Dell XPS 435 - System Keeps Locking Up / Shutting Down

Oct 5, 2015

I have a Dell XPS435 (about 5 years old, I think) that is acting up. Sometimes on boot up,it will just freeze, forcing me to hard-boot. Lately, it just won't even boot up and if it does, it will just shut down sometime shortly thereafter (30 mins or so). I'm looking at speccy specs right now and the temp is pretty high, but I don't know what the median temp is (never had to before now  ) I'm guessing the fan is going out?

the system specs are below:

Operating System
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz144 °F
Bloomfield 45nm Technology
RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 531MHz (7-7-7-20)

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Kernel Security Check Failure - System Has Rebooted Without Cleanly Shutting Down First

Feb 16, 2016

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Date: 16/02/2016 18:18:46
Event ID: 41
Task Category: (63)
Level: Critical
Keywords: (70368744177664),(2)

Description: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

[Code] .....

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System Randomly Shutting Down (Kernel Power Event 41 - Task Category 63)

Oct 5, 2015

My computer keeps randomly restarting. and it is giving me no BSOD error at all either.

It started happening today only, and it seems to happen more when i'm gaming/my video card is under some stress.

When i go into microsoft event viewer and look at critical error messages I have

kernal power event id 41- task category 63 and driverframework 10110 event id errors.

Attached below are my system specs.

System Information report written at: 10/06/15 11:51:05
[System Summary]

OS NameMicrosoft Windows 10 Pro
Version10.0.10240 Build 10240

[Code] ....

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Access 2010 Locking Up

Dec 2, 2015

I have a new laptop (came with Windows 10 Pro installed). I have installed Office 2010 and everything is working fine except for Access. When I attempt to filer by pressing just a letter to get to the names starting with "C" (for example), Access locks up and never responds. I have to shut down the program. This worked fine in Windows 7 and Windows 8. 

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Freezing / Locking Up Laptop When Idle

Sep 18, 2015

When I have my webcam security software running all day (12-hours), the laptop runs fine. But when I shut the software down and then leave the laptop idle, it locks up.

It also happens when I start the laptop up and just leave it sit idle. So far, there's no specific amount of time where the laptop will lock up. Sometimes it's been within 30 minutes or it could be several hours (maybe update is running). But it freezes every single day when just sitting idle.

This isn't the kind of lockup other people are reporting where they're still able to move the cursor, etc. I'm talking complete lockup. Time, mouse, keyboard. The entire screen is completely froze and the only thing that resolves it is a restart.

I have this laptop: : Dell Inspiron 11.6-Inch 2 in 1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop, i3147-3750sLV : Computers Accessories

I've checked my power options and I'm running in performance mode with everything disabled. That means nothing is slowed down or shut down while the laptop is running.

I've also checked every event in Event Viewer and there's nothing anywhere in there that would point to a possible cause.

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Locking Up After Recent Hardware Upgrade?

Feb 10, 2016

I recently installed a new motherboard, cpu and ram and evert since then i have been getting some very strange lock ups. They never happen when i am using the PC. It will only lock up after i have left it on overnight. When i wake up the screen is frozen and the keyboard and mouse are non responsive. I have ran extensive tests on the new ram/cpu and i have yet to find an error or cause a crash from stress testing. I have also stressed the GPU and still no crashing. I have went through the even/reliability logs and they dont really seem to have anything showing up at the time of the crash. I guess the nice thing about this crash is since the screen freezes the clock gives me a nice time stamp of when it happened. software that can monitor crashes.

Current hardware

Msi M3 (MS-7978) motherboard
i5 6600 @ 3.3
2x 8gb ddr 4 pc4-17000 g skill inlt 1066.7Mhz 15-15-15-35

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Installation :: Screen Locking Up While Attempting To Boot

Oct 23, 2015

I attempted an install of Win10 when I first got the go-ahead several weeks ago, it went through the entire install (which took an eternity) and then decided it was incompatible as windows updater encountered errors, it reverted back to 7. Last week I tried again and the pre-install launcher came up with an obscure windows update error, which fixed after downloading and installing the auto-tool for windows updater, but then came up with yet another different error with winupdate.

I restarted, Rand the tool again, and although the window still showed a red X and the same second error , it allowed me to click "retry" which then just force launched the windows 10 migration. I figured might as well, didn't prompt me with any warnings about the potential error so anyways long story short after going ahead, it now freezes on the new logo immediately when it tries to boot the OS, after a couple turns of the progress wheel. Don't know where to go from here and it doesn't seem to be reading any peripherals. Have disconnected and reconnected power and had to force shut down nearly half a dozen times.

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User Has Programs Close When Locking Screen

Feb 12, 2016

I have searched and can't seem to find anything on the subject, but I have I user that occasionally locks his screen late at night (at home) with programs open (word, excel). When he checks his computer the next morning, many of the apps will have closed. No error messages are displayed, it does not appear to have restarted, and reliability doesn't indicate any issues. He is running Win 10 Education on a Lenovo Helix 2 with office 2016 installed, I can dig up his build info if needed.

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Keeps Locking Up / Everything Works Fine In Safe Mode

Mar 2, 2016

I've been working on my new computer. I really enjoyed picking out the parts and putting it together, but I'm not enjoying the enormous amount of troubleshooting I'm having to do.I installed Windows 10 on my PC. It froze on set-up, so I reinstalled it. I was then able to use it for a short amount of time and then it froze again. I decided to totally format the drive and reinstall it yet again, and after several attempts (it froze during the set up process several times) I was able to get it installed. Yet, it still freezes.

Normally Windows 10 would freeze in the first few minutes of use, but when I boot Windows 10 through safe mode, it doesn't seem to freeze. My guess is that some kind of software issue is causing this (drivers?) - but I don't know.(Let me clarify that I am able to boot into and use the BIOS just fine. I don't think it's a hardware issue, but I could be wrong.) Is there something that I could do to prevent this from happening? I don't have my drivers installed yet. I also noticed a few errors in the device manger. I'll list them below:

Device Manager > Other Devices

*Base System Device
*PCI DATA Aquisition and Signical Processing Controller
*PCI DATA Aquisition and Signical Processing Controller
*PCI Memory Controller
*PCI Simple Communications Controller
*SM Bus Controller
*Unknown device

They have a yellow triangle next to them. Could my freezing problem be related to this?

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Laptop Not Locking And Sleeping When Lid Closed While Locked

Aug 15, 2015

I recently upgraded to win 10. I found 2 which are related to when you close the lid of your laptop.

1. If you close the lid when the laptop is unlocked, and then open it up again after it has went to sleep, it will not lock the laptop but re show whatever you were doing.

2. If you close the lid when it is locked, it goes into a deep sleep. This sometimes causes me to press the power button so that it wakes up but then it reboots itself I think and shows the lock screen again.

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Locking Windows Disables Sounds In Applications

Nov 19, 2015

When I lock windows (win + L) and relog back on any application I had running when I locked the account will be muted (browsers aren't affected). The application doesn't appear in windows volume mixer and the only way ive found to get my sound back is to restart the application.

For example, I`m playing fallout 4 I need to leave my computer so I lock it (for a variety of reasons) then I return a minute later and my sound is gone. The only way to get it back is to restart the game. This is pretty annoying for me because I have to somewhat frequently lock my windows while I`m doing things.

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BSOD :: Computer Locking Up When Playing Games / Stressed?

Oct 1, 2015

My computer has been locking up recently. It seems fine until I start to put strain onto the system. This is usually done by me playing games. At first I thought it was heat and noticed my processor getting up there in temp. I went out and bought a new case and a new liquid cooling system (Something that needed to be done anyway). As I monitored over the next few days the freezing didn't stop, but my temperatures were a lot better. I did a complete reinstall of windows onto my HDD's to make sure it wasn't a driver. I did HDD's checks and nothing showed up. My next step was checking the ram. After running for 8 hours on each stick, then together, nothing showed up as an issue. I pulled out each piece to test everything, but like I said it only happens when I seem to put strain on the system. I tested both my graphics cards and I thought one was causing the issue, but it freezes on both. At this point I am at a lose as to what it could be. My thought is it might be the motherboard, but I am not sure. So I ask to you all, why is my computer locking up?

My system specs :

Motherboard- Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
Processor - AMD 9590
Ram- Corsair Vengeance 8GB x 2
GPU - AMD R9 290x x2
Power Supply - Rosewill Lightening 1300w
Liquid CPU Cooler - Corsair Hydro H100i GTX
HDD- Wester Digital 1TB
Wester Digital 2TB
SDD- Sandisk 120GB
Case- Cooler Master HAF X
Wireless Card - TP link WDN4800
More about : computer locking wrong

I looked in my event viewer and am seeing a lot of errors.

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Laptop Locking Screen When Reading PDF Using Adobe Reader

Nov 24, 2015

I've had a problem on my laptop.

When I'm reading pdf files using adobe reader, the screen locks itself after 3 minutes as it is supposed to when I'm not using the pc. But I am using the pc and I'm scrolling through the pdf file using the touchpad and yet the screen still locks itself after 3 minutes. This doesn't happen if I'm watching a video or working with documents

Laptop running windows 10, build 10586 November official release. Problem existed before 10586.

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Computer Runs Fine In Safe Mode - Locking Up Randomly

Nov 5, 2015

My computer has been having a problem with locking up randomly. Hard reset is the only way to recover. I ran stress test on CPU, GPU, memory checker, Sea gate tools was never able to recreate the problem or find any issues with any hardware. I also swapped out video cards and still had the same issue. I also monitored temperatures and never had it get hot. But if i reboot into safe mode with networking windows never locks up.  
Computer specs
windows 10-upgraded from 8.1
8gb ram
mobo alienware aurora-r4
Radeon r9 200 series

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Shutting Down Laptop

Feb 23, 2016

From time to time when powering down my Laptop (Dell Inspiron 17) , the two blue lights in front remain on & I need to take out the battery

I would like to know what is possibly causing this and how I can get it corrected

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Sound Keeps Shutting Off?

Jan 24, 2016

I've found that when I start up my computer, after a random amount of time (but always when I'm away from my computer), my computer will do two things. First, the sound will shut off. No sound will play from any sources. Second, if I try to play a video, it will play very slowly and with a lot of stuttering.

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Computer Shutting Down?

Dec 1, 2015

Since updating to windows ten my computer keeps shutting down? 

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Shutting Down Instead Of Sleeping

Aug 2, 2015

Just loaded Windows 10 yesterday on my HP AIO. Instead of going to sleep it shuts down every time there is a lack of activity. 

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Error When Shutting Down

Jun 22, 2015

My computer does this every time it turns off. And I've been having issues with games not running and I have a suspicion it's related.

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Computer Shutting Off At Logo

Sep 2, 2015

I have a Sabertooth 990FX motherboard. This isn't the first time I've installed Windows 10 on this computer (I was having issues with a corrupted operating system before, so I've reinstalled Windows several times). Basically, I managed to get Windows 10 to install successfully with no corruption issues. I went into the BIOS to check some sleep settings since a new problem is that my computer won't sleep since Windows 10 was installed, and while I was in there, I enabled a USB 3.0 fast charging feature and since then, every other time that I boot the computer, it shuts off a few seconds after the Windows logo displays, but before the loading circle even shows up.

Then I turn the computer back on again manually and it boots. But after I shut it down and the next time I try to boot it, it will do the same thing and shut off and then I will have to turn it on again manually and it will work. I went back and changed the settings back to their defaults, even flashed the BIOS to the latest version and the problem hasn't resolved. Is it possible the motherboard is now dead because I changed a simple setting? I get no error messages, no warnings, nothing when the computer boots successfully.

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Shutting Down When Window Shows

Sep 11, 2015

I have two asus m4a78lt m le pc , after installing windows 10 they both will shut down just when the windows 10 window shows, If i press the restart power button again straight away they will start as normal, I have changed cmos batteries and changed a few settings in bios, seems windows ten is setting the system up for a restart every time.

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Performance :: Booting The PC And Shutting It Down

Mar 5, 2016

I'm having some issues with my PC I have never had before. The computer is a personal rig I have personally worked on, but these last weeks some problems started appearing.

Problem 1) Had this problem for months, I think this problem also escalated to create

problem 2) I cannot "restart" my computer. Do I want to restart? I would have to shutdown and then start it up again.
When I press restart, it starts logging off, shutting down, and when my screen go blank (no signal, pc lights/fans = on) it just stays there for ever. Tried waiting once but after 4 hours I gave up.

When I start my computer I get my BIOS screen. After the BIOS timer, the boot screen gets taken over by Windows 10 with it's loading circle.

My computer stays loading here for about 8-10 minutes and then it continues booting like normal.

I am willing to follow many steps to find out this problem!! I suspect maybe unfinished installations or my other HDD interfering with the initial boot?

Also, could this problem be caused by a PSU failing? (My oldest pc component)

My windows is now on my main ssd (samsung evo 500gb) - I also have a ocz 250gb and western hdd 1tb which I had windows on previously (user files still on, no boot)...

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Error Sound When Shutting Down

Jul 29, 2015

I upgraded to windows 10 today , I defraged my hard drive , I clean up my disk and everything is up and running smooth but one thing that annoys me right now is that everytime I shutdown windows 10 , I hear that sound when u get an error ....

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Disk At 100% And PC Keeps Shutting Down With No Warning

Feb 14, 2016

I am using windows 10, and my pc keeps turning off without warning. went to task manager and Disk was at 100%. Not sure if this is related.

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Gray Screen When Restarting Or Shutting Down

Dec 19, 2015

I noticed after I downloaded the most recent updates and I disabled the Windows background on the sign-in screen I now have a dull grey screen when shutting down or restarting? When it says restarting or shutting down or when I'm signing in the background is blue, but in between a weird grey screen shows up?

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Power Light Blinks Before Shutting Down

Jan 20, 2016

When I sign out of my user profile on my 2 Acer laptops and then click shut down, the computer goes black indicating that it is shutting down. However, the power light blinks until it shuts down completely. I don't know if it's a hardware issue or what but when hibernation is disabled, it tells you its shutting down and the power light doesn't blink (instead it shuts down normally). This is not a UEFI BIOS, it is a Legacy BIOS therefore it doesn't have the option to enable or to disable fast startup. This occurs on my Acer Aspire 5250 and Acer Aspire 5749 laptops. My Acer desktop doesn't do this, but it has a UEFI BIOS.

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