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Vertical Alignment In Richtextbox

Hi !!
Im looking for a way to put some text in the middle part of my richtextbox in the center at the horizontal and at the vertical.

so for the horizontal its allright but i dont know how to proceed for the vertical alignment

does somebody knows how to do so ??


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Vertical Alignment
Hi all, another question - I have a label which is indicating a warning light.

If a flag is false, the backcolour is a dark red, and the caption is an empty field. If the flag is true, the backcolour is bright red and there's a "FIRE" caption. The problem is though that the word "FIRE" appears just under the top of the box, and I'd like it to be in the vertical center of the label as well as the horizontal center. I can't find a way to do that though, can anyone tell me ?


Vertical Alignment
Sorry for my newbieishness but is there someway to set the vertical alignment of text in a label, either at runtime or designtime? I want my text right there in the center All I see in the properties page is horizontal alignment.

Thanks in advance

Vertical Alignment?

I have a picture box where the user loads a picture in and then can type text in a text box and the text appears over the picture to make a screensaver.

Is there a way to vertically align the writing as it defaults to the top of the box...


Picture Box Vertical Alignment
'Changes vertical alignment
Select Case cboVerticalAlignment.Text
Case "Top"
picScreensaver.CurrentY = 0
Case "Centre"
picScreensaver.CurrentY = (picScreensaver.ScaleHeight / 2) - (picScreensaver.TextHeight(txtNewText) / 2)
Case "Bottom"
picScreensaver.CurrentY = picScreensaver.ScaleHeight
End Select

This is what I have to move the text in my picture box. The top and centre work, however the bottom doesnt appear? How can I get it to appear?


Please Help: Regarding Vertical Alignment Of Labels In VB6

I have to align the text in a Label(eg lbl) vertically. I tried using lbl.alignment or the Alignment option in property but it only sets for Horizontal alignment (Left, Right or Center) not (Top, Bottom or Center). Since the Label box is a bit larger than the text font, the text comes up on the Top that doesn't look good. Please Help me as how to set the vertical alignment property in the Label.

Thanks in Advance.


Please Help: Regarding Vertical Alignment Of Labels In VB6

I have to align the text in a Label(eg lbl) vertically. I tried using lbl.alignment or the Alignment option in property but it only sets for Horizontal alignment (Left, Right or Center) not (Top, Bottom or Center). Since the Label box is a bit larger than the text font, the text comes up on the Top that doesn't look good. Please Help me as how to set the vertical alignment property in the Label.

Thanks in Advance.


Vertical Alignment Property
Is it possible to align the text vertically in a textbox (or the caption in a label)?

Vertical Alignment In Textbox
Hello everybody,

is it possible to do a bottom alignment on a textbox ? My textbox is higher than a standard textbox. This textbox has standard a top alignment.

does anyone know how to do this ? Or is there a work around ?

Thanks a lot,


Vertical Alignment On Label
Hi there,

How can I perform a vertical align on a label control?

Joćo Pinto

Please Help: Regarding Vertical Alignment Of Labels In VB6

I have to align the text in a Label(eg lbl) vertically. I tried using lbl.alignment or the Alignment option in property but it only sets for Horizontal alignment (Left, Right or Center) not (Top, Bottom or Center). Since the Label box is a bit larger than the text font, the text comes up on the Top that doesn't look good. Please Help me as how to set the vertical alignment property in the Label.

Thanks in Advance.


Vertical Center Alignment
I would like to get a vertical center alignment in a text box . Like in a command button .

thank you

Vertical Alignment In Label Or Textbox
is there a way to vertically align text in a control like ie a label or a textbox ?

FlexGrid Vertical Text Alignment
After a good deal of mucking around, I've managed to get text to wordwrap in a FlexGrid cell and set the rowheight of the cell to display it all.

Now the cell next door - which contains a single word - is aligning the text vertically in the middle of the cell. I'd like it to align to the top.

I've had a look through the many properties you can set but can't see if any of them will allow you to specify that text will align vertically to the top of a cell. Can you do this?

Thanks for any help.

Vertical Alignment [(sort Of) RESOLVED]
How could I align text vertically centered in a textbox (or a label)?
I know I could use a flexgrid with one single cell of the same size as the textbox but I'd like to have something easier with less overhead... maybe the API?

Option Button Vertical Alignment
Hi there,

I have the following needs, to which I did not find any solution. Maybe someone can help...

I have a form, on wich several option buttons. I need the captions of the option buttons to be longer than one line (that works, text wraps OK in the option control caption, and inserting vbCrLf within the caption performs as expected). The problem is that the option button itself is vertically centered with the caption. It gives something like that:

    This is my very long caption with
O several lines of text that wraps
    within the caption.

I would like to have the option button located at the top of the caption (as can be seen in the Add/Remove Hardware Wizard of Win 2K).

Let me state right away that having the caption within a label an no caption on the option button will not solve the problem, as the label will not receive focus!

Thanks for your help.


MSHFlexGrid Column Vertical Alignment
Dear Friends,
I have 2 questions:

1. How can I put a column with vertical alignment? I have a lot of columns to show, and the best way to do it, is to put vertical alignment.

2. How can I put in a MSHFlexGrid a combo box to select one of 5 possible options to a grid cell?

Best regards,

Settextalign Vertical Alignment To Center?
I am using the SetTextAlign to manage the position of text in a VB6 program. However, there does not appear to be any way to set the vertical alignment to the center of the text, as there is for the horizontal alignment. Does anyone know of another API function that will do this, or some other way to accomplish the same thing?
I am using rotated text, so it is a bit tricky and I am looking for an elegant way to do this.


Vertical Alignment/Height Of A Listbox With Checkboxes

The Height of a Listbox with Checkboxes can be changed (during designtime) in units that are different from those for listboxes without checkboxes.

In otherwords, If I place a listbox of each type side by side, and then make both .Top = 100 (say), I can't make them look exactly the same height - bcos the listbox with a checkbox accomodates the checkbox too.

Is there a way to align them properly?

See attached file for better understanding!

Set Vertical Tab In RichTextBox
i'm trying to develop a check printing module.

i've got a form , using which a user can set the text for check printing accordingly entering the text in the text fields available on the form.

user can move and resize the text boxes on the form

now i wanted to place the text of the corresponding text fields in to RichtextBox , at the right position what the user had set on the form, so that i can send it to the printer from RichTextBox.

i am able to place text, but unable to place it from top position

if any code avail pls suggest, or send in

pls hlp

RichTextBox Qr (Tab Alignment Right)
Does anyone know of a way to emulate the tab right alignment command in the RichTextBox. Although it is described in the RTF specification VB6 help does not show it in the list of supported RTF commands.

I would like to align row separated columns blocks of currency addition.
Ideally the decimal points in each column of numbers would align vertically.

Currently the ab only seems to support Left alignment.

Anyone heard of such a thing?


Richtextbox Alignment
hello, i have attach some pictures.. how to align this one? instead of the pictures i want this in richtextbox appear

- PPM - V 05.35 17-08-04 RH-9 (c) NMP. A

RichTextBox AlignMent
How Do I Get The Text To Be Aligned When I Press A Button

Thanx For All Your Help

Richtextbox Alignment
VB Code:
Richtextbox1.SelAlignment = Left

Doesn't work... how do you work alignment?

Alignment In RichTextbox
I can adjust my text alignment in a RichTextbox to left, right or centre using the SelAlignment property. But how do I get justification?

Anybody Knows Richtextbox Alignment
hi all
i have a problem in rich text box alignment.for report purpose iam useing in runtime to display the records.the records are not aligning properly.
i have tried a lot of ways, even tab settings is ok, but iu could able to do that. iam useing the follwong code for putting in rich text box,

Do While Not repo.EOF()
z = Len(Trim(repo.Fields(0)))
x = 15 - z
If a < 2 Then
prn = prn + Trim(repo.Fields(0)) + Space(x)
prn = prn + Trim(repo.Fields(0)) + Space(x)

a = 0
End If
rtb1.Text = prn
a = a + 1
x = 0
z = 0

pls help

Richtextbox Alignment
i feel embarrassed asking this, it seems so simple :/

i have a button which generates an invoice and displays it in a rich text box. i need to change the alignment for different lines.


                                        invoice no. 10

company name: xxx



any ideas?

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Richtextbox Text Alignment
i'm having trouble with the .SelAlignment property of richtextboxes. i cant get it to work. this is my code for center alignment. any ideas

VB Code:
richtextbox1..SelAlignment = center

does the alignment part need to be a number or in speech marks or what. thanks

RichTextBox With Zoom And Alignment ?
Hi all.

I'm trying to create an application with a RichTextBox control in order to let user introduce a formatted text, and then I generate a word2007 .docx document with that text.

I added the functionality to zoom in/out in this RichTextBox, sending the EM_SETZOOM message to it (using the SendMessage function from the API).

The problem is that if I just send the message, the .SelAlignment = rtfRight goes out of the control.

To solve that, I tried to set the .width property smaller proportionally to zoom (for example, if zoom is set to 50%, write .width = .width/2. Then alignment functionality works well, but text is wrapped into more lines, without filling all width of the control (if 50% zoom, letting the first left half of the control empty).

Last try I test is to change richtextbox width via the EM_SETRECT message, but it seems not to have any effect (if I ask the rectangle dimensions after sending this EM_SETRECT message, by using EM_GETRECT message, I get exactly the same values they were before the EM_SETRECT message).

So anyone knows how I can zoom in/out with alignment functionality and wrapping text working fine?

Thank you very much in advance and excuse my english.


Find Alignment In Richtextbox
i do a smart texteditor with rtb and use api method to align text in justify (left to right) form. that“s easy, but now i want to find out the right alignment on cursorposition. it works (.selstart) with left, right and center, but not with justify. any idea how it .... works?
thank a round

Vertical Centering In RichTextbox Control

I need to center both horizontally and vertically a richtext string inside a rich textbox control.

Richtextbox control allows horizontal centering. Is there any way I can center it vertically too? Can I make some API calls and redraw the string at a different location?



Justify Alignment In RichTextBox Control

How to align selected text in RichText control to Justify (not Left, Center of Right)?

I searched the Internet and only found explanations that this is not supported by VB or even there is some bug in standard RichTextBox control ?!

Does anyone now how to solve this ...

RichTextBox Print Alignment Problem
I'm printing from a Rich Text Box using the following code - which I got from other forums, VB websites etc (I've found the same code in a number of places. When I print using this code, specifying, say 144 twips as the LeftMargin, RightMargin and TopMargin, the text comes out cut off from the left. What in this code, do I need to change in order to get it to print correctly?

Private Type Rect
Left As Long
Top As Long
Right As Long
Bottom As Long
End Type
Private Type CharRange
cpMin As Long ' First character of range (0 for start of doc)
cpMax As Long ' Last character of range (-1 for end of doc)
End Type

Private Type FormatRange
hdc As Long ' Actual DC to draw on
hdcTarget As Long ' Target DC for determining text formatting
rc As Rect ' Region of the DC to draw to (in twips)
rcPage As Rect ' Region of the entire DC (page size) (in twips)
chrg As CharRange ' Range of text to draw (see above declaration)
End Type

Private Const WM_USER As Long = &H400
Private Const EM_FORMATRANGE As Long = WM_USER + 57
Private Const EM_SETTARGETDEVICE As Long = WM_USER + 72
Private Const PHYSICALOFFSETX As Long = 112
Private Const PHYSICALOFFSETY As Long = 113

Private Declare Function GetDeviceCaps Lib "gdi32" ( _
ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal nIndex As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "USER32" Alias "SendMessageA" _
(ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal msg As Long, ByVal wp As Long, _
lp As Any) As Long
Private Declare Function CreateDC Lib "gdi32" Alias "CreateDCA" _
(ByVal lpDriverName As String, ByVal lpDeviceName As String, _
ByVal lpOutput As Long, ByVal lpInitData As Long) As Long

'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ''
' WYSIWYG_RTF - Sets an RTF control to display itself the same as it
' would print on the default printer
' RTF - A RichTextBox control to set for WYSIWYG display.
' LeftMarginWidth - Width of desired left margin in twips
' RightMarginWidth - Width of desired right margin in twips
' Returns - The length of a line on the printer in twips
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '
Public Function WYSIWYG_RTF(RTF As RichTextBox, LeftMarginWidth As Long, _
RightMarginWidth As Long) As Long
Dim LeftOffset As Long, LeftMargin As Long, RightMargin As Long
Dim LineWidth As Long
Dim PrinterhDC As Long
Dim r As Long

' Start a print job to initialize printer object
Printer.Print Space(1)
Printer.ScaleMode = vbTwips

' Get the offset to the printable area on the page in twips
LeftOffset = Printer.ScaleX(GetDeviceCaps(Printer.hdc, _
PHYSICALOFFSETX), vbPixels, vbTwips)

' Calculate the Left, and Right margins
LeftMargin = LeftMarginWidth - LeftOffset
RightMargin = (Printer.Width - RightMarginWidth) - LeftOffset

' Calculate the line width
LineWidth = RightMargin - LeftMargin

' Create an hDC on the Printer pointed to by the Printer object
' This DC needs to remain for the RTF to keep up the WYSIWYG display
PrinterhDC = CreateDC(Printer.DriverName, Printer.DeviceName, 0, 0)

' Tell the RTF to base it's display off of the printer
' at the desired line width
r = SendMessage(RTF.hWnd, EM_SETTARGETDEVICE, PrinterhDC, _
ByVal LineWidth)

' Abort the temporary print job used to get printer info

End Function

'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ''
' PrintRTF - Prints the contents of a RichTextBox control using the
' provided margins
' RTF - A RichTextBox control to print
' LeftMarginWidth - Width of desired left margin in twips
' TopMarginHeight - Height of desired top margin in twips
' RightMarginWidth - Width of desired right margin in twips
' BottomMarginHeight - Height of desired bottom margin in twips
' Notes - If you are also using WYSIWYG_RTF() on the provided RTF
' parameter you should specify the same LeftMarginWidth and
' RightMarginWidth that you used to call WYSIWYG_RTF()
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ''
Public Sub PrintRTF(RTF As RichTextBox, LeftMarginWidth As Long, _
TopMarginHeight, RightMarginWidth, BottomMarginHeight)
Dim LeftOffset As Long, TopOffset As Long
Dim LeftMargin As Long, TopMargin As Long
Dim RightMargin As Long, BottomMargin As Long
Dim fr As FormatRange
Dim rcDrawTo As Rect
Dim rcPage As Rect
Dim TextLength As Long
Dim NextCharPosition As Long
Dim r As Long

' Start a print job to get a valid Printer.hDC
Printer.Print Space(1)
Printer.ScaleMode = vbTwips

' Get the offsett to the printable area on the page in twips
LeftOffset = Printer.ScaleX(GetDeviceCaps(Printer.hdc, _
PHYSICALOFFSETX), vbPixels, vbTwips)
TopOffset = Printer.ScaleY(GetDeviceCaps(Printer.hdc, _
PHYSICALOFFSETY), vbPixels, vbTwips)

' Calculate the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom margins
LeftMargin = LeftMarginWidth - LeftOffset
TopMargin = TopMarginHeight - TopOffset
RightMargin = (Printer.Width - RightMarginWidth) - LeftOffset
BottomMargin = (Printer.Height - BottomMarginHeight) - TopOffset

' Set printable area rect
rcPage.Left = 0
rcPage.Top = 0
rcPage.Right = Printer.ScaleWidth
rcPage.Bottom = Printer.ScaleHeight

' Set rect in which to print (relative to printable area)
rcDrawTo.Left = LeftMargin
rcDrawTo.Top = TopMargin
rcDrawTo.Right = RightMargin
rcDrawTo.Bottom = BottomMargin

' Set up the print instructions
fr.hdc = Printer.hdc ' Use the same DC for measuring and rendering
fr.hdcTarget = Printer.hdc ' Point at printer hDC
fr.rc = rcDrawTo ' Indicate the area on page to draw to
fr.rcPage = rcPage ' Indicate entire size of page
fr.chrg.cpMin = 0 ' Indicate start of text through
fr.chrg.cpMax = -1 ' end of the text

' Get length of text in RTF
TextLength = Len(RTF.Text)

' Loop printing each page until done
' Print the page by sending EM_FORMATRANGE message
NextCharPosition = SendMessage(RTF.hWnd, EM_FORMATRANGE, True, fr)
If NextCharPosition >= TextLength Then Exit Do 'If done then exit
fr.chrg.cpMin = NextCharPosition ' Starting position for next page
Printer.NewPage ' Move on to next page
Printer.Print Space(7) ' Re-initialize hDC
fr.hdc = Printer.hdc
fr.hdcTarget = Printer.hdc

' Commit the print job

' Allow the RTF to free up memory
r = SendMessage(RTF.hWnd, EM_FORMATRANGE, False, ByVal CLng(0))
End Sub

How To Bring The RichTextBox Vertical Scrollbar To Lowest Position ?
Hi all . i am adding data to richtextbox and want the scrollbar to move to lowest position each time data get entred. Could you any show me how that can be done.Thabnks

2 Code:
form1.RichTextBox1.Text = ChatText$

Copying Richtextbox To A Richtextbox Including The Boldproperty?
i can copy the text, but how bout the bold property? i'm thinking of reading it letter per letter and see if it is bold.. but is there no other way of making it happen?

Keep The Color Of Richtextbox.text On Copy To Another Richtextbox
So, i have 2 richtextbox controls and the text in one of them is colored with different colors (per words like vb editor).When I copy the text to another richtextbox, I lose the colors.How can I keep the colered words?

Does anybody experienced this?


Scroll Richtextbox Send Each Line To Another Richtextbox
Well this what I want to do, lets say I have a Multiline Richtextbox1 And I want to send each line from Richtextbox1 to Richtextbox2 one by one untyl it hits last line. And in doing so it keeps the RTF format of richtextbox1 in richtextbox2.

Like this will be the processes,
There 3 line in richtextbox1,
Take line 1 of richtextbox1 sends it to richtextbox2,
Take line 2 of richtextbox1 sends it to richtextbox2


Vertical Bar
What is the function of vertical bar '|' in VB? Thanks for explain.

Hey everyone,

I am a newby to VB and I am having a problem with my app.
the form is set for a size of 1024 X 768...
In the form I have a webbrowser set at the TOP of the form and it is 1024 X 691

FIRST PROBLEM: Even though I have "align controls to grid" OFF it still snaps the height to 690.969????

SECOND PROBLEM: I also have an image right below the webbrowser and they will NOT line up... It seams as thought there is a border around the webbrowser.

Any Ideas???



Im making a basic 3D car-demo in DirectX8 and I have the car and wheels from seperate .x meshes. Now I want to align the wheels aligned to the car, any ideas?

D3DXMatrixTranslation matTrans, modCar.tCar(0).X, 0.5, modCar.tCar(0).Z
D3DXMatrixMultiply modDXMesh.tMesh(modCar.tCar(0).meshWheel(0)).matMesh, modDXMesh.tMesh(modCar.tCar(0).meshWheel(0)).matMesh, matTrans
Check the attactments how it is displayed when moving the wheel just to the car origin and i think you see how i would like them fitted into the cut-outs in the car.

Alignment Help!
Hello I am building a program that has 4 other forms load on top of it (floating tool menus) and i need them to load in a certain spot each time. and when a button is clicked switched to a different position. how would i do that? any help is greatly appreciated!

In further depth, lets say the program loads and they are put in a certain spot. But i go to Tools > Align Menus Right and they will all go to the top right. i used to know this and i feel stupid for asking but it has been so long.

Need Alignment Help
ok i have program, Im trying to make its so labor cost /parts cost/total cost all line up to the right

Dim str_customername As String 'Name of customer
Dim num2 As Single 'Hours of Labour
Dim num3 As Single 'Cost of parts and suplies

str_customername = customername
num2 = hours
num3 = cost
a = 35 'hourly labour cost
b = 1.05 'sales tax
c = num2 * (a) 'totals labour cost
d = num3 * (b) 'totals parts cost
picoutput.Print "Customer"; " "; customername
picoutput.Print "Labor Cost"; " "; FormatCurrency$(c) 'Labour cost in dollars
picoutput.Print "Parts Cost"; " "; FormatCurrency$(d) 'parts cost in dollars
picoutput.Print "Total Cost"; " "; FormatCurrency$(d + c) 'total cost of repairs
End Sub

i have a flexgrid that has been populated with data from the database. To my observation all the data in columns in the flexgrid are align center.. how do i change the alignment?

UDT Alignment
I'm about to play around with ReadDirectoryChanges which requires a FILE_NOTIFY_INFORMATION type aligned on a DWORD boundary. How does one ensure the alignment?

EDIT: Actually it's just a Buffer whos format is defined by the type, so the problem really is how do I ensure that a Byte Array is aligned on a DWORD boundary? (Don't suppose VB does it anyway does it?)

Rtf Alignment
I have a rtf file that gets populated by 2 combo boxs
Combo1 contains paragraphs that are added to the rtf
Combo2 contains sentences that are added to the end of the paragraph one at a time
This works fine until a paragraph is indented then the sentences do not line up.
The sentences are always put at the very beggining of a line and do not line up like this:

another sentence

How can i make the sentences line up with the paragraph?

What Is With The Alignment?
I'm toggling between two child forms and but when I go to the second form, it moves down for some reason...if I load the second form first and click to the first...the first moves down.

hey! i just cannot seem to fix this tried evrything

i am using this statenment for left. right and center alignment

Case "center"
If SOP.scopetxt.SelLength > 0 Then
SOP.scopetxt.SelAlignment = rtfCenter
'End If
ElseIf SOP.summtxt.SelLength > 0 Then.......
same goes for rest of the txtboxes..

Case "left"
If SOP.scopetxt.SelLength > 0 Then
SOP.scopetxt.SelAlignment = rtfleft
'End If
ElseIf SOP.summtxt.SelLength > 0 Then.......
same goes for rest of the txtboxes..

Case "right"
If SOP.scopetxt.SelLength > 0 Then
SOP.scopetxt.SelAlignment = rtfright
'End If
ElseIf SOP.summtxt.SelLength > 0 Then.......
same goes for rest of the txtboxes..

but it just works with either first rtbox or works with all at the same time.....please tell me what am i doing wrong.....
...same happens with paste command if i cut something from 1 box and try to paste it in another it pastes in everybox....

thanks in advance!

Tab Alignment.
Private Sub command1_click()

Dim ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL As String
Dim i As String

ABC = "Have "
DEF = "A "
GHI = "Nice "
JKL = "Day "

i = ABC & DEF & GHI & JKL

MsgBox i

End Sub

When the button is clicked it gives a messageBox saying 'Have a nice day '.
The values within ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL will keep on changing in the application I'm writing.
And the values are automatically written in the Log File which is a notepad file. Even that is done
The problem is, that everytime the process runs, the values changes and the log comes
out in a diferrent tab layout. Its not aligned properly. Each time the process runs, the
values changes, and the output in the notepad comes some in all sorts of different
alignment. Some of the name are 6 characters long, some of them 2 characters long. I wanted
to know whether i can come up with a code which can align the log, each tim eits written
and I don't have to align it. The values within variables should append on the same tab
as previous one. can you help?.... waiting of ryour response. thank you..

Alignment In 95
I'm developing on a win 2000 machine, and in my app I have some of my text boxes right justified as they contain currency. Works correctly on my machine, and works correctly when installed on a 98 machine, but when installed on a 95 machine any justifications I have set are lost.

Why? How can I stop this?

Alignment PLZ HELP!
I am making a tab editor(like drums, not 'Tabs'), but I can't seem to align text.. I need "/" to line up.
Example of Tab: TAB
That's not a bad tab, but there are some out there. You notice the "/"'s line up? is there a type of format?
Here's what I had:
Data = Form1.txtEdit.Text
Data = Replace(Data, " ", "")
Form1.txtEdit.Text = Data

That gets rid of the spaces, but then it can take the tab out of line. Thats why I need a sub for aligning the "/" text. any ideas?

[EDIT]: The "/" is screwed up on this forum... it should be the character when you press SHIFT + (The key above ENTER)

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