Critical Stop Sound Effect When Shut Down Or Restart Before Screen Turns Black

Sep 24, 2015

Sometimes, when I shut down or restart Windows 10 64-bit, just before the screen turns black it makes the critical stop sound effect. It does not effect anything, the whole shut down process is like 3 seconds, which I really like in Win 10.

Nevertheless it bugs me a bit, I also had this sometimes in Win 7. I'm not running any programs while shutting down, it would notify me if I did.

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Critical Stop Sound Sometimes On Shut Down Or Restart

Aug 16, 2015

Sometimes when I power down or restart I get a sound that is usually used when there is a problem. I looked up the sound and its the standard "Critical Stop" sound. This only happens sometimes but even if it does occur the system still either shuts down or restarts properly.

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When Shut Down Computer It Turns Off Screen But Stays On Consuming Unusual Amount Of Energy

Jan 30, 2016

I have an ASUS UX303ln with a clean install of Windows 10 in UEFI boot mode. It seems that: when I turn off the computer it turns off the screen and fans, but stays on, consuming an unusual amount of energy (in about 30% of the cases it actually turns off properly)When I hibernate the computer, same thing happensWhen I put it to sleep, in about 60-75% of the cases it won't wake up, instead it will just enter this high power mode with screen off, mentioned in the first bullet point.

These issues persist, even after turning off hybrid sleep, fast startup, hibernation, changing over to CSM boot, trying to downgrade/update drivers for Intel Bluetooth (which sometimes was stopped by windows due to not being Windows 10 compatible), the Management Interface, and Intel and Nvidia drivers.

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Right Click Turns The Screen Black?

Sep 18, 2015

I'm running Windows 10 64-bit and whenever i right click on desktop the screen turns black. Check out video for more details(The video is in windows 8.1 but the problem is the same and still persists).

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Screen Turns Black After 10-15 Minutes

Sep 21, 2015

I have freshly formatted my computer, installed all the updates and drivers, I have also RMA'd my video card (which i thoroughly tested and found it works fine on other computers.) but I cant figure out why my screen goes black but the computer keeps running. I can hear my music still playing and I run a dual monitor setup but when my screen goes black both monitors keep bouncing around the "Analog / Digital" box and thats all i can see, i have tested the monitors on other computers and they work fine as well.

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Screen Turns Black Says No Signal

Jan 20, 2016

saw other post about Crashing without BSOD, and i followede some of the steps other people had to no luck. screen turns black, says no signal(one says no VGA and other say no HDMI), sounds cuts off, PC is still on, Lights in mouse and keyboard have to shut down the pc manual no BSOD.

ad the problem for some time now. first time i got them was in the Starcraft 2 legacy of the void, in some of the cutscenes, but only in the cutscenes, and now i have it again in blade and soul. sometimes at the login and sometimes when i enter the game(Cutscene). URL....starcraft was random times some cutscens were ok, some not, What i did was instant esc and watchede the cutscene online if it crashede) every other game i played/tryed i never crashede like this. WoW fallout 4 so on.

GPU: AMD radeon HD 7950 3GB
CPU:Intel Core i5-3570 @ 3.40GHz
Ram: 8GB ddr3 1333MHz
hard drive(s) 1: Samsung SSD 840 series 250GB
hard drive(s) 2: 500GB (SATA 6Gb/s) 7200RPM
mainboard: ASUS P8B75-M
Windows: 10.

what i have try'ed so far. update all drivers,(also BIOS)removing mouse/keyborad/headset from usb(when the game was in loading scene to the cutscene removeing Ram blocks,MemTest did a Verifier /standard /all in CMD crashed(got minidump file) HW monitor C* on pc, GPU never came over 65, CPU never over 70 no overclocks Checked Voltages seems to be in range,

use WhoCrashed to read the DMP file.
On Wed 20-01-2016 19:42:35 GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:WindowsMinidump12016-4453-01.dmp


This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem. The crash took place in a standard Microsoft module. Your system configuration may be incorrect. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver on your system that cannot be identified at this time. URL...

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BSOD :: Home Screen Flashing After Restart From Critical Error

Nov 17, 2015

Toshiba laptop now with win 10 download on it. have had critical error twice but resolved both times. switched laptop on today and critical error came on screen, used powersuite to resolve it and when it came up to the end of its run, a box came up for a restart so I did. upon starting up the only thing on screen now is what appears to be vertical line flashing up at quite a high speed.

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Computer Screen Turns Black Sometimes When Leave It For A Minute

Aug 31, 2015

My computer screen turns black sometimes when I leave it for a minute. When I press the power button it doesn't turn on, to get it working again i need to hold down the power button for 20 seconds then press the power button again.

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Sometimes Screen Go Black And Have To Restart

Aug 16, 2015

i get a black screen with windows 10, it's working fine , but some times my screen go black and i have to restart it again, what should i do?

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BSOD :: Random Black Screen And Restart

Oct 9, 2015

few issues with my windows 10 installation, had a few problems with the previous installation so formatted and re-installed windows 10 only to be faced with the same issue, so posting here. below is the BSOD collection and all relevant information.

Issue: black screen randomly happens, can be doing anything from playing a windows store game to just browsing the web, checked the event viewer and each time it happens a bugcheck shows with error 0x116 which is a graphics driver crash and failure to recover, I know that much, so, any hopes of fixing it? Never happened on windows 7, problem is specific to windows 10, tried editing the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/GraphicsDrivers TdrDelay and adding a value to 8 as provided here: URL...

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Shows Black Screen After Restart Boot

Feb 9, 2016

so I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 on my laptop which I bought in 2011 with Windows 7 originally on it. The install worked perfectly fine and the OS works great except for one thing. When I select the restart option, the computer restarts and shows the Windows boot logo but then after that I just get a black screen. At that point, if I press the power button to put the computer in sleep mode and then press it again to take it out of sleep mode, the login screen appears. When I choose to shutdown and do a cold boot, everything's boots up fine. I do not have the computer connected to another video output source when restarting so it should know to project onto my laptop screen. All of my drivers (including graphics) are up to date as well as all Windows updates.

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Boot Up Stop With A Black Screen Showing ACER And Nothing Happens

Feb 26, 2016

Installed win 10 with no problems and it has been running successfully for a good while. Recently I have had some booting problems, not all the time but every so often the boot sits there with a black screen showing ACER and nothing happens. If you sit long enough it will boot with no other problems. I tried looking at the boot section and switched it to normal as it was on something else which I cannot remember.

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Computer Turns On By Itself After Complete Shut Down

Nov 22, 2015

It turned on from a complete shut down.

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Black Screen / Restart - Looks Like OS Hasn't Loaded Correctly

Jan 15, 2016

Coming home from work I try to start my PC and it does what I described in the title. Here is what exactly happens:

- Start PC
- See windows Logo + loading dots
- Black screen (for a while)
- Restart

No errors, no beeps, nothing. Then it restarts a couple of time and then I come in the "Recovery" screen with the text: "It looks like Windows hasn't loaded correctly".

I've tried to boot to safe mode, and this works and it seems everything is working correctly. I did a anti-malware test just to be sure and it did not change anything. I also checked if all Windows recognized all the hardware, which it does. Everything looks and works as normal in safe mode.

Also tried the Start-up Repair, but it says it could not find anything wrong.

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Windows Will Not Restart - PC Just Gets Stuck On Black Screen Right Before Power Off

Dec 19, 2015

So, after having this problem for a few months I decided it was time i asked. Whenever I restart my pc for any reason, it just gets stuck on the black screen right before power off. Everything else still works fine, even when I update I just wait a few minutes then hard reset. But this is getting annoying especially when I have the updates that need multiple restarts because I have to sit there and watch it.

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Computer Just Black Screen And Restart After Starting A Game

Sep 29, 2015

My computer restarts after i start a game. It worked just fine a few hours ago but suddenly my pc just restarts after a start a game, it has restarted on Warthunder and CS:GO and when it restarts I don't get a error message or anything, it just black screens and starts over. And I've checked my components temperatures and they were normal so i really don't know whats the problem.

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Performance :: 6 Minutes To Restart - Screen Is Black With A Small Blinking Light

Jan 21, 2016

For the last 3 weeks anytime I "restart" my hp 32 bit pc it takes 6 minutes and all the while the screen is black with a small blinking light in the upper left corner everything is fine after it finally restarts and if I shut it down and start it back it starts normally and in the morning when I first start it up it starts normally it just happens any time I restart it for any reason.

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Restart Computer Equals Black Screen NO BIOS Image / Text

Feb 3, 2016

Recently I've changed my Mobo, CPU and RAM. Installed Windows 8 Pro Retail and upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. Worked perfectly and no problems

But I've noticed that if I need to restart the system I will get the usual Blue screen saying "Restarting", this will then goto a Black screen.

Nothing happens after the black screen, I never see my BIOS image or any text whatsoever (Which I usually see on a normal boot). IF I then press and hold the power button to force shutdown the computer and then press it again it will perform a normal boot, I see the BIOS Image etc.

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BSOD :: Black Screen With Sound Loop

Dec 16, 2015

builded 2 weeks ago my PC but having problems of BSOD or Black Screen with Sound Loop (no signal).

OS: Win 10 pro x64
CPU: i5 6500 3.2ghz
MOBO: Asus H170m-PLUS
RAM: Corsair 1x8GB DDR4 2133MHz (before 2x4)
GPU: Sapphire r9 380 4gb NITRO
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB


Here it's my log. The last BSOD i had was KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE after putting the 1x 4gb in the B2 ram module.Before i used the pc all the day without problems except 2 times i had a Black Screen with Sound Loop while Playing.I tested the last week an HD 5700 and i hadn't Black Screen but i had Blue Screens, now testing again the HD5700.

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Installation :: Dell 15 L502x Windows Upgrade / Restart / Black Screen 0x1900101-0x20017

Aug 3, 2015

For a couple of days, I am trying every solution from this forum, for windows 10 upgrade on my laptop Dell 15 L502x (early 2011) with windows 7 Home Premium. I tryed via Windows upgrade system tray icon (after restart - black screen,mouse pointer), then I tryed wit ISO on dvd/USB, same problem. After that I have disable one graphic card, then another, in both cases, same problem. Every time(when black screen come) I tryed with CTRL and then type password - no result. I have updated all my drivers, all updates are downloaded,

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Internet Based Media Black / Green Screen But With Sound

Jul 30, 2015

After installing windows 10 all Internet based media is not working. BBC iplayer, Netflix both via app and browsers, YouTube takes notions, any live streaming is a pixilated green screen but again with just sound. As this is the main use of my Toshiba laptop the thing is darn useless now.

Reinstalled windows 10, updated and rolled back various drivers, Done the usual chance video to software acceleration instead of via GPU. Nothings worked and not seeing similar threads so am I alone and if so how do I go about getting a working laptop again as I no longer have option to go back to 8.1.

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Cannot Log Out Or Restart Or Shut Down

Jan 23, 2016

Recently I started having a problem where after my computer is on for awhile, nothing that operates in the Metro UI will open or function at all. This includes the Start menu, any Windows 10 apps including Settings, Task View, the alt-tab interface, etc. I also cannot log out or restart or shut down, I can get to the options from Ctrl+Alt+Del but it just gets stuck on logging out and I have to do a hard reset.

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Can't Shut Down Or Restart

Aug 14, 2015

Have installed win 10, but cannot shut it down or restart it, whenever I try to do so I get error message: page fault in nonpaged area (applecharger.sys) error. My main problem is that the solutions that I have found do not work for me, as when I search through win 10 search function I get only web responses.

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Doesn't Shut Down Or Restart

Dec 13, 2015

Can't close my system since windows 10 (only forced ) And also its not possible to do a restart

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All Files In Downloads Folder Gone After Restart / Shut Down?

Sep 18, 2015

So this morning, I turned on my PC to discover that my downloads folder is now completely empty (I had put a few folders and files in there and downloaded some programs, all gone now). Even shortcuts that I placed on the desktop have disappeared, and I had to re-sign in to Chrome and import all of my bookmarks again. Last night I had accidentally clicked on restart instead of shut down, as they are so close together. I don't know if this could have contributed to the issue. After waiting for it to come back on I shut it down.

I'm just wanting to know what could have caused this, and how to fix it if possible. Definitely don't want it to happen again, and not sure if it's a Windows 10 issue or a fault with my PC. Should mention that I only recently bought this computer and it came pre-installed with Windows 10.

Solved by restarting again...still somewhat worrying that something like that could happen though.

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After Recent Update PC Is Taking Forever To Restart And Shut Down

Dec 20, 2015

So I had a pretty big update for my Windows recently and since then whenever I restarted my pc it take like 10 on the restart screen and then the screen goes black so I just turn it off from the button because I'm impatient. And same thing happens when I shut it down, the screen goes off but the pc keeps running for lik it seems forever.

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