Cannot Open Another Link Unless Close One

Aug 13, 2015

I've had no response to my previous query. But must ask this again as it is very annoying. I have a radio site on my desktop that I listen to. Now when I want to go to another URL address that particular link will not open up. I. E. I want to open [URL]. The only way I can access it (while my radio link is on) is to exit my radio link then click on the URL link for It is not the only link that will not work while I already have one other open, all other links will not open also.

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Browser/Email :: Open Link As New Window In Edge

Sep 19, 2015

In IE, there was a setting to open links (e.g., ones selected by shift-clicking, or ones with a target attribute in the anchor tag) into a new window instead of a new tab. I can't find a way to do this in Edge - in general, the number of user-adjustable settings seems to be MUCH smaller in Edge. Is there a way?

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Why Does Icon In Systray Open And Close Immediately

Jul 27, 2015

the windows 10 icon in the systray closes immediately after clicking it

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When Sleep And Hibernate Mode All The Open Programs Close

Nov 18, 2015

When my computer sleeps or hibernates all the open programs close. When I wake up the computer, I have to recover or restore everything I was working on before. Very annoying. I have checked all the power settings and everything appears to be right, but this problems persists.

Drivers are all up to date, but it has always done this since new in June. I'm just getting around to trying to find a solution.

HP 15-f111dx
AMD A8 with R5 graphics

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How To Uninstall Google Chrome When It Says Close All Open Windows

Aug 12, 2015

I am trying to uninstall google chrome on my hp laptop which is upgraded last week to windows 10.but the problem is i did try to uninstall. Its show a msg saying plz close all goocle chrome open windows from windows 8 then try again.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Groove Music / Film And TV Apps Open And Then Close Immediately

Jul 30, 2015

Spent the best part of a day fixing my PC after a W10 upgrade this morning. All seems to be working well now except that I have an issue with a couple of Metro apps - those named in the title. What happens is that the apps open and then automatically close themselves after about a second. The main Store app opens fine as do all other Metro apps. Its just these two..

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Browser/Email :: Unable To Click On Any Link In Outlook 2003 - Locate Link Browser

Aug 20, 2015

After I upgraded to Windows 10 I am unable to click on any link in Outlook 2003. I get a popup that says "Locate link browser". I searched for a solution and read that I needed to associate it with IExplore.exe. After doing that, now whenever I click a link it opens IExplore to my home page. How I can resolve this error and get it to go to the URL rather than just opening IExplore?

Instructions I found were these but don't seem to apply to Windows 10:

On the desktop, double-click My Computer.On the Tools menu, click Folder Options, and then click the File Types tab.In the Registered File Types list, click URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol, click Advanced, and then click Edit.In the Actions box, type open.In the Application used to perform action box, locate Internet Explorer (Iexplore.exe), and then click Open.In the Application box, type IExplore, and then click OK.

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Browser/Email :: When Open Link In Email Getting Asked Which Browser To Use

Dec 11, 2015

Whenever I open a link in email I get asked which browser I want to use. I have selected Explorer as my default browser and I keep checking the box that says "always use this app" It is very frustrating. How do I make Windows 10 understand that I always want to use IE.

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Lost The Link To Recycle Bin

Aug 25, 2015

How to find and link to the recycle bin. Using the Desktop Icon Menu does not seem to work...

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Document Link And OneDrive

Jul 24, 2015

The documents link in my Start Menu points to OneDrive, as of this moment I have found no way to make it point to my documents.

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Can't Email Webpage Or Link

Nov 7, 2015

I am unable to send a webpage or link by email. These options show but are not available in the page tab. 

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Link Inboxes In Mail App

Aug 2, 2015

I would like to know is there a way to link inboxes in the windows 10 mail app same as windows phone?And why does the mail tile is not updating even thou live tile is switched on?

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Taskbar Explorer Link Not Working

Jul 30, 2015

I have pinned explorer to my taskbar. I have added links to my explorer icon on the taskbar. (Such as Z:Games and Z:Movies)

But when I right-click the explorer icon, then left-click the link nothing happens. I can hear that my hdd starts working. (It does that stereotypical hdd-noise.) But nothing happens.

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Edge - Favorites Link Sorting

Sep 29, 2015

I have three grumbles. One, why is the Favorites panel on the right side? What benefit did that create? How to move it to the Left? Can't be done?

Two: My favorites are not alpha sorted by me. On my IE browser, they were arranged and listed by frequency of use, and importance in my work. Edge default sorts them alpha anyway. Can I Stop this unwanted sort feature?
Three, I like my favorites panel to come up with the browser, and not want to click on another icon to show it.

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How To Close Only 1 Tab When Several Opened

Feb 8, 2016

How can I close only 1 tab when I have more than one tab open. It brings up a screen that ask if I want to close all tabs or cancel? I only want to close the one. When I do it will close all and take me back to the home screen then I have to open it up again. 

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How To Close All Desktops

Jul 30, 2015

My fat cat in a white hat sat flat on my clickity-clack (keyboard) and created over 9000 desktops. How do I close them all without needing to open Task View and clicking X on every single desktop?

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How To Add Shortcut Link In Quick Access Through Registry

Dec 29, 2015

I want to add shortcut link of one of the folder location to "Quick Access" in Windows 10 x64.

In the case of Windows 10 x86 I used to put my shortcut link in the folder "C:Usersuser_nameLinks" & it showed me shortcut in favorites at left side. Also it works using this command :

mklink /D %USERPROFILE%LinksMyFolder C:MyFolder

I want to do same thing for Windows 10 x64. So I try to use that command on Windows 10 x64 also I have tried to directly copy shortcut & pasted into the location of Quick Access.

But, still it's not showing in left panel of Quick Access.

So, how to do that on Windows 10 x64 ? (or perhaps through Registry) ?.

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Warning Of Dynamic Link Not Found In Library?

Jul 31, 2015

My newly installed Windows 10, on rebooting , displays this warning (as translated from Spanish):

" The ordinal 1 cannot be found in the library of dynamic links C:WINDOWS32SQLUNIRL.dll "

Then I click to accept that, and apparently the OS performs O.K.

What is the import of that failure in loading and how to solve it?

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Missing Desktop Link In User Folder?

Aug 3, 2015

if I right click on my music icon in explorer I can change the location of its contents in the location tab which I was trying to do, as I have my Mp3s in a music folder on my D Drive.

whilst trying to do that I accidentally moved it to the desktop location of my use folder. So now both the Desktop and music icons in my explorer are both linked to the same location, (users/username/music) and the desktop link in my user folder has gone.

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Browser/Email :: What Is The Correct Way To Send A Link

Feb 10, 2016

I am using the Edge Browser, and I find sending a link via e mail cumbersome. I am using outlook 2010, is there a " Correct" or easy way to send a link via e mail and it was in IE ?

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Outlook Link Leads To Browser Homepage

Mar 2, 2016

I made an error when Outlook asked me which browser I wanted links to open to. I entered Internet Explorer. Now, when I click a link in Outlook, it opens to my IE Homepage and not the link page.

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User Folders Link In Start Menu

Jan 17, 2016

I was in my users folders & deleted them (Download, Favorites, Videos etc...)Then, i realized that my start menu which has option to "ON" to make them appear, got issue with link missing.I recreated all the forders by default with windows tools (regedit & i have all references created in reg %USERPROFILE%* & in my user folder)

So... i've tried a last attempt by, creating a new user, & create Start Menu Places & pushing the links etc but even with that, nothing done (looks like it's more for people getting grey menu on/off)HOW to retrieve the missing link from elements in start menu for :
- Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos.

All the others links are working :
- Homegroup, Network, Personal Folder, File Explorer, Settings, Power, All apps.

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Toolbar Link Order - How To Arrange Non-alphabetically

Oct 9, 2015

I prefer to use the toolbar for multiple tabs, each with several links to launch programs. In Win7, I was able to arrange the order to my preferences, the most used programs at the top. Since I updated to Win10, some tabs are still in non-alpha order, and some not. If I rearrange them to my preference, the next time I open the toolbar tab, they are back to alpha order. How to arrange in non-alpha order?

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Browser/Email :: Link All Mail Into One Inbox

Apr 14, 2016

If you want to link all your mail into one inbox you can do it.

Open Mail either from all App or Taskbar if you have it set up that way

Once open click on Settings found in bottom Right Hand Corner

Then go to Manage Account

Click on any Mail you have there like




Then click Link Inboxes

Tick which Inboxes you want to link

Also you can Name the link to anything you want to

Once done Click Save

Now when you receive Mail from any of your contact etc

It will now come into one Inbox

Have done it and it does work

This saves you having to click on each Mail inbox

If you want to revert back just

Click on the inbox linked untick

Press Save and they are all back showing one by one

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How To Stop Popup Box Asking Which App To Use When Click On Internet Link

Aug 19, 2015

Since I downloaded win 10, every time I click on a link to an internet site, I get a pop-up box asking which app to use to open the link: IE, Edge or another app. There is a box to check "always use" the answer I give, which for me is IE. I am only using the desktop and IE 11 on the desktop. Checking the box to always use IE does nothing. I have a new Dell Inspirion which came loaded with win 8.1

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Why A Link For App Doesn't Lead To The Store - Page Is Not Available

Dec 27, 2015

Yesterday When I found that 4Shared universal app is out, and clicked the link at the end of the article, it went to "Web Page is not available". Same thing happened today with "everquotes" app. And when I tried to find these apps in the app store, I couldn't. Is it an issue or there is another way to open up these links ?

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