Customization :: Changed Recycle Bin Icons But Empty / Full Doesn't Work

Feb 10, 2016

I liked the recycle bin icons used in Windows 8 better than Windows 10, so I changed them successfully to the Win 8 version. But, the new icons do not change to reflect full / empty even though both have been changed. The standard Win 10 recycle bin icons do work okay when I returned to defaults. Why the new ones don't change as they should?

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How To Empty Recycle Bin

Oct 30, 2015

How do I empty the recycle bin. I found how to access "Recycle Bin" on desktop but when I click on it a long list comes up and I have to delete each one individually and even that does not remove them.Where is the old reliable Empty Recycle Bin ??

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Why Is Recycle Bin Always Empty

Sep 18, 2015

Working with Windows 10. When I Deleted items, they do not end in the bin. Why and is there a control panel somewhere that corrects this? 

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Recycle Bin Will Not Empty

Oct 31, 2015

I am trying to delete whole recycle bin. As I highlight, right click and delete, a box called running actions comes up with a green bar showing the delete process. However the delete process does not finish and I now have 5 running actions boxes up. it has been like this for 4 days now and it seems there are no deletions.

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Can't Empty Recycle Bin

Nov 21, 2015

I can't empty my recycle bin. I don't know what caused it, or how it could even happen.I need the extra storage, and i'm on a roadtrip without my external harddrive.

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Empty Recycle Bin Does Not Appear To Complete?

Oct 31, 2015

When emptying the recycle bin there are always about 10 - 15 items left showing in the folder. They are not actually still there because they usually disappear after I refresh the folder. With the recycle bin I could just assume they are gone and if necessary I will get rid of them the next time but this also usually happens when I try to move or delete a large number of files and it is a PITA having to make sure the total move or deletion has completed successfully. What happened to the auto refresh on completion of an operation to show the actual final state of the relative folders ? It is beginning to seem that Win 10's improvements and advantages are coming with too much aggravation .

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Home Does Not Empty Recycle Bin?

Aug 8, 2015

I successfully upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 last week. For the 1st time since the upgrade, I tried emptying my recycle bin. However, it *appears* to fail, in that the dialog box that pops up shows "Discovered 0 items (0 bytes)" indefinitely. More details shows the useless "Time remaining: Calculating" message, and nothing useful. The dialog box has been doing this for 2 hours; nothing has changed. It's neither discovered anything nor progressed. I am able to cancel the dialog box, but when I retry, it goes back to "discovering 0 bytes".

I'm on a pretty powerful Dell Inspiron 15R, 16GB RAM, Intel i7 CPU, 1 TB HDD, that's now running Windows 10 Home, 64-bit.

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Customization :: How To Make Icons Full Width When Opened In Start Bar

Aug 8, 2015

I'm loving Win10 so far! Real improvement on Win7 (and most certainly on Win8, which I hated so much I went back!)

One thing I have noticed, that I can't seem to change... is how you set it so that icons in the start bar, go full sized once you open them? I liked that feature in Win7, as it was quicker to view what was open (without having to "read" the icons to work out what was what)

(I've attached a pic of what I mean)

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Apps :: Drag N Drop File On Top Of Quicklaunch Icons Doesn't Work Anymore

Nov 2, 2015

I'm used to run files by drag'n'dropping them on top of one of the icons in quicklaunch. When I need to launch file with some app, while file is associated with another, or just use the other version of app. E.g. drag and drop png file on Paint icon or Photoshop icon, whether i need to edit it with on or another.

But now, when I drag a file of top of app in quicklaunch, icon turns to striked circle (). At the same time (what frustrates me even more), I can add a file/shortcut to qucklaunch by dragging it on the empty space (or between apps' shortcuts).

I have Windows 10 and everything was working just some time ago.

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Alt / Tab Has Changed - Do Not Show Full Size Window

Dec 6, 2015

I recently upgraded from W7 to W10. On W7 alt/tab would expand each open application window such that they were full size when alt/tab'd or mouse'd over to it. But on W10 they do not show full size unless you bring the app into focus by releasing alt/tab. I suspect MS did that because on W7 they had a bug whereby the list of open icons would fall behind current windows. But that was fixed with with a 3rd party app (AltTabFixOnce.exe).

how to get back the W7 form of alt/tab?

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Recycle Bin Causes Taskbar Icons To Refresh?

Aug 7, 2015

Whenever I empty the recycle bin or move a file there while it's empty, the taskbar icons refreshes. If I move a file to the recycle bin while it's NOT empty or skip it entirely by shift-deleting a file, this does not happen.

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White Page Icons And Empty Folders?

Feb 10, 2016

I have windows 10 home operating system on my laptop.I have a problem with my file folder. when I first open it it shows that it works fine.However I've notice that on the left I see the OS and D drive as white icons. When i access any folders and then go back to the home file page it looks like this: and when i access other files they show empty folders (this is the program files folders)but i know this folders have files in them. Also when I access them i see white icons like this:I can open them and they work fine but my file folder is acting weird.

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Customization :: How To Put Recycle Bin In Taskbar

Aug 6, 2015

Tried pinning to start and right-clicking there but there is no "pin to taskbar" option. how to put the recycle bin in my taskbar?

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Start Menu Doesn't Appear - Windows Key Doesn't Work

Aug 25, 2015

Updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 two weeks ago.

Had problems with Firefox.  Tried to download to replace existing Firefox.  CNET site appeared to be correct but something seemed wrong so I killed the download. But.

- The windows start menu doesn't come up when I click on the icon, but if I right-click, a text menu does appear and lets me, for example, shut down.

.- If I click on the Windows End icon in the task bar, the screen flashes but End does not come up.  Ditto for the Windows Store icon.

-  Somewhere SpyBot S&D was erased, but I was able to download it.

- If I double-click on a photo in Windows Explorer, I get a popup that lists the name of the jpeg and says Invalid Entry to Registry.  If I right click on the photo and go to any of the options the photo is opened except if I choose Photo.

- Firefox cannot properly display the Yahoo mail page, though Pale Moon and Opera can.

- I have Avast Anti-Virus and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and when I run their scans, they find no issues.

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Changed Resolution Too High - Monitor Doesn't Support

Oct 13, 2015

I'm using Amd radeon graphics, windows 10, of course, but the problem is that i unleashed my change-settings-see-what-happends power and i changed my graphic cards resolution a little too high... And now i only get the error screen 'resolution too high, change it to 1280x1024■60fps'.

But i cant do that if I'm unable to login to my desktop. And actuallt i DID reach safe mode trough F8 but i screwed it, I changed the resolution in system settings, cuz i could not reach the graphic driver... so i restarted my computer without any profit, and now i can't get back to safe mode either...

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Desktop Icons Will Not Open Full Size?

Dec 12, 2015

My desktop icons will not open full size. Each time I open one I have to maximize it to full size.

This has only happened recently, I presume since the last auto update.

How do I reset to open full size automatically.

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Customization :: Can't Right Click On Empty Spaces On Start Menu

Jan 31, 2016

Since this started out as me trying to customize the start menu, I guess I'll post this here. If the mods feel another place is more appropriate.

I've seen screen shots of people right clicking on empty spaces of the start menu to go to properties, but when I right click on start menu empty spaces, nothing happens. I can right click on the icons perfectly fine but the empty spaces do nothing for me.

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Browser/Email :: Favorite Bar Icons Changed Save Order After TH2 Update

Dec 3, 2015

Using Win10 x64 with IE11, and after the latest major update(TH2) immediately I noticed that whenever I save anything in "fav bar" it now saves and the icon appears from left-hand side. Earlier any saves I did the icons started from right-side/far end side of the fav. bar.

So, is there a way I can revert so tht new saved icons get saved on right-side of the bar?

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Customization :: Windows Background Picture Selection Thinks Some Folders Are Empty

Jul 29, 2015

how to change the desktop background (which is curiously located in a completely different menu outside of the control panel!) and tried to choose a local folder with pictures in it, Windows somehow thinks the folder is empty.

Now, when I go to that folder in Explorer, it's full of pictures. They are all jpgs and are the same pictures that populate my synced theme, just more of them than are allowed to fit in a synced theme. I can't understand why this folder is coming up empty when choosing a slideshow when it has tons of pictures.

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Customization :: All Apps Full Screen As On Win 8.1?

Dec 8, 2015

is there any trick to do that?! it was more confortable to use...

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Customization :: Hot Key To Take Full Screen Shot

Dec 29, 2015

Is there a hot key to take a full screen shot of whatever is on the screen and put it into the photos section? I don't want it to go to the clip board. 

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Customization :: Explorer Quick Access Panel Side Changed

Feb 10, 2016

When i open file explorer to view any drive or "my computer " etc , the folders , quick access panel , all are aligned to the right , and "minimize , maximize control" is shifted to top left , instead of top right , by default it is other way around , this is problematic , as i am habitual of using quick access panel in right , and maximize /minimize control in top right , it has changed unintentionlly , and now i can not correct it , i have tried many properties menu, but i can't find the setting related to this .

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Customization :: How To Change Folder Color In Full Screen Start Menu

Aug 2, 2015

Is there a way to customize folder color in full screen start menu? I don't wanna change all of them. I wanna color any folder too any color.

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Run Dialog Box Doesn't Work

Dec 21, 2015

Just did a clean install on 10 and was researching another problem that required the run box but mine doesn't seem to work.

I get a response that 'it didn't open in a timely manner'.

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Apps :: Sky Go App Doesn't Work

Aug 7, 2015

Sky Go App doesn't work in W10, I have tried different Silverlight settings to no avail!

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Internet Doesn't Work

Mar 26, 2016

Having problems with Internet connectivity in windows 10 while having eset nod32 9 installed?I did the latest update to windows 10, and now my Internet doesn't work. I get an error while trying to repair of "windows sockets registry entries required for Internet connectivity are missing". I un-install eset, Internet comes back immediately.

This is a common problem, but people don't seem to be connecting it with their virus scanner. Installing free avast makes the computer go directly into repair mode and won't even boot. Windows 10 seems to not like virus scanners. It is a fresh build, OEM windows 10 home, tried to reinstall the system twice with the same results.

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