Apps :: Setting Up Cortana

Sep 11, 2015

So I thought I'd give Cortana a try since I can turn it off again if I don't want it, however I get to the point where it makes me login, I enter my email address and password and then it takes me to the next step where it tells me something like you need to enter your current password just one more time.

I enter the same password one last time and it tells me it's wrong.

I go through it all over again and reset my password and try again, go though the first login and get to the second stage where it asks me to enter my password one "last" time, and I do and it tells me it's wrong again.

Try a third time, this time leaving the password blank on the 2nd step and still fails.

Edit: I know the password is correct as I've used it to login to live this morning, so not sure why it's not accepting it in the 2nd stage of the Cortana setup.

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Login After Setting Up Cortana

Oct 10, 2015

I've been using Windows 10 set up exactly as I wanted it since my original installation. Today I wanted to set up Cortana. It was suggested that I use a PIN instead of a password. I thought this was just for Cortana so I agreed. Now my whole system has been changed. I have to log in with my Microsoft account which I never had to do and don't want to do. How can I get back to my original name with no long-in at startup. 

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Apps :: Setting Up OneDrive Correctly On A PC

Oct 25, 2015

For some time, I have been using OneDrive on my 'phone (successfully, but limited to only a few files and photos).I've now tried to set it up on my Laptop, with a view to linking and uploading all my files - Documents, Pictures etc.However, in the setup 'wizard', I'm not presented with the option of linking any of the Folders on my Laptop - instead, I can only see the 2 existing folders that currently appear in my online OneDrive account (i.e. those which I originally set up from my 'phone).

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Apps :: Running Powershell For Setting Default Programs?

Feb 10, 2016

In the past I have had to go around to each computer and set the default programs. Is there a way to create a batch file to set default programs silently for each user that signs on? Like we would like to have Adobe Reader DC, Internet Explorer, and VLC player be the default programs.

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Apps :: Cortana Missing Live Tile And From All Apps Section

Feb 10, 2016

I have had this issue for a while, any way to restore these. The Cortana Live Tile and Cortana entry in the All Apps section are both missing so I cannot re-add the Live Tile back.

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Apps :: Can't Log Into Cortana

Jul 31, 2015

I already have a Microsoft account that I've been using for some months with OneDrive. When I start Cortana it requires me to log into that account. I do so, but then it pops up a screen telling me to "Enter your old password one last time", and then "From here on out, you'll unlock this device using the password or PIN you just set up.

Before we can say goodbye to your local password, you need to provide it one last time." It then gives me another password box and says "(leave blank if none)".

But it won't let me leave it blank, and when I re-enter my Microsoft account password, it tells me its incorrect...even though it works fine with OneDrive. What PIN it refers to, nor what it is trying to accomplish...but it has stopped me trying out Cortana.

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Apps :: Cortana Only Wants To Search Bing

Aug 26, 2015

In windows 10 it says I can chat with Cortana and ask it questions and get a personalized response, but this isn't the case for me. It says I can speak aloud or type, but since I've no mic, I choose to type.

When I ask it something like "How's the weather" or "How tall is Jeff Goldblum?" I get a bing search page that pops up instead of a Cortana response. All of the interests are enabled and such and I've filled out the about me with my name.

As soon as I start typing ANYTHING, it shows results for "The Web" and "My Stuff" but doesn't even try to ask Cortana the question.

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Apps :: Why Does Cortana Keep Popping Up Randomly

Dec 27, 2015

I don't know what triggers it and have yet to zero in on some gesture or part of the screen that calls up the black box.
But sometimes it just seems like it randomly pops up when I'm doing something and I have to X it.

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Apps :: Location Not Working - Cortana Not Available

Sep 6, 2015

Discovered I can't turn on 'Location'.
1. I can click the 'Change' button in Privacy, Location, but nothing happens. ('Location is off' is displayed)
2. 'Location' is greyed out in the Action Centre
3. The Network Location Service is running
(I've tried stopping, starting it, restarting the PC).

then I discovered
4. Cortana does not appear in Toolbars (rt click taskbar)
5. The response to clicking Cortana in the start menu is to go to Store, Downloads and updates.
(Cortana was working a while back- I thin I turned it off at some point)

I have changed some things in Privacy, and tried to undo those. Everything else seems fine. I'm guessing I've turned sthg off or changed an option somewhere.

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Apps :: How To Disable Cortana Web Search

Sep 28, 2015

I just reinstalled and there's no option in her settings to turn off the web search she does when you search for files on your pc and such. How else could I turn it off if its not listed in her settings?

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Apps :: How To Completely Remove Cortana

Jan 27, 2016

Is there a way to completely remove Cortana? I disabled it, but it keeps running in the background.

I did find some suggestions to remove it, but it also removes the search and causes problems to other stuff.

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Apps :: Can't Get Cortana To Start / Work

Aug 20, 2015

I can't get Cortana to start/work - just says it's disabled for my area UK, UK english - time zone London - what's going on here?

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Apps :: Cortana / Search Won't Work

Aug 27, 2015

search box a.k.a cortana isn't working. I tried the method with task manager to end the process but it isn't working. how can i make this work?

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Apps :: No (Hey Cortana) Option In Settings

Jan 7, 2016

I have Windows 10. When I select the Settings option there is not an option to turn on Hey Cortana. The first option is "Cortana can give you suggestions..." and the second is "Device search history". Where to find the option to turn on "Hey Cortana" as it should be under Settings according tot he sites I have read.

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Apps :: How To Disable Cortana Process

Jul 29, 2015

It's interesting to see that after i "disabled" it from the options, the process Cortana is still running and is tied to searchui.exe . And after deleting Cortanaware, the windows search bar stopped responding!

Is there any other way to stop this from the services or something? i've looked for it and found nothing. It's funny how MS tells you Cortana is "disabled" but the process in task manager is still up and running just fine.

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Apps :: See Cortana Reminders On IPhone?

Sep 5, 2015

The answer to this may simply be, "Wait for the Cortana iOS app" but I thought I'd ask.

Is there a way to get Cortana's reminders on the iPhone? When you create a reminder on Windows 10 does it get stored in a calendar that you could then sync to the iPhone? Or are Cortana's reminders tucked away in an inaccessible place?

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Apps :: How To Permanently Disable Cortana

Aug 8, 2015

This is how to permanently disable Cortana, first start into safe mode and navigate to [URL].. you will need to Take Ownership of the Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy folder and then delete the file SearchUI.exe. How to remover it from the start menu.

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Apps :: Cannot Put Cortana Back On Taskbar

Jan 22, 2016

Ok so, this is my work computer and I did the upgrade to windows 10 and my first reaction was to go thru and get rid of all these apps and things I don't need on a work computer. Well, Cortana was one of the first things to go. Big mistake. I realized later that Cortana was the only way to search my computer for files. I had removed her search box, and the little O icon on my taskbar. The only place she remains is in the start menu.

I have been googling for 2 days now trying to figure out how to put that dang search box BACK ONTO MY TASKBAR! I cannot right click the taskbar and select Cortana and choose to hide or place on taskbar or anything of that nature like all the articles I keep reading, because I removed her completely.

See?? Not there, no Cortana mentioned at all.

I cannot drag Cortana out of the start menu and pin it back on the taskbar, it simply will not let me.

Nowhere in the settings can I find the option to put Cortana back as a search bar on my taskbar. Or to just put her back on the taskbar as the O icon. I used the search feature from my start menu in Windows 7 daily. Yes, I can open the start menu and click on cortana, then click on the search box and type my inquiry, but 9 times out of 10 I am on the phone with someone spouting off information that needs to be accessed quickly and eliminating the few extra clicks it takes to access Cortana like I am currently, would make me so very happy.

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Apps :: Use Cortana To Set Up Appointments And Reminders

Aug 8, 2015

I cannot view my Windows Calendar any more. When it is opened a blue background with the picture of a calendar in the middle pops up. I can still use Cortana to set up appointments and reminders. Everything is in my Outlook Calendar though so my appointments, etc. are not gone. I thought about going to the Store and setting it back up but will it have my appointments and stuff, if I do that? Will it sync again? Like I said, I can still use it with Cortana but cannot view it.

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Apps :: How To Enable Cortana On Local Account

Jul 30, 2015

I've noticed that I need to switch the entire computer to a Microsoft account, just to use Cortana!

Is there a way to use Cortana normally, but while keeping the local account?

On Windows 8, I used to be able to sign in individually for each app, can I do the same thing for Cortana?

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Apps :: Is Cortana Disabled With A Local Account

Sep 21, 2015

I would prefer to use a local account, but unless I use my Microsoft account I can't get Cortana to run.

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Apps :: How To Uninstall Microsoft Edge And Cortana

Jul 31, 2015

These seem very useless to me and i want them off my pc because they cause an annoyance to me

>inb4 op, cortana and edge are superior, op, why do you want to uninstall them?

How to locate these programs in my registry to get them off my pc.

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Apps :: How To RESET Microphone To Work With Cortana

Aug 10, 2015

When I turned on Cortana for the first time, I was prompted to read a certain sentence out loud in order for my microphone to be automatically set up and adapted to Cortana. Because I was a bit nervous using Win 10 for the first time, I said Hello Hello Hello in stead of the prescribed sentence. My microphone was set up on this clumsy basis. Now Cortana will only recognize the word Hello when I say it. How can I create another opportunity to adapt my microphone to Cortana by saying the prescribed sentence?

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Apps :: How To Have Users Sign In And Have Cortana Disabled For All

Jan 21, 2016

Is there a way to make this layout and settings for every user that signs on to a computer through our domain? Teachers do not need Cortana or any web searching through the search box. Is it possible to make these settings a default for all new users who sign on?

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Apps :: How To Enable Contacts Access To Cortana

Oct 12, 2015

I'm facing a problem when Enabling Cortana, It asks me to give permissions to read Contacts but when I click on settings, there is no Cortana to give permissions, any solution ?

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Apps :: Cortana Can't Find Where To Turn It On In Settings

Aug 21, 2015

Have the mike setup also location but can't seen to get it turned on.

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