0 on my pc. I can see the vbc.exe compiler, but nothing I've tried has worked. Microsoft's help pages are anything but helpful for the level I'm at. I have some database programming experience but I'm lost in a sea of information. I can't get a foothold on this. I even downloaded the new VB Express, but that only added to my confusion.

Can someone suggest a few simple steps to get me a compiled result?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Pictures Direction
I am wondering if it is possible for images that i will make appear randomly to move directly to the main character in my RPG. I would like some code please but any help would be grateful

Direction Vectors !!!
Hi all,
Hope someone out there can help me.I am tring to make an image controller fly from one point to another point ..But I seem to have problems locating the
following code. All I have is an "image" name=graphic ..What is P2:X or P1.Y ? ..Could you make it work...?

VB Code:
Private Sub Timer1_Timer()Dim speed As LongDim X As LongDim Y As Longspeed = 10DistX = p2.X - p1.XdistY = p2.Y - p1.Ydist = Sqr(DistX * DistX + distY * distY)Unitx = DistX / distUnity = distY / distgraphic.Move graphic.Left + speed * Unitx, graphic.Top + speed * UnityEnd Sub

Point In The Right Direction
my brother is opening a internet cafe and as asked me to do a program to sort out how much money is owed after each visit, now i have done it he as asked me if the program could enable/disable each pcs internet as part of the program so when he presses enable it turns the internet back on the pc and sets the other part of the program of(which is done).

any ideas how to go about this ?

thank you.

Point In The Right Direction
been doing vb a few months now and i thought it was time to look into databases but i dont know where to start or which type.

what would you suggest.

btw: just thinking of doing something simple for now like NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER etc.


RPG Engine - Right Direction?
Ok...I need a point in the right direction. I got the idea everything BUT a engine...i would like to make my own but have no clue how to start anyone want to show me a tutorial maybe help me a little? I think i have enough programmin knowledge to pull it off and if not it will kill enough time :]
Thanks all!

Project Direction
I'm posting this comment here because I'm not really sure which direction to take and I know this category has the most eyes.

I'd like to throw some zip files onto a web server. Then have an HTML interface to select what files within those zip files the user would want. Once they've got all thier files, they hit a button that would run a server side program....which is where the cloudiness begins.

The program would have to unzip the selected files from the different corresponding ZIP file....pool all those files together, then zip them all up into another zip file. Then it would send that zip to the user for download. I would know how to do this in VB, but something that would run on a server side program? I'm not to familiar with this kind of thing concerning web files right now so your help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Direction Keys
what is the keycode for the direction keys? (like a = vbKeyA)

thanks in advance,
Geerten Vink

Point Me To The Right Direction
I have been vb programming for some time as a beginner, but I would like to learn C++.
Where can I get a free program from?

Point Me In The Right Direction...
What reference material, or tutorial, will take me closer to this:

I want a program to be tied to a specific computer after delivery, by download from a web site. And if the program is e-mailed to another end-user, by the purchaser, it will show a splash screen informing them they don't have the authorization to enable the program.

I would rather read, experiment and learn on my own. But some simple source code would get me thinking in the right direction. Sometimes I don't know, what I don't know... Unless someone pushes me!

Is this possibly done with a third party control???

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Changing Direction

Is there a way to make the button of the ComboBox appear in the left side of the control, without using the RightToLeft property?

The problem is that I want to write an ActiveX that is based on the ComboBox, but I can't let the user use the RightToLeft property because it's read-only at run-time (of the control). Maybe there's an API function that does this.

I hope you understand my question. If so, please answer!


Point Me In The Right Direction...
Hi, I am very new to VB, I downloaded VB 2005 express and picked up the for dummies book just 4 days ago. I have familiarised myself with the basics but now I want to set myself a challenge...
I am building an application which has a login/register form at the beginning. I have finished all the front end for this part of my app but I need someone to point me in the right direction to get it to function.

I have got as far as the registration form saving the users details to SQL 2005 database (.mdf) but I cant figure out how to check whether a username is already taken.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Can VB Do This? Point Me In The Right Direction.
Hello all, Someone please tell me if i'm trying something that VB cannot do within MS Word. This needs to be done in VB:

So I created a "Simplex" and "Duplex" macro (triggered by selecting the option on my toolbar), which changes the print layout from simplex to duplex (with mirrored margins) and visa-versa.
When simplex is chosen, all the text boxes and frames within the document are moved to the left gutter.
What i would like is, when Duplex is selected, for all text boxes and frames (on only the even pages) to move to the right gutter. Is this possible??? Or am I wasting my time?
If not. please point me in the right direction.

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback.

Programming Direction
I am new to programming in general. I am attempting to make a stock market screener. The program would pull end of day qoutes off the net. I would need a history of the last 20-30 days. So do I need a data base? How does VB pull information from the web? My thinking is that I would be able to pull end of day quotes off the internet and store them in a database. I of course wouldnt have my 20-30 days of qoutes for 20-30 days from the time I start successfully downloading. No biggy. At that time I would like the database to automatically delete the oldest entries, and add the newest every day, in order to maintain a specific database size. Any direction into what I may need to study, as well as any comments are very much appreciated. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me.

Progress Bar Orientation && Direction?
The basic VB progress bar control seems to only 'progress' in one direction:

If the control is oriented horizontally the bars progress from left to right and if it's orientated vertically the bars progress from the bottom to the top. Question: how can I change the direction of the progress bars?


Game Connections Direction?
Hey everyone..

I have been doing this texas hold'em card game the past few weeks as you all may know... and when it comes to the TCP/IP.. I'm not too sure which way to go. Eventually, it will be able to accomodate 9 players (8 players, 1 host/player).. Using Winsock is pretty straightforward, but I am not sure if I want the host player to carry the full load of gathering and sending messages to each client or if I want to have EACH new client that connects up get the list of current players and open up a direct connection with each..

Right now, the players log into the host and if one of the clients types something in Chat or picks their hand up to look, or does a few other cool tricks that I will have... it has to send data from that client to the host right? Well then the HOST has to send all of this to each client computer. I want it to be feasible for a Dialup connection to be able to host as well as broadband players hosting... So do you guys think I should make each and every client have an interconnected web of connections or simply keep the host as the bearer of all the data between them all? I can only imagine how complex it will get if I have a web of connections.. that means if 9 players are playing.. each connected to 8 players.... ::faints:: ... but whatever you all think is the best way. Has anyone been faced with this or a similiar situation?
Also.. As usual, I think I may have explained it all in a very unprofessional way. So, I have included a quick diagram JPG file. Please refer to it. :-)


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