1511 - Can No Longer Remove Video File Properties

Dec 4, 2015

As per title.

Since the 1511 update I can't remove file properties from any video file.

It always says that the file is open in Windows Explorer...

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Gaming :: Remove Read Only Tag From Properties Of WOW Folder

Feb 23, 2016

I am a hardcore Wow player, recently i encountered a problem that wont let me play wow due to my folders not able to being write wow files on my windows 7.

The was a message when ever i tried to run wow and that was "[COLOR=#EFC9A0][FONT=Arial]The CAS system was unable to initialize: Client Handler: initialization error: failed to create storage component"

At first i thought it was wow's problem and looked on battle.net forums but they all said that i must remove read only tag from properties of my wow folder.

I did everything i could on wow's side but nothing, then i tried looking on various windows's error forums and did the take ownership cerficate guide, the attrib -r [path] guide, changing security parameters from properties --> security ---> edit etc.

But nothing worked, as soon as i unchecked the solid square read only option and closed it , it came back like before. So I thought maybe windows 7 wont let me play the game, i bought windows 10 and installed it clean and removed windows 7 completely. and with no surprise the same problem persists. cant remove read only.

Then I read about NTFS being the problem, i have 2 sata harddisks and i formatted one and converted it to FAT system and copied wow folder to that drive. still it wont do anything same problem is there.

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Apps :: File Properties Not Working

Mar 5, 2016

OK, so I open up "file properties" and I want to change the program that opens a particular file type when I double click it.

Windows 10 won't let me do this.

None of the buttons work - the "Change" or the "advanced". I can change tabs, but I cannot change the default program for a file type. I clicked it a bunch of times and I half expect in a few minutes I'll be deluged with dialog boxes all at once, but so far nothing.

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How To Get Right Click Properties Working On File And Folders After Update

Aug 1, 2015

Right clicking on a file/folder (On shortcuts it is working) And selecting properties will do nothing.

Having this issue since Windows 10 installation

Laptop Lenovo flex 2.

Additional detail: Well the properties opened once. After half hour I clicked on properties.

Also Cortana wont launch. It takes several clicks to start. And after it starts it is unable to hear me. But screw cortana. I will probably never use it anyway.

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Video Player No Longer Working - Cannot Watch Online Videos

Aug 17, 2015

I am not able to watch any YouTube videos or videos on other sites. Sound is good but screen is a wavey green colour. This wasn't an issue before I upgraded to Windows 10.

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Apps :: All Video Converters No Longer Work After A Series Of Updates

Jan 26, 2016

After a series of updates, one of which must have been at issue, ALL of my conversion software applications now fail to /convert/ any files. The programs load properly but that is followed by various issues depending on the app.

Tipard will load, load video files, and start to convert... but immediately fail upon starting the conversion process.

Handbrake will load, but locks up on loading a file, any file, regardless of length, at the 20% mark.

MakeMKV won't load at all.

VLC randomly crashes, or refuses to play videos, music, or anything, after an undetermined amount of time.

My FTP software no longer loads its settings files and scripts.

And an annoyance, all of a sudden all my icons have little green check marks on them.

Windows 10 Professional x64
Version 1511
Build 10586.63
AMD FX 9590 X8 4.7
32 GB ram

Tipard Blu-Ray Converter Version 7.3.30. No message just an icon notice. See photo

handbrake x64: Preset Export Failed. Unable to load in Presets. Please restart HandBrake No additional exception information available : upon startup. Added files freeze program at 20% mark

MakeMKV (What version, won't load at all)

Paint won't save any files anymore. See same photo

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Browser/Email :: Viewing Local Video Files In Chrome No Longer Works?

Dec 22, 2015

I'm trying out the chromecast device to hopefully eliminate having to move my laptop across the room and connect it via hdmi every night to watch movies on my tv screen. In windows 7 I could just drag the file into a new chrome page and it would open the file which could then be cast. Now when I drag a movie file into chrome it creates a download window in the bottom of chrome like any other file download, and then if I open it from that it just opens my default video player and plays the movie file. Any way to view local video files in chrome browser like you could in windows 7?

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How To Remove Leftover Contact Info Within People If Can No Longer Sync With Facebook

Feb 25, 2016

I still have Facebook contact information within my Windows 10 People but I'm not being allowed to delete them. I get told that I have to remove them from Facebook first but since we can no longer connect and sync contacts with Facebook, I can't do that either. I'm setting up a new desktop PC and I really want all of that irrelevant contact information to be gone.

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Pictures In A Word File No Longer Appear

Aug 29, 2015

I have a long Word file created with Word 2013 on a PC.

I often drop pictures in the file using the Windoes 8 snipping tool, After I installed Windows10, the pictures appear as an empty box. The text looks fine, but there are no more pictures.

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File Explorer Files Cannot Be Deleted Says No Longer There

Feb 2, 2016

I am running File Explorer in Windows 10 and it displays some files and folders In a portable (F) that I cannot delete. When I try it says "This is no longer located in F:. I have hit F5 to refresh, rebooted and even ran defrag to eliminate this problem. It does show a file size for the files located in these folders. I have also installed LockHunter software to delete these folders and files; it didn't work. It says "no processes locking this file have been found", and "Cannot delete file..." I have another program called Directory Lister that also finds these files. I also have tried accessing them using C Prompt, which will display the folders and files but cannot be used to delete them.

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Fraps Video File Becomes Corrupted

Aug 18, 2015

I record with Fraps and I do Minecraft videos on YouTube. Besides the point. Sometimes, not all the time, but more times than not. When I replay the clip to myself to check it out. It says "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file" But it only happening for about a second in the file. If I just skip to the second after the part where it stops it keeps playing. I tried running it through DivXRepair, but no luck. It is a really big issue and causes me to loose very good footage because I can't even edit it out because Movie Maker won't accept the files that are messed up.

I can't really call them corrupted because it's only that second it's not the whole file itself. How I record my videos is in 1080p 60fps, and the video file is recorded to a a Toshiba External hard drive through a USB 3.0 PCI Express port. Maybe it's because the file has to travel through that, but I forgot to mention it sometimes happens multiple times on a video making me wonder if it is because sometimes the USB pauses and desyncs stuff and it causes that second to be lost.

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Apps :: QIF File Association No Longer Works After Upgrade

Dec 1, 2015

After the recent Windows 10 update my QIF file association launches the incorrect version of Microsoft Money.

Money is an old legacy programme that is still running JUST ...and I need to be able to customise the file association.

If I click on properties on the qif file I am given the INCORRECT option to use ....MoneyCoreFilesmnyimport.exe %1

What it SHOULD say is MoneyCoreFilesmsmoney.exe %1 ...... and no my default MSMONEY option doesn't work either. How/where do I make this change?

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File System Error (-1073741819) Can No Longer Do Anything That Requires Admin Privileges

Jul 30, 2015

After updating to Windows 10 from Win 7 Ultimate I can no longer do anything that requires admin privileges.

It appears as though something is wrong with UAC on my profile.

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Apps :: Getting WMP To Open Maximized When Double Click Video File

Feb 23, 2016

Is there a way to get WMP to open maximized when I double click a video file, instead of opening just the size of the video? Is this a setting within WMP, like play maximized, or is it a separate command?

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Will (Play To) Function From Right Clicking A Video File Work With MKV Files?

Feb 6, 2015

I know they're promising native MKV support. I'm hoping this means I can stream straight to my TV or Xbox by right clicking the file and choose the "play to" option but I don't ever remember this being confirmed.

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How To Remove VHDX File

Feb 8, 2016

How do I remove a file called install.vhdx, it is left over by some software IĀ installedĀ and it will not delete.

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Remove Desktop And Other Folders From File Explorer?

Oct 24, 2015

I was wondering/can't figure out if I can hide the desktop library and other things from the file explorer.

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Apps :: How To Remove OneDrive From File Explorer

Aug 7, 2015

How to remove One Drive from File explorer after a reboot.

OneDrive Integration in Windows 8.1 - Enable or Disable


2.Navigate to: Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsOneDrive

double click on: Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage.

3.Click on: Enable, Apply

Note - stop the one drive service if it appears in the system area (right hand end of taskbar or in the hidden area).

If after re-boot the one drive is still visible in File explorer - just click it and it will VANISH - GONE...

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How To Remove Default Apps By File Type

Nov 28, 2015

I accidentally set the .html file type association to be Microsoft Edge, instead I wanted to set it to a text editor. I am at the system settings, choose default apps by file type and I only have four options, three browsers and "choose from the windows store". Is there another way to unset this?

I tried to override this by providing file type association settings to filezilla to read .html by the text editor, but when I try to edit files, nothing happens. I'm not sure why.

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Customization :: Hide / Remove OneDrive In File Manager

Sep 6, 2015

I would like the OneDrive icon to be hidden/removed from File Explorer on my 64 bit Windows 10 Home device. I find the same steps all over the that don't seem to work for me involving setting two flags in the registry as follows:

Set the System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree DWORD value to 0 for both of the following:


I've set them both on and off, restarting inbetween, several times but it doesn't seem to affect OneDrive in the File Manager. The other option presented is ripping OneDrive out completely but that doesn't seem to work for me as well. Those instructions involve killing the OneDrive process and then removing it using the following commands:

64-bit edition of Windows 10: %SystemRoot%System32OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall
32-bit edition of Windows 10: %SystemRoot%SysWOW64OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall

I've though I'm running 64-bit Windows 10 I don't even have OneDriveSetup.exe in my System32 folder. I do have it in my SysWoW64 folder but when I run it with the /uninstall switch nothing seems to happen and the OneDrive icon remains in File Explorer.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Unknown Partition / File System - Cannot Edit Or Remove

Nov 13, 2015

I was in the process of updating several sata controllers and chipset drivers. I also installed a new USB 3.0 hub and was in the process of moving around several devices between ports. I had a problem with my keyboard which uses USB 2.0 as a connector but I would recieve a "Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed)" code 43 on every port on the USB 3.0 Hub. I finally gave up and put the keyboard back into the 2.0 ports on my motherboard. When I finally fixed everything. I realized my DVD drive was not working. I had to reconnect the SATA cables because it got disconnected while I was moving my PC around. Upon the last restart of my PC.

I checked Disk Managment and noticed lots of system reserved partitions and drives which were not there before. What happened but I think updating several drivers and the combination of reinstalling USB ports via device manager or the optical drive being reconnected may have messed up how windows used to have system reserves as partitions. I only had one visible system reserved drive before, now I have 2 visible and lettered system reserved drives.

I also have a unknown partition at the top of the list, I cannot right click that partition and select any options. The only option in my context menu which brings me a link to Overview of Disk Management

I also had my video quick access as my DVD optical drive when I restarted. I have fixed this issue by changing my quick access links back to their proper folders and it removed the duplicate Videos Icon. My quick access links were remapped to the G: drive (CD Drive), they were usually on the F: drive. Why Windows did that during my driver updates and restarts.

I have only provided the above information to know what the unknown partition is and why I cannot modify or remove it. It's the recovery partition of the C: Drive. The System Reserved E: Drive, System Reserved D: Drive are both considered primary partitions.

Should I be concerned or is this all normal?

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Why Don't Have WiFi After The 1511 Update

Nov 16, 2015

Yesterday I updated my PC from Windows build 10240 to Windows 1511, but after that I can't connect to WiFi.

My wireless adapter (which is built-in the PC) doesn't find any routers...

When I try to search the solution with the Windows tool, for some minutes it finds the routers again, but if I try to connect to someone, after few seconds it disconnect automatically.

I tried to reinstall the drivers, but nothing changed..

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Apps :: Video Streaming Failed With Unsupported Video Type Error

Aug 14, 2015

I upgraded my Lenovo U310 laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 a week ago. Everything seems to have upgraded successfully. The only problem that I can find is that none of the video streaming from Windows 10 apps can be played. I get an error 'Unsupported video type or invalid file path' when I click on a video article in USA Today or when I try to stream video from any other apps, NBC News, MSN Money, etc... from Windows 10 store.

I have no issue streaming videos from any of the browser though. What could be missing that could cause video streaming to fail?

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Video Up Side Down And No Sound On Skype And Facebook Video Call

Dec 20, 2015

Since installing Windows 10 my video picture is upside down and there is no sound. I can see the other party correctly but neither of us can hear. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Windows 10. Windows Media Player works ok. Skype Echo 123 doesn't work.

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Updates :: 1511 Appeared Then Disappeared?

Dec 27, 2015

I'm on Win 10 (build 10240). I hadn't been getting updates for a while so did some troubleshooting and started to receive the updates yesterday, including the major November update 1511

But the upgrade didn't complete. It went to the booting black screen with a circle and number in the middle and progressed up to a certain point but then rolled back the changes. This happened twice and now when I check for updates, it says device is up to date and won't even show the 1511 update.

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Upgrade To V.1511 - 10586 Failed Again

Nov 27, 2015

Once again, Windows 10 pro 32bit upgrade failed when it reached 71% installed.

I have an ASUS H81M-PLUS MB with intel core i7 processor.

As on previous attempts, a small window appeared with the caption "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" Below the caption was a small red circle with a cross in it and below that an uncaptioned button

Clicking on the button resulted in a message "Restoring previous Version of Windows" It then proceeded to do just that.

Having read other posts on this thread, for this attempt I disconnected all USB3 peripherals so that isn't the problem.

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