Customization :: Display Changed From Black Printing On White Background To Blue Printing?

Oct 5, 2015

When i upgraded to windows 10 on my toshiba laptop the display changed from black printing on a white background to blue printing on a black background which i can"t read. my old eyes aren't working so well any more and i would like to switch back to the black on white.

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Customization :: While Video Playing In One Window All Other Windows And Background Turns Black And White

Jan 1, 2016

while playing video (using any software media player, movies & tv, internet explorer youtube, google chrome youtube, vlan), all other inactive windows (any other windows) turn blank and white. I have updated video drivers, did not make a difference. I have then uninstalled all video card driver and used only default windows drivers, played video with same result. Therefore, I am sure it is windows. Tonight while trying to watch the bowl games, I typically watch video and browse/study using IE/Chrome. This is pretty typical for me, but the browser windows turning black and white is getting really annoying.

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Printing From Email?

Dec 13, 2015

I am not getting the print icon when I try to print an e mail - have tried altering resolution but system won't allow to change from default resolution - printing OK from excel word etc so nothing wrong with printer and it is set as default 

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Bar Code Coupon Printing?

Oct 18, 2015

can't print coupons with bar codes with Windows 10. will print anything else on internet,but not these. 

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File Explorer Printing?

Nov 21, 2015

When in file explorer, I sometimes want to print out the list of names of the folders and files for reference or to bump against another list of names of folders and files. The "share" option lists 'printer' but does not work properly. It only wants to print photos.

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Microsoft Edge Printing With PDF

Jan 16, 2016

When trying to print a pdf, it automatically defaults to Microsft edge and brings up the printer box. I try to click on the 3 dots and press print however nothing prints.

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Printing To Homegroup Printers

Aug 31, 2015

I have a home network with 4 Windows 10 and two Windows XP computers. The 4 Windows 10 computers are in a Homegroup and all are set up to share files and printers. I can access documents on all of the computers in the homegroup from every other computer in the homegroup. Two of the computers are logged in with local user accounts. The other two are logged in with Microsoft ID user accounts. One of the Microsoft account computers has an HP inkjet printer and a Brother laser printer attached via USB ports. I can print on those two printers from the host computer and from the two computers logged in with local accounts. I cannot print to those two printers from the other computer logged in with a Microsoft user account. When I try to do so I get a notification that says "access denied, unable to connect". If I change that one computer to a local account, it works just fine immediately, but when I change it back to a Microsoft ID user account the problem recurs. That would seem to preclude driver, homegroup and network problems, but I rule nothing out at this point.

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Printing Emails From Windows?

Jan 4, 2016

When I want to print an email i hit the 3 dots and a print box opens but only the "save " button works. the "print' button will not light up. So I must save to desktop before printing which is an irritating inconvenience. It had been working before but then i got an upgrade and the print button quit working. 

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Printing JPG Photo - No Icon On Screen

Feb 23, 2016

I have Windows 10 and have a photo in my pictures folder in jpg format. There is no icon on that screen enabling me to print that photo. How to do it?

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All Printing From Word Is Two Pages To A4 Sheet

Jan 15, 2016

How do I go back to 1 page printed on each page of A4? Since installing Windows 10....

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Dictate Info To Word For Printing?

Aug 24, 2015

Can I dictate information to a word document for printing?

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Wireless Printing Constantly Goes Offline

Aug 2, 2015

After upgrading to Windows 10, I've been having tremendous problems getting my Brother MFC-J430W working wirelessly, installing the latest Windows 8.1 x64 drivers from their website works fine and it detects the printer through wireless right away.

My problems with it are the Printer constantly says its offline under the Windows 10 printing tab however the Brother's icon shows the device connected and ready and even shows me the current ink levels. The only way I can currently print a document is by restarting my computer, and very quickly sending a document to print before it goes offline again. So basically the printer only seems to connect online when I restart the computer but goes offline within a minute or two, I didn't experience this issue in Windows 8.1 x64.

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Customization :: When Opening Settings Has Gray Background Instead Of White

Aug 7, 2015

one of the pc's with Windows 10 on, when opening settings has a gray background instead of white and it seems i cannot alter this. change this background?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Not Printing Download From Websites

Aug 23, 2015

I downloaded windows 10 but now my printer is not printing from different websites or from my email accounts. I have a Canon MX700 series. It will print only things that I have in Microsoft word but not from any site online.

I also get the error message...Awww Snap or something. I never had problems printing until the download.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Printing Setup Error?

Aug 28, 2015

Just trying to add a wireless wifi printer that's on my network and I'm running into this error.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Wireless Printing Fails

Nov 19, 2015

I recently bought an HP 2540 wireless printer that is Windows 8 and 10 compatible. I setup the computer, used disk for the Win8 and downloaded the Win10 driver and installed on the second laptop. Both Asus laptops printed and then quit.I have reinstalled printer, run every diagnostic I can find and still cannot get either to print.

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Notepad / Rich Text Document Stops When Printing

Jan 19, 2016

I have a friend that has this problem,When he tries to print from either notepad or rich text document it says that it stops working,With no error code.

Printing from Chrome browser and Thunderbird email client work just fine.And his other computer prints just fine from notepad and rich text document.

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Installation :: Printing Page From Computer Copied To Document Only

Oct 7, 2015

Although my printer will print a test page which says that it is working correctly since installing windows 10 I am unable to print anything else because when I try to print the page ie pictures or anything from my computer it is copied to my document only. I have reinstalled the printer and also re installed win 10 

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Can't Set Background Image - Black Wallpaper Display

Aug 7, 2015

As the title says, I can't set the bg image in windows 10, at first it worked perfectly but after a couple of days i cannot set a bg image, if i set any photo as the bg its just a black bg.

Asus VivoBook R553LN
intel core i5 4210U
nvidia GeForce 840m

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Drivers/Hardware :: Printing Through Server Doesn't Work Anymore

Aug 28, 2015

I have a multifunction HP C5280 printer connected via USB to my router that has a built in printer server and it's a couple of days I can't print through it from my laptop anymore (but I still can print from my smartphone as always).

The problem started when I removed the device from control panel to try installing the latest driver downloaded from the HP website, because I wasn't able to scan from it, but at least I still could print. Since then, even if the printer appears as ready, Windows doesn't even send documents to the spooler: the printer icon appears on the taskbar but it just says "0 document(s) pending".

Additional informations: I already uninstalled the downloaded new driver and installed back the previous working one and it's not a spooler problem since I can print if I directly connect the printer through the laptop USB.

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Customization :: Change Right Click Menu From White To Black?

Aug 9, 2015

Is there any way to change the right click menu from white to black ? As you can see in the picture the right click menu is white and i cannot find the reg key to change the color to black. Or some thing i can install to change the color

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Customization :: Black Title Bars And White Text

Aug 24, 2015

Windows 10 has been out long enough... any way to have black (or dark) title bars with white text without using uxtheme patcher?

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Customization :: How To Make Title Bar / Taskbar Black But Keep Tiles Blue

Feb 10, 2016

1. Make TitleBars, StartMenu, TaskBar and so on, keep the same color in example the default black.

2. Make Tiles keep a color in example blue. Like in Windows 8.1.

That is, I want to keep ALL THE DAFAULT COLORS but also make title bar black.

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Can Change Desktop Background Color To White?

Oct 25, 2015

i can change my desktop background to any color provided, but white is not one of those colors. how do i change my background desktop color to white?

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White Background When Loading Context Menus

Mar 25, 2016

I've recently upgraded to Windows 10 and noticed that sometmes when I click with the right button on desktop or somewhere else, a white background appears for a split second before the menu loads. It actually happens frequently.

I recorded the problem. Watch in 0.25x or 0.5x playback to see it clearly: [URL] ....

Sometimes it loads just fine, sometimes not.

My graphics card is GeForce GTX 650 Ti. I've tried to reinstall drivers, but it didn't solve the problem.

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Red / Blue And White Stripes On Start Screen

Oct 8, 2015

Red, blue and white stripes on start screen.I noticed that more or less 1 month ago and my computer can run normally but as I will finish to pay my PC this month and I don't know how to explain what is going on to my PC to look for my support (japanese), I'm trying to understand first and see if I can solve it by myself.The video was uploaded on you tube.

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