After Using HDMI Cable Screen Is Blurry And Icons Are Huge

Oct 28, 2015

I have a laptop. Acer e5-571g to be precise. So, i had a problem with an hdmi cable to tv - had no sound. Did a bit of research, tried some things out, nothing. Unplugged the cable and my screen icons went large, screen is blurry now. Drivers, i think, are up to date. Screen resolution is not the problem, icons are set to small. Restarted the computer too. Oh, and i have windows 10.

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Desktop Icons Auto Align Left When HDMI Cable Connected

Jan 14, 2016

Whenever I connect my laptop to the TV via hdmi cable my desktop icons are moved and auto aligned in vertical columns down the left hand side of the page (my desktop). I have to drag them back to where I want each time. It's a fairly minor nuisance, but is there any way to avoid this, I've searched but can't find a definitive answer.

(I've tried, right clicking and unchecking 'align icons to grid' but that doesn't make any difference, it still always happens).

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Customization :: Blurry Desktop Background For Huge Image File

Dec 23, 2015

I made a desktop background in 3ds max and its of a robot standing on the moon. The actual image I is about 10k by 6k so I converted it to 1080p because I was having the same problem with the larger image. When I set it as my desktop background it becomes blurry. The stars bleed out whiteness around into the black space. The textures and reflections just look like crap on the desktop image. But on the real image you can zoom in for miles and it is just fine. Why my desktop background looks worse quality than say an image viewer?

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Installation :: No Audio After Upgrade Using HDMI Cable

Jul 29, 2015

Per the title, I run my computer through my TV using an HDMI cable. Sound works brilliantly on Windows 8.1 but after upgrading to Windows 10, I'm left without audio, and in the sound settings it doesn't show HDMI as an available device.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Won't Play MP3 If There Is HDMI Cable Connected

Dec 10, 2015

Windows 10 plays Mp3 Files just fine. Connect an HDMI cable to the video output port, and then windows 10 suddenly wont play those files. An error message pops us inside windows media player and Grove that this file type is not supported. Also no sound is played through the HDMI Cable to my TV, and no sound is played when i click the volume bar on the bottom right side.

I work for an integration company. We just installed a couple of conference rooms for a company in which we have an HDMI cable running from the table through the floor in the walls and to the TV. From there it breaks out into the Amplifier and plays audio in the room. Normally i bring my Mac book pro for testing but i purchased this Windows 10 computer as a test device. I did not have a second laptop with me to test this out.

However, With the computer and the HDMI cable i am getting video to the TV. When i enter my TV menu and arrow around the menu option my sound works on the built in speakers in the room. So i can confirm that the cabling is all correct. This is the identical setup that we always use. I have also plugged my Iphone into the cabling behind the TV and played music which worked perfectly fine.

The computer, as i mentioned, would play MP3 files perfectly fine, untill i plugged in the HDMI cable. Infact i can be playing and MP3 file and then plug in the hdmi cable and suddenly the computer stops playing the MP3 file and gives me the error that windows can not support this file type. Those same MP3's play on an SDCard in the TV when i access them directly from the tv. So those files are not bad. Also anything with audio fails to play anywhere (tv or locally on the laptop) when the HDMI is plugged in.

Also i have gone to the control panel and selected the Audio section and looked at the video card / audio output selections. When i have no HDMI cable selected the option for audio output changes to the internal sound card. (which is correct) and then i plug in the HDMI Cable and the audio switches to the HDMI output (which is correct)

the only two conclusions i can come up with are this particular computer has a bad video card. or windows 10 is not supporting audio output. I have never tested our setups with windows 10 before.

Last bit i'll include this is a brand new computer. Core i5 8Gb ram 1tb hard drive. its a toshiba.

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HDMI Cable Is Not Working On Asus Notebook After Update

Aug 30, 2015

My HDMI Cable is not working on my Asus Notebook after I did the Windows 10 update. I have tried fixing the sound and resolution on control panel, i also made sure all updates and installation of apps are up to date, however, the TV doesn't seem to recognize the cable anymore, or the computer.

Tried changing the settings on the TV as suggested on one of these forums. I must be missing something.

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Customization :: Fuzzy / Blurry Font And Icons?

Jul 23, 2015

I'm experiencing fuzzy/blurry font and icons for some of the applications. For example: Dell touchpad circular scrolling icon is fuzzy, while on 8.1 it was fine. Even the text in Device manager is fuzzy, while on the properties window of this PC it is fine. See below:-

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Installation :: Upgrade Laptop With Broken Screen / Blurry Toolbar Black Screen

Oct 10, 2015

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge with an Intel I5 processor, 64 bit with no hardware upgrades (stock). I had accidentally stepped on the screen (fell off my lap and then crunch) which was mangled beyond repair, so I have been using it similar to a tower, with a VGA and/or HDMI connected monitor (my HDMI cable went bad, I picked up a new cable but hadn't hooked it up to the second monitor. I started my free upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to 10 last night. I woke up to the black screen/mouse pointer issue which is what brought me to this thread. I tried the recommended fix:

1. Hit ctrl, type in password and enter
2. Win Key + P + Down Arrow. (Win Key + P only seems to do the same thing)

This brought up options to

1. Disconnect projector (Tried this and lost connection to the VGA even after reboot)
2. Duplicate (Screen is still black with mouse cursor, but I saw a little bit of red and blue pixels at the bottom where the task bar should be until I disconnected and re-connected the VGA, then it was back to black screen and cursor)
3. Extend (still black screen and cursor)
4. Connect Projector (still black screen and cursor)

I'm not sure what to do. I must have some OS installed, because I am able to also perform these operations from my USB Keyboard/Mouse. I'm just not sure how to get Windows back on my VGA connection (I haven't tried HDMI because I did not have it connected when I ran the update.) I thought Duplicate displays would do the trick, but apparently not. For as beat up as the laptop is on the outside, the hardware performs fine. I also have a 2nd laptop (work laptop, also a Lenovo W541) that I can use if any solution involves downloading something bootable.

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When Using HDMI Forced To Lock Screen

Dec 25, 2015

Recently updated to Windows 10, and I watch a lot of tv through my laptop by HDMI to my HDTV. Before with Windows 7, I NEVER had an issue like this.

After somewhere around 15-20 minutes of the HDMI being plugged in and watching via my TV, the computer locks itself. It goes to a black screen and "disconnects" from the HDMI input. BUT the programs keep running, but I can't see or hear them since it doesn't go back to laptop input. To bring it back I have to click the mousepad and it brings me right to asking for my password. How do I stop the laptop from ever locking while I'm watching or streaming through HDMI? It doesn't do it when it's playing straight off the laptop...

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Blurry Text At Some Areas Of Screen

Jul 31, 2015

I've just updated Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. It's pretty nice but I found that the text is a little blurry at some areas of the screen. Not everywhere but on some areas The resolution is 1366x768 - as it should be but I the text is blurry anyways. Here's an image:

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AiO Will Not Detect Laptop Screen Via HDMI

Nov 30, 2015

I have a new all in one desktop. I want to use the monitor as an extenal screen for my laptop. I connect the hmdi lead from the laptop to the AiO hdmi input socket. The laptop 'sees' the external monitor (Fn and F5 tells me this) but the monitor will not detect the laptop.

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Blurry Screen (Dual Monitor Setup)

Jul 29, 2015

I just updated to Windows 10 and already having problems. I have a dual monitor setup and back on windows 8, both monitors had a good display. Now on windows 10, my main monitor has a blurry or less quality compared to my second monitor. It was always fine until I switched windows.

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Performance :: Huge Fps Drop On Games After Upgrading

Feb 10, 2016

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 because there are a handful of upcoming games that I am interested in that are only available from the Windows store (Gears of War, Killer Instinct, and Quantum Break), and I also want to take advantage of dx12 when games start to utilize it. I've read that some people have noticed a minor dip in fps after upgrading, but my experience was so bad I had no choice but to revert back to Windows 7 Ultimate.


Rise of the Tomb Raider- Windows 7-max fps-62, min fps-43. Windows 10-max fps-44, min fps-31
Just Cause 3 Windows 7-max fps-54, min fps-30. Windows 10-a consistent 30 fps.
Project Cars Windows 7-max fps-118, min fps-88. Windows 10- max fps 88, min fps-73.
Mad Max Windows 7-max fps-111, min fps-88. Windows 10- a consistent 60 fps.

As you can see, these represent more than just a "slight drop" in framerate which I was willing to accept.

My PC :
i7 4790k 4 ghz cpu
gtx 980 ti x 2 SLI
32 gb ddr3
Asus Extreme Motherboard.

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Antivirus :: Huge Increase In Tracking Cookies

Feb 10, 2016

My SUPERAntispyware (free) seems to do a better job than Norton at blocking tracking cookies. It blocked 7 or 8 a day on average on my Win7. It's just stopped 257 that have arrived in the past TWO days on my new Win10. Nearly everyone had the name Microsoft in its title.

(1) Should I just accept that this is now the normal way of life and not get angry with Microsoft for the intrusions?
(2) Does Windows Defenders block tracking cookies? Being cynical, is it programmed to let through all those with Microsoft in its name?

I use IE11 - not Edge

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System Recovery Folder Huge And Growing

Aug 20, 2015

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and after a week noted that my C: drive had a new System Recovery folder that was about 10GB in size. Currently, the folder has reached 20GB and I noted that daily multiple recovery files of 34MB are added. Since my C: drive is an SSD with limited storage, how to put an upper limit on the size of this folder or alternatively, how to delete the folder without losing significant Windows 10 functionality?

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Huge Drop Off In Boot And Shut Down Times

Jul 31, 2015

I just installed Windows 10 and see a huge drop off in the boot time and shut down times. I have an i7 laptop with the OS partitioned on a SSD drive. Windows 8.1 would take 10-15 seconds to boot up.

This isnt the case here, right after the logo displays, I get a blank screen for a good minute. The laptop is fine after booting up, no lagging or heating issues so far.

I really don't want to clean install, just because the AMD drivers for my gfx card are difficult to properly install. Also reading people having this issue even after a clean install.

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Task Bar Is Off Screen On Bottom And Same With Icons On Top And Sides Of Screen

Aug 5, 2015

I have an AMD 6670 and I just upgraded to Windows 10. At first I couldn't set my resolution back to 1920x1080 but I downloaded the driver and now I'm able to. The issue is that when I set the resolution, it's like everything is stretched out. The taskbar is off the screen on the bottom and same with the icons on the top and sides of the screen. I can see the very top of the taskbar at the bottom, but not enough to click on start or choose any programs that I have open.

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Installation :: Upgrade Makes Huge Recovery Partition

Sep 25, 2015

My Dell venue pro 11 tablet comes with a 32gb inbuilt space with windows 8.1. Then I got the free windows 10 upgrade which went smoothly.

But now the problem is after the upgrade there was very little space left in my Cdrive. The recovery partition takes up 6.5gb of space. I thought of deleting it using a 3rd party software.

I need to free up that space, currently i have 11 gb free space, adding this would give me 17 gb.

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Huge Folders Have Turned Into 0 Byte Files After Upgrade

Nov 30, 2015

I don't know why or how but many of my folders have been lost after an upgrade, mostly games, and converted into 0 byte files. I don't know how else to explain it, so here's a screenshot:

How I can regain access to the folders on my PC?

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Installation :: Upgrade And Updates It Appears To Be A Huge File

Sep 16, 2015

From what I've read on Windows 10 upgrade and updates it appears to be a huge file, about how much time should I expect ti to take for a complete download?

Using a generic machine, Intel core i5 processor, 3.4ghz, 6mb quad core, Asus P8B75-V M/B. 4GB Ram.

Each time I'm ready to hit the UPGRADE button I read another post which gives me pause and then wait for another "positive" post. Have a clone disk and image disk - so I guess we should be set. 

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Huge Lag And Rubber Banding In PvP Games After Sleep Mode

Aug 11, 2015

Last week and a good part of this one i've been dealing with a huge gaming issue called rubber banding. I've stressed out all the ISP employers and all of them said nothing it's wrong with the connection between them and me, and more likely there's a problem between me and the servers across Europe. Anyways, after hundreds of tries and many hammers hits into my router, i've discovered that if i restart the computer, all the lag and rubber banding disappears. Like nothing else ever happened. But if i go into Sleep Mode, and then turn it on again.

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Cannot Detect Ethernet Cable

Aug 18, 2015

i just built my pc and installed a fresh windows 10, i tried to connect ethernet cable to my pc but win 10 still cant detect the cable.

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No Network - Cable Is Unplugged

Jul 30, 2015

I upgraded to windows 10 yesterday from windows 7. I noticed that my network isn't working. It says that cable is unplugged but my cable is fine. I tried different cables but s still the same problem . My internet worked fine yesterday( in my windows 7) . My drivers are up to date. My wifi works fine only internet isn't working. When I press troubleshot it says that cable is unplugged or your broadcom netxtreme gigbait adapter have problem with hardware or driver.

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Ethernet Keeps Disconnecting And Always Can't Detect Cable

Jul 31, 2015

My acer notebook after upgrade from win8.1 to win10, my ethernet port keep disconnected and sometimes cant detect cable till i restart ny notebook. reinstall driver still same..

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Computer Won't Connect Through Ethernet Cable

Mar 16, 2016

A couple days ago I noticed that instead of having the ethernet in my taskbar that it is connected to wifi. I dont understand that because I have been using hardwire forever. To top it off my xbox connects via ethernet, but my pc wont. have tried the same cable that connects my xbox. I am pretty sure this is causing serious game lag, and i dont know what to do at this point. i cant access my router settings either. i type and it doesnt load. that is the same ip address that i have always used before.

So this solution did work in a sense. Once reinstalled my drivers, my computer did detect that there was a ethernet plugged in, but it said the there was no connection. I disabled wifi on the computer, so it can only connect to ethernet. even tho it says that there is not internet connection through ethernet, everything is working great. It permanently has the Caution symbol over my internet.

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No Ethernet Cable Installed Or Connected

Oct 4, 2015

My problem is i use a hardline into my computer and upon starting it up yesterday was greeted with the problem “no ethernet cable installed or connected”. I have replaced the cable already/restarted both the computer and router multiple times/did a system restore and none of those worked. Also disabled and re enabled the adapter multiple times.

The only thing that seemed to work or hint at the problem was a windows 8 forum that said to use an elevated command prompt to do “sfc/scannow” and that came back with errors. There was a “DSIM” command that was unable to find a correct download location.

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