Can't Play Music CD - The Specified Path Does Not Exist?

Dec 9, 2015

Can't play a music CD! When I put a CD in my drive I get a message: The Specified Path Does Not Exist"?????

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How To Play Music As Keep Getting 0xc00d36c4 Message

Nov 3, 2015

How do I play Music as keep getting fault 0xc00d36c4 message. CD's play O.K. but can't play stored music once saved.

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Why Unable To Play Music Via Bluetooth On PC

Jan 8, 2016

Trying to connect the device fallowing hints but still not connecting. Windows 10?

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Cortana Doesn't Play Music When Ask

Aug 3, 2015

When using the "Hey Cortana, play my music" feature in Windows 10 it doesn't work. Cortana displays the "Playing your music" screen, much like on my phone, and then comes another message that says "Sorry, there's no music on your device." I'm on my PC and have plenty of music, all which are located in my music folder.

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Apps :: Music Won't Play In Cyberlink Power DVD

Feb 23, 2016

I am trying to play music from my music library in cyberlink media suite power dvd. None play, no error messages present....

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Cannot Play Music Through Laptop Speakers Via Bluetooth

Dec 16, 2015

Since i upgraded to win 10 i could not play music from my phone through laptop speakers via bluetooth. I could send and receive files to and fro via Bluetooth and the phone also gets connected/paired without any issues, but the music playing option is not happening.  My previous OS win 7 had no problems in playing the music.I have a dell inspiron 15R laptop and asus zenfone 4 mobile.My phone specs shows it supports A2DP ( and it used to play in win 7).

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Apps :: Only Media Player And Groove Music Don't Play Audio

Aug 5, 2015

only media player and groove music don't play audio, other apps play mp3 and wav.( MP and MG plays noises).i have IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

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Build 10525 Activation - DNS Name Does Not Exist

Aug 20, 2015

I updated to build 10525 from an activated pro build 10240 this morning.. and now it shows windows is not activated.. the error is "DNS name does not exist" ..

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Networking :: Homegroup Displays More Machines Than Now Exist?

Nov 22, 2015

I have a small network of computers and Homegroup is working a little to well. The network has had to have some changes, machines converting to W10 and changing names. The problem is there does not seem to be a way to refresh the Homegroup list of machines that have joined the Homegroup.

Or is there? do you know a way to display only the machines live on the LAN.?

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Windows Finds Homegroup That Doesn't Exist

Jul 28, 2015

I have multiple PCs in my house, one that I use myself, and one that is used by the others. Now I need to transfer about 80GB from one PC to the other, and I decided to try the homegroup thingy. Now I never set it up, not on my PC, nor on theirs, but since my bro is still very young, I can't guarantee that he didn't do anything, but I did check on that computer, and the homegroup doesn't exist.

So that homegroup doesn't exist, and when I check from my PC it finds a homegroup. I click join, and when it comes to joining, I get an error "windows no longer detects a homegroup (it can't detect what doesn't exist anyway). So how can I create the homegroup ?

I also want to state that I want to create the homegroup from my PC because this is the PC that stays open most of the time.

Screenshot by Lightshot

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Networking :: Turn Off / On Password Sharing Doesn't Exist

Nov 6, 2015

I'm using windows 10 prof 32 bit and joining a domain.

I'm trying to share printer and folders but everytime people trying to connect it, they need to enter user and password to access it. I know the way to fix it is by turning off the password sharing in the network sharing but the option to turn off / on password sharing in network sharing simply doesn't exist. How to turn it off?

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Do Refresh And Reset PC Options Require Recovery Partition To Exist

Jan 1, 2016

I clean installed windows 10 on my pc that has three partitions. There is no recovery partition (checked with disk management). How will refresh and reset options work - what do I need for them to work 

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Networking :: Goove Music Not Reading Music From NAS

Aug 7, 2015

I have mu music collection on a QNAP NAS. This is mapped as a network drive. I can add this a loacation for Groove to get it's music from but while it accepts this is doesn;t actualkly find any music even though it's there. Odd thing the old 'Music' app did work after the upgrade to 10 but then seemed to stop after the recent update when I think 'Groove' replaced it.I found this on a MS article: If you have music stored on a network or network access storage (NAS) drive:To use a network drive with the Music app:

The drive must be hosted by a Windows operating system.You must have Windows Search and Desktop Experience features installed.You must enable Indexing for the share. If you have to install or enable these features, you may have to rebuild the index for the share to function correctly with the Music app.I don't know if these options are already enabled or how to check..

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Apps :: What Is The Path To The Store

Dec 2, 2015

I am customizing the tile icons for my start menu using TileCreator. I would like to set a custom tile for the windows store however I cannot figure out what the path to the windows store is in order to do so. Google has failed me in this pursuit.

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Networking :: Cannot Connect To Network Path On NAS

Feb 10, 2016

I have a Windows 10 Pro 64bit box as my NAS

Storage Spaces, ReFS, 2 drives mirrored
HDD sleep on idle
Hibernate/Sleep disabled

My problem is when I typically save or open a file with the Windows file dialog on any Windows 10 machine, and I try to go to that machine through the network path //MyNAS/MyFiles, it initially gives me a cannot connect or find error.Is this due to the dialog not waking up the drives on the NAS? Something is obviously asleep here, and I usually end up opening Total Commander or Windows Explorer to "wake up" the connection and then everything works. I don't mind waiting, but I'd like the dialogs to hold tight until it connects, not give me not found or cannot connect.

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Moving Folders To Another HD - Specified Path Is Invalid

Apr 7, 2016

I am moving my documents, videos, etc. folders to another internal HD.  I have two issues:
1. When I right-click on the folder, properties, location, and try to change back to default, it gives me a "access is denied error message".
2. When I try to change the folder to a new folder on the HD, it tells me that "the specified path is invalid".

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How To Display Full File Path In Explorer

Feb 10, 2016

There is a tutoral on this issue, but it doesn't solve the central problem, which is, where is the folder? I mean, which drive is it on?

The image shown in the tutoral gives the file path as beginning with "This PC". But WHERE on this PC?

My PC has several drives, and with Windows Explorer being increasingly dumbed down to support people who don't maintain logically arranged folder systems, life is becoming harder for the rest of us. I want to transfer individual files on Gladinet to Amazon AWS, where for cost reasons I store and share our company's 100 GB of data. But I can't transfer them if I don't know what drive they're on.

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Networking :: Spontaneous 0x80070035 The Network Path Was Not Found

Sep 30, 2015

I have two computers, both run Windows 10, One runs Pro and the other Home (odd considering both were free upgraded from 7 Pro, but that is a currently unanswered for 2 month question for Microsoft to resolve...). Onto business, my main PC (Triton hereon out) spontaneously throws the 0x80070035 (network path not found) error. The other PC (Prometheus) is always on, its always connected. To add insult to injury, there is nearly always an open VNC connection (Prometheus runs headless, no monitor, hence VNC), so I know the computer is connected at all times and it is at least visible in one way as the VNC connection never drops. This problem has been going on since I got the free 10 upgrade. Both previously used Windows 7 Pro and had no connection problems with each other.

So here is what I have tried so far.
- Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP
- Restart both PCs
- Exit homegroups and make a new one
- Uninstall VirtualBox incase it was trying to use its (VirtualBox) imaginary network on both machines (both are now running it again though after it didn't work)
- Disabling / exiting VNC Viewer/Server on both servers before connecting

The only odd thing I have noticed is my router/modem in one has six IPv6 addresses for Prometheus, whilst Triton only has two. Both have one IPv4 assigned, see this image for info. If it matters, I connect to Prometheus via VNC by name 'Prometheus' instead of its local IP. Incase Windows does it a different way? remember this is spontaneous, sometimes (i'd say about 30% of the time) it connects and I can view and copy/edit Prometheous' files no questions asked, the other times it will throw this error but after a few tries it will let me in.

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Lost Files - Path Not Found Error Message

Dec 17, 2015

Just had computer upgraded to windows 10. When I try to acces the old shortcuts, I get path not found error message 

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Can't Enter Regedit After Trying To Change Default Installation Path

Mar 31, 2016

I just bought a new laptop with an SSD and a 1TB harddrive - I wanted to change the default installation path from the SSD, to the harddrive and found this link to do it: [URL] .....

So I followed the instructions from the thread:
"Open regedit (Start > Run > "regedit"). Then find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion". Now look in the right pane. Change "ProgramFilesDir", "ProgramFilesPath", "ProgramW6432Dir" and "ProgramFilesDir (x86)". If your secondary drive letter is D:, then change them to "D:Program Files", "D:Program Files", "D:Program Files" and "D:Program Files (x86)", in that order that I just mentioned."

But now i can't install or uninstall programs, I can't open regedit to revert the changes, and the backup I made (also by following the thread) doesn't work! I can't even open up Task Manager... When i try using "run" and typing in "regedit", an error pops up saying: "Windows cannot find C:WINDOWS

egedit.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." I cannot use "run" as an administrator either. How can i reverse what i did?

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User Folders Pictures And Films Share The Same Path

Dec 11, 2015

So my problem is that Pictures and Films folders in My Computer screen share the same path and even the same name, meaning that if I open either one a common folder will be opened.

I have tried to relocate them to different places but when I do it for Films for example Pictures folder also move to the new location. How do I divide them?

Attached Files : untitled.jpg   136.43KB

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Cannot Start Windows Search Service - Error 3 Cannot Find Path

Nov 15, 2015

Earlier today I tried to rebuild the windows search index, only to find out that I currently have no locations indexed. I also cannot modify to add any new locations. Windows search troubleshooter shows the following results:

I went to services and tried to start the windows search service, only to be given an error message about the path specified not existing. This doesn't make any sense because I can literally see the windows search executable:

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Networking :: Error Code 0x80070035 - Network Path Was Not Found

Dec 20, 2015

I am unable to access one of three computers on my local network via File Explorer. I can access the other two and I can access a network local external drive.

The error is : error code 0x80070035 the network path was not found

This expands into: one or more network protocols are missing on this computer windows sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing...

The post from SimBy in Network Protocols says to disable netbios over TCP/IP. I don't know how to do that.

Windows 10 on HP Envy

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Create Shortcut Target Path Points To Wrong Program Files Folder

Oct 9, 2015

When I create a shortcut to file in Program Files, the target path for that shortcut will be to Program Files (x86), even though the start in path will be correct. Furthermore, even though the target path is incorrect and no icon is displayed for the shortcut, the shortcut still works.Shortcuts to items placed in the Program Files folder by an installer do not have this problem. It is only for files that are manually placed in the Programs Files folder by me the user, i.e. copy and pasted there.

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Installation :: Upgrade Path From Dual Boot Back To Single Boot

Sep 24, 2015

My laptop has dual boot - Windows 7 and Windows 10. My Win7 environment is my main working environment with lots of programs installed and important files. I installed the Win10 environment just to play around with 10 during the technical preview. Now, I would like to disable the 10 environment and upgrade the 7 to 10. Am I able to do this, or have I already "used up" my one upgrade on this computer's Windows license?

I notice that in Windows 7 I have not received the icon in the notification area that invites me to upgrade to 10. This makes me think I might have used up my chance to upgrade.

My end goal is to have a single Windows 10 environment. Note that the reason I want to upgrade my 7 environment to 10 is because I don't want to have to re-install all of my programs and files into the current 10 environment.

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Network Path Not Found When Trying To Access Computer On Home Network

Mar 5, 2016

Error code 0x80070035
I have two computers that I'm trying to get to communicate with each other so I can move files back and forth between them.  My plan is to make one of them the home's backup and main storage system.  the problem is that I can only seem to get one of them to actually communicate equally.  Computer 1 is a factory Lenovo Intel i3 computer.  Computer 2 is a home made AMD that I just built a few weeks ago.
Both are running Win 10 Pro.
Both are physically attached to the router. Heck, they're physically stacked on each other on my desk....
Using File Explorer, on the left side Panel under Network, it shows both computers: AMD and Lenovo.
Computer 1(factory) is able to the files on Computer 2 easily by going over through File Explorer.  But, if I click on one of the files, I get the message that I DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION. If I try to cut/Paste files from Computer 1 to computer 2, I get the same message.
Computer 2.  I am also able to see the computer listed under Network in the left panel.  When I click on Computer 1 to access it, I get a Network Error Windows cannot access Lenovo   (Computer1) Error code 0x80070035
I've tried the Diagnose option and it doesn't work.
If I click on a Drive under Network on the very computer, I can see the drives, I can see the directory list.  If I click on a file, I get the error.  Example on the left side panel on my AMD computer I select:
It's at this point that I get the error: Windows cannot access  amdcPerfLogs as an example
I've tried running through Homegroup setup and Googled for days on setting up a network with Windows 10 and can't seem to figure out what I'm not doing here to make these computers talk and communicate with each other.  I eventually, want to get all my computers to talk to the AMD so I can use it for a main storage/backup for the home network.

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