Auto Login Reverts To Password Required

Dec 26, 2015

I had win10 set for auto login, but after updates(I think) now requires for a login password? I reset auto login but reverts back. 

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Password Required On PC When None Set?

Nov 22, 2015

Upgraded to Windows 10 a few weeks ago, no passwords set. This morning turned on pc and it asks me for my pass word. No other person has access to the pc.

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Accounts :: Password Always Required

Jan 17, 2016

I just got a new system coming from a Win 7 Pro machine to a Win 10 Pro System . Im having an issue with removing the password from 2 spots : When waking up from Sleep & from Screen Saver. When I boot up it doesn't ASK that's all good! !

What I have done so far: Win Settings ( require sign in NEVER is selected ) and Run : User accounts must enter a password ( That is Un Checked ) I tried signing in and out of my Microsoft account still doesn't work!

I also did all 3 steps here! Still asks for Password after Screen Saver & Pin after Sleep!

Require Sign-in on Wakeup - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Security :: Password Required Upon Waking

Feb 16, 2016

As of this afternoon I am being asked to enter a password every time I wake my desktop pc even though I've set it so a password is never required. The message on my pc says, "Authentication is required when this PC wakes from sleep. Security policies on this PC are preventing you from changing this setting." The only thing I have done differently today is set up the mail app to handle my different accounts. This is frustrating.

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Accounts :: Local Account - Password Required

Feb 10, 2016

During the Local account changing process(From Microsoft Account). I have changed my username from existing one to new one and i leave the password fields as empty. After the completing the process. i restarted my laptop and i try to re-login. Now password required to Login.

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Microsoft Account Password Suddenly Required

Jan 13, 2016

Wake up this morning and wife's PC demands a Microsoft Password in order to operate the computer. I know nothing of Microsoft passwords - never needed one before. The solution: Log on to the Internet to reset the password -- BUT you cannot log on to anything without the password. Research on another computer reveals the cute trick of holding down the shift key while restarting in order to get back to a previous build of Windows - BUT you need to do this as an administrator - which you can do by signing into Windows - FOR WHICH YOU NEED A PASSWORD! 

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Required To Sign In With MSN Password That Won't Work If Internet Is Down

Jan 14, 2016

I turned my PC on and typed my MSN password but I wasn't allowed into my PC because the internet was down. 

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Accounts :: Can Change Windows Login Password Without Changing Microsoft Password

Nov 12, 2015

Ok so i am furious with Micro$oft now! the other day i was FORCED to change my microsoft account after much nagging i did so and i dont like changing logins too much. (this was a week ago)

now for some random reason on earth without my permission my windows login also changed login passwords to the microsoft account. I DONT WANT THAT! that password is too long and complicated for someone who locks his computer every 5 minutes or so. why did this just kick in now? i changed M$ account pass over a week ago and today it decides to change windows login?! can i change JUST my local windows login separate from microsoft login?

if i try to change pass from settings it it goes online and says you cant use password that has been used before.

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Networking :: Auto RDP Login After Turn On?

Feb 10, 2016

I Have 3 computers in my office and i want to connect them to RDP with auto after the turn on.

the idea to not allow my workers to use the computer and work only with RDP.

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Outlook Auto-login When Boot PC

Aug 12, 2015

Win 10 (or Edge) is automatically  logging me in to my Outlook/Hotmail account when I boot the PC. I do NOT want to be auto-logged in… how can I change this behavior.

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Auto Time Update - When Login In The Morning

Dec 16, 2015

How can I update my time automatically each morning before the stock market opens. My PC loses a couple minutes a day and I need to be synced with the market. I see it updates weekly, but by Tues I'm out of step.

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Installation :: How To Set Auto-start With No Password At Computer

Aug 31, 2015

All of the previous versions of Windows that I ever set up, you were able to set auto-start with no password. Inow have Windows 10 and can't for the life of me find a way to do this. Is it not available option now in Win 10 ? 

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How To Disable Auto Login Last Active User

Feb 19, 2016

My system upgrade to windows 10 from 7. But my system encounter a auto login last active user problem.

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Accounts :: How To Auto Login If Use Microsoft Account

Nov 25, 2015

I use "netplwiz" to set auto login feature. But i found that if i use local account, it works well, but if i use Microsoft account to log in windows 10, it will still ask me for passwords when waking up from sleeping mode or power on.

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Accounts :: How To Disable Auto Login Last User / Black Screen At Boot

Dec 24, 2015

Alright so for some reason ever since I've "upgraded" to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 I've been having numerous issues with my computer taking a very long time to boot and I've noticed it is logging me in sometimes without asking me for my password at boot. I really want to stop the black screens as waiting 5-10 minutes every time I turn my computer on is annoying. Also I don't see why it would log me in without prompting for my password as why else would I have a logon password?

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How To Login Without Using Password

Sep 25, 2015

Would like to log in on the computer start up without using password.

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Drop Login And Password

Aug 30, 2015

Computer is in my house. Win 10 forced a login & forced me to create a password on it's 1st update. MY wife uses the computer also & she;s not very computer-savvy. I could require no password on Win 7, why did it do that without asking? How can I remove it. 

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No Pin Or Password To Login Every Time

Oct 19, 2015

I don't want to have to use a Pin or password to log in every time. How do I overcome this. 

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Not Taking Login Password

Dec 22, 2015

I installed Windows 10 on my laptop and now it's asking me to enter a password to get in. How can I get rid of this screen so that I can get into my laptop. It's not taking my password 

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Login Password Not Recognized

Nov 25, 2015

After altering some of my account settings i now find my password is now not recognised. I know the password is correct. Unfortunately i didn't make a password recovery disc. There are no other options on the login screen i am completely locked out. Surely there must be some way of getting back in short of re-installing. 

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How To Disable Password For Login

Mar 9, 2016

I'm having troubles disabling the password that is required at startup. With my previous laptop(also Windows 10) the 'netplwiz' trick worked, but now it does not (screenshot 1). Another strange thing is that I always have to choose between two user accounts while I only have 1 user account (screenshot 2). I suspect that one account is a Microsoft account en the other one a local account.

Screenshot 1:[URL]
Screenshot 2: [URL]

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Customization :: Login Automatically Without A Password

Nov 27, 2015

I wanted to log in with out a password. So I set the user account to go on with out a password. There is only one user account on this computer

When I rebooted the computer the message was that the name or password was wrong.

The screen showed two boxes in the lower left hand of the display. The lower had the name of John-0000 and the top box had the name of John.

When I click on the lower box it asks for a name and password
When I click on the top box it asks for a password.

I do not know how to change it back to the original.
How do I set it up to login automatically?

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Renamed PC And Now Being Prompted To Login With Password

Aug 27, 2015

I renamed my PC and now a (new?) account looks like it's been made. Upon logging in I'm told the password is incorrect.But when clicking OK I get this screen and notice my PC is trying to log in to another account, which appears to be the same account but it's not as it requires a different password (which I have not set up) and I do not know it!

My usual log in is my Microsoft account, where I don't need to put in a password it will just sign me in no problems as shown in the image below, it is not ticked. I can't find this second account that has appeared out of no where. Therefore I cant delete it and stop it from automatically signing in!

Basically how do I remove this user so my Microsoft account is the default login, and will log me in without being prompted for a password?Update 16:11PMBelow is the image I found the user "Katie" under System properties (this is where I renamed my computer) but I have no option to delete it.

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Can't Enter The Password Into Box On Login Screen

Aug 16, 2015

When the win 10 login screen comes up, clicking on the password box does nothing and the password cannot be entered. What do I do? 

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Reset Password For Administrator Login

Nov 10, 2015

I need to either re-set the password for my administrator login, or, create a new administrator login. But, how can I do either without the ability to authorise it?

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How To Get Past Login Screen Without A Password

Aug 18, 2015

Just downloaded windows 10. First screen asks for a password. My password is my finger scan. How do I get past this screen?

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