Apps :: Runtime Broker Taking Lot Of CPU?

Aug 15, 2015

I still have problem with the runtime broker, which uses a lot of CPU and so on, even if nothing is running on the computer. Because of it, when I close the laptop, it can't turn of by itself and still uses a lot of CPU, which will cause a problem one day... I know the idea of the application or whatever it is called (runtime broker) and it is supposed to take just a one or maximum two-three percentages of CPU, but it is not like that with me.

I have tried this one: How to disable runtime broker on Windows 8 RTM - YouTube and as well to go in the registry and set some value from 3 to 4, I don't really remember the exact things, I just saw a topic in some forum about it and the people there said, that it works. BUT not really for me.. I will add a screenshot of my task manager to see, what do I mean:

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Runtime Broker Taking Up 10% Of CPU Constantly

Aug 1, 2015

I've noticed this since installing RTM 10240. With previous Insider Builds this didn't happened. I've cleaned installed twice now and the problem persists. I notice also a "Windows Spotlight Background Taskhost" process relentlessly coming and going and taking resources together with Runtime Broker. Nothing seems to fix this and many other users are experimenting the same. This makes the computer hotter as the CPU gets no throttling rest.

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Runtime Broker Consuming Laptop CPU

Aug 23, 2015

Runtime Broker starts-runs and consumes almost all CPU-time. Laptop fan keeps running until I stop the process. Tried different suggestions but it still keeps starting.

E.g. disabling time broker service.

Problem still occurs for some reason.

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Runtime Broker - Disk Usage Is 100%

Jul 29, 2015

This keeps using more and more memory, my disk usage is 100%, what this is, microsoft forums are useless

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Runtime Broker Using High Memory And CPU Usage

Aug 10, 2015

after upgrading to windows 10 my laptop fan always working fast when i checked this issue, i see runtime broker in task manager with high resourse usage when i click on end task, everything be normal... but runtime broker run itselft immediately ...i googled this issue but i couldn't find a useful solution.

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How To Stop Runtime Broker From Running Constantly In Background

Aug 4, 2015

How to stop "Runtime Broker" from running constantly in the background.

Running win 10 Home 32 bit upgraded from Win 7 Home Premium 

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Performance :: Stop Runtime Broker From Running Constantly In Background

Aug 4, 2015

How to stop "Runtime Broker" from running constantly in the background.Running win 10 Home 32 bit upgraded from Win 7 Home Premium

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Apps :: Runtime Error 217 At 50075885

Aug 31, 2015

tried to rest the runtime programs and update still get runtime error followed by a second error runtime error (at 172:103): could not call proc.

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Apps :: Store Taking Forever To Load?

Sep 26, 2015

Ok, I loaded the Windows 10 Store. Next thing I got to know, there is no 'Open' or 'Install' button on the Windows 10 Store, along with the Windows 10 Store taking forever to load.

How do I fix this Windows 10 Store madness? I just fixed my Start Menu some days ago, so the Windows 10 Store might be mad at me for removing the Windows 10 Store icon out of the taskbar, too.

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System Settings Broker Stopped Working

Jan 10, 2016

I'm seeing System Settings Broker "stopped working" in the reliability history. Additionally, I'm seeing a lot of issues with the Windows Shell Experience Host in the event viewer. What happens is that the action center is not accessible (clicking on it does nothing), and hitting the Win key to bring up the start menu does nothing.The support over at is pathetic.URL...

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Getting Runtime Error While Opening Msconfig

Sep 8, 2015

Not able to open device manager, disc management or any of those administrative tools. Main thing is that I'm getting a runtime error every time I try to open msconfig.

Runtime error!


This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Running Windows 10 build 10532

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Does UEFI Boot Have Any Runtime Advantages?

Oct 20, 2015

Other than slightly faster boot and wake from sleep, does UEFI have any real runtime advantages over legacy boot?

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Getting Runtime Error Message When Laptop Boot Up?

Aug 19, 2015

I recently upgraded my laptop from W 7 to W 10. Now when I switch on I get a

'Runtime Error! Program: CWindowssystem32atibtmon.exe'
'This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.'

Then there's the top 'half' of a line that reads 'Please contact the application's support team for more '

The only option is to click 'OK' and everything continues as normal.

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Right Clicking On Non-system Icons Causes Runtime Error In Explorer

Jan 4, 2016

I have a Surface Pro 3 with windows 10 ENT.  Everytime I right-click on files that aren't system icons (my computer and things like that) I get this message:
I have booted with a clean boot.  I have corporate antivirus that I cannot remove and I do have the classic start menu app installed ( I have removed this in the process of trouble shooting but have since reinstalled it as it had no positive effect)
Here is all the log info I could find from event viewer (entries are separated by ************):
Faulting application name: explorer.exe, version: 10.0.10240.16603, time stamp: 0x56553bcd

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Not Taking Login Password

Dec 22, 2015

I installed Windows 10 on my laptop and now it's asking me to enter a password to get in. How can I get rid of this screen so that I can get into my laptop. It's not taking my password 

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Windows Folder Taking Up Way Too Much Space

Dec 28, 2015

Is there anyway I can decrease the space if the windows folder. My laptop is only 30 gigs and the windows folder us taking up 21 gigs

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Windows Taking More Disk Space?

Sep 13, 2015

I have upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Now, my C drive is almost full with 714GB occupied by "System and reserved". I was in an assumption that, Windows 10 was suppose to take less space.

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Performance :: Taking Too Long To Boot

Dec 21, 2015

I know there are several threads by this name, but my problem, as far as I know, is quite peculiar and I haven't seen anything similar to this in any thread. Yesterday I did a clean install (actually I wiped the whole hard drive and converted it to MBR since it was in GPT and Windows wasn't letting me install it on GPT filesystem) of Windows 10, and installed all the necessary drivers and the basic essentials. I don't know exactly when but after I was done doing some housekeeping, my Windows started taking too long to boot. What happens is that it shows the Windows loading screen (like in the image attached), does the boot animation for about 5-10 seconds, then blinks the screen momentarily, and then shows the Boot animation screen again. But this time, the loading circle animation is really choppy and the pixels seem to be slightly blown out. Then it takes a good 1-2 mins at that screen and then shows the blue screen with loading animation, shows it for another 15-20 seconds and then shows the Login screen.

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Performance :: Process Taking Up A Lot Of Memory

Oct 30, 2015

I have this process it's taking up alot of memory.

My computer Stats:

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Start Up Is Too Slow - Taking About 1 To 2 Minutes

Mar 20, 2015

I just updated my windows 10 build 9926 to 10041 and I found start up is too slow about 1-2 min, in 9926 is was just around 20-30sec. And its also freezing a lot on my dell laptop.

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Websites Taking A While To Load / Respond - What To Do

Aug 17, 2015

A few days ago websites began taking a very long time to load/respond. I was just browsing the internet when it happened (wasn't on any questionable websites). Other computers in our house work fine, so I know it has nothing to do with the router. I pinged a bunch of websites and they are taking anywhere from 1000-1500ms to respond. There were two instances where it only took 40 and 42ms to respond.

Usually the page will act like it's loading, then just stop as if I never clicked on anything. Then five or 10 seconds later whatever I clicked on will pop up in no time. Also, on iTunes when previewing songs I'll get the pop up that says opening url/connecting, then the song may or may not play. I've also had the pop up that says there's no network connecting.

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System Files Taking WAY Too Much Space

Nov 28, 2015

So I recently bought a Razer Blade 14" 2013 and I looked through the storage in the Windows 10 Settings. I tried using windirstat and it showed nothing of 10+ gigs in size.

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How To Stream Xbox One To PC Without Account Taking Over

Aug 22, 2015

My sister has an xbox one and I want to stream games to my win 10 pc, the first time I did it on another pc, my sister's account took over my pc account and I was really mad, how can I stream xbox games without her account taking over? Or can I change the email address of the xbox account?

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NT System And Kernel Taking 60% Memory

Aug 22, 2015

Since I have installed Windows 10 on my laptop there has been a significant amount of increase in RAM usage. Main contribution to it is coming from NT system and kernel, which is using around 60% of the memory. Is there any fix for it. I cannot use anything apart from Chrome, otherwise memory usage reaches the maximum limit.

Sony Vaio E-series Laptop
4 GB ram
500 GB Hard disk

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Customization :: Start Screen Taking Over The Desktop?

Jan 8, 2016

I am having a problem on Windows 10 where the desktop has been taken over by the start menu. I am no longer able to resize windows as one would on a desktop, but rather they are treated as apps. I will try to post some pictures of the problem. It is almost like Windows 10 has forgotten that it is not Windows 8 and has in addition deleted the desktop. I will try to post some pictures of what the problem looks like (the image in the background was my desktop background, now the remnant of the old desktop). I have tried changing the option in the settings->personalization->start->use full start screen, but to no avail. I have turned my computer on and off a number of times. The funny thing is that my other account on the same computer does not have the same problem, it still has the desktop fully functional.

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Performance :: Right Clicking Taking Long Time

Jan 21, 2016

Right clicking on folders and icons takes unreasonable long time to open - what could be the reason?

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