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Using Calendar Control In Vb 6.0

hey everyone
i have placed a calender in my form and many small buttons beside the date field. what I want is that when i click on the button the calender should open just beside the buttons. all the buttons have height 255 and width 375

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Problems Linking Outlook Calendar To Microsoft Calendar Control In Vb.
For a while now I've been trying to find a way to link my outlook calendar to the microsoft calendar control in visual basic. When I click on the calendar in my program, I want it to show the appointment subject in a text box and the appointment body in a Richtext box. I'd appreciate any help?

Add Pix To My Custom Calendar (not A Calendar Control)
I'm hoping maybe someone can help me. I found this piece of code on the web (don't remember where) and I've made many adjustments to it. The only problem I'm having is I can't seem to add pictures to a date. For example, when the user double clicks on a date to add a text reminder, I would like him to also add a picture to that date. I would appreciate it if any of you could lend some help. Thanx.

This is a simplified version of my calendar. In the calendar in the attached zip file, I have changed the way the user changes the year (it is just a simple command button) and have deleted certain parts of the code that would have just cluttered things up for someone tryin to understand the code.

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How Can We Change The Control Of Day's In A Month View/Calendar Control
how can we change the control of day's in a Month view/Calendar control.

example:first week should have red colour
second week should have green colour.

Calendar Control Or Date Picker Control
Visual Basic 6 w/MS Excel.

Are there any calendar controls or date picker controls that can be used with Excel? Ideally, I would like a calendar to come up on the screen so the user can pick a specific date, then enter into a specified cell.

Where Is Calendar Control???
where I can find it ???

thanks for regard!

Calendar Control?
I am using access 2000.

I want to use a calendar but I am unsure how, I cannot find much in the help file.

When I click a date I want to open form1 and I want the value of the calendar control (the date) that I clicked on to be put into a textbox on form1.

How would I go about doing this?? I am not sure of the code to use?


Calendar Control
I know this is asking a lot but has anyone any experience with using calendar controls??

I would like to use one in an access database but I dont have a clue how to do it. I want to be able to click on a date and then for a form to open. How would I do that?


Calendar Control
hi, i add a calendar control to my worksheet (EXCEL) and i wonder how can i define that when i choose a cell it pops up and when i choose a specific date it insert it to the cell ???

Calendar Control
When I insert a calendar control in an Access 2000 form, the calendar appears all the time. How do I make this appear only when I click on the arrow button (just like when I'm setting reminder in Outlook 2000)?

Please advise. Thanks.

Calendar Control 11.0
Hey all -

Rookie question by the rookie:

I have created a form and placed a calendar on it using Calendar Control 11.0 (I'm running Excel 2003). My question... by default the calendar does not automatically show the appropriate month/year based on today's date. How can I change this?

I am familiar with MONTH, YEAR, and TODAY functions, so I'm sure I can do that part of the code. What I am not familiar with, however, is how to change the month and year on the Calendar Control, as it is not a form I've created, but rather an OCX file in Program Files/Office...

Thanks much!!!

VB6 Calendar Control
My application has a calendar control that works just fine on the PC from which it was written. On the Windows SBS Server it works fine also. Unfortunately it doesn't work properly on the 2 other PC's I've loaded it on. The font is so small on the days that they aren't readeable. It was designed for week starting on Monday but on the 2 PC's it starts on Saturday and The month at the top of the control is unreadable. Any ideas???

Calendar Control
Can the monthview control give me the dates of a specific week when clicking on the week number????

what happens when a week is within 2 different months??

Calendar Control 11.0
I've inserted Calendar Control 11.0 into my excel spreadsheet from the Insert Object menu. I didn't bind it to a form. What is the code to make the calendar display/highlight the current date whenever the spreadsheet is opened each day? I want it to display the right date automatically without having to input a shortcut key or anything. Do I have to create a form to do it, or can I just insert the visual basic code into the calendar control itself, and how? I don't know much about this, so please give me the steps in the simplest terms possible. Thank you.

Calendar Control
Is it possible using the MS Calendar control to post information within the dates of a calendar? (i.e. how MS Outlook displays upcomming events and meeitngs)

I'm trying to figure out if it's a property setting or what. It seems like it shouldn't be that difficult.

If its not possible, any suggestions on other calendar compenents would be helpful.


MS Calendar Control 9.0
Hi there,

I have been looking around to workout the Calendar Control with medium success. I seem not to be able to find out anything about the Click Event, as I like to select a certain Form, Control etc. when I Click one of the a Date Numbers at RumTime.

Maybe somebody could help ???.

Thanks aktell NZ

MS Calendar Control 10.0
i have installed and successfully run an application with ms calendar control 10.0 in it however when i installed it on one workstation that should be able to run it the calendars appear very crunched up. I changed the resolution down then up but there was no change.....

Calendar Control
I know i am asking a lot of questions today but today i seem to be under the gun.....

how do i select a range with the MS Calendar Control 10.0, do i need to use 2 objects?

Calendar Control
I was wondering how do i get the big calendar like control like used in the Outlook Calendar? I have tried the calendar control but it causes VB to crash everytime i place it on the form.

Calendar Control
Is there a calendar control available that will show a year at a time and allow for selection of multiple/non-contiguous dates. The best I can find is MS-Calendar-Control-8.0. But the dates selected must be contiguous. I need this in order to set up holidays for the year.

Calendar Control
I am using the MS Calendar Control.

When you select the Date I need a label to display the previous week.

Label1 = Calendar1.PreviousWeek

Can you tell me why that won't work?

Label1 = Calendar1.Value works fine. Is there a trick to using the previous week and next week functions?

MS Calendar Control
I there a way to determine the actual day using the MS Calendar Control.

Suppose they select March 12, 2002. Is there anyway to determine that the 12 was a TUESDAY and print it in a text box?

Calendar Control
I would like a free calendar control. I have heard that you are not allowed to re-distribute the Microsoft Calendar Control or whatever it is called. Anyways, do you know of any good free calendar controls? I would also like it to be small in size and easy to use. I would like it to work on Win98, XP, 2003...

I found a couple, but still wanted to know what you recommend:

Calendar Control
two questions:
1) do I need any reference to make the ms calendar control 9.0 work?
it doesnīt seem to work now.

tested a simple code:
Private Sub Calendar1_Click()
text1.text = calendar1.value
End Sub

and nothing happened

2) is it possible to use a month in the calendar and then use that month in an access report a criteria?
and if the field in the report is in the format yyyy-mm-hh, and the calendar month is just the name, can it be made into one common format that both will understand?

actually the second question I could probably work out myself but since I canīt get the calendar to work itīs not possible.

Calendar Control

I want to make an application of calendar with appoinments and schedule management facilities. Can any one help me in getting code or free activeX for that ?



VB6 Calendar Control
A beginner's question...
I have a simple Calendar (from Calendar Control) and a text box.
When the user clicks on any date on the calendar I need it to appear in the text box.
I have looked at the calendar properties and cannot find anything that will allow me to do something like:
where value is the date that the user has clicked.
At the moment, Value has the current date in can I change this to reflect ANY date that the user has clicked so that I can make that date appear in the text box?
Thanks in advance,

Calendar Control
I have a Calendar control and a MSFlexgrid control on one form. I use this form as an event scheduler. The user can pick a date on the Calendar and add some info in some text boxes and add it to the flexgrid. What I want to know is can you link the Calendar and the flexgrid to scroll to and highlight the Row on the flexgrid that has the date(Calendar.Value) when the user clicks on a date on the Calendar.

MS Calendar Control 9.0 - Get Day
how do I grab the day ( monday, tuesday...) from the date clicked on the calendar control? i can get the day as a number , but I need the weekday name...

Calendar Control 11.0

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the color of the days or create a few more properties so that there may be different colors on different days?

I hope this makes sense, but if not i will try and explain it better

Many Thanks

Calendar Control
I'm looking for a good calendar control to try to implement my own 'to do list' (I'm still looking for one that I like using!). I've had a quick Google for this but come up with nothing other than a recommendation NOT to use VB6's Calendar Control (apparently it relies on users having a compatible version of Office installed) but to use the DateTimePicker instead.

Are there any good 3rd party controls out there (I don't mind paying for a good one)? Or how versatile is the DateTimePicker control?

Calendar Control
I am making a calendar control that I have some textboxes in each day grid so that the user can make notes on a certain day. The question that I have, is behind the grid, I have a picture box so that a user can put a bitmap or jpg or whatever. Is there anyway that I can get the text(other than text) to become transparent so that the picture shows through. Or is there another object that I can use that will allow me to do this.

Calendar Control
The month view calendar control will not size. Does anyone know if it is possible to make it larger or is there another calendar control that will let me make it to (6 in by 6 in)? Thanks

Calendar Control
I'm using Microsoft Calendar Control 8.0 in an application. I set it to have sunday as the first day of week. On one computer, it shows monday as the first day of week. What can be the problem?

Calendar Control
Ok i'm trying to underline or cahnge the colour of a few dates using the calendar control, is this possible? if i know the dates = whatever

Calendar Control 8 - VB6
I would like to insert text into specific days of the caledar control so appointments can be viewed at a glance.

If this is possible, how?

Mucho thanks in advance!

MS Calendar Control 9.0
Hi there,

I have been looking around to workout the Calendar Control with medium success. I seem not to be able to find out anything about the Click Event, as I like to select a certain Form, Control etc. when I Click one of the a Date Numbers at RumTime.

Maybe somebody could help ???.

Thanks aktell NZ

Calendar Control
So, I've been asked to create a basic 2 year calendar. The focus of the project will be images associated with each month (which I can handle fine...easy). The challenge for me is going to be handling allowing users to add/edit data for each day in the calendar. Is the MS Calendar control 8 a good start? I'd like to save all the data to a local accessDB or flat file so that when someone enters in "Jim's birthday" for May 25 the calendar will save that data.

Very odd project for me. Seems useless, but interesting break from the norm.

Looking for some general advice.

Oh yeah, I should mention that the program will be installed on win98/2000/XP machines.


Calendar Control
I am using this following piece of code to log the results from my text box 1, 2 3, and 4 also the date it loged it.

I have also added a DTPicker calendar control to the program.

what I want to achieve is that if someonne clicks on a certain date it then searches for corrosponding date in the log text file then if found puts the results in the corrosponding text boxes in the program.

has anyone down this before? if so could u help me achieve this please.

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Open "C:log.txt" For Append As #1
Print #1, "Previous day's data " & text1.text & " " & text2.text & " " & text3.text & " " & text4.text & " saved at " & Now & "."

Close #1

End Sub

Calendar Control?
Apart from MS Calendar control, does anyone know of any other
calendar controls out there that allow you to schedule tasks, and change the individual colours of certain dates?

I am not having any luck finding any.

Thanks for any help....

MS Calendar Control
Where can I download the MS calendar control .ocx file? I have seem to not have anymore-must have been removed when i removed a program.

Calendar Control
Hi, just kocking up a very tiny calendar app using the Calendar control. I've got three instances of it on a form, and I've got the largest one set with the month/year drop downs on and the other two with them off.

I'd like it so that the other two calendars always display the prev/next months of whatever month the user has chosen on the main calendar, but the NewMonth/NewYear events are giving me a headache, since they always seem to display zero.

Can anyone tell me how I can catch what these drop downs are doing?

MS Calendar Control
I am writing a little program to track my kids chores around the house. They want to be able to look at a date and see what chores they are supposed to do that day. I'm using the MS Calendar control, but I can't figure out a few things about it. I'd like for the calendar to be displayed and for them to be able to double-click on a day and have their chores for that day be displayed. Where I'm running into the problem is how do I get VB to recognize the day of the week that they have doubleclicked? Also, how do you reference the day in the calendar that is selected? These are pretty trivial I'm sure, but I just can't seem to find the answer. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Help With The Calendar Control
How do you set-up the calendar control so that when you click on one of the dates information from a database is called appropriate to that date.
For example the databse hows the following:
ID 1
Name Phill
Date 24/03/02

And when you click on the calender date 24/03/02 the result is
"On this date we have Phill ID 1"

Oh Please!

Calendar Control
Hi there!!

I've been seaching for threads for about an hour now ..and I did not find what I was looking for. It's probably been asked a 100 times here so hopefully I'm not waisting anybody's time. Now for my question.

for the Calendar control .. I would like to show on the calendar control just a dot or something to flag the user if he has an appointment on that day.. Or do I have to build my own ocx for this??

thanks ..

Calendar Control
I am trying to use the calendar control to choose a date, and then have that date displayed in a text box. What is the best way to do this?


Is This Possible - CALENDAR Control?
Is it possible to add items to a specific date on the calendar control? It won't be added directly by the user... it will just show infromation in the date area for that date.

Does this make sense?

Basically, I would like to load a graphic next to the date to show that information was enetred on that date.

Calendar Control
Is any calendar control or like something this built in VB? (Not Microsoft Calendar Control). Thanks for help.

How To Use The Calendar Control?
I would like to use the Calendar control to make a program which allows a user to choose a date and then enter some info. about a certain event for that date. When the date comes the program should inform the user the info. the user associated with the date. How might i do this?

Ms Calendar Control 8.0?
I created a program that consist of MS calendar control 8.0 using Deployment wizard. It went succesfully, then I tried to install it at different computer, an error message at the end of installation saying about something couldn't dllselfregistered.
The problem occurs only when MS calendar is included.
mscal.ocx and mscal.dep are match, so I dont' know what caused it?

Calendar Control
Is there any way for me to place texts in a Calendar Control?

If not, what is the best way for me to use Text Box and combine it with a Calendar Control?

What I want to do is try to create an object wherein, given the texts placed in the Calendar Control's particular day, the user would be able to drag the texts and place it in a new date.

How would you suggest I do this?

Thank you.

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