Can't Get Past Password Screen When Logging Into Yahoo Mail

Mar 13, 2016

I had no problems with either upgrade on my laptop to Win10 Home or desktop PC to Win10 Pro, It's only after a recent update on my PC with Pro that I can't get past the password screen when logging into Yahoo mail. Filling in my user name/email account works fine but the next screen for my password won't work. I click the "continue" button but nothing happens. This is the only site so far where this happened.

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How To Get Past Login Screen Without A Password

Aug 18, 2015

Just downloaded windows 10. First screen asks for a password. My password is my finger scan. How do I get past this screen?

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Installation :: After Install Can't Enter Password To Get Past Welcome Screen

Aug 6, 2015

I (think) successfully updated to Win10. But, when I went to start up I can't get past the hi there screen. The password box will not populate when I key in my password. I do not see an arrow or any indication that my mouse is working. Tried rebooting with keyboard disconnected then reconnected and no go. 

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Password To Yahoo Account Lost After Upgrade?

Jan 7, 2016

After upgrading to windows 10, my yahoo mail password was not moved forward with the upgrade.

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How To Get Yahoo Mail Icon On Desktop

Aug 23, 2015

How I can get yahoo mail icon on desktop on windows 10?

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Browser/Email :: Logging Out Built-in Mail App?

Jan 28, 2016

Is there a way to sign out the Mail app? I did turn the Sync off, but I was wondering if there's a way to completely sign out, or even remove this app?

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Add Yahoo Mail Account Into MS Outlook 2016?

Mar 8, 2016

I'm the yahoo user, need to setup my yahoo account ( with Outlook 2016, so how to do this?

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Browser/Email :: Cannot Access Yahoo Mail Unless Delete History IE 11

Nov 21, 2015

I receive many e-mails in my Yahoo account every day since I am subscribed to many threads in this forum. Recently I noticed that I cannot access Yahoo mail. In Yahoo support they suggest deleting the browsing history. I did it and was able to access my e-mails again only to have the same problem next day. Is there any setting in Internet Explorer or Yahoo that would fix the problem without having to delete browsing history every day? Since I mostly use IE I am not sure if this problem appears in Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome, but I would prefer keep using IE.

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Yahoo Mail Not Working At All In Chrome Or Mozilla But Partially In Edge

Aug 7, 2015

I have been trying yahoo mail in google chrome, mozilla and edge. Chrome and mozilla can't compose emails or reply to any mail in yahoo mail ,Tried clearing cache for mozilla and just installed chrome and this started right away. Edge,has a delay when typing messages, other then the delay in edge,all else works,although I have not tried to send any attachments at all.

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Cannot Get To Continue Past Welcome Screen

Nov 30, 2015

Decided to install Windows 10 this weekend. From what I can tell, it installed properly. But cannot get past the "Welcome to Window 10" Screen. See image below. I am on a home-built PC with Window 7 Pro. All current updates to Windows 7 are installed, and the Win 10 compatability screen shows that my system is 100% compatible.I have been searching all over the internet to find a solution, and nothing seems to apply to me. here's what I've done:

I have rebooted. Disabled Microsoft's antivirus. Disabled ALL USB ports except for Mouse and Keyboard within the BIOS. I made sure my Bios is up to date (Asus Rampage IV Extreme). Unplugged everything from the PC, USB and Ethernet cable.

I have been able to get to a troubleshooting screen. See below. I can use Mouse and Keyboard here. But cannot boot into Win10 with mouse and Keyboard. I enabled Safe Mode, but when F8 is hit at startup, I am only able to get to a selection of Hard Drives (3rd Photo).The only thing I am able to do is revert back to Windows 7, which works fine after that.

I have tried installing from Windows Update, and the direct link download. I've uninstalled the Nvidia drivers, and still not able to proceed past the first image below. It's as if the mouse and keyboard do not work. So I cannot tell if the system is locking up when it gets to this point, or if something else is happening. The error code I get is: c1900101-40019, but don't see an exact answer to what that full code means.

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Installation :: Black Screen After Logging In

Oct 10, 2015

I just attempted to install Windows 10 on my new PC. During the upgrade process, the screen went blank @ 75% and didn't come back. There was active HDD activity, so I waited until it stopped before restarting the PC.Upon restarting the PC, everything went fine and I got the "Hi" messages and so on. After that, the screen went black again and didn't come back.

After waiting, I forced-shutdown the PC and turned it back on. Windows logo appeared and everything seemed fine. Login screen appeared and I could login. After that, the cursor froze and the screen immediately turned black - and it stays that way. What's wrong?


AMD Athlon 860k processor @ 3.7GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 750Ti 2GB (MSI)

I'm currently using a secondary PC and may have to go back to Windows 7, but I can't seem to interact quick enough to get to the option that allows you to revert. It freezes and goes black before I can.I tried tapping F8 on boot but nothing happens, it goes straight to Windows logo.

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Installation :: Getting Past Login Screen

Oct 3, 2015

I installed Windows10 and it opened . I looked at the start menu and then logged off. The next time I started my computer I could log on because I didn't have a password. When I used my phone to set a new password, I could not set one up. The site wanted to recover not take a new password.

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Installation :: Can't Get Past Login Screen

Oct 17, 2015

I have a desktop computer that I just built with Windows 7 home premium installed on it. It was working great but yesterday I decided to upgrade to Windows 10. After the upgrade, it brought me to a screen that says welcome back with my username and a space for me to put my password. When I input the correct password, the computer freezes and eventually restarts and brings me to the same screen again. Pressing F2 or Del while it powers on does nothing and so does pressing F8. I cannot restart while holding shift because there is no restart option on the login screen it brings me to. I know that the password in right because if I put in something else it just says password incorrect. Clicking on "I'm not *myusername*"also causes a crash.

My computer easily meets the requirements for the OS and the SSD it installed on still had over 40 gigabytes left on it after downloading the 5 gigabyte file so I don't think it's a hardware or storage problem.I don't care if I have to restore it to windows 7 or reinstall windows 10, I just want it to work.

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Browser/Email :: How To Set Yahoo Mail As The Default Email Client

Jan 20, 2016

I've already been to the Custom Default Programs settings, Yahoo! Mail is not listed. I want to be able to use a program not related to a browser, with an E-mail link, and it automatically send me to a browser with my E-mail so I can start composing the message.

How can I do this on Windows 10?

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How To Make Start Screen Default When First Logging In

Jul 26, 2015

When I log in, I want to go directly to the start screen rather than the desktop and having to click the windows icon/button.I have tried right clicking on the taskbar->properties->Navigation Tab and the only option there is the option to replace command prompt with windows powershell.

I have tried setting the group policy User Configuration->Administrative Template->Start Menu and Taskbar->"Go to the desktop instead of start when signing in" to both disabled and not configured with no to get the other options to show up in the Navigation Tab of taskbar properties or how to set the start screen as the default when signing in?I am on Windows 10 Pro build 10240, upgraded from 8.1 Pro and am logged in with an administrator account.

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Computer Won't Load Past Start Up Screen

Nov 11, 2015

My laptop began moving incredibly slow last night, like the cursor would hardly move and it sounded like it was running extra hard. I turned it off and this morning it won't load past the start up screen. And still, the windows loading icon spins incredibly slow.

Eventually it goes to a black screen for some time, then the automatic repair icon appears, then "diagnosing your pc". It made it past that once and got to the advanced option screen but was moving so slowly that I couldn't click on anything.

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BSOD :: Black Screen When Logging Off Or Switching Users

Oct 12, 2015

I cannot give a lot of details about the PC because it is not mine and the user does not want to give a lot out (not sure why). However, it has Windows 10 64-bit and is very powerful (i7, 16 GB ram, 2TB hdd). Whenever I go to switch users or log off, the screen goes black. There is no cursor and the keyboard buttons stop working (i.e. light for Num Lock doesn't light up). The only way to get back onto the computer is to force shutdown by holding the power button. There are no problems with the initial boot or login, only when you go to "switch users" or "log off". The computer resources are not being taxed and the heat is in control. I do not receive any BSOD, only a black screen with no response.

I have tried:
- Removing an update from Windows 10 that caused boot loops
- Rolling back video driver
- Installing NVIDIA driver updated 10.7.2015
- Ran sfc /scannow (found errors but couldn't fix it)
- Ran DIMS after and it found nothing to remove
- Ran dskchk and did not have any problems
- Searched over five hours for a solution
- Changed power settings to never sleep for: Display, PC, HDD
- Disabled USB service that was causing a different issue
- No egregious problems in Event Viewer
- I checked registry for proper paths before and after sleep mode/shut down/boot and that was also fine (explorer.exe I believe)

My friend says that, in no way, will he reload Windows 10 because it was just recently loaded and was working originally.

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Unable To Get Past Loading Screen - How To Get Into Safe Mode Without Restart

Oct 16, 2015

I installed Windows 10 on a MS Vista OS, Viao laptop about a month ago. Everything has been fine. I've been learning how to use Windows 10, and have been more or less happy with it.

On October 16, 1015, I booted the laptop just like I do every morning around 8:30 am. I got past the loading screen, got the Loading screen photo image, and then the login screen. I logged in, and got an alert that Windows 10 updates were available. Since I had 30 some minutes before I needed to actually USE the machine I told it to update. I clicked the update button, and Windows 10 partially logged me out to do the update. When windows restarted, I got past the loading screen, and got to the Login screen.

But after putting in my Windows credentials, I got a blue screen with a white circle progress indicator, and it sat like that for about 20 minutes.

I restarted by pressing the power button, but am now unable to even to the loading screen. As soon as I hear the "booting windows" sound, the blue screen with the white circle progress indicator comes up. I've tried this about 5 times, letting it sit for about 30 minutes each time.

I am trying to find a way to get into safe mode without the use of the "restart" function, but either that data doesn't exist or I am not using the correct search terms to find it.

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Browser/Email :: How To Use A Yahoo Email With Mail App

Jun 5, 2015

I have an Outlook account, of course, but I don't use it. Instead I use my Yahoo email, but for some reason the new app won't let me add it. Instead it only wants my Outlook email. Is there and way to add a Yahoo email?

This is what I get when I select Add Account in Mail settings.

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Installation :: Laptop Won't Move Past Start Screen - Been Rebooting For 8 Hours

Nov 14, 2015

I have a Lenovo flex 2 laptop that is brand new and used to run windows 8.1 until earlier today.

I opted for the recommended win 10 upgrade, and things went smoothly until it was time to reboot.

The laptop begins to boot, I get to see the Lenovo start screen for a few seconds, and then it turns off before starting over again.

This loop has been going on for 8 hours, as of right now.

All attempts to access the boot menu via the F2, F8, F11, and F12 keys have failed, and the novo key has had no effect.

I am desperate at this point- the laptop is brand new. And now it is next to useless. No actual customer support is available in the country I live in. I just want a way to go back to win8.1.

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Lumia 1020 Stuck At Start Screen Loading After Update - How To Get Past This

May 16, 2015

Lumia 1020
windows 10 mobile
OS 10.0.12562.84

start screen "loading..." after the update

did soft reset worked but later again the same issue "loading..."
did hard reset worked but later again the same issue "loading..."
did hard reset twice using volume and power button worked but later the same issue"loading..."

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Multiple Reboot Attempts Never Got Past 4 Blue Square Screen After Kernel Security Error

Mar 23, 2016

A couple of weeks ago when booting up my PC, I came to I assume the Windows 10 version of the blue screen of death. It said something to the effect of a kernel security check error, it said it was repairing the PC and would reboot.

However, it wouldn't reboot. The farthest it would ever go is the 4 blue square windows screen and then eventually the screen would go black. For a while, the blue light on my monitor would stay solid but the "analog" and "digital" icons on the screen would alternate between analog and digital. Eventually it would just go black and the monitor screen would blink and the HDD light would stay off.

Multiple reboot attempts never got past that screen, and eventually the screen will just go black and the monitor light just blinks.

I went to my office computer that also runs Windows 10 and made a repair disk. I got home today, got into the BIOS and changed the boot priority to the DVD. I was able to get it to boot up to the repair disc (after a couple of attempts) and got into the repair utility. I tried the Start Up (or boot) repair, and it said it couldn't fix it. I tried the system restore and it said I had no restore points. So I thought (stupidly), maybe just getting into this repair disc area it would go ahead and boot on up. So I clicked "Exit and continue to Windows 10". Well that got be right back to where I was, a black screen.

So then I decided I would just go back in and use the utility to "reset", keep certain files and do a clean Windows 10 reinstall. Now I can't even get back into it. When I try to boot, IF I can even get any data to show on the screen and the monitor to "wake up" I can't get back into the repair disc. I can get as far as "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD" and then it will go to the 4 blue square windows screen that I was at previously, then eventually the screen will flash and then just stay black. By a little googling, sounds like maybe it could be a video card issue?

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Accounts :: Password Text Box Flips Back To Pre-password Screen?

Feb 2, 2016

after an update at starting, tablet laptop start gives picture/clock screen, that slides to the password screen but when password block is touched on screen or mouse clicked the screen flips back to the picture/clock ... how to deal with this kind of lock out that the typing box won't open and loops to clock screen? have turned off for an hour to see if that does it..but if not...would restarting into a repair or recovery be possible fix...i have never been able to get into safe mode without being logged in but have gotten into recovery during a restart which made me wonder if entering a recovery during boot and reversing the upgrade was possible if all else fails...

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Browser/Email :: Being Taken Straight Into Mail Account Without Password Request

Feb 23, 2016

When I open my email account from my browser I am taken straight into my emails without having to put in my account name or password. I always sign out. I never check the "keep me signed in" box. But this invariably happens. Surely there should be some security measure to prevent this as it seems to leave the system open to hackers.

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Updates :: Not Able To Press Key To Get From Lock Screen To Password Screen

Dec 19, 2015

Since the latest update (It introduced the slide show of pictures on the lock screen. I think it is KB3124200) I haven't been able to press Enter or Space or any other key for that matter to "slide up" the lock screen photo to get to the password screen. I've looked through the lock screen settings, but I see nothing that could prevent this.

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Password Screen Comes Up Too Fast

Mar 17, 2016

I do need password protection but I also need the screen to give me a little more time! I am required to enter a password after only about a minute of inactivity. 

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