Can't Right-click On Network Adapters Nor Get Into Properties Since Latest Build

Jul 10, 2015

Ever since upgrading to the latest build, I have been unable to bridge/ unbridge my connection, nor get into Properties for any selected network adapters. What happens is if right-click on the adapter the task bar goes blank for a brief bit, refreshes, then the control panel/ network and sharing window closes.

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Drivers :: No Network Adapters Working

Aug 7, 2015

When I upgraded to Windows 10 I could not access the internet. I tried downloading and installing the latest drivers for my Killer e2205, but that didn't work. I've tried using spare USB WiFi adapters, but that didn't work. I even tried using a PCIe Ethernet adapter, but that didn't work. I've been without internet access on my main PC for 4 days now. How do I get my nic to work again? I've uploaded an album of my environment. I don't think I've had a problem that's seemed this unfixable before.

[URL] ...

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Network Adapters Not Working On Surface Pro After Upgrading

Jul 29, 2015

I upgraded my Surface Pro to Windows 10 and after I did wifi stopped working. Went to Control Panel to check the adapters and none were listed. Checked device manager and saw that the Marvell adpater was working properly. So I tried a usb wifi adpater I have and had the same problem. Had to roll back to 8.1

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Updates :: Remove Latest Preview Build?

Dec 4, 2015

There is a wds latest preview build , can I delete it ..? I only have 256GB SSD , so I try to save as much storage as I can ..

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Updates :: How To Get Latest Build After Reverting To Earlier One

Jan 25, 2016

Somewhat unusual situation here. A machine running the latest build (11102) got badly infected by malware. It was such a major attack that I was about to reload the earlier day's image from my Windows Home Server. But it seemed even easier to revert to the previous build, not yet removed from the Windows.old folder. This I did, and everything soon was running fine as expected.

The issue is that the Updates check is not offering Build 11102 again. This isn't a showstopper; I'm sure there will be another newer build soon. But it would be nice to be back up on this latest build, just as all my other Win10 machines are running.

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Why Have Linked Mailboxes Been Removed From The Latest Build

Nov 20, 2015

Just yesterday windows 10 mobile insider fast ring has linked mailboxes, updated last night 11/19/15 and now option is no more?

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Why Haven't Latest Insider Build Showing Up

Aug 29, 2015

I'm on build 10525, I am enrolled for Fast insider builds yet build 10532 isn't showing.

I've already tried the steps at [URL] ....

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Can't Open Properties With Right Click Menu

Jan 7, 2016

It started to happen yesterday, and when I "Right Click -> Properties" in any icon, nothing shows up. I tested with every other right click menu's options and they worked fine. 

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Installation :: TP Latest Build Install On Empty Machine

Jul 4, 2015

Right, so I've got a laptop that I'm currently trying to install windows 10 tp onto. It's the exact same model as the one I'm running on (it's my brothers, and I'm trying to fix it for him), but I've hit a snag.

The insider program website says that you can burn the .iso to a dvd and install it like that, but I've done that, and the laptop just stalls at a windows logo screen.

There's no operating system currently installed -- all 900 someodd GB are free and, using a windows 8 install disk to access a command prompt, DISKPART says the partition is healthy. I've cleaned and formatted it several times now to no avail.

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Notification Area Change With Latest Fast Ring Build

Feb 10, 2016

I updated a W10 OS and I'm seeing something i've never seen before. The Notification Area shows left and right arrows to scroll, and a large blank area in the right corner. This is a W10 Insider Preview fast ring OS, updated to the latest offered. It's a bare metal install, not a VM, version info is in the screen print.

Has seen these arrows with the latest Fast Ring OS ? I like to see all icons in the Notification Area, all the time. I've checked my settings, and i think they are right for me, and have always worked before this "fast ring version update".

Screen print 1 shows what i see with the latest W10 Fast Ring version.
Screen print 2 shows what i see with the latest W10 RTM version,

This is what i like and has always worked for me in W7, W8.x, and W10 - until my latest fast ring update.

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How To Get Right Click Properties Working On File And Folders After Update

Aug 1, 2015

Right clicking on a file/folder (On shortcuts it is working) And selecting properties will do nothing.

Having this issue since Windows 10 installation

Laptop Lenovo flex 2.

Additional detail: Well the properties opened once. After half hour I clicked on properties.

Also Cortana wont launch. It takes several clicks to start. And after it starts it is unable to hear me. But screw cortana. I will probably never use it anyway.

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Latest Build - File Explorer Not Showing Progress When Copy Files

Dec 18, 2015

Latest (preview) build - file explorer not showing progress when copying / moving files.

This - unless fixed soon will cause me to revert to previous build. Is it just something with my update. (W10 Pro X-64).

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Installation :: Fresh Install Using Latest Build - File Explorer Settings?

Dec 10, 2015

I just had to re-install W10 using the latest build offered by the Microsoft Setup Tool because W10 on one machine became corrupted somewhere along the multiple update path! No problems, except it seems that a few of the default settings are a little different than they were in previous downloads. Most are for the better. But...I can't seem to figure out how to turn off the display of all the disk drives in the Navigation Pane of File Explorer. I have five other systems that have migrated successfully along the update path and they don't look like the screen shot attached. What or where is the setting to turn off the display of the disk drives when the "This PC" is collapsed.

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Can't Upgrade To Latest Build - Says Preparing Automatic Repair And Restarts Computer Repeatedly

Jun 16, 2015

I've been trying to update to the latest build for some time now, I'm currently on 9926. The update downloads fine and it also goes through the process of installation fine, up until it's time to restart the computer for the final step, that's where the problem begins. It gets stuck on a boot up loop, it loads to the windows logo and says preparing automatic repair and restarts the computer again and again with the "preparing automatic repair" message. I made an installation disc for 9926 so that's how I'm able to reset the computer but I've also made one for the latest build but I still get the same boot up loop problem. I really want to be on the latest build and I'm worried that I won't even be able to install the official release.

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Wireless Adapters Freeze PC

Aug 10, 2015

I am having major issues with Windows 10 Pro and my wireless card in my desktop. I have an ASUS Maximus Impact VII with the mPCIe Combo IV WiFi card. I had to disable the card in the BIOS just to get Windows 10 installed. I re-enable the card and can boot into W10, it shows up in Device Manager and adapters (greyed). I can't enable it. Tried uninstalling and deleting drivers, then scan for new hardware. It kicks the card on and I get WiFi bars in the taskbar, but then immediately freezes Windows. This is coming from a clean install of 10, no VPN in 8.1 and I tried the reg delete command to make sure. I purchased a USB WiFi adapter to see if it would work. Same results. I decided I would install Windows 7 out of curiosity. SAME THING. It's strange, the WiFi works flawlessly in Windows 8.1, but not at all in 7 or 10. I have tried the 3 latest BIOS revisions for my motherboard, as well as the only available W10 driver for the adapter.

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Internet Adapters Not Working After Update

Aug 19, 2015

Updated my computer from windows 7 a day ago to windows 10 and ever since I have not been able to get any internet. I have tried updating all of my drivers by using a USB stick but it made no difference and when I troubleshoot the problem it says "there might be a problem with the driver for the Ethernet adapter"

I had upgraded to Windows 10 before and had the same problem, but i downloaded the drivers for my motherboard and it fixed the problem, but later after that my windows didn't activate and windows support told me to take it back to Windows 7. I then had to uninstall my Ethernet drivers and reinstall the drivers and that fixed it but then I upgraded back to windows 10 and here ...

My specs :
- MSI Z97 GAMING 5 motherboard
- Intel i7 4550 possessor
- 16gb of ram
- Gigabyte GTX 970

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Networking :: New Internet Adapters Appearing Randomly

Oct 18, 2015

Picture tells more than a thousand words:

Last time I checked there were only five of those extra adapters. I thought they were made by VirtualBox, but since then I haven't used VirtualBox and new adapters have still been appearing.

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Graphic Cards :: Code 43 With Display Adapters

Dec 9, 2015

I am having trouble with my two video cards

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 seriesAMD Radeon HD 6300M series

For one; the ATI Mobility card there are no drivers installed for this device. Ive been on the AMD website, where I downloaded an old legacy catalyst suite, built for windows vista/7. after that there are still no drivers installed for this card.

For the AMD Radeon; I'm getting a "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

I'm starting to believe the problems for the 6300M card is coming from the 4200 card not having any drivers.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the 6300 card, and can only get the code 43 to go away if I disable and then re-enable it through the Device Manager. After a restart though, the problem persists.

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Updates :: Cannot Find Newest Build After Rolling Back To Previous Build

Jan 29, 2016

So, recently (after the November build release) I woke the next morning to find that my computer underwent a rather major update. After which, it seemed, my home network was thrown out of wack. I immediately rolled/reverted/recovered to previous build. But now everything is out of wack. Most of the time I have to restart my computer just so it'll communicate with my printer to start printing.

And restarting the computer is twice as long if it restarts at all. Most of the time It gets stuck in the "restart" progress animates (the rotating circles) and I have to press the restart button on the computer tower, with great regret and dread. Transferring files from one windows 10 device to another is a 50/50 hit or miss. I'm not literate when it comes to networking and was super happy how everything was.

But now, not only is my wifi home network out of wack, but my computer itself is wonky. I figure I might as well reinstall the newest build in hopes that it'll at least fix a fe of the problems. But anytime I check for updates, the newest build no longer shows up.

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Start Button Left Click Doesn't Work - Cannot Use Right Click On Items In Task Bar

Sep 8, 2015

I have upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I had problems going into and out of sleep mode which seem have been resolved by installing updates for Intel Graphics. Now I can't get anything to come up when I left click on the Start button. All of the other icons in the task bar will only work with a left click of the mouse, nothing happens with a right click. Also, I did not get Cortana when I upgraded to Windows 10 on this device. I also upgraded another lap top and have Cortana on that one. With all of these problems occurring one after the other, can I reinstall Windows 10? 

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Mouse Won't Click On Start Menu - Some Other Random Items Won't Accept Left Click Either

Jul 30, 2015

Updated my Win 7 Pro x64 computer last night to Windows 10. Now can't click on the start menu items or really any windows menu. Some other random things won't accept a left click either. Chrome seems to respond just fine but not firefox. I'm puzzled. I have a Razer Naga 2014 but tried a Cheap little logitech mouse with same results. I also logged into my machine Via team viewer from work and left click still doesn't work on things.

I'd be totally fine doing a fresh install but not sure of the procedure yet to have it activate without installing windows 7 first then doing the upgrade again.

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Cannot Left Click Start Button - Only Right Click Works But Does Not Give Same Info

Oct 16, 2015

I cannot left click my Start Button, only a right click works, but does not give the same results. 

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Right Click On Desktop And Click On Personalize Or Display Settings

Aug 2, 2015

I just upgraded to windows 10 and when I right click on the desktop and click on "Personalize" or "Display Settings" I get the following error message:"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action, please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the default programs control panel".

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What Is System 32 Properties

Jan 31, 2016

So what does this do on windows 10 ? and is it needed ?

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Printer Properties In Edge?

Aug 6, 2015

I was surprised to see that when I went to print a file from Edge, which required access to Printer Properties to adjust scaling, the facility was not enabled. IE used to handle the need very well.

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How To View Properties Of Mail App

Jan 27, 2016

Today I received a dubious email, from a person unknown, to which a .zip file was attached, purporting to be a copy of an invoice.  I saved the attachment, and then scanned it with Bitdefender and MBAM, both of which reported negative results.  I then carefully opened (not extracted) the .zip file using SecureZip.  There was a single file in the .zip container, which had a .js file extension (Java Script).
I don't have Java installed on my computer, but I took no chances, and used "Eraser" to shred the .zip file that I had saved in my "Downloads" folder and then deleted the email from my In-Box and Trash.
In my Windows 7 days, using Live Mail, I could right-click an email and display its properties to determine from whence it had originated, and other useful information, which was very useful in determining the authenticity, and originator, of the email.

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