Computer Just Becomes Completely Unresponsive?

Aug 10, 2015

It's been a while since I've upgraded to Windows 10 but the problem still exists. To leave this short, when I'm doing something like watching a movie, installing files, browsing the web, playing a game, etc. My computer just becomes completely unresponsive. I can't move my mouse, I can't use ctrl+alt+delete to get to Task Manager, when I check to see if my keyboard is still working, I try to turn caps lock off and on and that doesn't work. So whatever this issue is, it's just completely crashing my computer. This freezing causes me to hard restart my computer every single time.

I don't want to get back to Windows 7 so I've been dealing with it by keeping my PC close to me that way I can restart it when needed, but it's annoying when you're trying to do something and all of a sudden your computer just freezes.

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Laptop Completely Unresponsive And Freeze Up Seemingly After Being Idle?

Aug 15, 2015

I've just upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I have an HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC. This happened twice: when I left my laptop and came back after an hour or so, the screen was black (as usually), but the laptop was completely unresponsive. I couldn't wake it up neither by moving/clicking my mouse nor by hitting any key on the keyboard (both external and embedded mice/keyboards). Furthermore, the LED of my laptop on/off h/w switch button was constantly on, instead of blinking.

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Black Screen With Repeated Vibrates And Completely Unresponsive?

Jun 23, 2015

I had the Windows 10 DEV mode, battery died and only had three icons on the screen when it came back on. Tried to press the power button to have the screen turn off, and then it became completely unresponsive. Tried to do a soft reset, made it start vibrating repeatedly and had an entirely black screen or would just continuously restart after the AT&T symbol. Then after that, the screen stopped restarting and gave short repetitive vibrates. Soft reset and hard reset don't work.

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Computer Hanging And Becomes Unresponsive - Most Times Requires Restart

Aug 23, 2015

Soooo, for the last 3-5 days my computer hangs, I can still move the mouse around, but everything becomes unresponsive! Most the time it requires a restart...

I've tried -
- Virus Check (Will Do One Again)
- Registry Clean
- Windows Files Check (Make Sure They Are Not Corrupt)
- Clean Drive Out (Junk)

But I think, it might be my harddrive, I checked speeds and at first it was 170mbps (Read) but as soon as I say open a program, smacks down to about 0.9mbps...

Even on Task Manager, I never see the drive speed go above 5mbps

Drive Link - [URL]...

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Won't Shut Down Computer Completely

Jul 31, 2015

After clicking shutdown, it goes through and Screen closes but power button remains lit. Won't shut down computer completely. Have to unplug to get light to go out.... and be sure it is OFF.

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Computer Not Shutdown Completely - Cooling Fan Running Nonstop

Nov 16, 2015

After I upgrade my windows 8.1 to windows 10  2 months ago. I found out that my computer not shutdown completely, Every time I press shutdown the computer shutdown but the cooling fan is still running and not stop, I need to force shutdown every time by pressing the power button around 10 sec.

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Computer Won't Shutdown Completely After Installing New Graphics Card

Aug 21, 2015

I am running windows 10, and have just upgraded from an Nvidia geforce gtx evga 670 2GB, to a Nvidia geforce gtx evga 980ti hybrid. But now my computer wont shut-down properly, what happens is I click shut-down and windows 10 shut-downs (black screen), but then my fans on the computer are still running. I can restart the computer fine it just won't shut-down properly, also nothing is showing up in event viewer for kernel-power.

My system specs:
Case: Thermaltake level 10GT
Motherboard: Asus sabertooth z77
PSU: Cosair 1200
GPU: Nvidia geforce gtx evga 980ti hybrid
CPU: Intel core i7 3770k ivy bridge
Sound card: Xonar D2X asus
SSD: 120GB corsair neutron ss
Hard-drive: 1TB

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Performance :: Power Down Button Does Not Completely Turn Computer Power Off?

Jan 28, 2016

I recently upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10. When I power down the system from the menu, my computer does not completely turn off. The procedure I use is described below:

Click Windows_Start_button > Power > Shutdown

The system closes applications and appears to initiate a shutdown procedure. Everything appears to be shut off, but my mouse is still lit up. I do notice that the fan stops and everything else appears to be completely shut down. When I was running Windows 7 before my upgrade, my system completely powered down.

I have a dual boot system with Linux, and when I power down from Linux, the shutdown is complete, so I don't think I accidentally did anything to the hardware or BIOS.

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On Boot Up Keyboard Unresponsive

Sep 27, 2015

On boot up where the keyboard is unresponsive and so unable to sign in to windows ? the only fix is to carry out a re start and then all is well. 

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Taskbar Button Is Unresponsive

Feb 4, 2016

My taskbar button is unresponsive. When I click it nothing happens so I am in effect shut out of the programmes. What is the solution to this problem? 

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Tablet Becomes Unresponsive After About A Minute

Jul 29, 2015

So I updated to Windows 10 from 8.1 Pro this morning and all was fine until a couple hours ago. Now, after about a minute of uptime, my tablet becomes unresponsive. I've let it sit for up to 20 minutes and nothing happens.

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Random Freezes And PC Becomes Unresponsive After Upgrade

Sep 27, 2015

I upgraded from a fully-functioning Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 this weekend. The upgrade process seemed simple enough, but I am suffering from intermittent freezes which can only be resolved with a full (hardware button) reset.

At a random time - after anything from 5 to 50 minutes - the screen will suddenly power off (the monitor itself will usually tell me it is going into sleep mode). Sometimes I'm in the middle of something; sometimes I've gone away and have returned to an unresponsive PC. Sometimes I will see the mouse cursor and desktop freeze for about a second before the screen goes black; sometimes I won't. If I'm playing music, it will stop. Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn't do anything - but the hard drive light still flashes, as if Windows is still running. (The error logs don't *seem* to show anything out of the ordinary, other than that I then have to do a socking great reset!)

I've tried various things already - I've made sure the graphics drivers are up-to-date (via an install from scratch); I've disconnected everything from the USB ports; I've booted with everything in Startup set to disabled... But the problem keeps recurring, and I really don't want to have to scrub everything I've got and do a 'nuclear' install. (In theory, I'm dual booting with Windows 7, but have not booted into that for years, probably.)

Safe mode seems stable, as does the screen before you actually log on, so I'm inclined to think it's a driver issue or something, but they're all up-to-date, too. I'm running a single monitor, BTW.

Where to look in those error logs...

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Unresponsive After Shut Down For Random Time

Sep 30, 2015

After shutting down, putting my computer to sleep, or shutting the lid, My computer becomes entirely unresponsive. The power button does nothing, the lights to indicate it is plugged in are dark, the computer seems to be dead. After a random period of time, ranging from 1 to 9 hours, It comes back to life as if nothing had happened. It seems to be similar to the Hibernation/Sleep problems but significantly magnified.

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Laptop Screen Black And Unresponsive?

Sep 7, 2015

I downloaded windows 10 and all had been running smoothly, however, when I turned my laptop on this morning my background was black and about 20 new icons had appeared on the desktop all of which were just white and blank, i normally only have rhe recycle bin. i tried to run things but nothing worked, i also couldn't get the start menu up, I've tried restarting but it isn't doing anything.

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Unresponsive On Boot Up After Waking From Sleep

Sep 26, 2015

This is a PC purchased with windows 10, it wasn't an upgrade. Only thing I did was clone the operating system onto a SSD hard drive, and keep the original drive for storage.

Maybe every 3rd bootup, or any time I wake from sleep, the computer is unresponsive on many programs and system functions. It isn't frozen, edge browser always works, office works, other programs work. It isn't trying hard or chugging away either, opening task manager shows little or no CPU, hard drive, RAM, network activity.

This is what doesn't work:

chrome browser - click to open, nothing happens. maybe 20 minutes later if I don't restart, it will open.

windows store - won't open.

windows store games - won't open.

windows explorer - won't open to browse files, click and nothing. same as chrome, maybe 20 minutes later it will open.

windows update - won't connect.

Some times when I boot up, everything works perfectly, no issues. But like I said, maybe every 3rd bootup, or after waking from sleep it doesn't function correctly.

Not sure what info I need to include about the PC, but it is all new components.

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BSOD :: Constant Crashes - Photoshop Being Unresponsive

Jan 12, 2016

ive updated and checked up on all of my drivers and in the scan they seem to be fine and completely up to date, and for a day after I didn't have any more problems but the problem recently started up again, and I haven't been able to open up any of my adobe apps and most of my applications without encountering the BSOD. I'm not sure but I believe I'm also having problems with photoshop being unresponsive but I'm unsure if that's possibly related? since it started up after the BSOD problems showed up

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Taskbar Blank And Start Button Unresponsive

Jan 3, 2016

Now & then when I start my computer, nothing appears in the task bar, the Microsoft Start button at the bottom left fails to respond to either a left or right click, the Cortana window "Ask me anything" & the Task View are also unresponsive'.

I then restart the computer either by pressing the power button for some time or by the Ctrl/Alt/Delete process. On re-starting everything is fine. What I don't know is how to prevent this problem from occurring again.

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Search / Cortana Button On The Taskbar Is Unresponsive?

Apr 18, 2015

I have tried everything under the sun to fix this. The search/Cortana button on the taskbar is unresponsive. Whenever I try to adjust setting under Cortana & Search I get this error:


The app didn't start

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Groove Music Extremely Slow / Unresponsive

Jul 30, 2015

for some reason i can't get Groove Music to actually do anything  it show my albums/music, but i can't click on any of it.and when i use Window Media Player, that works fine.

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Lots Of UI Is Unresponsive And Right Click Menu Is Invisible

Sep 25, 2015

That's what it looks like when I right click on the desktop.  I also can't copy/paste between applications and lots of stuff is unresponsive e.g. buttons in some applications.   I can't even install anything because the buttons are unresponsive.
It all started after the most recent Windows upgrade.  I uninstalled the update and that seemed to fix a few applications but all the above is still broken.

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Performance :: System Unresponsive / Hanging And Programs Not Responding

Oct 14, 2015

I just did a fresh install of Windows 8.1 and upgraded to Windows 10. My issue is that the system is unresponsive, programs are not responding. I took a video but I can`t seem to find any possibility to post it here, so you can`t see what I`m going through. It is really annoying, and it`s just messed up. Multitasking hangs, shows programs in the background and what not... What to do?

I`m also thinking it is a memory leak, I have 25-30% RAM use after bootup....

System specs (Intel NUC DN2820)
CPU: Intel Celeron N2830 Dual Core @ 2.4GHz
SSD: Corsair Force GT 240GB
RAM: Single 8GB Adata

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Drivers/Hardware :: Mouse Is Unresponsive For Few Minutes On Startup

Dec 4, 2015

I have a desktop PC with Core i3 and 4GB RAM.

I have Logitech G400 mouse. Recently it has started acting extremely odd on startup or when the pc is woken up from sleep. The mouse will not respond for a period of 30 seconds to 5 minutes each time. The optical red sensor is turned on but the cursor just won't move and I have to wait till it decided to respond.

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Taskbar Icons Unresponsive To Left Click Of Mouse

Jan 13, 2016

After the 12Jan2016 Windows 10 Home updates some taskbar icons became unresponsive to a left click of the mouse. Examples are the leftmost for access to all applications, the right most to access the calendar, the next most rightmost to access notifications. Right click of the mouse on the icons works as expected.

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Windows Media Player - All Library Folders On D Now Unresponsive

Oct 13, 2015

I have performed a clean install of Windows 10 Pro onto a new HDD I put into my desktop PC, with all my media still on a separate 1TB HDD D: drive.

I've subsequently organised the shared folders on my D: drive into the appropriate media library's in Windows Media Player, however, when I view the media library on my PlayStation 3, the D: drive folders aren't displayed.

Now when I view the various library's in Windows Media Player, all the D: folders are shown as "unresponsive". I've tried removing and re-adding the folders and re-building the library, but that didn't work. If I add a folder on the C: drive, no problem, but any folder I add from the D: drive shows as unresponsive.

I did some Google searching, and made sure they were being indexed, which they weren't, however, when clicking "modify" and "show all locations", D: doesn't show up as an available drive to index.

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Stuck On Welcome Screen - Typing In Password Made It Unresponsive

Aug 5, 2015

After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10… The 1st time it got me to the welcome screen with my name and asked for my password. Typing in password made it unresponsive, all I could do was move the Mouse around. Searching the Internet for a solution on another computer, I unplugged my Wi-Fi adapter and rebooted. I was able to log into Windows 10 and everything seemed okay.

I plugged the Wi-Fi adapter back in and rebooted, it got to a screen with the date and a picture of a beach. From there I couldn't do anything. The only thing on the screen was the Internet icon in the lower right-hand side of the screen. There was nothing to click, I tried clicking all over the screen, nothing. I unplugged the Wi-Fi adapter and rebooted. It got to the same screen, only difference was it indicated no Internet connection available. Nothing to click on, clicking on blank space, the date, the Internet icon, All did nothing.

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Action Center / Search-Cortana / Unresponsive Windows Icon

Aug 4, 2015

I can no longer use Search/Cortana as the Windows icon or Windows key are unresponsive and there is no way to open Search the web and Windows. Also, can no longer open Action Center.

Everything was working fine after upgrade from Windows 7 for awhile, then the above happened. (except for Action Center). After a clean install, things went well for awhile, and then started having the same problems again.

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