Desktop / Favorites And Downloads Out Of Place

Jan 16, 2016

A long while ago I downloaded SymMover and managed to really mess up my files. I managed to take Favorites, Desktop, and Downloads out of what I'm pretty sure is called the Navigation Pane. I have 2 different Download folders in the Pane, neither of which are the actual one, and I do not know where my Desktop folder is. I can get to it if I follow a link in my User file, but that's it.

The Pane-[URL] ....
My Desktop-[URL] ....
Favorites-[URL] ....
Downloads-[URL] ....

Do I need to restore my computer to factory settings?  

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Is it possible to place items on the desk top instead of the task bar,and if so how.

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Clean install build 10130. I can't find anywhere to choose the icons I want on the desktop. Used to be able to do this from Personalization but not any more. Can't find anywhere in Control Panel either.

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Aug 15, 2015

I made the mistake of moving the download folder to the desktop folder. Now it uses the same folder for both desktop and downloads. I see no way to separate them again. On the "This PC" screen, it shows "Desktop" for both the download and desktop icons. I tried the regedit fix, but it didn't work. How can I separate desktop and downloads, like it was originally?

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I just got my hands on a new UX305 from ASUS and it's working wonderfully. However, I wanted to change the icons for the Desktop, Downloads, Music, etc. folders in Quick access in File Explorer. I was able to do it on my main rig, but there is no customize tab for most of the folders in quick access, and those that do still don't allow me to change the icon.

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Lost Favorites Column Running Down On Left Of Desktop

Dec 19, 2015

On Windows 7 I also used to have my Favourites running down the left of the desktop on my Windows 7 and I can't find them on Windows 10. 

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Browser/Email :: How Can File Folder With Favorites Be Loaded Into Edge Favorites

Feb 2, 2016

I have lost all my Favorites in Edge. I have recovered a copy of the desired Favorites and have placed these favorites on my desktop as a file folder. The file structure has all the folders, and within each folder, the links to all the favorite websites. I have tried placing the contents of this file into the following location:

C:UsersAdminAppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbweACMicrosoftEdgeUserDe fault

I understand that this is the default location for Edge Favorites. With the desired "Favorites" folder placed and verified in the above location and I open Edge and click on Favorites and all I see under Favorites are two folders "Favorites Bar" and "BookmarksBar" (as expected both currently empty). I had hoped to see also an expandable "Favorites" folder with all the subfolders. How to use the previous referenced Desktop file folder or its content to restore my Favorites in Edge.

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Installation :: Unable To Install Favorites Or Favorites Bar

Aug 19, 2015

After activation, the IE Favorites + Bar didn't install from Windows 8.1. I attempted to install using The Hub but it came back with 'Couldn't import favorites' from IE. I managed a manual install using cut and paste from the legacy IE file to the Favourites file in Win 10. This was successful for both Favorites and Favorites Bar, but it only lasted until the the machine was rebooted. The Favorites/Bar were once again missing from Win 10.

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Is It Possible To Place Icons Where Ever Want On Taskbar

Feb 10, 2016

Is it possible to move the icons freely across the taskbar and place them wherever you want? Or they must be stacked up together?

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Lots Of Settings All In One Place

Aug 2, 2015

try this > create a new folder on the desktop and name it:


then double click on this folder for easy access to lots of options.

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Download Self Selecting And Jumping All Over The Place

Sep 7, 2015

I have downloaded windows 10. I am having an aweful problem with my pointer - it self selects anything and everything. If left on a page it increases or decreases the viewing percentage. I looked in settings but couldn't see anything there to stop this.

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Making Place On The SSD Drive After Upgrading?

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Is there some files/directory/ backup / etc that I could remove from Win 7 after having upgraded to Win 10?

My SSD drive (240 GB ) is 80% filled

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Screen Won't Register Touch When Press In The Correct Place

Nov 6, 2015

I'm using the bush windows tablet and after installing windows 10 my screen won't register where I press the screen in the correct place.

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Why Doesn't File Explorer (This PC / Documents Folder) Stay In Place

Aug 16, 2015

I always like to have my Windows positioned in a certain way on my desktop, and even though some programs remain, a lot don't (i.e. 'This PC' & 'Documents' folder) never stay in the same place. It's always random when opened. Not a major issue I know. But annoying all the same. Is there a fix or workaround?

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Documents Folder In Quick Access Pointing To Wrong Place?

Oct 21, 2015

In the quick access area of the file browser the documents folder is pointing to a drive that no longer exists.

The folder is pinned to the top of the file list and it wont unpin. How do I either unpin it or make it point to the correct location.

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Indexing Options Vanished (after 10586 In Place Repair Install)

Dec 27, 2015

I don't use Windows search normally, but today had reason to look for Indexing Options in the CP. No sign. Yes, things are being indexed. Yes, the service is running.

So could I invoke Indexing Options some other way?

control.exe srchadmin.dll

- nothing.

Now when I looked for srchadmin.dll, I only found this in Windows.old. Really?

control.exe <path to windows.old...>srchadmin.dll opened indexing options.

is this dll missing a consequence of having done an in place upgrade install?

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User Defined File Sequencing - Trying To Place A Bunch Of Scanned Photos

Jan 26, 2016

I am trying to place a bunch of scanned photos into chronological sequence of when they were taken during the year so I can use the slide show feature to review/view . I've named the files by what the event was, so alphabetizing won't work.

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Downloads Get Stuck Towards The End

Aug 29, 2015

So,I've been using windows 10 for few weeks now and since the time I switched there has been some minor issues and two annoying problems:

1.My downloads get stuck at the end i.e at 99.98% or something.
2.Start up takes a long time without fast boot with a brief balck screen between loading screen and login screen.

The 2nd issue i've come to know that many people are facing and there is no fix as of now and I've left it for Ms to fix. But the First issue is becoming increasingly annoying.

First noticed it happening with firefox download manager wherein download would get stuck at the end and I will have to pause and resume multiple times to get it done.

So I started using IDm and noticed the same,only this time I will not have to pause and resume multiple times,once will do.

Not sure what is causing this [URL] ....

Have attached a screenshot taken at the time.

After sometime the one saying disconnect turns completed and there is one in the end(not visible in the screenshot)which is stuck and does not change unless I pause and resume the download.

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Unable To Install Downloads

Jan 1, 2016

When I try to download ITunes, I get a successful note from ITunes,but then a pop up says error7 error(win5)so it wont work. I am also unable to reload my Kaspersky anti virus,with my CD,I get a message saying app was not installed.

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Apps :: Downloads Will Not Install

Aug 22, 2015

I upgraded an HP Desktop which had Windows 7 Home Premium OEM installed to Windows 10. Everything seemed to go well. When I checked in Device Manager, I found my HP Printer drivers were not working. So, I tried to update them, no luck. I then went to the HP website and downloaded the new full feature software for my HP printer, which installed in the default download folder. When I tried to open the downloaded folder, a pop-up window came up asking Where I want to install this. I tried Internet Explorer, didn't work. Then another pop-up window came up with the download file in it, titled "View downloads-Internet Explorer." I click on open, then the first window pop-up opens again, "Where do you want to install this." I also, tried to download something else, same problem. I changed User Control Setting to never notify. I ran System File Checker. Still the same problem, will not install any download.

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Downloads Not Coming To Laptop

Dec 11, 2015

All downloads going to phone not laptop. Just loaded chrome and signed up for google cloud....

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Downloads Always Get Interrupted Since Upgrading

Aug 16, 2015

I've tried different browsers and my internet downloads always get interrupted and stop working. I've noticed the download speed is significantly faster, but it stops after a few seconds.

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Downloads Folder Changed

Jan 11, 2016

my downloads folder icon has changed to a lower quality ones, i can't remember if this is the right icon for it.

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