After Upgrade Can't Access BIOS To Change Boot Order For W7 Reinstall

Jan 6, 2016

Have a Lenovo H420 desktop that was upgraded about 2 months ago. We backed up everything and want to reinstall Windows 7.

But I can find no way to get into the Setup screen. I've gone to Settings, Update & Security, Advanced Startup and Restart Now. But I have no option to Use a Device. If I choose Troubleshoot then Advanced Options, the subsequent screen has no option for UEFI Firmware Settings.

I've disabled Fast Boot through Power Options in the Control Panel, then tried F2 and the Delete key when starting. Nothing...

The fact that I can't do something that was so easy in Windows 7 is enough reason in itself to remove 10. Throw in the fact that the scanner part of my printer no longer works is just icing on the cake. I have the Windows 7 disk. I just can't figure out how to use it.

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Can't Access BIOS - Unable To Boot From USB / DVD

Aug 19, 2015

My problem is that I can't access UEFI Firmware settings or Boot from USB/DVD in the Advanced startup. They are missing. What can I do? I want to go back to windows 8.1 (Don't have windows.old folder), but it gives me an error when I install it when windows is running. That's why I want to boot from DVD, but I can't.

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Cannot Enter BIOS - Change Boot Device Message Popping Up

Apr 5, 2016

I just bought an ssd. i installed it then windows didn't detect it so i format it and everything now its working. So I decided to go into the bios to make my win10 boot off of the ssd then the hard drive as a secondary then i save and exit and turn my pc off to test the boot. i get a message saying change the boot device and when i kept restarting it it kept popping up. so i had to unplug the sata data on my ssd. not since its connected, win10 will boot off of the hdd. then i notice after i unplug it and turn it on it wont even give me an opportunity to enter the bios windows automatically starts up; there is no logo of my mobo brand with controls on how to enter the bios under it. i still press the button that would let me enter but nothing happens but win10 starts up. so after that i plug in the ssd and now its not detected and it wont let me format it as if its not even installed in my system! NOW I CANT ENTER THE BIOS AND A USELESS BRAND NEW 250GB SSD...

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Changing Boot Order With Secure Boot Enabled

Oct 27, 2015

Basically, I have a really bleepty BIOS that will only let me change the boot order with secure boot disabled and legacy boot enabled. I need secure boot because I just installed windows 10 onto a new drive and it won't activate. I have heard that this has something to do with secure boot being disabled. I still have the activated drive, which is the primary drive. Is there anything I can do to change the boot order?

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Apps :: Can't Change Access 2010 Database After Upgrade

Aug 27, 2015

I recently upgraded to W10 and now when I try to change a form in Access 2010 DB It errors and has to close. The error is : Faulting module path: C:PROGRA~2COMMON~1MICROS~1VBAVBA7VBE7.DLL. If I undo the change then all is fine. There was a problem I found on Google with same error but due to SP1 for office. I

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SSD Does Not Show For Boot Order

Oct 8, 2015

Fresh built I7 6700k build with Windows 7 on it. I want to upgrade to Windows 10. I see in advanced settings i need to set win8/8.1/10 enabled, but it my SSD does not show for boot order (where the downloaded upgrade is). I got a boot error on first install and it jacked my Win7 license key. I am back on 7 and i will try again. On a broader note: am i to assume Z170a boards do not like Win7?

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Apps :: Windows Photo Viewer - Sorting Order Not The Same As View Order

Aug 5, 2015

The Windows Photo Viewer will not display photos in the order they are sorted by Windows Explorer. This is not referring to the slide show feature, just the forward and back arrows. The only order pictures can be viewed is by name despite Windows Explorer being set at view by date, ascending.

I have repaired Microsoft Live Essentials, uninstalled and reinstalled but the issue remains. This is also not an issue with photo tags or photo names. Windows Explorer sorts as selected but click a picture in the middle to view, click the forward arrow and instead of the next date picture being viewed, the next name picture is viewed.

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Customization :: Change Order Of Items In File Explorer Jump List

Feb 11, 2016

In versions prior to 10 one could drag and drop items in jump list. In Windows 10 it's different (but certainly not better. Why do they mess with this stuff????)

In Windows 10, if you open File Explorer, you can drag and drop the pinned folders under the Quick Access header on the left. When you right click File Explorer icon pinned to taskbar, the items will be in the same order as established in the Quick Access heading in File Explorer. 

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Installation :: Won't Allow BIOS Access

Apr 30, 2015

Just tried to install the latest W10 as a boot with W7 on SSD , installation failed and now will not complete installation. Will not reboot and reinstall, and prevents access to the BIOS to change boot to CD?Looking at disassembly to remove SSD data cable ( Lian Li Briefcase build complicates everything).

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Can't Access BIOS Menu In First Try

Aug 21, 2015

I've this issue since I did clean install of Windows 10. It simply don't let me in BIOS menu on tapping the DEL key now and simply continue booting Windows 10. And I could only access BIOS menu when I restart it. And if I again turn it off and then start it then again it simply boot and start Windows 10.

And another weird thing is- if I start my PC when it is off than it boot up too fast, without any issue but if I restart it than it takes more time and the monitor turn off and then on again, you may read more about it here.

PS- Maybe you don't need to know this but I did clean install via pendrive which I made using Refus using the bootable ISO.

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PC Works Fine But Can't Access BIOS

Sep 3, 2015

I'm not sure if this issue has to do with Windows 10, but I figured it may be worth looking into.

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ASUS H81M-A - Can't Access BIOS Since Upgrading

Oct 6, 2015

I recently updated my pc to windows 10 and ever since I can't access BIOS because I have no chance to (?) I try pressing F2 and DEL multiple time when starting up but it goes straight to the Windows start up. On Win7 it showed a screen which had some information on it and said "Press F2 to enter BIOS" or something like that and only then it would go to the Windows start up.Maybe I need to re-install BIOS?

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Can't Gain Access To BIOS Or Start Setting Up Windows

Sep 18, 2015

So i just finished successfully building my rig, and everything was fine, I got access to my BIOS on my first boot, didn't really fiddle with many of the settings except for the boot priority and the XMP profile. Once I was done I decided to input my windows 10 cd into my optical drive, I pressed the restart button on my case, and now suddenly my mouse and keyboard (both USB) wont work, thus I cant gain access to my bios or start setting up windows. I tried switching the cables to different usb ports (on the mother board and the case ports) and it didn't do anything.

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Onboard Reinstall Boot Loop

Aug 14, 2015

Just reset Windows 10 on my laptop because I was unable to sign into my Microsoft account therefore I couldn't access Cortana or the Store or any of the new Microsoft 10 features. Everything else worked fine. So I started the reset process and chose the option to save all my personal files, and the process went smoothly until it got to the end of the installation. Now it looks like I'm stuck in a boot loop and it has been going on for about 12 hrs now. I am going to go to work and hope it is finished resetting when I come home.I loved Windows 10 so far, I just needed to be able to sign into my Microsoft account.

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Installation :: Have To Reinstall Applications When Upgrade

Aug 26, 2015

Do I have 2 re-install all my applications I have running on windows 7 PC when I upgrade to windows 10?

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Have To Reinstall All Of Drivers For Hardware If Upgrade?

Aug 10, 2015

Must i reinstall all the drivers for my hardware if i upgrade to windows 10

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Will Be Able To Upgrade Back If Reinstall Windows 8.1?

Dec 24, 2015

I currently have Windows 10, which I received as a free upgrade when I had Windows 8 several months ago. Now, I have to wipe my hard drive, so I'll obviously be reinstalling Windows 8 once I have done so. Will it again give me the option to upgrade to Windows 10, or will I be forced to stick with the dreaded Windows 8?

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Upgrade After Reinstall Windows 8.1 On New Motherboard

Dec 6, 2015

I am currently running Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 8.1 Pro retail. Here's the deal: I am upgrading my system to Skylake, so obviously that means a new motherboard. I know if I want to directly install Win10, I have to get a new license ; but if I just reinstall my Win8.1, will I be able to perform the upgrade again ?

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Boot Loop - 3rd Time After Full Reinstall And A Patch

Jun 18, 2015

This is not my main system, but it's still annoying. Full clean install of evaluation build 10074 on this system:

Intel i7 Gen 1
6x 2GB sticks of ram
Titan X nvidia Card
2x 250GB SSD in Raid 0

After the patch, which I can postpone, but not avoid, I get windows is repairing after update message followed by a reboot.

I have tried the following repair options:

system recovery, no image found... though I did attempt to create a restore point.
Windows Rollback
Refresh PC
startup repair
System Reset
..and whatever other options are on the install disk for repair. I have even installed and that didn't work. The only thing that seems to work is a full reformat of the drives. This happens only after a windows update.

While I would like to see how the new features work, Its not worth having to reformat everything and reinstall on my SSDs over and over. I also use this PC for when guests come over. This has happened to me 3 times. Each time after a full clean install, and each time after a windows patch.

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System Won't Boot Only BIOS

Mar 26, 2016

I have an i7 build, asus z97a mobo i upgraded my graphics card from an nvidia 970 to a 980. When i powered up system went to bios, i cant get windows to boot. I reinstalled the 970, still no windows, then tried onboard graphics, took out mobo battery and jumper on board to reset, still cant get windows

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Cannot Get To BIOS From Windows Boot Manager

Sep 14, 2015

I was playing with disc partitions and i accidentally deleted something... The problem is, that when i start my computer, Windows boot manager error appears (with no options, nothing, just some text about how should i reinstall / repair...), but when i start my computer, i have no way to access BIOS (I know how to access bios in my pc, I was accessing it like 20 times during last few days while installing various OSs... always with F2).

So actually I am stuck in a loop: start pc - cant access bios - windows boot manager error- restart - cant access bios - win boot manager error - restart....

With windows, i had problems with accessing bios before, but it could be solved by some kind of "absolute shutdown" of a system - holding shift while clicking "Shut down" - then i could easily enter bios with F2 during start.

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Dell XPS 8300 / Can't Get Boot To BIOS

Sep 5, 2015

Have a Dell XPS 8300 which came with Win7 Home Premium. 10-12 days ago, finally got my system upgraded to Win10... but, after completing the password, all I get is a black screen.

FINALLY figured out it's because this motherboard came with an on-board VGA and delivered with an add-on VGA/HDMI board... It's truly annoying... but tapping Window-P (keys) gets me to where I can choose "which screen"... biggest rub being I'm doing it in the blind.

Soooo... I want to get into my PC's BIOS to disable the on-board video... at other times, I'd like to be able to change other BIOS stuff like Boot Sequence, etc. HOWEVER... Win10 seems to have disabled the keyboard (no F2, F12, etc) until Win10 takes control and intercepts. Googled and found several "fixes" but none work.

how I can boot this system... and get into it's BIOS... PREFERABLY directly at startup?

Also, why does SHUTDOWN NOT totally power this machine off?? Hate internal lights being on... keep seeing my Ethernet lights blink... and getting tired of pulling the cord?

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Computer Won't Boot (Even Into UEFI / BIOS)

Aug 24, 2015

I have had nothing but issues, since upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8 (64). The installation within of itself was horrible. I got the continual flash on the screen, until I was able to get it into safe mode and recovered it. Then made sure drivers were updated. However, I did not upgrade my BIOs, from the information I had seen from MSFT. Didn't think twice, since they said if you were upgrading from 8 or 8.1 that should not be an issue. The system was running stable, after I did those fixes.

About 1 week ago, after a MSFT Windows automatic patch push, My monitor started not to respond during boot up. Ran some basic troubleshooting for the monitor (Ie: check plugs, check cables, check Video card). They all seemed to work fine and my system booted up normal.

The very next day, cold booted again and monitor did same thing, it was not getting any signal from the computer. Went through the checks, after a little bit of a delay the system finally booted. I checked my BIOs settings, which were all set up normally. I locked my computer after that and did not turn off the system, the next morning, my monitor was unresponsive.

I re-checked monitor, cables and even replaced the video card. Everything is good except no signal to my monitor. I disconnected all hardware except the video card and motherboard, to see if it was an issue with my power. I took out out the CMOS battery and also disconnected power to the motherboard for about 2 hours, to try and reset the BIOs to factory. No luck.

This leaves me with 2 things left:

a) Corrupted BIOs, not loading my drivers, or
b) motherboard went bad.

Going to try a bootable USB BIOs next.

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Can't Get Into BIOS At Start Up - How To Get NumLock On During Boot

Jan 26, 2016

I just got a new gpu put into my computer. A few things were changed around in the settings. It boots fine and everything is good. Except my number lock key use to light up during boot and I would just keep hitting delete which is my mobos command to enter bios and it would go in. Now when booting the numberlock key doesn't go on and just pressing delete doesn't work. It just goes straight into my windows login.

My computer works %100 fine and I just need to change 1 thing in the bios but I can't get into the setup. How to get my numberlock on during boot or to get into my bios? I don't even see "hit del to enter bios" at the bottom of the screen anymore. And my numberlock key doesn't even go on during start up until the windows login. I went into my settings and unchecked the fast boot up option in the power settings menu. Nothing has worked yet.

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BIOS Mode Boot / Restart

Sep 10, 2015

I have upgraded Win 8.1 Ent into Win 10 Enterprise. While upgrading I had an older version of BIOS. Since then I have upgraded to the latest BIOS version available for my MOBO. My MOBO is ASUS's P8H77.

I can not boot or restart into BIOS from Win 10. I have googled the problem and it was mentioned something about new UEFI method of OS installation. When I am trying to restart/boot using the Advanced Boot option my OS is missing the "UEFI Firmware Settings" option, therefore I can't get into my BIOS.

My questions are:

- All this is happening because I had an old version of BIOS and when I upgraded something got screwed up?
- Does my motherboard support Win 10 UEFI option at all?
- Do I need to do clean install? Is it possible to avoid such option?

Reason for all these trouble: My PC freezes when I leave it working overnight. I do not know how to troubleshoot it because no reason for the freeze is indicated in the Even Viewer. Why the heck my PC freezes? I do not get any BSOD or errors, just a freeze and the only way to reset the PC is to hold down the power button.

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Repair Error - USB Boot From BIOS?

Oct 25, 2015

I turned on my PC and got a Windows 10 error saying my PC needed to be repaired. I can go into the BIOS menu but I don't know what option to choose to reinstall Windows 10. I have it downloaded from the official website on a memory stick but I am thinking of buying Windows 8.1 from Amazon cause I do not like Windows 10 and want the full version. I would go with Windows 7 but I don't know what is and isn't legit on Amazon. I do not want an OEM version since I may be upgrading my PC and will want to reinstall Windows if I have to once again.

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