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Video Streaming In Vb6

i have created a surveillance system which displays video from a webcam on a vb form. i want to upload this video to the net so that the user can view the video in real time. any ideas how to do this in vb6?

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Streaming Pixels (Byte) From Parallel & Display In VB As Video Streaming
Help me please

I want get pixels (byte) from camera module (parallel interface) and display them to VB as video streaming with 25 fps



Video Streaming
I'm looking for some advice, examples or direction on where to find information about playing streaming video in a visual basic application. I can play downloaded video in VB, but streaming is a little different. For what I'm trying to do, I want to avoid using HTML pages for this.

Anyways - I'd appreciate any suggestions and help with this


Video Streaming
hi, i know this might sounds like it should be in the communications forum but i know how to send information. the part im stuck on is how do i take a picture from a picture box and convert it to something that can be streamed. then when it gets to the other side, how can i make it display it in a browser window?

Streaming Video
Hi, does anybody know how to play an online video stream when I have an url like this: ?

I can play the online stream with VideoLAN player by using the Network Stream option, but I'd like to play the online stream in a VB app.

A bandwidth meter shows it does stream the video, but for some reason WMP only shows "connecting to media..." but won't actually play it. Probably because it's a camera that runs 24/7 and not a video from a website you can download/buffer.

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()WindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = ""WindowsMediaPlayer1.Controls.playEnd Sub

Video Streaming
does anybody know how to stream and record a webcam video?
and i will upload it over the internet
tnx to all of you.

Streaming Video In Vb6
i have created a surveillance system which shows video from a webcam on my vb6 form. Now i want to upload this video to the net from the vb6 form so that user can view real time video from the webcam, any ideas how to do this in vb6

Streaming Video
I desperately need to write a control to show video streamed from the camera attached to my ATI board. It needs to be bigger then 358 x 240, which is all i can get with VFW.

I assume i need to use DirectShow to do this, but dont know where to start or how to go about it (lots of articles ive read are confusing and not what im after!)

Its just a very simple camera -> window thing, but i cant find a way. :-(

Any help would be greatly appeciated.

Cheers peeps


Streaming Video
in vb say i have a media player control...and it has the stream video option, and i have something on my FTP how can I tell vb to go to that and play it?

Hi guys!

I have a task of setting up a website for online education for teachers. This will be a free site so they cant afford much expenses. The scenario will be like this:

From the Instructor's side.
The instructor will login to his computer with a webcam and a microphone. His computer will stream the video and audio to the server.

On the student's end:
The student will login to the site and view the live video and audio feed from a webpage.

I want to know how can I do this? What software do I need on the intructor, server and the student's end?

Thank you veru much.

Video Streaming - Help Me!!!!!
Myself is Sanjib, a s/w developer and working on a project of VB6.0/Access platform.I am facing problems having no way out:

1. In this project one particular module is about Live Video Streaming. Suppose a student sitting in Calcutta can see the lectures
delivering by a professor (In London) through Live Video Feed.
The live video is captured by web-cam on professor end and can be sent to the respective student(in Lan and WAN).
Sir, I don't have any idea how to develop it....Please guide me.

2. Secondly while connecting Access-VB in Wan mode the connection is very very slow and maxium time machine gets hanged.I tried it on SqlServer2000 where the same code are working more or less fine.
Is there any way where we can establish and optimize VB-Access connection in Wan mode?

Please suggest me and guide me so that I can do the respective modules.

Eagerly waiting for replies...

Video Streaming
Is there a multimedia control which supports recording of video streaming from within visual basic?

Can i use the MMcontrol of Microsoft?


Recording And Streaming Video
i am writing a program that will record the entire screen and stream it to another computer. How would i record the entire screen & use windows media player (if possible) to send a live (or as close to live as possible) stream to another computer?

Streaming Video/Audio
Does anyone know of a way to stream Video or Audio using winsock? Like to stream some audio or video between a client and server.

Streaming Video Capture
I currently have a Windows Media Player control in my form that I am playing streaming video on. I would like to take screen captures of the video when I click a button. I have put the WMP in a Picturebox and when I save the image of the picturebox, it comes up blank. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I really appreciate it!

Video Player, With Streaming Possible?
I want to create a Media player in visual basic, wich is primarily to be used for streaming servers(UDP, Multicast)

I have been looking into DirectShow, but I cant figure out how to play a stream

Maybe I need to set up the filters some other way?

Is there anyone here that have any knowledge about the subject, I would be eager to hear

(btw, I dont want any finnished OCX for playing streams, I want to do most of the work by hand, and mostly for learning purposes...)


Video Feedback/ Streaming Possible?
Hi im currently working on a project that involves streaming in live video feeds from a wireless camera. My objective is to get it to display the streamed live video feed in VB6. However I'm not sure if this is even possible and if it is how I could go about doing so. Could anyone help me here? Thanks a bunch!

Buffer Webcam Video Streaming
Hi All,

I have to develop a VB 6.0 program is able to buffer a webcam video for a few second.

ex. collect video starting 20 second prior an event occur.

After that I need to save the buffered video into an AVI file.

Could someone of you all help me?
Does a library or component that allow me to collect buffered streamed video
I looked into the other thread but I didn't find a solution of my problem.

Thanks to all

Windows Media (streaming Video)
I have a project that captures video from a capture card and allows saving the captured data to disk as well as live previewing (similar to the cap samples in DX SDK). I need to extend this to allow streaming of the video to a remote client. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about anything other than very basic network communication.
I have searched google extensively and finally come to the Windows Media SDK.
My question is: does any one here know of a tutorial for using the WMS with vb (not .net)? Failing that, is there another solution (other than the obvious)?
The SDK seems to be just as well written as the majority of the MS SDKs.
Hopefully, someone here can point me in the right direction before I go about attempting to port the C++ code from the Media SDK.


Overlay Text Onto Streaming Video (cap)
I'm streaming video using some window's video capture mechanism.
What I'd like to do is overlay text onto this streaming video without it blinking. It looks like its blinking because everytime a new video frame comes in, it overwrites the video I have added text to.

I have my video capture initialized as follows below:

mCapHwnd = capCreateCaptureWindow("", WS_VISIBLE Or WS_CHILD, 0, 0, 0, 0, Picture2.hwnd, 0)

SendMessage mCapHwnd, WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT, 0, 0
SendMessage mCapHwnd, WM_CAP_SET_SCALE, True, 0
SendMessage mCapHwnd, WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEW, True, 0
SendMessage mCapHwnd, WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEWRATE, 60, 0

SetWindowPos mCapHwnd, HWND_BOTTOM, 0, 0, 330, 320, SWP_NOMOVE Or SWP_NOZORDER

At a certain rate I overlay text onto the video stream.

I've tried a variety of methods:
1) Place VB controls (labels) over the area the video exists. The labels just disappear as if it is located below the streaming video. (which I modified the SetWindowPos to be on bottom.
2) I created a pseudo video buffer. Basically I created the picturebox containing the video stream (buffer), hid it below another picturebox (display). Inserted text at a rate. Then bitblt the video using the mCapHwnd DC into the display picturebox. Seems like the video is being placed on top of the display picturebox not inside of the buffer picturebox
3) I've tried to setup a callback for new frames, but it crashes my application as soon as I configure the callback function.
4) Plus some variants of those above.

Any ideas?

Hosting/Playing Streaming Video
Hi all out there

How can i play a video and then allow others (with the appropriate client program) to view the streaming video on a network?

kinda like hosting a station.

Live Video Streaming Onto Freeserve Webpage
i have just aquired a logitech quickcam pro 4000 webcam and would like to have a live streaming window on my webpage and possibly my own streaming software.

where do i start has has anyone got code thats ready to run....
would i need to run a server with clients or what what.



Streaming Video Of Computer Screen Over Winsock
Ok me and my friend are working on this program where we can show each other exactly what we are doing, so we are trying to make a program to let us view each others screen. Is this even remotely possible?

Streaming Or Broadcasting Video And Audio Over Internet

I am developing a application, in which i need help for:

1. I wants to broadcast or say use Audio/Video Streaming from one vb application to other vb application on internet.

2. I have searched Google and Planet Source Code, and come to know that I may need to use windows Media Encoding.

3. I have a Webcam to broadcast, i know how to capture images, and i don't want to send images time to time I want to stream video and audio.

4. Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance

Improve Performance While Video/audio Streaming In VB
i am using visual basic 6.0 and a WMEncoder component to telecast live video.what happens is that when my client connects to server the server sends the data but then the video shown on client side is 12 seconds behind the present image. please help me to improve the performance so that client sees what ever happens on the server immediately and not after a 12 second delay.

Play Streaming Video In Visual Basic??
Does anyone know how to play a streaming video in Visual Basic. For example i have an ASX file i need to play in my program that i need to play from this site:

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated


Faster Alternatives To Streaming Video, Image Capture, And Other Stuff?
Hello Dear member,

With the program that I have been developing, I have been searching for faster alternatives for:

1. Video Capture
2. Getting a pixel from an image box.
3. Getting the RGB componenets of the pixel.
4. Increase the overall execution time of the program.

Here how my program works:
A streaming video is shown in a picturebox named PicStream. I intend to extract the RGB components of each pixel in PicStream. So far I have been using the Getpixel(to get the pixel) and LSet(to extract the RGB components) functions.

Is or are there better and FASTER alternatives to Getpixel and LSet. And is there a way for me to get the pixel and extract the RGB components before it is shown in the picturebox(From what I understood, my program will first get the image, convert it to a bitmap then display the image in the picturebox). Is there a way for me to get the image from the buffer instead of from the screen.

Last question, since speed is important in my program, what are the other alternatives to speed up the execution time of my program. So far I have compiled it to the native code and there was a NOTICEABLE improvement.

Thanks for your help...

Dumping (Recording) Streaming Video From Windows Media Player Control ??!
How would I 'Capture' video from the Windows Media Player Control?

How Do I Capture A Streaming Video And Save It As A Movie File In Real Time ?
Visual Basic 5.0

How do I capture a streaming video and save it as a movie file in real time. Is there any Active X that will allowed me to do this ?

The code below will give me a stream of image continuosuly.
Now I just need an Active X or some VB code that will convert this
continuous stream of video to say an MPEG 4 format in real time.

CamImage1.URL = ""



Private Sub Retrieve_Image_1_Click(Index As Integer)
If CamImage1.ClickEnabled = True Then
Retrieve_Image_1(1).Checked = True
CamImage1.URL = ""
End If
End Sub

Playing A Video In Visual Basic And Capturing How Much Time The Video Has Played
Hi everyone,

I am a beginner in Visual basic.I want to play a video using visual basic and I want to capture the time the user has played that video.Please help me on the same.Thanks in advance

Needed Vb Code For Live Video Chat Without Using Video Capture Card
hi guys,
           some one really help me out plz... i need a code in basic vb6 for live video chat using a web camera.the code should b able to live stream the image..basically a client and server is involved...the image should reach the server who should b able to retransmit it...AND ALLL THIS WITHOUT A VIDEO CAPTURE CARD(software based ha)....hope u got me rite...
                                     bye c ya ..plz reply as soon as possible

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Need Help!. Same Video In Two Picture Boxes Or Synchronous Video
I need to play the same Video (Videfile) in 2 different Pictureboxes or Forms.

how can i realize that


How can i fix, to play 2 Movies synchronous ? (threading) ?!

please help

Best Video OCX For Web Base Video Chat
Does anyone know a good video OCX or activex component for web base video chat ?

RTP Streaming In VB ?
Does any know if RTP streaming can be done (easily) in Visual Basic??

I was wondering if anyone had any sample code, or examples of how to implement RTP in VB, if it can be done at all.

Unfortunately I required a very quick reply, but a yes or no is sufficient as its just for a progress report.


hey all

im want to try and make a server that will play streaming mp3
so if i connect with a client i'll hear a streaming mp3 that is playing on the server. kinda like a radio

anyone think they know how to do it? maybe winsock or something similar?

Thanks for any input

Help With Streaming
ive searched around looking for examples of streaming audio and have come up with this can anyone help me in making it work

can any one give me a start point in streaming audio over the net?

How hard/possible would it be (in vb) to take like 20 meg (each) or so clips of various videos or whatever, and then create a client and server program and host the videos on the server and the client program can connect and have it streamed to them.. and as they download - it would play.. so they can watch while the download is staying like 1 minute ahead of their current picture (or more if on faster connection)
Does vb have any good, workable streaming options?


MP3 - Streaming Over Net
Hi there,

Concerning my previous message, now I'm asking if someone knew easy way to make a program which streams MP3-files from a HTTP server? Is there already some controls to this kind of use?

- Ville

Streaming MP3 Over A Lan
I need a way to stream MP3 audio over a network.

I just have a problem with sending the data over the network.

Thanks alot

Streaming MP3 Over A Lan
I need a way to stream MP3 audio over a network.

I just have a problem with sending the data over the network.

Thanks alot

where can i find the
MS internet audio streaming support?... please beg ya!!!!

Streaming Mp3 In VB 6
Well I have to create a program of my choice for my visual basic class. I decided to create something useful, and wanted to make an mp3 player specifically for my radio station Well, I cant figure out how to approach this.

I have added the windows media player to the form, but I cant get it to play a file correctly...I have been browsing forums for a few days, but cant find a solution. I am running windows xp, could that be a problem? My second question, instead of getting a file on the computer to play, how do I make it play an audio stream? Thanks in advance for your help!

GDI+ Example 6 Streaming Bitmaps

I saw your GDI+ example #6 in the code library on streaming bitmaps.
It looks interesting and I would like to find out more about this but having never done anything with streaming before I found myself a bit out of my depth when reading your code.

I tried searching on the internet for more infomation but pretty much everything I found was for C++ or C# and I dont really understand those languages either.

I was wondering if you could perhaps update your example and show in a bit more detail how it could be used.

Could it for example be used to download images from the internet? eg a bitmap.LoadFromURL function? I would like to see the load and send from streams as well that you suggested which might be able to be used with winsock.

I suspect you are a busy man but thought there was no harm in asking.

Streaming Zip Files?
I'm looking for advice on how to get information out of a zip file without having to unzip it. Is this possible with VB?


MPEG2 Streaming
ok, ll i want to do is create an mpeg2 stream from a client to a host on a local network(no internet). just like a DVB broadcast.

video data to the host will be from an input device such as a webcam, output on the client will be a simple video box.

i figure i will need encoding/decoding software either side of the network.

anyone know where i could any info on this.

Streaming With DirectShow Help...
I am trying to stream from a tv tunner card to a file... The way Microsoft explains it for VBScript (Link below) I have to:

1. Create two separate instances of the video control, first one is to receive and record (Sink), the second to display(Source).

2. Create a tune request and pass it's stream buffer sink instance of the video control.

3. Add the encoder feature to the active features collection. (Thinking this is where I am messing things up!)

4. Enumerate the available output devices in the GUID_NULL category and set the sink object as the active output device.

5. Specify the file for the output.

6. Disable audio and video rendering in the video control for the stream buffer sink.

7. Enumerate the available input devices in the GUID_NULL category and set the source device as the active input device.

8. Specify the same file as before and run both video control instances.

Now, I have completed all of the code, as seen below, but I can not get the encoder section to work. I think I have to add the encoder to the available features, but can not figure out how to do so...

Private Const ENC_CLSID = "{BB530C63-D9DF-4B49-9439-63453962E598}"
Private Const GUID_NULL = "{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}"
Private Const SINK_CLSID = "{9E77AAC4-35E5-42A1-BDC2-8F3FF399847C}"
Private Const DVR_CLSID = "{AD8E510D-217F-409B-8076-29C5E73B98E8}"

Private Sub cmdStream_Click()
Dim MyFeatures As New MSVidFeatures
Dim Feature As IMSVidFeature
Dim objTuneRequest As IChannelTuneRequest
Dim objTSContainer As New SystemTuningSpaces
Dim objTuneSpace As ITuningSpace
Dim objAnalogTuneSpace As New AnalogTVTuningSpace

'Remove previous instances of the tuning space
For Each objTuneSpace In objTSContainer
If objTuneSpace.UniqueName = "MyTV" Then
objTSContainer.Remove "MyTV"
End If

'Create a new tuning space
objAnalogTuneSpace.CountryCode = 1
objAnalogTuneSpace.UniqueName = "MyTV"
objAnalogTuneSpace.FriendlyName = "My Television"
objAnalogTuneSpace.MaxChannel = 69
objAnalogTuneSpace.MinChannel = 1
objAnalogTuneSpace.NetworkType = "{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}"
objAnalogTuneSpace.InputType = TunerInputCable
Set objTuneSpace = objAnalogTuneSpace
objTSContainer.Add objAnalogTuneSpace

'Set the new tuning space in the sink video control
Set objTuneRequest = objTSContainer("MyTV").CreateTuneRequest
objTuneRequest.Channel = intChannel
MSVidCtl_Sink.View objTuneRequest

'Get the available features for the control, which won't get the encoder?
For Each Feature In MSVidCtl_Sink.FeaturesAvailable
If (Feature.ClassID = ENC_CLSID) Then
MyFeatures.Add Feature
End If

'Set the encoder for the control
MSVidCtl_Sink.FeaturesActive = MyFeatures

Dim objStreamBufferSink As MSVidStreamBufferSink
Dim output As IMSVidOutputDevice
Dim MyOutputs As MSVidOutputDevices
Set MyOutputs = New MSVidOutputDevices

'Set the output for the sink control, works fine...
For Each output In MSVidCtl_Sink.OutputsAvailable(GUID_NULL)
If output.ClassID = SINK_CLSID Then
MyOutputs.Add output
Set objStreamBufferSink = output
End If

'Set the output
Set output = objStreamBufferSink
MSVidCtl_Sink.OutputsActive = MyOutputs

'Set the file
objStreamBufferSink.SinkName = "c:sample.wmv"

'Disable the audio and video rendering

Dim objStreamBufferSource As MSVidStreamBufferSource
Dim inputt As IMSVidInputDevice

'Get the available inputs from the source control
For Each inputt In MSVidCtl_Src.InputsAvailable(GUID_NULL)
If inputt.ClassID = DVR_CLSID Then
MSVidCtl_Src.InputActive = inputt
Set objStreamBufferSource = inputt
End If

'Retreive the file
objStreamBufferSource.FileName = "c:sample.wmv"

'Run both controls

End Sub
I removed the error handleing for simplicity, but the sink and source were found and set correctly. The encoder CLSID was not found or set and I think this is where my trouble is at... Any ideas???

Sound Streaming
How would i go about streaming sound from one computer to another using winsock any links or tips would be nice

Streaming Audio
I would like to know how i could add streaming audio (WMA i think) + controls to my program. It would have to play mms://
when clicking on play button, pause when clicking pause button,...

Please keep it as simple as possible and be complete since i kinda only know the basics of Visual Basic (using visual Basics 6.0)

RealTime Streaming
Hai guys,
I want to create a real time video streaming client and server. Can anybody tell me where I could find any articles, resources to do this work in VisualBasic. I could not find a suitable article by searching in Google.
If any of you guys find anything regarding this please let me know. I prefer any article written specifically for VB or Java(If there is no dot net stuff)

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