BSOD :: DPC Watchdog Violation When Restarting To Apply Updates

Nov 21, 2015

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BSOD :: DPC Watchdog Violation When Playing Sound

Sep 21, 2015

I recently updated my Sony VAIO from Windows 7 to Windows 10. For the last week or so, I have found when playing audio (on sites such as YouTube and Soundcloud), the sound cuts out and the stream pauses, and doesn't reload until I refresh the page. This happens several times on a daily basis. Occasionally, the sound cut-out directly leads to 'DPC Watchdog Violation' BSOD.

I am guessing it's my sound driver that's causing the issue? I am not sure though.

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BSOD :: Watchdog Violation After Windows Update

Jan 20, 2016

So I have an Old pc upgraded to Win 10, worked ok at the weekend. But after a windows Auto update I get a Watchdog violation every 10 mins or so. I guess some driver has been 'updated' by windows and is causing a crash ? Heres the log. Which driver I need to downgrade. I hate windows update it just breaks things.

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BSOD :: Latest Updates Failed And Machine Looping In Restarting State?

Sep 10, 2015

Date: 10th September 2015. Machine working fine under windows 10 for over a month. Checked to see what Microsoft updates after doing a Microsoft Defender full scan and everything ok. It seemed from settings->check for updates that there were a number of updates that required the machine to download and restart. Decided to update immediately and did the same on a dell laptop and Linx 10 tablet all running windows 10. All machines did update and restarted fine, except my main laptop - Toshiba Satellite S55t-A5334 did not recover after the update and is now continuously in "Restarting" loop. Tried powering up and down and trying to force it to reset into some sort of safe mode. how I can get it into state that will allow me to go back to the last known working state as I'm fairly sure this is an update that is not compatible with the hardware. 

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Internet Explorer Not Running - Windows Updates Will Not Apply

Oct 14, 2015

I had changed the system variables in order to change the default install drive. My C drive is an SSD and I didn't want Adobe hashing up my SSD if it wasn't necessary. Everything seemed to be working well, but windows update will not apply updates and internet explorer (and some other) software will not run. Possibly due to the system variables, but I am unsure what to change or if that is even at fault.

 Screenshot - 10_14_2015 , 3_51_38 PM.png   37.55KB

Here are my environment variables

 Screenshot - 10_14_2015 , 3_52_35 PM.png   27.61KB

Here are my registry settings for the program files folder. I changed it from C to E.

 Screenshot - 10_14_2015 , 3_53_14 PM.png   378.3KB

I need to be able to update, and IE has to be used occasionally. (I exclusively use chrome so I hadn't really noticed that IE wasn't working.)

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BSOD :: WDF Violation Trying To Reset PC

Feb 10, 2016

I am running Windows 10 Home, upgraded from Windows 7. I'm trying to reinstall Windows 10 via the 'Reset PC' function. Each time I try the ensuing restart results in WDF_Violation. This error occurs regards whether I initiate the function in safe mode or the other ways.

Please see management attachment below.

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BSOD :: Driver Verifier IOManager Violation Loop On Startup

Dec 30, 2015

I've been having nothing but problems with Windows 10 since I upgraded from windows 7. All the parts I've had worked on 7 just fine. I upgraded to 10 and I've been getting BSOD randomly and especially on the startups. I even would get BSOD just from the upgrade to 10. I had to turn off turbo core and cool and quiet so it would get through the installation. I noticed one of my HDD broke in the process. Didn't work on any computer I tested it on. Might be a coincidence as it's 5 years old. A few days after I finally got 10 to work. I put my computer in a new case with a new PSU. It would work fine for a week or two and then it would BSOD randomly. I had an issue with Google Chrome in that it would slowly lock my computer up everytime I opened it. I initially thought my SSD was going bad but it's only 2 years old. I stopped using Chrome and the problem stopped for awhile. Every once and awhile I would get a BSOD randomly or on a startup but it would always fix itself. Now I'm getting a new error that is the worst yet.

I use my computer for animations, rendering, gaming, browsing so it gets worked quite often but it doesn't crash during intense use. Now I'm completely stuck. I am getting this "driver verifier iomanager violation wdf01000.sys" BSOD everytime I boot up the computer. I don't remember installing anything new the last time I used it.

When I get in to safe mode, a BSOD System_exception_error will pop up in 5 minutes or so. Sometimes it will be a kmode error. I noticed sometimes I would get it just starting up in safe mode. I barely managed to get the dump file off of there.

I've attached text from the dump file :

System Specs:
Motherboard: Asus M5A97 LE R 2.0
GPU: Nvidia GTX 580
CPU: AMD 8350
RAM: 16 GB
SSD: Kingston v300 120 GB
HDD: WD Black, Seagate barracuda, Toshiba
PSU: 750 Rosewill Captsone 80 plus gold
LG blu ray drive

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Updates :: Restarting Do Not Turn Off

Jan 3, 2016

Updated successfully up to 11/11. but from 9/12 all updates after " Security update for flash player..... KB 3119147 has failed. Screen shows updating but nothing is downloaded.

As an aside, and I'm not sure about relevance, If i request restart the system hangs. Showing "restarting do not turn off" but with no activity on drive. It will hang for an hour and will not restart without cold boot.

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How To Stop From Installing Updates / Restarting Computer

Dec 20, 2015

My computer is a Toshiba 64-bit laptop.

I had a job running last night, downloading stuff from the internet. I knew would take approximately 30 hours to run. It ran most of yesterday and I had hopes I would wake up this morning and it would be finished.

Windows 10, in its infinite wisdom, installed updates and restarted my computer during the night. My job was ended and I had to restart it this morning. I can't run anything else that accesses the internet while this is running because it slows this job down too much. So now I have another day or more of not being able to do anything else on the internet.

How can I stop the updating and restarting of my computer? It is my computer, I should have control over that. 

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BSOD :: When Restarting Computer Or Updating WiFi Drivers

Oct 8, 2015

Tried a few different things to try and resolve this issue and it is just bugging me. The system is running fine it just crashes when I try to restart my computer. I only notice I had a fault because when I shut my computer down the monitor goes blank but the computer light is still on and running and it doesnt fully shut down. The error also pops up when I try to update/remove drivers for my networking device

The error I get is: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION(tcpip.sys)

I have updated all drivers via slimdrivers, only issue I am having seems to be with my Wireless Device
When downloading software from suppliers site it fails to install

I have tested the system memory, disk checker and all appears to be fine

I have attached some System Logs from Event Viewer as well as MSInfo & MEMORY.DMP

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BSOD :: PC Restarting / Shuts Down - Event Viewer Shows KP-41

Sep 5, 2015

diagnose the kernel power event id 41 error I've been receiving. Upgraded to Win 10 on day 1 of launch 7/29 which the Event Viewer tells me was the date of my very first kernel power related crash.

I've updated most of my drivers by now and while the crashes are now less frequent, still occurring about once a day

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BSOD :: After Restarting Can Only Reach First Login Screen Without Cursor

Dec 6, 2015

After restarting windows 10 its only reach the first log-in screen without curser and I can't get further. 

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BSOD :: Constant Blue Screen Error And Restarting Loop

Feb 10, 2016

I recently purchased an intel NUC6i5SYH kit PC and fitted it with the following RAM and HDD.

Samsung 500GB 850 EVO M.2 SSD: Computers Accessories

HyperX Impact 16 GB 2133 MHz DDR4 SODIMM Memory Kit (2 x 8 GB): Computers Accessories

I installed a copy of windows 8 that I owned and then upgraded it to windows 10. It was working fine for a couple of weeks, and suddenly it had and error and is stuck rebooting itself with a blue screen error.

The error appears to be different every time but the ones I have seen repeated are "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" and "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION".

I can get into the BIOS and that's about it. I can't find a way to boot into safe mode and when I try and install a fresh copy of windows 10 via USB created from microsoft i still get a blue screen error after a couple of seconds.

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BSOD :: Computer Is Constantly Crashing And Restarting - System Thread Exception Not Handled

Mar 5, 2016

My computer was just fine and today I turn on my computer and a blue screen says "your pc ran into a problem. We'll restart for you. Error: system thread exception not handled"

How do I fix this and get my computer back? I don't even know how to get into safe mode.

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Apply Button For Settings?

Dec 13, 2015

Can't find one. Apparently the only way to invoke a change is to hit the X button. Which is a pain if I want to look at alternatives. Maybe a keyboard shortcut?

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Setting Explorer - Apply To All Folder

Aug 31, 2015

I want to set my Explorer to have certain sortable columns when I open my folders. I have been able to do this will 7 and 8.1

I can change the sort columns, but where is the "Apply to all folder of this type" button?

Can't find how to make those columns the default.

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Customization :: Apply List View To Only All Subfolders

Jan 9, 2016

How do I apply a view, specifically the "list" view, to only all of the subfolders of a folder without changing each one individually.

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Installation :: Creating USB Pen For Dism Apply-image

Oct 1, 2015

I have managed to create a USB pen drive to apply WIM images using the DISM Apply-image command in 64bit so I know it can be done but how to create a pen to apply 32bit WIM images

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Using Dism To Capture And Apply Images To A Partition?

Mar 5, 2016

a few days ago my windows 10 crashed so I had to format and reinstall windows 7 then upgrade to windows 10, a hard work to do. So I started to search about how to capture the image of C: where the windows 10 is running and I found Dism. Now I have a lot of questions about it, let me start with the capture of C: as an image.wim.

1- Does dism Capture-Image works for windows 10?

I used the following comand to capture a image:

dism.exe /Capture-Image /ImageFile:D:Image_of_Windows_10.wim /CaptureDir:C: /Name:Windows_10 /compress fast

It generated a .WIM file with 16 Gb.

2- Is FAST option better than MAXIMUM? Or should I use NONE instead?

3- Now with the image of the c: stored in hard drive, if my windows 10 crashes, is this how I should recover it? applying the image file .WIM or should I format the partition first?

dism /Apply-Image /ImageFile:D:Image_of_Windows_10.wim /Index:1 /ApplyDir:C:

4- After using DISM to apply will windows 10 boot and work like a charm?

5- Do I have to configure the boot with BCDBOOT?

C:WindowsSystem32bcdboot C:Windows

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Getting WDF Violation And Reboot - Cannot Recover

Nov 5, 2015

Was away for two weeks. Upon return, could not find main user name or files. Tried to do a recovery to the last date it worked. I get a WDF VIOLATION and reboot. Cannot recover. 

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Startup Loop - WDF Violation

Sep 1, 2015

Installed Win 10 about 2 week ago. Installation went smoothly.

Started up PC this morning.

Blue Screen with sad face "windows encountered a problem as need to restart - well restart for you"

I then shows a screen with "Starting Automatic Repair". Then back to the "windows has encountered a problem"

Nothing but a perpetual loop

F8 does nothing

F2 and F12 work but provide no remedy .....

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Why Unable To Restart PC To Apply The Upgrade - Error Code (0x80070032)

Nov 14, 2015

Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586. has been installed but the Restart Now button did not work. It says

We're having trouble restarting to finish the install. Try again in a little while. If you keep seeing this, try searching the web or contacting support. This error code : (0x80070032)

I manually restart the PC but the update did not applied.

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Black Screen After Sign In And WDF Violation Loop

Feb 19, 2016

Just installed Windows 10 from Windows 7. Get a black screen without cursor after sign in. When boot up in safe mode, I get a WDF violation and automatic restart whenever I attempt to go to a recovery point or any other option. This creates an loop that I can't break. I am able to access my web browser (chrome) and Excel by pressing control/alt/delete and using the new file feature on the Task Manager. 

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Dell Venue Pro 8 Secure Boot Violation - What To Do

Sep 19, 2015

I was updating my Dell Venue Pro 8 to Windows 10 Build 10547 and got a red error message that read. "Secure Boot Violation" "Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup". There is an OK button at the bottom of the message, but nothing happens when I try to click on it. I can shut the tablet off, but when I start it I get the same message. I am stuck. Where to I go from here.

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WDF Violation Error And Display Went Completely Blank

Mar 21, 2016

3 weeks before my AIO Desktop while trying to reset gave a WDF_violation error after that my display went completely blank. I visited service Centre he told me to replace my Mobo, so I did and got my PC today working but the service rep told me to roll back to Windows 8 since 10 had lot of issues. So while resetting my PC again it terminated and gave a WDF_VIOLATION again and after that my display went blank again. Note both the times after resetting this thing happened.

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Arma 3 Crashing Cause Of 0xC000000 - Status Access Violation

Aug 27, 2015

For some reason arma 3 has just started to crash and say that it has this error.

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