Apps :: Installs Don't Work - Stuck On Updating Component Registration

Aug 17, 2015

I'm having the issue where installs don't work, but just get stuck on Updating component registration. On Windows 7 to fix this you had to remove update KB2918614, but now I can't find a way to do it as that update is not longer around. Is there a new update that causes this issue?

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PC Stuck Updating?

Nov 1, 2015

I turned my computer on about 20-30 mins ago and it started "updating". After it installed some updates, restarted the pc 1-2 times, it took me to here [URL] ....

How can I get out of this strange glitch? The mouse is also operable.

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Stuck At 54 % And Won't Continue Updating?

Nov 17, 2015

Today 11-17-15 I restarted my computer to install the latest version of Window 10. (Not an Insider Build) The installation was going fine until now. It is stuck at 54%. The "breathe" animation on the percentage ring is still moving so it is not frozen.

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Updating PC Stuck At 87% Then Turned Off

Nov 24, 2015

I have windows 10. When I turned on my laptop it says that it updating and it stucks in 87% then I turned it off and after that I opened it it still updating?? Is it normal with windows 10 ??

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Update Stuck On Updating Windows Screen With Circle Showing 0%

Feb 24, 2016

My update is stuck on the Updating Windows screen with the circle showing 0%. What do I do?

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Error Message For SPSS After Upgrading - App Unable To Load A Required Virtual Machine Component

Dec 2, 2015

I am getting the following message when I try to load SPSS.

"The application was unable to load a required virtual machine component. Please contact the publisher of this application for more information."

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Apps :: Windows Store Apps Not Updating?

Aug 9, 2015

I have recently encountered a problem with the updates on the Windows Store. The apps are not updating anymore and are stuck. I have tried to follow most of the methods provided online including the troubleshoot step but to no avail. The troubleshoot simply couldn't find any issues to solve. Windows Update on the other hand, is working fine. Here's a screenshot of the progress.

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Installation :: Same ISO Many Installs

Aug 23, 2015

If I understand the premise, the ISO on a USB is for the purpose of preparing for the actual installation. The installation follows, with a download.

I will be upgrading between 20 and 40 units for a Seniors Center, where I work as a volunteer.

Can I use ONE ISO on the same USB for each download, without having to create a unique one for each upgrade?

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Service Registration Is Missing Or Corrupt

Oct 8, 2015

I have itunes, but I had to upgrade it to the newer version, but it did not let me because of problems. I did MS troubleshoot and it told me this:

Windows Update
Publisher details
Issues found
Service registration is missing or corrupt
Service registration is missing or corrupt
Not fixed
Reset service registration
Potential issues that were checked
Windows Update environment variables are incorrect
Windows Update environment variables are incorrect
Issue not present
Some security settings are missing or have been changed
Some security settings are missing or have been changed
Issue not present
Check for missing or corrupt files

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Service Registration Missing Or Corrupt?

Aug 4, 2015

Can't get win 10 to run, no hot bottoms work, ran file scan - no corrupt files found....

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Stuck At Welcome Screen / Mouse And Keyboard Does Not Seem To Work

Oct 21, 2015

i just formatted my pc. I got the following screen; URL... My mouse and keyboard are not working eventhough there is a light burning in my mouse

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Apps :: Start Menu Tiles Not Updating?

Aug 11, 2015

when the start menu tiles are not updating/changing. The tiles are live but they dont update.

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Updates Don't Install - Service Registration Missing

Sep 11, 2015

I checked for updates in update and security. shows updates waiting to install but can't get them to install automatically or manually. I ran ( I think it was) MS Fixit which said "Service registration is missing or corrupt" and can't offer a solution. I don't know how to repair or reload win10 as I don't have a system disk. I did make a backup usb stick before downloading win10. Would using this reinstall win 8.1? 

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Updates :: Service Registration Is Missing Or Corrupt

Jan 15, 2016

Before I updated to Windows 10, I must have damaged some files whilst trying to turn off Windows 10 notifications in Windows 7. I couldn't do any updates in Windows 7 either.

There is no error code. Windows update troubleshooter says: "Service registration is missing or corrupt."

I ran sfc/ scannow, it said it found corrupt files but was unable to fix it. The CBS log is attached. CBS.rar

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Failed Upgrade Installs And Then Freezes At 91%

Aug 11, 2015

I can I get rid of this failed download and start again. When I try to do this ,the failed upgrade installs and then freezes at 91%. It is taking to 2.? Gb of my HDD so I know it is on the computer somewhere.

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Apps :: Not Updating / Installing Anything But Keep Getting Error Code1618 Skype

Oct 18, 2015

tried updating skype but getting error code 1618.

tried updating AVG anti virus but update failed: update detect running installation. Complete that installation before starting update not installing or updating anything at the moment.

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Update Not Working - Service Registration Is Missing Or Corrupt

Mar 24, 2016

My Win 10 Update function is not working at all. There are over 100 updates saying "Waiting for Download." The progress bar stays at 0%, even when there is nothing else running at all.

I ran WindowsUpdateDiagnostic, and it said "service registration is missing or corrupt." It won't say which service it's talking about.

I ran SPF /scannow and it said no integrity violations.

I ran DISM /scanhealth, /checkhealth, and /restorehealth, and they said "no component store corruption detected" and "restore operation completed successfully."

I did all the steps in "Reset Windows Update Components" and they all completed successfully, but nothing changed except that the list of updates disappeared (they all reappeared as soon as I clicked on 'Updates are available).

A search on "service registration is missing or corrupt" shows that this is a common problem. The only advice that I haven't tried is to re-install Windows 10. I don't want to have to re-install MS Office, Kaspersky, etc.

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Windows Boot Loader Sees Two Installs

Jan 28, 2016

To cut a long story short I ended up with two installs of Win10 on two partitions of the same drive. I then deleted one of these partitions along with its recovery partition. Now when I boot, the boot manager loads and shows two possible windows versions still. However, only the first one will boot (obviously) and the other fails. What is going on here and how to I prevent the boot manager from always opening?

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Updates :: How To REALLY Block Driver WU Auto-Installs

Sep 7, 2015

Obviously there are a lot of bad drivers for Windows 10.

Via PC/ Properties / Advanced /Hardware / Device Installation one should, in theory, be able to block. Does not work in Windows 10. Device drivers update anyway.

How do I block specific devices or all devices from auto-updating?

Alternatively, what procedure could I use for batching the sequence to "Rollback Driver" when wupdate updates/kills my device? For the sake of novice user I need to make this as painless as possible until MS fixes the issue.

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If Do A Clean Install Can Able To Choose Which Drive It Installs To?

Aug 12, 2015

For example, I have Windows 10 on my main HDD and was wondering... If I hit the reset this PC button and reinstall Windows can I install it to my SSD from the main disk? Or will it only install to its current location?

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Apps :: Recent Folders In Explorer Jump List Are Not Updating

Aug 9, 2015

I am using Win 10 x64 Pro, clean installation.

1. Recent folders in explorer jump list are not updating. They seem to be random folders from my second HDD and clicking on them says the folder has been moved (which is not true) and it offers to delete the shortcut. Deleting also does nothing, item still remains. Disabling recent folder in settings > personalization > start also has no effect

2. If I tick 'show recently used files in quick access' in folder options it also has no effect. When I open folder options after this it is unticked again.

3. I can't pin anything to quick access, I get 'parameter is incorrect' error.

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Error Code 0x80072f78 In Windows Store When Updating Apps?

Mar 4, 2016

when updating apps in windows 10 store, a msg pops out saying something went wrong and error code is 0x80072f78..

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Installation :: Dual Booting 2 X OS Drives (Existing Installs)

Sep 27, 2015

I have 2 Windows 10 (7 Upgrades) Installed,

...I would like to set them up, so I can Dual Boot them, without re-installing them.

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Networking :: Modern Apps Not Connecting To Internet - Desktop Apps Work Fine

Jan 6, 2016

I am having trouble with the modern apps and connectivity. It feels like half my computer will connect to the internet, and the other half won't. Desktop apps like Chrome, Steam, Outlook, iTunes etc. all connect to the internet fine, but any of the Windows apps like Xbox, Store and (most frustratingly) Settings will not connect.

In my network and sharing centre in the control panel it says 'You are not connected to any networks' - but in the system tray, and in the settings app it shows me as connected to my home wi-fi. I am on a desktop, and using a USB wireless adapter. I don't think the adapter is the problem as I have tried it on another desktop in our house on Windows 10 and it worked fine. Curiously also, when I click 'Adapter settings' in the control panel, it shows the wifi connection.

I've tried updating the drivers for the wireless adapter, both through the Windows update and adapter website but to no avail (and as I mentioned, it seems the adapter works fine elsewhere). I've updated manually to the latest Windows 10 Pro build, i've done a DNS flush, I've tried disabling firewalls and anti-virus, I've tried disabling startup apps, I've done a clean install of Windows 10 and still am unable to fix the issue.

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Apps :: Several Apps Doesn't Work After Update

Jul 16, 2015

Before 1 hour i updated to the last build but some problems appeared. I cant open Market when i click it shows the logo and then it close also when i try to play an mp3 it pops an error box saying "the remote procedure call failed" i cant open videos as well and also photos tab from start doesnt work too . I had a clean installation of the latest Official ISO from MS.

For example when I try open a pic I get this ....

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Updates :: Stuck In Searching For Updates / Alternate Method Won't Work

Aug 14, 2015

I am trying to install the .net 3.5 update for my Windows 10 Pro rig. I tried the usual way (enabling) with no luck: the system sits on searching for file and never goes anywhere. (I let it search overnight with no luck). I tried the method suggested HERE with no luck either (it sits there telling me the image version but never starts the "Enabling Features" process. I've let it sit there for 30 minutes with no success.

I am trying to do the second step via a Windows 10 USB install, not a DVD. I didn't bother trying to create an ISO since I didn't think that would matter. In either case, I feel really stuck. I am unable to run a few legacy games because of this stupid .net 3.5 issue. It's really frustrating.

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