Download Pictures From A Digital Camera?

Aug 15, 2015

When I installed Windows 10 upgrade I was pretty happy about how it ran.However, when I had finished a day of photography I went to download the pictures onto my computer, but Win 10 couldn't recognise Jpeg's or an other graphic extension such as raw.

When I connected my camera to the computer Win 10 did recognize the camera, so it's not a hardware issue.

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Digital Camera Download

Nov 1, 2015

When inserting camera disk to computer, Windows 10 will not open. Is there a special driver or update I need to make this work? It worked just fine on Windows 7.

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How To Download Pictures From Camera Into Computer

Dec 25, 2015

I have windows 10 and a digital camera. I want to move pics from camera to computer memory

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Downloading Photos From Mobile And Digital Camera

Aug 22, 2015

Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have been unable to download photos from my mobile (not a smartphone just a Nokia with keypad) and my Sony camera. I always use one of the USB slots on my PC or a dongle on my desk which is attached to the PC and I keep getting a message saying it doesn't recognise the source. I am completely at a loss as to what to do next. 

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Imported Pictures From Camera?

Aug 28, 2015

I downloaded pictures form my digital camera, or at least I was trying to do. Somehow I got form installing my camera driver, recognizing my camera to importing the pictures form my windows 7 migration to Windows 10 and all of my camera pictures. They went to "albums" I lost them for a little while but found them again through notifications in the action center. I closed the display and now I can't find them.

I want to accomplish two things. Find out where my pictures went, then get my pictures moved out of albums, and stored back on the computer where they belong!

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Downloading Pictures From Sony Camera

Aug 25, 2015

How do I put my pictures from Sony camera to Windows 10? It was so easy with Windows 8 as the camera sign came up on my File Explorer and I just copied them to My Pictures! So my pictures are now stuck on my camera!!!!! 

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Unable To Load Camera Pictures Using USB Leads

Aug 4, 2015

I've been trying to upload pictures from my camera using the USB lead, however I try the Photos box comes up with some of the pics from the computer and a further box saying "we couldn't find any pictures to import "... I've tried changing AutoPlay to no avail...

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Upload Pictures Direct From Camera To Computers?

Aug 12, 2015

If and When people are going to be able to upload pictures direct from the camera to their computers? 

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After Downloaded Built In Camera Only Takes Pictures Of Desktop

Jan 30, 2016

After I downloaded windows 10 my built in camera on my computer is like facing the desktop so I can take pictures of whatever I am doing and I wont take a picture of me. I dont see anyway to turn it around.

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Can Go Into Camera File To View But Not Download

Sep 10, 2015

My brother upgraded to win 10 then had great problems with drivers which I am trying to sort out for him but at the moment he has rolled back to win 7. The only problem he has now is that he can't download pictures from his camera either by connecting via usb cable or putting the sd card in a slot on his laptop. We can view them but not copy, paste or download them to the computer. we have re-installed the programme that came with the camera which always worked fine with Win 7 before. All we are getting every time we try to transfer the images no matter what method we use is a pop up saying you do not have permission to do this action. he is logged in as an administrator. I have tried logging in as a user, logging as a different adminstrator but am now running out of options ....

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Apps :: Camera Download Into Picture Folder

Oct 3, 2015

When I plugged my Samsung camera into my PC with W7, it downloaded into a picture folder. Now I've gone to W10, I can't find out how to do this. I can't remember how I did it before as it was a long time ago.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Can't Download Single Photo From Camera

Aug 16, 2015

One of the Best features that I miss about XP was being able to download 'Selected Photos' from my Digital Camera.

Now its All or Nothing, which means I have to go to my Photos and then delete the ones that I don't want.

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Download Pictures From Card Reader

Dec 7, 2015

How can I download photos from my memory stick. I insert the reader in the usb socket I hear the normal sound but nothing shows on the screen. This only happened since I upgraded to windows 10 

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Cannot Download Any Pictures From Samsung Galaxy Phone To The Computer

Sep 1, 2015

After installing windows 10 I cannot download any pictures from the Samsung Galaxy phone to the computer. It had worked fine when I had Windows 8.1 but know it wont even recognize that I have the phone attached?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Front Camera Working But Main (rear) Camera Is Not

Jan 9, 2016

I updated to the latest drivers for Intel AVStream Camera on my tablet / laptop. After the update, only the front camera works now.

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OS Migration To SSD With Digital Entitlement Key

Apr 5, 2016

I am switching to an ssd soon but my W10 key is a digital entitlement. I was given an iso of W10 from windows tech support in case I ever needed to reinstall W10.

If I install W10 using the iso that is now on a flash drive (media creation tool) to a brand new ssd, will the digital entitlement key be transfered as well, or will i have to purchase a copy of W10?

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Second Digital TV Monitor Not Detected

Oct 29, 2015

I have a digital tv hooked up to my laptop via HDMI and windows 10 doesn't detect it. But when I go into AMD catalyst it sees it. What am I doing wrong?

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Updates :: Restoring Digital Entitlement

Feb 10, 2016

Bought Windows 10 Pro from an authorized dealer and successfully installed then activated Windows 10 on a standalone PC with the Activation key that came with the CD.

With that same CD I installed Windows 10 on a Laptop I had as well, (an additional machine). Could not activate because the key was already being used on the standalone. Okay fine....went to Windows Store and bought another key...arrrrg. The laptop activation was successful "Windows 10 on this device is activated with a digital entitlement"

So what happens if my Laptop goes south, crashes and burns lets say. I re-install Windows 10 with the CD I have, how is that Digital Entitlement I just bought for the Laptop, going to be applied? Or remembered? Surely I'm not going to have buy another...

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Drivers/Hardware :: No Bass With Dolby Digital Plus

Aug 16, 2015

I did a clean install to Windows 10, because upgrading it break the WiFi connectivity.

Now I got another issue, I noticed that the Audio Driver downloaded from Windows Update is somehow didn't sound good, if I enabled Dolby the bass is drastically reduced like no bass at all. I tried with headset and a small sound system, they both sound like a laptop speaker. The old driver couldn't be installed, the installer always failed.

I tried to use the same driver for windows 10 from another lenovo product with no different. It is not a big deal because I'm using a USB Headset. What matter is when I use a sound system to play music/movie the sound really bad. The solution for now is to disable Dolby but the sound is really low. I would like to know is there is a way to install the old driver to Windows 10 at least?

My sound card is Conexant SmartAudio other spec can be found in Sytem Spec and the installed driver version is

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Crackling Audio - SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD

Aug 2, 2015

I have been up all night and morning now, trying to get my sound to work properly. But without any success.

I keep getting some noise / crackling as any kind of sound plays (even Windows tones), and I cant figure this out any more.

I reinstalled via. Device Manager, tried another driver (won't let me install, says Windows found the newest and best tho)

I'm about to give up on this Windows 10 already, seems like this is a huge problem, but to Realtek tho.

I have a Asus Rampage Extreme II with the SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD, and I tried literally everything.

My DxDiag [URL] ....

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Videos Appear Green Or Like Digital Scrambled On Facebook

Aug 7, 2015

Why can't I view video anymore on Facebook and other videos since downloading Windows 10? - videos appear green or like digital scrambled on Facebook now...

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Downloading Photos From Camera To PC

Aug 29, 2015

Before installing Windows 10, when I plugged in my camera to my PC, I got a dialog box from which I downloaded my pics. Now, nothing appears on the task bar, nor do I get a dialog box. Am at loss what to do next. 

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BSOD :: Camera Does Not Work?

Aug 7, 2015

I installed Windows 10 today on my Toshiba laptop Satellite P755, I now cannot get my camera to work. 

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Why Can't Transfer Photos From Camera

Nov 6, 2015

It doesn't matter whether I insert the chip or use the cables "just absolutely nothing happens and ther is now explanation given.

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Why Is Camera Not Working When Upgraded

Aug 9, 2015

When I open camera, it is not working and in skype also...

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How To Delete The Windows Camera App

Aug 22, 2015

I thing this app interferes with my camera driver

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