Computer Won't Boot (Even Into UEFI / BIOS)

Aug 24, 2015

I have had nothing but issues, since upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8 (64). The installation within of itself was horrible. I got the continual flash on the screen, until I was able to get it into safe mode and recovered it. Then made sure drivers were updated. However, I did not upgrade my BIOs, from the information I had seen from MSFT. Didn't think twice, since they said if you were upgrading from 8 or 8.1 that should not be an issue. The system was running stable, after I did those fixes.

About 1 week ago, after a MSFT Windows automatic patch push, My monitor started not to respond during boot up. Ran some basic troubleshooting for the monitor (Ie: check plugs, check cables, check Video card). They all seemed to work fine and my system booted up normal.

The very next day, cold booted again and monitor did same thing, it was not getting any signal from the computer. Went through the checks, after a little bit of a delay the system finally booted. I checked my BIOs settings, which were all set up normally. I locked my computer after that and did not turn off the system, the next morning, my monitor was unresponsive.

I re-checked monitor, cables and even replaced the video card. Everything is good except no signal to my monitor. I disconnected all hardware except the video card and motherboard, to see if it was an issue with my power. I took out out the CMOS battery and also disconnected power to the motherboard for about 2 hours, to try and reset the BIOs to factory. No luck.

This leaves me with 2 things left:

a) Corrupted BIOs, not loading my drivers, or
b) motherboard went bad.

Going to try a bootable USB BIOs next.

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UEFI BIOS Enabled But No Secure Boot

Sep 28, 2015

i had secure boot up and running on my windows 8.1 machine after a clean install, but now since Microsoft upgraded me to windows 10 it seems as my secure boot is off again, but it's enabled in my bios is so weird, it's enabled in bios but off in windows 10? Is not much of a big deal to me in a since but just wondering why it still shows as on in bios but off in windows 10.

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Computer Won't Boot - Frozen Screen Of BIOS Options

Sep 14, 2015

Basically when i go to turn on the PC it turns on and gets stuck on the screen where it tells me to push DEL or f2 to go to the bios settings. The problem with that is it wont let me access the settings at all when i push either of those buttons. So then I turn my PC off and then on again and it boots fine. Then I check for updates to see if it's some bug and I'm up to date. So I restart to see if the problem has been fixed. And it gives me the same frozen screen of the BIOS options. Then i turn it off and it boots fine, wash and repeat.


CPU- i5 4790k
MOBO- Asus Z97
RAM- Corsair Vengeance 2X8 GB
PSU- Corsair 650 watt
Memory- Samsung SSD 120GB, Western Digital Black 2 TB

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Update Windows On A Tablet With 16GB And UEFI BIOS

Nov 30, 2015

How to update devices with 16GB and EUFI bios ?

It says internal memory is not enough, I even tried using external USB or external but still I can't install Windows 10 Fall update on my new Windows 10 Tablet.

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Changing BIOS Legacy To UEFI With Clean Install?

Sep 14, 2015

I have a Toshiba that I wanted to run Windows 10 Pro, the OEM was Home; I have Windows 7 Pro and decided to install that and do the upgrade and then a clean install, I needed to run Legacy Mode to install Windows 7, after the install and upgrade I wanted to change it to UEFI but since that isn't possible to do without doing a clean install or a recovery media device, I can't and don't want to do that.

If I do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro, from a USB and delete all partitions, will Windows 10 activate?

I have done so on my desktop, it has worked, BUT when I did it on my Toshiba after it activated to Windows 10 Home, it failed to activate during the clean install. What are the chances it won't activate this time? The process from Windows 7 to 10 isn't fast and I don't want to have to do that again..

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Installation :: UEFI BIOS Settings To Prepare For Installation

Aug 31, 2015

Is it advisable to set the UEFI BIOS (Asus ROG Hero Maximus VI motherboard) to a factory default settings before installing Windows 10? Or should I at least set the memory "XMP" profile?

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Can No Longer Boot Up Automatically Using UEFI

Sep 19, 2015

I just upgraded to Win10. I am using the computer as a HTPC and need the PC to boot up automatically each day so it can runs some scripts. I have been doing this by enabling the computer to automatically boot up within the UEFI . This no longer works after the Win 10 upgrade.

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UEFI Fails To Boot From USB Stick

Oct 22, 2015

Downloaded Windows 10 ISO, created a bootable flash drive using "Windows 7 USB DVD download tool" which I also got from Microsoft.

Set first boot device to USB in BIOS.

Saved changes and turned laptop off.

Turned it back on, with the flash drive plugged in, but computer boots to Windows 8.1 instead of the Windows 10 installation.

Restarted again, and pressed F9 to show a list of boot devices, it just shows OS boot manager, and DVD drive, not the flash drive.

Tried with Windows 8.1 USB installer, same thing happens.

Went back to BIOS, enabled "Legacy Mode" and turned off "Secure Boot", restarted, the computer can now boot to the USB stick.. for both Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Disabled Legacy Support, the computer fails to boot to USB devices again.

So, I cannot boot to a USB device if I have Legacy Mode disabled in my BIOS.And if I boot using Legacy Mode, Windows wants to convert my GPT HDD to MBR.

How do I boot to USB using UEFI instead of Legacy?

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Does UEFI Boot Have Any Runtime Advantages?

Oct 20, 2015

Other than slightly faster boot and wake from sleep, does UEFI have any real runtime advantages over legacy boot?

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Computer Freezes When Need To Change UEFI Setting

Jan 20, 2016

It sometimes (not always) happens when I need to change a UEFI setting. When it's happening the screen turns black and the computer tries to reboot. Note that the computer does not crash to the point of a memory dump. When this happens I have to keep trying to reboot and eventually it loads the default Bios settings and boots.

I have so far replaced the memory, PSU and motherboard to no avail. Once the computer does boot, everything seems perfectly stable. I noticed a new Bios update and flashed it to my motherboard, but I do not yet know if it fixed things.

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Installation :: USB Not Appearing In UEFI Boot Sources

Feb 10, 2016

i've installed windows 10 on linux before and i've never had any problems booting it (from what i remember, through UEFI boot sources). currently the windows 10 iso seems to be the only one that isn't appearing in UEFI; i installed peppermint from lubuntu using the same image disk writer on the same usb 30 minutes i supposed to have some specific settings enabled/disabled in my bios to boot the windows install? secure boot is disabled and legacy boot is enabled.

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Customization :: Change Boot Screen In Non UEFI Mode?

Nov 24, 2015

How do I change this screen? Change in non Uefi Mode? My motherboard is 5 years old. Can this be done without switching to UEFI?

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Installation :: Windows Won't Boot In UEFI Mode - Deleted EFI Partition

Aug 25, 2015

Okay, so the other week i received a new Clevo P650SE laptop. The laptop only had a 500GB 7200RPM HDD with Windows 10 to begin with, so yesterday i added my Samsung 840 EVO SSD. As i wanted this to now be the primary drive, i made another new installation of Windows onto here. After doing this, the system now displayed a boot selection at startup with the choice between the new Windows 10 installation on my SSD or the old one on the HDD.

As i no longer wanted to use the HDD for running Windows, i decided it would be best to delete Windows from this drive. So i booted onto an Ubuntu USB and wiped the entire drive of it's data in GParted, which included three different partitions. This seemed perfectly fine to me at the time, because i had a the new installation from the SSD showing up in the boot manager.

However, when i rebooted the machine and attempted to boot into the new installation on the SSD, it gives me this message:

"The boot configuration data from your PC is missing or contains errors.
File: /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/BC Error code: 0xc000000f"

I have tried everything to recover the system but nothing has worked. Startup repair from my Windows USB doesn't do anything, the system reset wouldn't operate because it stated that the partition was locked.

Nothing with the Command Prompt is working, I have done 'bootrec /fixmbr', 'bootrec /fixboot' and 'bootrec /rebuildbcd', but the last command returns the following error:

"The requested system drive cannot be found."

I also did 'bcdboot C:/Windows' but that also refused to work. I assumed the reason for this might be because the drive didn't have a letter, but when i attempted to add a letter is says:

"The specified drive letter is not free to be assigned."

Both drives in my laptop have now been completely wiped and converted to MBR, but even with the two drives empty the original message still appears when booting my Windows USB in UEFI.

I have only had this laptop a couple of weeks and it's already completely messed up. I can boot the Windows USB in Legacy and install Windows as normal, but of course i'm looking to have it back on UEFI as it was before.

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System Won't Boot Only BIOS

Mar 26, 2016

I have an i7 build, asus z97a mobo i upgraded my graphics card from an nvidia 970 to a 980. When i powered up system went to bios, i cant get windows to boot. I reinstalled the 970, still no windows, then tried onboard graphics, took out mobo battery and jumper on board to reset, still cant get windows

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Computer Goes Into BIOS Menu Automatically

Mar 5, 2016

I just bought a MSI GE62 Apache Pro. I have to install windows on FreeDos. When I look into BIOS menu, boot mode is shown as Legacy. In legacy mode, i can open the 'select boot device' menu but installation could not be done.

So as the user manual suggest, I selected the mode 'UEFI'. However, when i select it and restart my computer, 'select boot device' menu would not appear even if i press the hotkey, instead computer goes into bios menu automatically. I have a MSI CD which is called User Manual Utilities Driver and it has Windows in it.

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Computer Gets To BIOS Screen And Restarts

Feb 20, 2016

After Windows 10's failed attempt to reset, it asked me what I want to do next, try to reset again or return to Windows. I gave up and "returned to Windows" only to discover that Windows is gone and I can only get to BIOS (which I can enter). After the BIOS screen comes a black screen and it appears that the system tries to write something but can't, and only shows underlines, and restarts (but the power remains ON, it doesn't shut down completely).

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Can't Access BIOS - Unable To Boot From USB / DVD

Aug 19, 2015

My problem is that I can't access UEFI Firmware settings or Boot from USB/DVD in the Advanced startup. They are missing. What can I do? I want to go back to windows 8.1 (Don't have windows.old folder), but it gives me an error when I install it when windows is running. That's why I want to boot from DVD, but I can't.

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Cannot Get To BIOS From Windows Boot Manager

Sep 14, 2015

I was playing with disc partitions and i accidentally deleted something... The problem is, that when i start my computer, Windows boot manager error appears (with no options, nothing, just some text about how should i reinstall / repair...), but when i start my computer, i have no way to access BIOS (I know how to access bios in my pc, I was accessing it like 20 times during last few days while installing various OSs... always with F2).

So actually I am stuck in a loop: start pc - cant access bios - windows boot manager error- restart - cant access bios - win boot manager error - restart....

With windows, i had problems with accessing bios before, but it could be solved by some kind of "absolute shutdown" of a system - holding shift while clicking "Shut down" - then i could easily enter bios with F2 during start.

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Dell XPS 8300 / Can't Get Boot To BIOS

Sep 5, 2015

Have a Dell XPS 8300 which came with Win7 Home Premium. 10-12 days ago, finally got my system upgraded to Win10... but, after completing the password, all I get is a black screen.

FINALLY figured out it's because this motherboard came with an on-board VGA and delivered with an add-on VGA/HDMI board... It's truly annoying... but tapping Window-P (keys) gets me to where I can choose "which screen"... biggest rub being I'm doing it in the blind.

Soooo... I want to get into my PC's BIOS to disable the on-board video... at other times, I'd like to be able to change other BIOS stuff like Boot Sequence, etc. HOWEVER... Win10 seems to have disabled the keyboard (no F2, F12, etc) until Win10 takes control and intercepts. Googled and found several "fixes" but none work.

how I can boot this system... and get into it's BIOS... PREFERABLY directly at startup?

Also, why does SHUTDOWN NOT totally power this machine off?? Hate internal lights being on... keep seeing my Ethernet lights blink... and getting tired of pulling the cord?

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Can't Get Into BIOS At Start Up - How To Get NumLock On During Boot

Jan 26, 2016

I just got a new gpu put into my computer. A few things were changed around in the settings. It boots fine and everything is good. Except my number lock key use to light up during boot and I would just keep hitting delete which is my mobos command to enter bios and it would go in. Now when booting the numberlock key doesn't go on and just pressing delete doesn't work. It just goes straight into my windows login.

My computer works %100 fine and I just need to change 1 thing in the bios but I can't get into the setup. How to get my numberlock on during boot or to get into my bios? I don't even see "hit del to enter bios" at the bottom of the screen anymore. And my numberlock key doesn't even go on during start up until the windows login. I went into my settings and unchecked the fast boot up option in the power settings menu. Nothing has worked yet.

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BIOS Mode Boot / Restart

Sep 10, 2015

I have upgraded Win 8.1 Ent into Win 10 Enterprise. While upgrading I had an older version of BIOS. Since then I have upgraded to the latest BIOS version available for my MOBO. My MOBO is ASUS's P8H77.

I can not boot or restart into BIOS from Win 10. I have googled the problem and it was mentioned something about new UEFI method of OS installation. When I am trying to restart/boot using the Advanced Boot option my OS is missing the "UEFI Firmware Settings" option, therefore I can't get into my BIOS.

My questions are:

- All this is happening because I had an old version of BIOS and when I upgraded something got screwed up?
- Does my motherboard support Win 10 UEFI option at all?
- Do I need to do clean install? Is it possible to avoid such option?

Reason for all these trouble: My PC freezes when I leave it working overnight. I do not know how to troubleshoot it because no reason for the freeze is indicated in the Even Viewer. Why the heck my PC freezes? I do not get any BSOD or errors, just a freeze and the only way to reset the PC is to hold down the power button.

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Repair Error - USB Boot From BIOS?

Oct 25, 2015

I turned on my PC and got a Windows 10 error saying my PC needed to be repaired. I can go into the BIOS menu but I don't know what option to choose to reinstall Windows 10. I have it downloaded from the official website on a memory stick but I am thinking of buying Windows 8.1 from Amazon cause I do not like Windows 10 and want the full version. I would go with Windows 7 but I don't know what is and isn't legit on Amazon. I do not want an OEM version since I may be upgrading my PC and will want to reinstall Windows if I have to once again.

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Laptop Doesn't Boot After BIOS Update

Oct 18, 2015

I recently bought a MSI laptop, and decided to update the BIOS.

However after the update my laptop just doesn't boot anything, no USB, no hard drive, nothing.

I already enabled/disabled secure boot, used UEFI etc. and tried to flash the BIOS again, but nothing worked.

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Keystroke (s) To Enter BIOS / Boot Manager

Jan 7, 2016

I have a Linx 8 tablet running Windows 10, and despite several hours of web/forum trawling I cannot access my BIOS settings to view my boot manager, either through the Settings/Restart method, or in Safe Mode. I can get to a screen that lets me choose between either UEFI Settings or Boot Manager (by holding the power and the volume up buttons together at start up). Selecting the UEFI option takes me to the expected prompt, but choosing Boot Manager just starts Windows as normal. I simply cannot access my Boot Manager; I have disabled Fast Boot.

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Stuck In Endless Loop - USB Won't Boot From BIOS

Jan 6, 2016

I was given an error message on reboot and followed a guide to editing the registry to restart the download. The download did not restart however, and my windows 10 is stuck in an endless loop of rebooting. I have downloaded a copy of windows 10 and put it onto a USB, but when I try to boot from USB it takes me back to the BIOS. The BIOS are 'Aptio Setup Utility 2011', and don't seem to allow me to change from UEFI boot to LEGACY boot, although the option is apparently there. Why the USB boot is not working correctly and how to make it do so, I am more than happy to reformat the computer but at this moment in time it's useless. The computer is an Alienware x51 from 2011. As previously mentioned the operating system the PC is trying to boot (or install) is windows 10.

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Boot Up Directly After BIOS Prompt Screen

Sep 8, 2015

I finally got around to building a computer and it was working fine until a few days ago I turned it on and something strange happened. Directly after the msi dragon bios prompt screen, when it should be booting Windows, the screen starts flashing white with two black squares on it. It only seems to happen after it has been off for some time, like over night, and after turning restarting it a few times it eventually works. For some reason invidia driver 355.82 does not like Windows 10 try darkbreeze's solution and install driver 355.60.Here is a parts list

i7 4790k
msi Z97-G45
msi gtx960 4gb
evga supernova 550 g2
G. skill Ripjaws 2x8 ddr3
Samsung 850 evo 250gb ssd

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