BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure - Driver Has Stopped Responding

Jan 6, 2016

Any ways i keep getting the Kernal Security Check Failure BSOD but don't know what's causing the problem. I tried updating my intel HD grphics driver 4600 because it kept showing "driver has stopped responding and has recovered" from time to time so I thought this was causing the issue of the BSOD, but apparently not -.-

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure After Using WMP

Jan 11, 2016

Yesterday i upgraded my 8.1 to 10. The first time is still smooth but suddenly after i installed all the driver my laptop needs, when i play a song using WMP and turned the 'repeat all' option, my laptop gone to BSOD.

I tried to read the Minidump file using WinDbg but it needs to download the symbol pack, unfortunately my internet connection is very slow.

My laptop BSOD again after using WMP (playing a song) and Photoshop CS6... BSOD again after that because I Used Photoshop.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure

Jan 18, 2016

MSI GE62 6QC 030uk


I've seen this BSOD a few times on this laptop. It's probably a driver issue but need identifying which ones are causing the issues.

And before you ask about the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 drivers, those from MSI have constant disconnects and barely work. Latest and most uptodate drives straight from Intel do not have any noticeable issues other than a couple of odd logs that pop up from time to time (Netwtw02). I am trying to talk with MSI on this.

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BSOD :: First Kernel Failure Security Check On New Laptop

Nov 7, 2015

I've had several different error messages, but non of them are followed with any specifications about where the error is being generated. In chronological order:

Kernel Failure security check (Two times at random moments, until I tried to fix it, then the next errors at startup)
System Service exception
System Thread excetion not handled
Kmode exception not handled

The last two are now being displayed alternately every time I start the computer, until the advanced startup kicks in. I've been trying every step I founded online and it hasn't worked. I checked for errors in the memory and drives, and also runned a complete antivirus scan and a malware scan (Panda Free Anivirus 2016 and Malwarebytes), everything came out clean.

I am guessing that's something to do with faulty or corrupt drivers, since it works fine when is started on Safe Mode. Safe mode with Network, for some reason, won't enable the WiFi, and I don't have any other way to connect to the internet, so I can't let it check the drivers on it's own. I have tried downloading all the drivers in Acer's oficial page, but some are the same version or older than the ones I have installed. Others won't let me install them because the Windows Installer services is not enabled.

I have tried to repairing the installation and restarting it, but it throws an error message and does nothing. The next step for me it would be to return it to factory with windows 8.1, but I don't want to ignore an error that could appear again in the future, or that could get worse.

I have bought this laptop less than a month ago.


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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure Most Of Time

Nov 19, 2015

I have updated the files for the BSOD logs. It is a Kernal_Security_Check_Failure about 99% of the time. Sometimes they will happen when I launch a game, when I start playing music, or even when I am away from the computer without anything running. I am unaware of any connection to them. They happen between 5-10 times a day, and it is VERY annoying.... (updated again[and again][and again])

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BSOD :: Getting Error Kernel Security Check Failure

Dec 25, 2015

I have been getting the been getting the above error for the last week. I have followed the instructions and have a debug file:

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure On HP4320?

Nov 7, 2015

Almost every day got blue screen :/

Here link for DM zip MARV-07_11_2015_104848, - Speedy Share - upload your files here

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BSOD :: Commonly Getting Kernel Security Check Failure

Dec 4, 2015

So far I've been getting a number of different BSODs most commonly Kernel security check failure. After having read a number of different threads on the matter I have tried the following

Memtest did 10 passes and got 0 errors
updated all of the driver displayed on device manager using windows update (I know for a fact that there is a slightly newer version for my GPU)
Used ccleaner to repair registry
Also did a clean install of windows 10

not sure what to try next here are the dump files

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure After Upgrade

Nov 12, 2015

Just got a call from home that my computer upgraded Windows 10 (today's big update/upgrade).And when they tried to switch it off stopped at this BSOD (0x0000139 or something) and "Kernel Security Check Failure".The system had 0 problems from the first Insider build till now.The minidump file can't even be debugged in Windbg (emailed it to a friend in IT) because there are no Symbols from MS jet.

HDD is fine so is Memory (we did a check 1 week ago).Will try to upload what I need in a zip by the instruction here but can't do that for few days because I'm not at home. aybe Windows updated some drivers on / after the update?

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BSOD :: Frequent Kernel Security Check Failure

Dec 19, 2015

After i upgraded to windows 10 I've been getting frequent BSOD Kernel security check failure. I tried updating drivers, scanning for viruses and doing mem test but nothings worked so far.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure - Sometimes Freezes

Jan 4, 2016

So it is now the fifth of january 2016 and I have experienced these random BSOD's since the very last day of 2015 (31/12/2015).I have my laptop for about 3 years now and I have never experienced a BSOD up to this point which makes me even more worried/scared

This bluescreen pops up quite randomly besides the fact that it mostly happens when a few programs are running at once. For instance: Premiere Pro CC will sometimes run, sometimes crash (and show BSOD) and sometimes freeze.I 've done some research and tested my RAM my hard drives and made sure that my drivers are up to date with Driver reviver.

The only read difference there has been since end december 2015 is the adding of a gaming mouse (G502 Logitech) and a microphone (Blue Yeti Pro). Do these 2 hardware devices result in these problems are is this not possible.The point where I am right now is that the problem is in my RAM somehow and I need to replace it.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure When Waking Up

Dec 22, 2015

I am getting intermittent but somewhat frequent BSOD with Kernel_Security_Check_Failure when waking my computer up from sleep. It happens after waking up and displaying the login screen but before I can do anything else. This part isn't so bad, but it is also happening when trying to run the November Windows 10 update (at around 40%) which is causing it to have to roll back mid-install, then windows tries to schedule it again right away...

I'm not sure how much of this info is relevant, but I have usb Keyboard (MS Ergonomic keyboard 4000) usb mouse (JSCO noiseless mouse), a wired XBOX 360 controller, Turtle beach Earforce X12, and Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure - Can't Get Into Windows

Oct 7, 2015

Since I changed to my new hard-drive I have had random issues with BSOD's trying to get into Windows.

The BSOD I get is: Kernel Security Check Failure

Usually, I just need to restart the computer, but now I can't get in at all.

I believe it has to do with some drivers, since the hardware has worked well in Win 8.1

Please see attached file : STORDATORN-2015-10-07_161609,

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure When Working In 3Ds Max

Oct 8, 2015

I just made a clean install of Windows 10 on my laptop, and I've been having a BSOD when working in 3ds Max 2016.

For now, it's only when closing the software after working on it. However, the reason I made the clean install was because it was happening every time I started the software, keeping me from working on it.

Following instructions on a website, I "opened the dump file" using windbg.exe, and it mentioned it was probably caused by "dxgmms2.sys" but I can't find any solutions online to this

I've uploaded the zip file....

I believe all my drivers are up to date, especially the graphics card's driver, which I just updated to a version that was released yesterday.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure Showing Up

Dec 23, 2015

I have just reinstalled Windows 10 yesterday. BSOD with Kernel Security Check Failure showed up caused by ntoskrnl.exe when I open the video editing software, game works great instead. It never crashed before I reinstalled the OS. I have reinstalled graphic driver 3-4 times still not working.

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BSOD :: Lots Of Kernel Security Check Failure

Nov 7, 2015

I have multiple bsods a day and its really starting to tick me off ... amd a-10 7870k

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BSOD :: Repeatable Kernel Security Check Failure

Jan 23, 2016

Recently installed Windows 10 on my MSI Laptop (GT60 20D) bought two years ago.

Have been going through updating all the drivers and have run into an odd problem:

Opening the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel -> Options and Support -> Information causes BSOD with Kernel Security Check Failure.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure When Launching App

Jan 3, 2016

Lately i have been receiving BSOD kernel security check failure EVERYtime i lauch Corel video Studio x8 pro on my laptop. I have been using it for a while and it has never crashed on me when i used windows 8. On windows 10 it worked for a while but few days back it just started to BSOD me everytime i have opened the app, and yes, i have tried to run it with different graphics processor. I have uninstalled it completely and then reinstalled it. Then it worked for a day and it happened again.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure On Asus Laptop

Dec 27, 2015

Since I upgraded from Win8.1 to 10 I had a few BSOD problems, first one was power related but If I keep my laptop plugged to ac it doesn't occures so I tryied to make a clean win10 installation and now it is even worse! Each time I try to run Photoshop CC it gives me back BSOD Kernel Security Check Failure.


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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure And Random Crashes

Dec 30, 2015


I run amd processor + amd graphic card, so I've catalyst control and since some days got the latest big win 10 update and amd radeon software -the first amd radeon came as update of catalyst control, but it missed the setting to modify the amount of energy taken by pc in relation to power of it, so I reinstalled latest version of catalyst control i had, and some days ago got another autoupdate of it-.

Since then (the win10update) I'm getting every now and then bsod with different errors, at the end of loading of it tho, pc doesnt reboot automatically and forces me to reset/shutdown. Latest error has been kernel security check failure one.

Other than this, weirdly (b4 the events mentioned in prologue) when I open perfectworld(a mmorpg)+league of legends screen freezes, I get a ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ as sound and Im forced to reset or shutdown.

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BSOD :: (Kernel Security Check Failure) Multiple Times

Dec 22, 2015

I got multiple times BSOD with info Kernel Security Check Failure. I work on laptop with additional usb mouse, usb keyboard, usb cooling pad and second display. I noticed that if I have connected my second display than Windows fall in random time (often after waking up). I saw into records in Event Viewer and there are pack of critical events and all about Kernel-Power (Event ID 41). After disconnected second display it seems to be ok. Second display is LG Flatron L1972H. What can I do with it.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure - Intermittent Error

Jan 6, 2016

I recently started having a whole bunch of BSOD's with the KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE error.

I had these as I was attempting to use my laptop while I was burning DVDs (I burned about 20 or so over the last 3 days). This error happened maybe 5 or 6 times over those few days. This error happened most times on A/C power but once on battery power.

I have also had this crash occur while using photoshop on battery power (and while burning DVD's).

If using photoshop on battery power, I sometimes get BSOD's with the error DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. And this was often when I wasn't doing anything else on the computer.

I used the tool (as instructed in this forum) to create the required files for posting. I have attached two of them as I believe one may be invalid. The minidump file is fairly large (over 700 MB), so I believe this may be why it isn't attaching correctly...

Some reading I have done on the Internet shows this to potentially be an Nvidia driver/service/something problem. I am planning on uninstalling my graphics drivers + software and then reinstalling them, to see if that fixes the issue...

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BSOD :: Reboot Message (Kernel Security Check Failure)

Sep 20, 2015

When my Toshiba Satellite L655 laptop was rebooted I got the above error. This laptop was upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 about a month ago. I don't know if this is related or not but two days prior to this error today, the battery would be plugged in and not charging? The not charging error has been intermittent. Doing a brief search, Toshiba said it may be a virus, I am going to do a full scan right now to rule that out. I did do a error dump and I will attach the error dump to this posting.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure When Burning DVDs?

Sep 20, 2015

I've been getting the BSOD with the error message KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE (no numeric error code) and have tried to fix myself but with no success. I've attempted to manually update drivers, this appears to make no difference. The BSOD has been happening when I try and burn large files to dvd using the share - burn to disc feature in file explorer. I've read that this particular BSOD can be memory related so was suspecting that, it seems although the computer gets a little overwhelmed then BOOM, BSOD appears.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure - No Error Code

Jan 11, 2016

For no sure reason sometimes she gets a BSOD with no error code.Also, she gets error saying something like 'the integrated graphic card driver had a malfunction and was restored'. (It's not a literal message, because the OS is in Russian). Getting latest driver (since 08/2015) for Intel from the Acer website didn't work because (as the owner says) the OS rerolls it back to a previous one.

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BSOD :: Kernel Security Check Failure - No Definitive Reason At All

Jan 4, 2016

i get this error all the time for no definitive reason at all. the machine has only been built for a few months. i just clean installed win 10. did memchck and it didn't fix my problem.

a few things about my pc
cpu: amd fx9590
mobo: asus m5a99fx pro r2.0
gpu sapphire vapor x r9 280x
memory: 8 gb ram
psu: 1000w haswell

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