Reporting Services :: SSRS Group Total Expression - Add Total Disabled

Oct 26, 2015

For some reason my Add Total is grey out, when i tried to add grand total using some expression.

I have two row & two column groups?

Is there any alternative or how can i enable add total? using you can see in my Attached Image

I'm using iff condition in my expression.. 

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Reporting Services :: Getting Total Of Group Values In SSRS

Jun 26, 2015

I am trying to build a report using SSRS.I need to retrieve a distinct value from my initial query and place this in the header or group row.The detail lines are hidden but may be expanded(shown).I then have another group row in which I require the sum of all distinct values from my previous group row.To explain pictorially I have the following:

-Scroll right to see the pink squares.Note that the total in the pink square is the sum of the individual var3 values distinct so 10 even when var3 =4 in euro currency.
-I have tried using sum(var5) but this will give the incorrect value as it sums all detail lines not just the distinct values.
-I have tried using another dataset but when referenced the grouping behaviour expected is non existent so where I expect 40 I get 80 i.e. sum disregarding values of var1 and var2 although these are the grouping variables.
-I need it to be dynamic so I am unable to use IIF(...).

If I could get var4 or var6 to be the totals I require I could work with that.I have also tried the following custom code:

Dim public unitLimit as Double
Public Function Getcpvalue(ByVal limit_amount1 AS Double) AS Double
unitLimit = unitLimit+ limit_amount1
return limit_amount1
End Function


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Reporting Services :: SSRS Group Total To Contain Values Of Specific Groups Only

May 25, 2015

I have a requirement to display the total of a Group after subtracting a specific value from the same Group.

Example: Say the below data is grouped on a particular column 

Group Values Month

Jan-15 Feb-15 Mar-15

A 10 20 30
B 5 10 25
C 1 2 3
D 5 10 15

Total 11 22 33

Formula is :  Sum(A+C+D)- Sum(B)

What is the best way to Group the above scenario from SSRS level and display the result as shown above. I am able to display all the values except the last total row where am displaying the complete total i.e. 21  42  73.

How do I dynamically subtract the values for row B which is one of the group values.

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Reporting Services :: Add One Day Onto Days Total In Expression

Nov 22, 2015

I have a report with an expression to give a calculated field value (VoidDays) as follows:=DateDiff("d",Fields!Void_Start.Value, IIf(Fields!Void_End.Value is nothing, today, Fields!Void_End.Value))I have a number of different codes in the output such as VLOSS, VMAINT, VHOUS etc.When I run my report my days total for VLOSS is always correct but all other values are one day short. In the example shown in image below VMAINT should be 6 days and VHOUS should be 20 days which would then both add up to the VLOSS of 26 days
I cant currently fix these days at source for a number of reasons hence I need to fix these on the report output.How can I add one day onto each of my Void Days Total for every code except VLOSS which is always correct.

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Reporting Services :: Unexpected Group Row Total

Aug 17, 2015

I have an SSRS report with 2 Row Groups and 2 Column Groups.  A total row appears before the detail when I run the report.  I'm not sure why it appears or how to remove it.Generally, I'll click on a group, add a total row before or after, and then a line is inserted with "Total" labeled.  That's not what is happening here, I see now total row, it just appears when previewed.  

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Reporting Services :: SSRS - Total Sum For Different Report Items

Jul 19, 2015

I have the following record set; for each group where the code of OP=MTL summarize Cost; that is group 10-10= 300, group 20-20=300, group 30-30=600. Then I need to total groups 10-10 and 30-30.

I used ReportItems fields for each break as;

=SUM(IIF(Fields!OprSeq.Value=10 and Fields!RelatedOperation.Value = 10, Fields!Cost.Value,0), "Related Operation") etc,

But obviously when the result is false the ReportItem returns zero, and now I lost the value calculated previously. 

Line OP Mtl COST
01 10 10 100
01 10 10 200
01 20 20 100
01 20 20 200
01 30 30 300
01 30 30 300

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Reporting Services :: Row Group Total Broken Down Into Columns Based On Field Value

Sep 25, 2015

In report builder 3.0 I have row groups. I want a total at the end of each row but I want the total to be broken down by 3 columns based on 3 possible values of a field in the dataset. The report expands as the date range entered is increased. I want the total of clinic id + service id + program id + protocol id + appointment date but I want the total column to be broken down by appts that have shown or not shown or canceled.  

See screenshots below for seeing how I have it configured. Is this possible? I have tried every combination of possibilities but I keep getting the row total in each of the 3 columns comprised of the total column.


The results look like: 

The last Total column displays the entire row count NOT separated by the show, no show, and cancel status'.   I have tried filters and different expressions but keep getting the same output. Is this even possible?

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Reporting Services :: How To Add Row Level Total In A Table / Matrix In SSRS Report

May 20, 2015

I have a dataset with weekly salary of multiple employees of same grade from different dpt. We are not going to show the report based on employ. The report will be showing data based on Employee grade and their department.

Grade         Dpt        wk1          wk2          wk3       wk4
manager     hr          3000         2500         1000       2000
senior          hr          1300         1500         1300       1600
manager     hr          2500         2300         2100       3000

We need to show the result by grouping grade and dpt. So the Wk1 rate will be the sum of (3000+2500).

Grade        Dpt         wk1           wk2         wk3      wk4      Total
manager    hr           5500         4800        3100       5000       18400 (how to find???)
senior        hr            1300         1500        1300       1600       5700(??)
Total                        6800         6300       4400        6600       24100(??)

How to find the total for each row on the right most end ?

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Query By Year Group By Total Students Sort By Total For Each County

Jul 20, 2005

I haven't a clue how to accomplish this.All the data is in one table. The data is stored by registration dateand includes county and number of students brokne out by grade.Any help appreciated!Rob

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Reporting Services :: Getting A Total Of All The 1s

Jul 2, 2015

I have written an expression and added it to a calculated field:

=IIF(fields!date1.value<IIF(fields!date2.value IS NOTHING, today(), fields!date2.value),"1","0")

The calculated field now returns either 1 or 0.

I want to now get a total of all the 1's, but when I try and get a total (=count(fields!totals.value = 1) then it just totals every row in the report.

How to get get a total of just the 1's? - e.g., sift out the 0's?

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Reporting Services :: How To Not Include A Value In A Total

Jul 17, 2015

I have created the following report

              Name     Value
                A            150
                B            250
                C            50
Total        450

The expression for the total is =Sum(Fields!Name.Value)Is there anyway that I can include the Name C in the report but exclude it from the Total value so that it will equate to 400.

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Reporting Services :: How To Calculate TOP N Total

Oct 23, 2015

I have a SSRS report. I am displaying TOP 10 Stores by sales by creating a filter on group Store. It has 3 row groups (Store, brand, product).

There is no column group. In each cell, I am using sum function in expression (Sum(Fields!TotalSales.Value).

I am adding Totals by going on Group properties, but I am getting totals of all the rows not the total of all the groups within my Store level (which is my top Parent group).

Store     Total sales(CW)  TotalSales(LW)
A             2                            1      -expression used to calculated this value is sum(Fields!TotalSales.Value)
B             3                             2
C             7                             3

I want subtotal =12 AND 6 under respective columns . ALSO, my store (A, B, C) can be expanded into Brands and brands into Products. I tried using running value but its not working as I have 3 groups within Store row parent group and I am doing a SUM on each group.

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Calculate The Total Of A Coloumn In Reporting Services

Apr 28, 2008

I have a table on my form and each row contains data from a query.

I have a 'Total' row at the bottom and want to add up the above rows. Id rather not do this in the query itself.

Is it possible to do it from the layout view?

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Reporting Services :: Getting Respective Date Of A Maximum Total?

Sep 5, 2015

My report looks like this :

In that above report maximum Total quantity is 125929 and its respective date is 7/1/2013.

How can i insert a row(Top or bottom) that gives respective date of maximum quantity? 

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Reporting Services :: Running Value Expression Within Lookup Expression In SSRS?

Oct 28, 2015

I have created 1 report with 2 datasets. This report is attached to the 1st dataset.For example,1st one is "Smallappliances", 2nd is "Largeappliances".

I created a tablix and, the 1st column extracts Total sales per Sales person between 2 dates from 1st dataset (Small appliances). I used running values expression and it works fine.

Now, I would like to add another column that extracts Total sales per sales person between 2 dates from 2nd dataset (Large appliances). I am aware that I need to use Lookup expression and it is giving me the single sales value rather than the total sales values. So, I wanted to use RunningValue expression within lookup table to get total sales for large appliances.

This is the lookup expression that I added for the 2nd column.

sum, " sales_person"),

I get this error when I preview the report.An error occurred during local report processing.The definition of the report is invalid.An unexpected error occurred in report processing.

(processing): (SortExpression ++ m_context.ExpressionType)

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Reporting Services :: Calculating Percentage Of Column Total In Charts

Jul 22, 2015

Calculating % of Column Total in Charts...

Doing this exercise in Excel is always very simple: 

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Reporting Services :: Wrong Total Values Are Coming With SUM Function

Sep 7, 2015

Create report with SharePoint list. Columns are displaying on the report I used out of the group SUM function and it is group by report. one group total is showing correct total and other groups are showing wrong total and showing too much big value even there is whole column is empty.where value is not in column I am using "-" with IIF function. these columns are calculating by using date difference function between two date columns. these values coming with minus value . so ABS function is also using.

Columns calculation expression:

OR (ISNOTHING(Fields!Date_CA_Application.Value)) ,
"-" , CINT(Abs(DateDiff("d",Fields!Date_CA_Application.Value,Fields!DateCAPackage.Value))))

Total calculation expression:


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Reporting Services :: How To Get Running Total Depending On ID / Year And Month

May 28, 2015

I want to get a running total. But its a bit tricky. I have data depending on ID, YEAR, Month, Value like the following.

ID, Year, Month, Value
36002084 2014 Jan 8391
36002084 2014 Jan 0
36002084 2014 Jan 3440
36002084 2014 Jan 0
36002084 2014 Jan 548
36002084 2014 Jan 109
36002084 2014 Jan 125

I wrote the Query below

[UEP ID],[Year],[Month],sum([Total VtM EUR]) 'Running Total'
[UEP ID]=36002084 and [Year]=2014
group by [UEP ID],[Year],[Month]

I got this output

36002084 2014 Apr 887620
36002084 2014 Aug 789440
36002084 2014 Dec 528453
36002084 2014 Feb 606627
36002084 2014 Jan 331613
36002084 2014 Jul 681314
36002084 2014 Jun 330384
36002084 2014 Mar 1044301
36002084 2014 May 671818
36002084 2014 Nov 465576
36002084 2014 Oct 590147
36002084 2014 Sep 527861

Now I need to get a output like this,

36002084 2014 Jan 331613
36002084 2014 Feb 938240

A running total depending on the ID, Year and Month. Although I showed this for two steps I need to get it from one query.

Question is - To get a running total based on ID, Year, Month. If I do the normal group by and sum query I could get it for all the months for each id. But need to then add January value to February and updated February value.

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Reporting Services :: How To Sum Data Labels To A Total In Chart Diagram

Aug 13, 2013

I am counting order type by a field which can have 3 different values.In a stacked column chart I am displaying the count of those different values, and showing a data label with the count for each order type. See screenshot.

Now I would like to show a line based on the total of each order type. I can see that SSRS already know the number of each order type as it is shown in the labels.

How do I add those numbers (shown in the labels) together and get it into a Total field? I would prefer not to alter my SQL query, if possible.

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Reporting Services :: Change Subscription Subject On Report To Total Or A Field?

May 13, 2015

change the subscription subject on the report to Total or a field.

On the subscription Data Driven Subscription does not exist.

Is there any other way to fix it?

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Reporting Services :: Report Builder 3.0 - Separate Grand Total Section To A New Page?

May 5, 2015

is it possible to separate Grand Total of a sub group to a new page?

I tried using advanced mode, find the first line the Grand Total section and set its "RepeatOnNewPage" to true, but, when I execute the report, it will throw an error something like the value of RepeatOnNewPage of the TablixMemeber must be the same as its previous object.

I need my report pages to separate by subGroup(SubGroupA, SubGroupB, A+BTotal).

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Reporting Services :: Subscription Not Sending Email But Status Shows Done / 15 Processed Of 15 Total - 0 Errors

Aug 25, 2015

I have  data driven subscriptions which are working fine for some subscription and one i have newly developed which is used to send the missing punch report to employeesNow , when the subscription runs it shows that all have gone email in report server but some of they are not getting any email i have tested it on my id to send each ones report to me but i also get sometimes 2 of 15 , 4 of 15 or else but not all i also checked mailroot folder under my server's inetpub there are nothing stucks. How to check why is it not sending email to all employees ?

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Total Page Writes/total Amount Of Data Change In A Set Period Of Time

Jun 9, 2004

Does anyone know how I can determine the number of page writes that have been performed during a set period of time? I need to figure out the data churn in that time period.


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Aggregated Subquery - Sum Total Trips And Total Values As Separate Columns By Day

Feb 26, 2014

Very new to SQL and trying to get this query to run. I need to sum the total trips and total values as separate columns by day to insert them into another table.....

My code is as follows;

Insert Into [dbo].[CombinedTripTotalsDaily]

[Code] .....

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SQL Server 2008 :: Pulling Daily Total From Cumulative Total

Jun 28, 2015

I have a table that writes daily sales each night but it adds the day's sales to the cumulative total for the month. I need to pull the difference of todays cumulative total less yesterdays. So when my total for today is 30,000 and yesterday's is 28,800, my sales for today would be 1,200. I want to write this to a new field but I just can't seen to get the net sales for the day. Here is some sample data. For daily sales for 6-24 I want to see 2,000, for 6-25 3,000, 6-26 3,500, and 6-27 3,500. I'm thinking a case when but can't seem to get it right.

(date_created date,
sales decimal (19,2))
INSERT INTO sales (date_created, sales)
VALUES ('6-23-15', '20000.00'),
('6-24-15', '22000.00'),
('6-25-15', '25000.00'),
('6-26-15', '28500.00'),
('6-27-15', '32000.00')

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What's Microsoft Doing About Providing Page Numbering Per Group And Total Pages Per Group?

Nov 27, 2007


I've posted a feedback with Microsoft to see if we can get them to fix the issue described below, but so far no one from Microsoft has commented to let us know what they're doing about this problem! I'm posting this here to see if maybe we can get more people to rate this feedback or chime in on what a pain it is! Please feel free to add your own comments or how you had to work around this issue and whether or not you think this is something Microsoft should be addressing NOW.

Provide Individual Page Numbering per Group and Total Pages per Group

Currently in a Reporting Services report, you can't readily reset the page number for each group in a table, nor can you display the total number of pages per group. For example, if I'm printing invoices and each invoice is a separate group, I'd like to be able to print "Page 1 of 5" , "Page 2 of 5" etc. for the first invoice, then "Page 1 of 3" when the next invoice begins, and so on. This was easy in Crystal Reports. I realize that Crystal Reports has a two-pass process that enables that kind of pagination. However, this is REALLY important functionality that's just missing from Reporting Services and I'm hoping you'll provide it REALLY SOON! Yeah, I know there are work-arounds if you can know exactly how many rows of information there are on each page. But gosh! That's not practical, especially if you have second level groups inside the main group or text blocks in rows that can 'grow' to more than one line. I've read a couple of work-arounds, but none of them works correctly and consistently when more than one user is running the same report or when you print the report while you're looking at it on the screen. I still may need access to the overall report page number and the overall total number of pages, so don't get rid of that. It's just that if you're doing this already for the entire report, I don't see why you can't do it per group! Lots of people have been asking for this for years, and I don't understand why it hasn't been implemented.

I've read a few articles on this topic, but no one has come up with a decent work around. My theory is that Microsoft should be addressing this immediately. This is major functionality that's just plain missing from SSRS and should have been there from the start. If anyone from Microsoft can let us know what's going on with this issue or if anyone would like for me to clarify this further, feel free to let me know.


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Total Record Count - Pagination With Total Rows

Jul 26, 2013

My table contains 1000 records,

I need to know the total record count with the below paging query

SELECT EmpName,Place
FROM EmplyeeDetails ORDER BY Place

How to get?

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Adding Subreport Total To Main Report Total

Apr 28, 2006

Hi, can anyone help?

I have created a Report using Visual studio-the report displays a subreport within it.

On the Subjective Report I have 12 values for each month of the year.

For the first month the value is =sum(Fields! Month_1.Value), and I
have named this text box SubRepM1
The name of the subreport is subreport1'.

On my Main Report, again I have 12 values for each month of the year.
For the first month the value is =sum(Fields! Month_1.Value)*-1, and I
have named this text box 'MainRepM1'
The name of the main report is 'GMSHA Budget Adjustment Differentials'

The report displays both of the subreport and main report values
but I now need to total these values together for each month in order to
produce a grand total.

I have tried using the following to add the totals for Month 1 together,
=subreport1.Report.SubRepM1 + MainRepM1
but this does not work and I get the following error message The value expression for the text box 'textbox18'contains an error [BC30451] Name subreport1 is not declared'.

I feel that it should be a simple matter of adding the two sets of values together but Im having major problems trying to get these totals to work.

Can anyone help, thanks

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Reporting Services :: Excluding NaN From SSRS Expression

Apr 20, 2015

Below is my query, it output's a percentage based on some calculations that i've had to make to fit in with requirements.The trouble is that it is also coming with NaN values which i need set to 0%,modify the below query to accomplish this?

=Sum(IIF(IIF(ISNOTHING(Fields!TotalHours.Value) = true,25,Fields!TotalHours.Value) <= 24,1,0)) / Sum(Fields!SubTotal.Value)

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Reporting Services :: IIF And IsNothing With SSRS Expression

Jun 22, 2015

I need returning a 0 from my lookup value versus it currently returning a blank space in my SSRS report. 

=Lookup(Fields!InsuranceCarriersID.Value , Fields!InsuranceCarrierId.Value, Fields!TotalBalance.Value, "InsAgingSubReport")

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Expression For Visibility

Jun 25, 2015

I would like to suppress the entire row in tablix if no data despite multiple expresions used in a text box.

If data the it will show per the DB data else it should not show anythig or leave it as blank row

The issue is where I have appended ";" and "'" in the expressions but still comes in the report output because it is appended even if no data.

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SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 Group Expression

Mar 8, 2007

I have an expression in a group that calculates a percentage of sales:


If there is a 0 balance for both the book dollar and the net dollar the expression returns #Error.

I have made sure that if the value is null it should return a 0 in the initial query.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Reporting Services :: Default To First Day Of Month in SSRS Expression

Apr 24, 2015

Is there any way to default to the first day of the month in a SSRS expression.  I'm looking to do the reverse of the EOMONTH() function.The date value is coming from a parameter @BegDate and formatted YYYY-MM-DD.  So if the parameter is set to 2015-08-31 it would show 2015-08-01

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