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Up/down Arrows And A Textbox

Made a really simple irc client to learn about winsock. I have a textbox where the user enters commands and messages, and what I'd like to have now is an ability to scroll thru your previously sent messages (which are stored as items in an invisible listbox) with up/down arrow keys.
I found this hard because when I now press for example up while the textbox is focused, the cursor just moves one step backwards and doesnt note my code for arrow keys in textbox's_keypress.

An additional question: Is there an easy way to see if a dumb user has edited files created by your application? (I mean like cheating in a game by editing a saved file with a notepad.) I know I could add a checking value after every "real" one, and when the file is being loaded, every check value should correspond a real one after some mathematical formula, but I thinks this is pretty hard to use when dealing with a large amount of things to be saved.

Another additional question: Can i create many type blocks inside each other when defining variables? So that a variable could be called out like vjoyu(5).jgfoej(2).jojrp?

Thanks for any help given.

EDIT: All solved =)

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Two TextBoxs - Using Left/Right Arrows To Tab To Next TextBox
Hi all,

Still playing with the maxAddress control.

Two TextBoxs
- maxlength = 2 on both
- Using Left/Right Arrows to Tab to Next TextBox

anyone know of how to trap right arrow (which i can already do)
if the cursor position within the textbox is in a certain position
jumping to the next or previous text box.

1) cusor pos is in very last postion on first text box
press right arrow - skip to text box as if I pressed a tab key.

2) cursor pos in very first pos in second text box
press left arrow - skip to left text box into the very last position.

any thoughts on how to track the cursor position?


Up/Down Arrows
I am using this Sub to decrease the value in the textbox by 0.25 per click of the down arrow, is there any code I could add so when I hold down the arrow button the value decreases in 0.25 increments until I release it?

In other words if the value is 850.00 and I want to decrease it to 840.00 I want to be able to hold down the arrow button to get it closer to 840.00 without having to click it 40 times.

Private Sub UpDown2_DownClick()
On Error Resume Next
Text8.Text = Text8.Text - ticksize
End Sub

Thank you,

Bruce Hawkins

Is there a way to make a program so that when you press a command button it continuously presses the left and right arrow keys without making the user do it himself?

Has anybody ever seen an Arrow control?

Essentially, I'd like something like the line shape control except that it would have and arrow head.

From what I read of .Net, it should have this item but I was wondering if there were any controls out there now...

"I have a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel!" - Edmund Blackadder

Are arrows possible in vb? Is there any other way to make an arrow besides keeping a picture of an arrow tip at the end of a line? Is there a control somewhere online?

Arrows In VB
Does anyone know how to add arrows to a VB program? I've got intersection volumes that I'm working with and need a right, left, through arrows to pull into those intersections... any ideas? Thanks.

Displaying Arrows

I am trying to display an up arrow or down arrow in a textbox dependant on if a value is changing up or down. I need to do this for several lines as there are several values changing, and a scroll bar may be used.

Is this possible? If so what is the easiest way of achieving this goal?

Thanks in advance,


Can anyone tell me if it is possible to increase the size of the width of arrows/sliders that you find on controls such as DriveListBox, DirListBox and treeView etc

Thanks P

Activate Up && Down Arrows
Hello people ...

I want to activate the up and down arrows .. any idea how to do so ..
I've tried form_keydown .. and put the kwy code of each but it didn't respond...????

any idea how to do so .?

Drawing Arrows
How would I draw an arrow? I have to have a lot of them and using a picture is just way to slow? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

Displaying Arrows
Hi all,
I have got a very interesting problem.

I am developing a Workflow application in VB in which i am graphically dispalying
some buttons connected to each other with lines by using line control for the purpose.
I want to show arrowed lines between the buttons(I dont want to use label control).

How can i do it?Also the arrows can be horizontal,vertical or angular.

Plz help


Buttons With Arrows On Them
Without actually using a bitmap or any other kind of image, isn't it possible to put an arrow picture on a command button?

Arrows On My Key Board...
Now I can move objects clicking acommand button controller..
objects are now moving up and down..left and right...thats good..

***But now I want to use ARROWS ON MY KEYBORDS to move the objects...How can I do this..? will you give me a code to do this?..Thanks a lot....

Keyboard Arrows
i'm using the _KeyDown event and it works for some buttons on the keyboard but not all of them.

If KeyCode = vbKeyRight Then....

if i play it then it doesn't do what it supposed to if theright arrow button's pressed.

pleez help!!

Directional Arrows
hi again Sarah
I assume that this is to do with ur moving items from one listbox to another? If u dont want to use the simple < and > symbols for button captions u can change the button's Style property to Graphical and then click on the ... button in the Picture property to load any arrow gif that you have on your machine


How KeyCapture Arrows?
i use "adobe photoshop" to upload fotos onto the web using the feature called "automate - web photo gallery". it sets up automaticaly the thumbnails and regular size pictures. on the page with the regular pictures, there are also arrows which allow to procceed from one picture to the next without going back to the thumbnails page.
problem: how do i capture the keyboard "arrows" (preferably) buttons, so that little kids -whose hand eye coordination is not good enough to use the mouse- can go from one picture to the next without using the mouse?
am not sure that this is a VB question but any way would be appreciated?

Ascii - Arrows
i have read other threads but it was not that i was looking for.
DO the Arrow Keys (left,down,right,up) have Ascii codes?
If they, what are them?

Drawing Arrows

I am trying to draw lines with arrowheads using the Circle command with startangle and endangle arguments set. I know how to calculate the angle of the line being drawng [Atn(slope) or Atn((y2-y1)/(x2/x1)) ]. I have used this angle +/- an offset value to create the outer vertices of the triangle, but this does not work consistently; only at certain line slopes/angles. Is it possible to do it this way, or do I need to use another approach, such as API calls.

thanks in advance


Matching Words With Arrows
Hello everyone,

I want to know what two words are matched with an arrow, that is, what words are behind the limits of the arrow. How I can do it?

Thanks in advance.

Display Autofilter Arrows
Is there any way to have VBA hide ALL the autofilter tags that reside on the selection cells at the top of a range?
My code enow will only hide the arrow of the criteria colom.
Public Sub autofilter()
Range("A2:n200").autofilter field:=2, Criteria1:="Man", visibledropdown:=False
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
End Sub


Ascii Key Code For The Arrows
does ne one have the ascii character code for the arrow keys
PLease help

Datagrid - Scroll Using Arrows

I am using a datagrid control to display and write some data. I do this by setting a ADO Data Control as the Data Source for the datagrid control . My problem is the user needs to be able to scroll on the datagrid using the Arrow keys. I do set the Allow Arrows and also the WrapCellPointer properties to true. I set a particular column , say n as the current column by using datagrid.col = n. It displays with focus on this column and I am able to scroll uisng arrows but only till the data in the cell is edited. Once I edit a cell and try to move down the arrow keys do not work. What is the problem here? Any help appreciated. Thanks

MSflexgrid And Keypress Arrows

I want allow user work with arrows(up and down) in Msflexgrid to navigate between records and I have write this code:

VB Code:
Private Sub MSFlexGrid1_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer) With MSFlexGrid1.SetFocusSelect Case KeyCodeCase vbKeyUp If .Row > 0 + .FixedRows Then .Row = .Row - 1Case vbKeyDown If .Row < .Rows - .FixedRows Then .Row = .Row + 1End SelectEnd With  End Sub

But the code don't work!!!

Any suggestion please?


Remove Resize Arrows
Hello.. Can someone please explain, step-by-step, (i'm a noob) on how to remove the resize arrows from my applications?
(The black arrows on the edge of my applications)


Ascii For Up/down/left/right Arrows
Anybody know the Ascii for the arrow keys? My table here doesn't include them. Can't find them on the web either, albeit it was a quick search.


Move A Shape With Arrows
how do i make a shape move to the right and the left when u press the arrows on the keyboard? THANKS!

Scrolling Through A ListBox With Up/down Arrows
Is it possible to code a ListBox so that the user can scroll through the items using the up and down arrows? I did a search on previous postings and didn't see this particular question asked by anybody.

Removing Shortcut Arrows!!!
can any1 tell me how to remove those anoying shortcut arrows of the shortcut files, either by using vb or registry modifications.

Up Down Arrows And MSFlexgrid Scrollbar
In VB6 I have an MSFlexgrid on a form - when the grid is populated the scrollbars appear and I can use them no problem.

If I click on a grid line and scroll up or down using the up/down arrows once I go below the top/bottom of the grid I would expect the scroll bars to move with the current selection but that does not happen.

Anyone any ideas? I am hoping its a simple property setting but for the life of me I cant find out what it is.


How To Clear Arrows In Excel?
How to delete objects in Excel? Let's say I've created a lot of arrows in excel and later if i were to delete the cells/clear cells, all the arrows seem to go and stick either to the top end of the sheet of extreme left side of the sheet, overlapping one another.Very trouble some to select and delete one by one. How to programmatically clear all arrows.?
Actually I've dynamically drew these arrows via a loop. One of the arrow funcs is this:
End Sub
Sub Arrow(rnStart As Range, rnEnd As Range)

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    With ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddLine(MOC(rnStart), MOC(rnStart, True), MOC(rnEnd), MOC(rnEnd, True)).Line
        .EndArrowheadStyle = msoArrowheadTriangle
        .EndArrowheadLength = msoArrowheadLengthMedium
        .EndArrowheadWidth = msoArrowheadWidthMedium
        .Transparency = 0#
        .Visible = msoTrue
        .ForeColor.RGB = RGB(0, 0, 0)
        .BackColor.RGB = RGB(25, 50, 75)
    End With
End Sub

Please help.Thanks in advance

How To Get Up Down Arrows On ListView Column Headers
By up down arrows I mean the little arrows that appear in the column headers to indicate whether the data is sorted by ascending or descending order. Anyone know how to have these appear?

Showing Sort Arrows In A Flexgrid?
Often, when Windows apps have information shown in columns, they have little engraved Up and Down arrowheads in the column header to show ascending or descending sort order.
How do I show these arrows in MSFlexGrid?
If it's impossible, are there any other objects that provide better functionality than the flexgrid?

Snap Arrows To Objects In Word??
How do you lock arrows or lines to text boxes or shapes etc. in Word so that when you move the box or shape the arrow adjusts itself (not group them as they all move together) like you can in Visio??

Keypress With Left, Right, Up, Down Arrows Keys
in my app, I want to use the left, right, up, and down arrow keys to make my form move about the screen accordingly, using
Form_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)

To capture the keypress, I use "vbKeyLeft," "vbKeyRight," "vbKeyUp," and "vbKeyDown" whose corresponding integer constant is passed to the Form_keypress() sub. (I got these constants from the Object Browser)

I did this in an attempt to move the form about the screen with the left,right,up, down arrow keys. But it didn't work--the form just stayed where it was.

I looked at the integer values of the vbKey constants in the Object Browser in VB:
vbKeyLeft = 37
vbKeyRight = 39
vbKeyUp = 38
vbKeyDown = 40

But when I checked the ASCII table, the interger (Decimal) values correspond with the following keys:
37 --> % Key
39 --> ' Key
38 --> & Key
40 --> ( Key

So, when I used those keys instead (percent sign, single quote, ampersand, and open parenthesis), I was able to move my form about the screen.

Can anyone tell me if vbKeyLeft, -Right, -Up, -Down are the right contants to use when capturing the keypress event using the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys?
Apparently, it doesn't work. Can anyone tell me the correct way to capture the correct Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keypress events? Thanks

Annoying Little Arrows On Desktop Icons

does anyone know of a way to remove those annoying little arrow things that appear on desktop icons?

Extended Keyboard Arrows Keycode

I have discovered on my one computer that the extended keyboard arrow keys are returning a keycode of 255 when the numlock is on. I am guessing that this is part of a two-part sequence to differentiate between the numpad arrow keys and the extended arrow keys.

In any event, I would like to be able to read the extended arrow keys regardless of the numlock state. I would like to not toggle the numlock on the user if I do not have to.

Is this a two-part sequence ? And if so, how can I get the second code ?

Thanks in advance,


Using Arrows To Move True Textboxes
I'm having a question

I made an inputform with a lot of textboxes
How can i program in vb6 that the user can move true the textboxes using the arrow buttons on the keyboard ?
(up - down - right - left )

OR that the cursor (focus on textbox) moves to the next textbox after pressing the enter-button on the keyboard ?

I hope somebody can help me

Creating A Custom Scrollbar Without Arrows?
Purely for asthetics, I would like to create a scrollbar that can be clicked and dragged but does not have arrows at either side or the traditional scrollbar scroller in the middle. In essence it would look like an adjustable progress bar.

I have attached an example of this which can be found when starting a new project in PaintShop Pro (magnified for easier viewing). The areas where the red bars are located can be clicked anywhere and the "progress bar" will advance to that location. It can then be dragged back and forth in the same manner as a standard scrollbar increasing or decreasing the value.

Would something like this be a difficult project? Is there an existing control for this of which I am not aware? My knowledge of VB is limited, but I maage to muddle through if not given 5 pages of code.

The variable holding this value is Public varFullSec As Integer.

Form_KeyDown - Using Arrows When Button Selected
I need to use the KeyDown event to detect the arrows.
Problem: If a button is selected, and I got multiple buttons, it'll just change buttons. The Button_KeyDown doesn't either work.

Disable/enable Win Shortcut Arrows
Hey all, how can i disable/enable win shortcut "arrows"?
i know this can be done editting the registery, but i don't have any clue how i can do this from vb.

aka Red2048.

Draw Arrows In Excel Dynamically
I'm supposed to draw out a map of a certain location in block form in Excel. I've done that. Now I need to show the movement of a vehicle in Excel by drawing arrows from block to block. The data is actually read from a text file.For eg , c the attached text file. Look at the 2nd and 3rd column ...,NO1,P02,... NO1 is the departing location lets say in cell B4 and PO2 is the arriving location in cell E10. How am I to draw this arrow from B4 to E10? The problem is ..I need to draw many arrows according to the text file that is generated, dynamically...The event when this occurs is when the user clicks a menu option. The menu part is done. PLs help. thankx.

Edited by - Siraj on 3/2/2003 7:53:52 PM

Word Replaced Apostrophes By Arrows
My new version of Word97 (or maybe my new version of Windows98) opens my huge text file, created in Word97 on Win98 (older version of on or both), but replaces most of the apostrophes, as in it's, by cute little arrows. which sucks major. naturally i can't use a search-and-replace command to get rid of them, because replace doesn't let you insert symbols, and i don't know which symbol it is anyway.

does anybody know

1. how these ugly symbols are represented inside a Word file?

2. how to get rid of them easily?

i'm about to try writing a string masking routine to replace it*s by it's, etc., but this looks like a challenge. i can already see that the cute little arrows might be two, or might be four characters long, each.


Drop Down Validation Arrows Disappear After Macro
When I run a Macro that copies a sheet from my workbook to a "New Book", the original Worksheet does not display any of the Data Validation dropdown arrows that I have set for data validation. The Data Range is still entact and the cells are still showing that they are formated for data validation. In order to have them visible again, I need to completely re-start excel.

Any Ideas as to what is causing this?



OnKey Command (ctrl+shift+arrows)???
Hi all,
I'm only new to Visual Basic and am having trouble with the 'OnKey' command, it will not work for me and I have followed the instructions from help, as far as I knew.

The macro works up until the application.onkey command:

Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:= _
False, Transpose:=False
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Selection.Replace What:="-", Replacement:="+", LookAt:=xlPart, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False
Application.OnKey "^+{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{DOWN}", ""
End Sub

How do I make it work?
I will need to use this macro regularly but the cell range is always going to be diferent so I need to autoselect it.

If you have any suggestions or answer please let me know, It's getting pretty frustrating now.

Custom Listbox Scroll Button And Arrows = Possible?

VB6 the scroll button and arrows in a listbox.
is there a way to use own images or somehow use your own?

My Scroll Bars Value Changes When I Drag The Box But Not When I Click The Arrows
What's wrong? I don't get it cos i just copy and pasted it form another project and it worked there.

Using The Arrows On The Keyboard To Move An Object On The Form
Hey, im doing a project for school, and i was just wonderin if someone could just give me a tip or something on how to use the arrow keys to move a picture box. Right now i have it so that they can either click the Up, down, right, or left cmd buttons (but thats a pain in the butt for the user) or they can do ctrl+hotkey to move the picture box around. So just to be user friendly (and to get some extra marks) I wanted to make it so the user can press the arrow keys on the keyboard.
Thank for any help!

MIDI Form And Scroling With Direction Arrows
I am using a MIDI form and on the MIDI hild form I have a number ov cells, similar to a spreadsheet. I want the form to scroll up or down automatically as I use the up or down arrows to go up or down on the form.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

ADODC's Arrows Doesn't Move The DataGrid's Arrow
I have a problem. Consider the table below as my DataGrid and the one below it as the ADODC. . .

Customer Number Customer Name
> 345 Morrie
333 Mikel
093 Lorna
342 Cass
|<<|< Customer |>|>>| (<-This is the ADODC bar)

I have connected my ADODC to the DataGrid. I have also connected the ADODC to my database and the DataGrid displays the database's contents just fine. But the thing is, whenever I press the left/right arrows on the ADODC bar, the arrow on the datagrid (>) doesn't move up or down (or in other words, it doesn't jump to the next row). It remains static (it remains on the first row). What could be the problem? The datagrid isn't locked.

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