BIOS Startup Screen Gone Since Upgrade

Dec 7, 2015

When running windows 7, for the first few seconds upon booting my laptop, it would display a startup message,

"Press ESC for boot selection, F2 for setup, etc......."

Now, nothing. I cannot choose to enter setup, BIOS, get to ESC for a boot selection screen in case I might want to boot from a flash drive or a floppy just once. How to get it back either.

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Asus Only Boots Into EUFI BIOS Screen After Upgrade?

Feb 10, 2016

I have an Asus AiO ET2221A upgraded from Win8.1 to 10 3 months ago, and today only boots into the EUFI BIOS screen. There are no errors reported on Boot, just the BIOS screen

I was able to run Memtest from a DVD - fine, but couldn't boot into Hirens on USB or DVD. The BIOS does list the hdd partitions, plus I can search the hdd partitions/folders from within BIOS(!!).

I did remove and run Chkldsk on anther PC which showed/replaced several errors (20 bad sectors). I also loaded the latest BIOS download onto the hdd which in theory I can access from within BIOS. However after replacing the hdd after the chkdsk repair, it still wouldn't boot into Windows.

I am surprised as I would expect the BIOS to report it can't find the Windows (if it is the disk), rather than stick in BIOS without any diagnostics.

So I am still in a quandary as to whether this is a BIOS issue and/or a HDD issue, plus by upgrading from 8.1 to 10 the latter usually corrupts the Windows (8.1) recovery partition.

I am no expert on EUFI BIOS, but I understand that the Windows License is stored within the BIOS. If I try and re-install the BIOS is the license retained? And from that could I also re-install WIndows 10 from a download?

Edit: since posting I have got the system to boot into Hirens, but as soon as XP starts to load it turns off the USB mouse/keyboard so becomes useless. All I did was to switch off secure boot, and specify the boot order, either optical or USB. Progress but not sure what it tells me, or how I can get the usb mouse to work in Hirens in a eufi system (not had this issue before with non-eufi systems).

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Upgrade On GT60 - Laptop Powers On / No BIOS Or MSI Splash Only Black Screen

Sep 22, 2015

Yesterday I got a notification that my windows 10 upgrade was ready on my MSI GT60-0NE laptop and decided to give it a try because I really disliked windows 8.1. Windows update went through downloading the files and preparing the computer for installation. It then did the usual, configuring updates on the blue screen, got to 100% and just shut down completely. I left it there for about 5 minutes and decided to try to power it back on. When turning the computer back on, it stayed on for about a minute and then cut itself back off.

After waiting a minute it turned back on, then back off again. It kept repeating this for about 5 minutes. During this phase I saw absolutely nothing on the screen, no MSI loading splash screen, no cursor, absolutely nothing at all. I couldn't enter the BIOS, couldn't run recovery or even get into safe mode. Absolutely nothing worked. The battery light was also flashing blue which I had never seen before. During this time the hard drive light was flashing and flickering the usual red light.

I did a hard reset on the computer and then turned it back on. When i powered it back on the screen was still completely blank, no MSI splash screen, no cursors, couldn't enter the BIOS or anything. During this time the hard drive light was a steady red. The blue battery light was no longer there and it was back to its usual constant red light. After about 10 minutes the computer turned itself off. Being frustrated I left it overnight and tried again this morning.

When I power the computer on now, there is no hard drive light. It doesn't even give a single flash of red. The computer will stay on but just stays there at the black screen. I've tried to look for solutions but I can't get anything to work. The only thing I can hear running is the fan.

I've tried to remove the hard drive and boot to see if I could get into bios, still a black screen.
I've tried removing the video card and booting to see if I could get anything through integrated graphics, still a black screen.
I've tried to plug the computer into another monitor, still a black screen but it does recognize the signal.

Specs for the GT60-0NE 403-US:
Intel Core i7 3630QM (2.40 GHz)
Nvidia GTX 680M (4GB)
Windows 8.1 64-bit (Windows 10 now?)

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BIOS Startup Not Happening

Oct 15, 2015

Until I did a Windows 10 fresh install my PC was set in the BIOS (and still remains the same) set to startup the PC at a predetermined time everyday. ASROCK H77. And it did so daily until the Windows 10 Pro install. Did the update first to activate. Then fresh install. Like I said BIOS has not changed. Searched internet multiple ways with no resolve.

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Should Flash BIOS To Upgrade?

Aug 4, 2015

I'm currently trying to upgrade my Windows 7 computer to Windows 10. My attempt at upgrading to Windows 10 fail time after time. That's when i remembered I didn't install the optional update KB3064209 .Unfortunately, the infamous "death loop" happens when I do install; this only happens for Pentium G3258 users which I happen to be one. So to fix this I found out Asrock, my motherboard is the Asrock B85 Anniversary, released a bios update that says it's for the "update microcode 19". This happens to be what KB3064209 is... a microcode update.

Link to new bios (it is the version 1.40): [URL] .....

The question is should I flash my bios for this situation? After all the warnings I've read about never flashing bios unless something is a catastrophe?

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Can't Upgrade Because BIOS Isn't Supported

Jul 31, 2015

I currently own a Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop with Windows 7 installed, but just received the last part to build my own desktop today! I'm looking to get Windows 10 on my new PC.I recently received the "Get Windows 10" button in the toolbar on my laptop, but when I click on it, it says I can't upgrade to Windows 10 because "the BIOS isn't supported".

However, I don't really want Windows 10 on my laptop; I'd much rather have it on my new desktop. So, my first question: is there a way that I can download a bootable Windows 10 file to my current laptop, transfer to a flash drive, and use that to install Windows 10 on my new PC right out of the box, all for free?

So my next question is: will buying and downloading the version of Windows 8.1 Pro in the above link work for my situation? That is, is it a full install in the sense that I will be able to make it a bootable file on my flash drive to install on my new PC? I believe I would have to download a Windows 8 ISO file to start.

My last question: is there an easier alternative to getting Windows 10 on my new PC, and if so, what is it? I think I can download Windows 10 here: URL... I'm not quite sure how that process would work either.

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Drivers/Hardware :: BIOS Won't Let To Upgrade

Feb 10, 2016

i got a friend who is having problems up-grading from 8.1 to W-10 ! It's a Asus Gaming computer he tried this link >>> Windows 10 <<< So he sent me this message "Tried running the Windows 10 upgrade its saying BIOS isn't supported" !!

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Update BIOS Before Upgrade From Windows 7?

Dec 26, 2015

Before i upgrade to windows 10 from 7, do i need to update the BIOS? I have heard a lot of things can go wrong like the motherboard can get bricked.

Currently my bios version is 0805 (06/01/2014). The latest version is 2306.

Motherboard: Asus B85M-E
CPU: i5-4590
GPU: Asus Radeon R9 270 2GB

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Installation :: Upgrade Stuck And Can't Enter BIOS

Mar 11, 2016

I've trying to update an Advent netbook to windows 10 from 7. It's been a hassle all the way with hangs on 'checking for updates'. However, I got through that but now it's stuck on 'Get going fast' screen.

I had selected 'use express settings' and now it's stuck on that screen. The mouse still works but nothing happens. I left it on all night. It's still on the 'get going fast' screen.

If I reboot (even remove battery) I get the initial advent boot screen but no bios info. Del, f12, f11, f2 etc do nothing. The blue 'win 10' logo appears briefly then back to the 'get going fast' screen.

I also tried the usb flash drive that had the old os on it but it won't boot from it despite that being the initial boot setting in the bios. Has win 10 bricked my netbook?

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Drivers/Hardware :: BIOS Upgrade For Gateway DX4870

Nov 27, 2015

I am trying to upgrade a Gateway DX4870 from windows 8 to windows 10. I found a BIOS upgrade at Drivers & Downloads

labeled Gateway BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades) P11.B1 2014/04/03

I am not sure what this upgrade does and whether the update should be installed.

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Installation :: BIOS Power On Function Disabled Since It Upgrade?

Aug 1, 2015

I have the BIOS setting to auto power on every day at a designated time. It has worked with a dual boot Win 7/8.1 system. However, since upgrading the Win 8.1 to Win 10 (dual boot Win 7/10) it no longer powers on at the designated time. Its still set up correctly in the BIOS.

This is apparently not the "fast boot" option that was in Win 8.1 as I can access the BIOS on power on (couldn't with the Win 8 fast boot).

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After Upgrade Can't Access BIOS To Change Boot Order For W7 Reinstall

Jan 6, 2016

Have a Lenovo H420 desktop that was upgraded about 2 months ago. We backed up everything and want to reinstall Windows 7.

But I can find no way to get into the Setup screen. I've gone to Settings, Update & Security, Advanced Startup and Restart Now. But I have no option to Use a Device. If I choose Troubleshoot then Advanced Options, the subsequent screen has no option for UEFI Firmware Settings.

I've disabled Fast Boot through Power Options in the Control Panel, then tried F2 and the Delete key when starting. Nothing...

The fact that I can't do something that was so easy in Windows 7 is enough reason in itself to remove 10. Throw in the fact that the scanner part of my printer no longer works is just icing on the cake. I have the Windows 7 disk. I just can't figure out how to use it.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Hard Drive Not Appearing In BIOS After PC Upgrade

Nov 18, 2015

I just did a complete upgrade of my PC replacing motherboard, video card, processor and power supply but keeping original hard drives. I did a fresh install of Windows 7 and then upgraded to Windows 10 soon after completely smoothly with no issues. My boot drive and external survived, but for some reason, even though it was handled with great care, my other SATA hard drive doesn't appear anywhere anymore. I can hear it spin when I boot the PC but it doesn't appear in BIOS or in Disk Management. I changed the cable and the port it was plugged into but no dice.

If it is indeed dead...what are my options in recovering the files? It is essential I get these files back!

It kind of worked on and off when plugged into my brother's PC which uses a different make of motherboard...

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PC Not Booting Up After BIOS Screen

Nov 10, 2015

My pc which i recently upgraded to windows 10 a few months ago without any issues, now its not booting up windows. It starts and i can access the bios page but after that i get a black screen with a blinking small dash/line.

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Stuck On Logo After BIOS Screen

Jan 9, 2016

When i boot my pc up, it can successfully go into bios, but once it reaches the windows logo where there is usually a loading indicator underneath it, it freezes. the loading indicator is not there, it seems that my usb ports quit working (my keyboard and mouse stop lighting up).

I've been having this problem for quite a while now ever since i upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 however i was able to successfully do a usb boot and wipe my hard drive and install windows over again, and I've been completely fine for about a month now, but the same thing is happening again.

I am guessing it is a corrupt windows file but i find it odd that its recurring even after i did a total wipe. Also I ordered a new ssd (500gb samsung 850 evo) to replace my current hdd, maybe that will fix this problem? I am also planning on upgrading my cpu, mobo, ram, and gpu soon. i will leave my current pc specs below.

cpu- AMD Phenom II x4 955
mobo- Biostar TA790 GX 128m
gpu - Zotac GTX 560 1gb 256 bit DDR5
ram - 2x2gb DDR2

I have not found any problems similar to this online. to make things clearer, i cannot get my pc to do a complete boot at all. it always freezes on the same screen, the only way i can get out of it is to do a force shutdown. I am starting to think that perhaps the problem may be my video card? also i do not have any spare parts or other computers to switch parts and test unfortunately.

After doing multiple things to find a fix (swapping ram slots, unplugging hdd and gpu and plugging back in, etc.) while on the frozen windows logo screen i unplugged my mouse and keyboard, plugged them back in, hit the restart button on my pc, and.. it started up? now i have noticed lag-like performances with my mouse (razer deathadder chroma) its as if it loses connection for a split second and the lights on it will simultaneously flash. the mouse is only a month or two old and i do not remember if i had problems with my old mouse.

I have just plugged it into a usb port that is on the side of my pc instead of plugging it into one of the back ones. I will update with if needed for the "lag" however i am still concerned with why exactly it froze like that during boot up. im not going to shut down my computer until i know what the problem was and how to fix it. ill just keep it in a low power setting when i am not using it.

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Current BIOS Stuck On Screen

Mar 15, 2016

After using powershell to run a system scan and having it hang, I restarted my computer to sort it out and now I'm left with this info stuck on my screen.

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Booting To Black Screen After BIOS

Nov 17, 2015

I was using Windows 7 for about 2 years until I stumbled upon Windows 10 last month.I upgraded to it and used it happily for 2 weeks,give or take.Then the problems occur.

One day,after loading to BIOS,it booted to a black screen.No login screen,no cursor,nothing.I tried using the Windows troubleshooting utility and I've exhausted every option besides the wipe all your data option.

I tried booting with cmd, but it didn't do anything.Resetting PC with files intact also did nothing.Startup repair was the same case.System restore did not let me roll back due to some technicality.

In the meantime,I've tried installing Windows 10 on my other HDD,only to face the same issue after I rebooted.The Windows Media USB also did not work.

I'm really out of options here as I need to get some of my files out from my Caviar Black before I reformat it if I have to.

EDIT:For context,I sold my SSD and got a Caviar Blue 1tb.

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Computer Gets To BIOS Screen And Restarts

Feb 20, 2016

After Windows 10's failed attempt to reset, it asked me what I want to do next, try to reset again or return to Windows. I gave up and "returned to Windows" only to discover that Windows is gone and I can only get to BIOS (which I can enter). After the BIOS screen comes a black screen and it appears that the system tries to write something but can't, and only shows underlines, and restarts (but the power remains ON, it doesn't shut down completely).

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BIOS Not Showing Up On Initial Loading Screen

Sep 2, 2015

When I first started windows (windows XP) i always entered the BIOS through the use of the f keys at what i call the "initial boot menu" as i got older i jumped with the changes with windows and now i am at windows 10 after making the jump from 8.1 .

However I noticed my option on the "initial start up menu" to load up BIOS instead of my OS is no longer present and i must always go through the windows system to access it. while this is not always a problem , it is now that i am required as a college student to use multiple OS , i must now use a dual boot system, which is severely impractical with what seems to be the newest versions of windows forcing me to go through their system to access the BIOS menu.

Is there something wrong here software wise in the windows 10 operating system that i dont know ? or is this a common thing for more modern versions of the OS?

I have tried troubleshooting in a few ways with no results in bringing back my option to Boot the BIOS but this is what i have tried so far

Turned off "fast startup "
reset the BIOS/CMOS by "setting to defaults in the BIOS menu"....

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Boot Up Directly After BIOS Prompt Screen

Sep 8, 2015

I finally got around to building a computer and it was working fine until a few days ago I turned it on and something strange happened. Directly after the msi dragon bios prompt screen, when it should be booting Windows, the screen starts flashing white with two black squares on it. It only seems to happen after it has been off for some time, like over night, and after turning restarting it a few times it eventually works. For some reason invidia driver 355.82 does not like Windows 10 try darkbreeze's solution and install driver 355.60.Here is a parts list

i7 4790k
msi Z97-G45
msi gtx960 4gb
evga supernova 550 g2
G. skill Ripjaws 2x8 ddr3
Samsung 850 evo 250gb ssd

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Performance :: Computer Goes Right To Automatic Repair After BIOS Screen?

Dec 8, 2015

I was trying to play a game the other day after not playing for a long time. I hadn't restarted the computer in days. The game wasn't loading properly so someone suggested restarting the computer. I decided to restart my PC. Waiting for it to restart i was met with a Windows failed to start or something like that. I clicked advanced options i first clicked System Restore and of course all the restore points i set every month were somehow gone. Because i waited and waited and waited and suddenly it told me there was no restore points found. I then tried opening up the command prompt and switching to the D: drive because for some reason my HDD becomes D in the automatic repair. But anyways i punched in chkdsk /f. I was surprised at how much it found. I then thought it might actually start now! I restart. It doesn't work. I turned off the computer last night and haven't touched it since.

P.S. I also tried Resetting. That failed too.

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Computer Won't Boot - Frozen Screen Of BIOS Options

Sep 14, 2015

Basically when i go to turn on the PC it turns on and gets stuck on the screen where it tells me to push DEL or f2 to go to the bios settings. The problem with that is it wont let me access the settings at all when i push either of those buttons. So then I turn my PC off and then on again and it boots fine. Then I check for updates to see if it's some bug and I'm up to date. So I restart to see if the problem has been fixed. And it gives me the same frozen screen of the BIOS options. Then i turn it off and it boots fine, wash and repeat.


CPU- i5 4790k
MOBO- Asus Z97
RAM- Corsair Vengeance 2X8 GB
PSU- Corsair 650 watt
Memory- Samsung SSD 120GB, Western Digital Black 2 TB

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PC Near Turn Off Shows BIOS Splash Screen And Begin Start Up

Sep 28, 2015

I have a desktop that I ran the update on from windows 7 up to windows 10. When I go to shutdown on this system it appears to begin the shutdown process. However, after a few moments with black screens and appearing to have shut down, the PC near turns off and shows the BIOS splash screen and begins to start windows up again.

I have tried various troubleshooting options on the internet though only resulting in - a screen every time I "shut down" that tells me that there has been an error and that the computer must restart, even though I was shutting it down in the first place... It also tells me that there is an error named "apple.sys" possibly causing the problem. The computer then restarts fine every time after that point though the only possible way of me shutting the computer down is manually holding the shut down button on my pc case. Then once I power up after that my computer fails to give power to my keyboard and mouse, to which I must then reset the BIOS every single time and then restart. This is the only way I can turn my pc back on after every time I manually power down - resetting the BIOS to bring power to my accessories. I dont really want to keep doing this every single night and plus I figure it must be bad for my pc.

I am now wondering if a clean install is my only option, or if there is some other way of keeping windows 10… just having it work properly.

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Boot Time Too Long Till It Reaches BIOS Screen

Jul 24, 2015

It takes Windows 10 about 8 minutes to boot from the time it reaches the BIOS screen. What's keep it from booting normally?

My Rig:

Phenom II X4 945
nVidia GT630
Asus M2N68-AM
500GB 7200Rpm HDD
PSU: Generic 500 Watts

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Booting Loop After Blue Screen - Shutting Down Before Reach BIOS

Mar 5, 2016

Booting loop, shutting down before you can reach the bios. Originally a response on this topic: [URL] .....

I have the same Problem here with my gigabyte z97 hd3 v2 motherboard in my PC. I had this problem one time before, then I tested everything 'literately everything' and I was done with it after a week of testing. I did put everything together and turned it on.... It Worked ! but how ??? I don't know.

[URL] ....

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Restart Computer Equals Black Screen NO BIOS Image / Text

Feb 3, 2016

Recently I've changed my Mobo, CPU and RAM. Installed Windows 8 Pro Retail and upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. Worked perfectly and no problems

But I've noticed that if I need to restart the system I will get the usual Blue screen saying "Restarting", this will then goto a Black screen.

Nothing happens after the black screen, I never see my BIOS image or any text whatsoever (Which I usually see on a normal boot). IF I then press and hold the power button to force shutdown the computer and then press it again it will perform a normal boot, I see the BIOS Image etc.

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