Downloading Pictures From Sony Camera

Aug 25, 2015

How do I put my pictures from Sony camera to Windows 10? It was so easy with Windows 8 as the camera sign came up on my File Explorer and I just copied them to My Pictures! So my pictures are now stuck on my camera!!!!! 

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Downloading Photos From Camera To PC

Aug 29, 2015

Before installing Windows 10, when I plugged in my camera to my PC, I got a dialog box from which I downloaded my pics. Now, nothing appears on the task bar, nor do I get a dialog box. Am at loss what to do next. 

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Downloading Pics From Camera To Laptop?

Aug 26, 2015

I am new to Windows 10...I have been trying to download pictures from my Olympus camera to my laptop but, with no avail, what to do? 

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Downloading Photos From Mobile And Digital Camera

Aug 22, 2015

Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have been unable to download photos from my mobile (not a smartphone just a Nokia with keypad) and my Sony camera. I always use one of the USB slots on my PC or a dongle on my desk which is attached to the PC and I keep getting a message saying it doesn't recognise the source. I am completely at a loss as to what to do next. 

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Imported Pictures From Camera?

Aug 28, 2015

I downloaded pictures form my digital camera, or at least I was trying to do. Somehow I got form installing my camera driver, recognizing my camera to importing the pictures form my windows 7 migration to Windows 10 and all of my camera pictures. They went to "albums" I lost them for a little while but found them again through notifications in the action center. I closed the display and now I can't find them.

I want to accomplish two things. Find out where my pictures went, then get my pictures moved out of albums, and stored back on the computer where they belong!

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Download Pictures From A Digital Camera?

Aug 15, 2015

When I installed Windows 10 upgrade I was pretty happy about how it ran.However, when I had finished a day of photography I went to download the pictures onto my computer, but Win 10 couldn't recognise Jpeg's or an other graphic extension such as raw.

When I connected my camera to the computer Win 10 did recognize the camera, so it's not a hardware issue.

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How To Download Pictures From Camera Into Computer

Dec 25, 2015

I have windows 10 and a digital camera. I want to move pics from camera to computer memory

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Unable To Load Camera Pictures Using USB Leads

Aug 4, 2015

I've been trying to upload pictures from my camera using the USB lead, however I try the Photos box comes up with some of the pics from the computer and a further box saying "we couldn't find any pictures to import "... I've tried changing AutoPlay to no avail...

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Upload Pictures Direct From Camera To Computers?

Aug 12, 2015

If and When people are going to be able to upload pictures direct from the camera to their computers? 

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After Downloaded Built In Camera Only Takes Pictures Of Desktop

Jan 30, 2016

After I downloaded windows 10 my built in camera on my computer is like facing the desktop so I can take pictures of whatever I am doing and I wont take a picture of me. I dont see anyway to turn it around.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Downloading Pictures To Computer

Aug 20, 2015

Since installing Windows 10 I can't download pictures from my digital camera to my computer. What can I do to fix the problem...

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ICloud - Cannot View Pictures Without First Downloading And Installing

Jan 30, 2016

A friend sent me an invitation to view pictures on iCloud. I cannot view the pictures without first downloading and installing iCloud on my Surface Pro 4 and also create an Apple ID. I have created the ID and while I can download and install iCloud for Windows10, I am unable to open iCloud. The error message is that iCloud can only be used on Apple devices. How to download iCloud with Windows 10 in a way that iCloud works?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Front Camera Working But Main (rear) Camera Is Not

Jan 9, 2016

I updated to the latest drivers for Intel AVStream Camera on my tablet / laptop. After the update, only the front camera works now.

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Sony Vaio AIO Can't POST But HDD Is Active

Sep 30, 2015

Sony VAIO AIO model SVL241290X, Core i7, 2Tb HDD 64 bit, started doing a startup/shutdown constantly (not exactly a loop) never getting to POST or Welcome screen for Windows 10. It started doing it when I hooked up an old HDD to move files from it to the VAIO which had been in a machine that did the same thing. Thought it was a bad motherboard on the old PC, but now I think it's a virus. Whenever I power the VAIO down by pressing/holding the power button, and starting it up again, it just resumes with HDD activity but never shows anything on the monitor.

Even the VAIO Assist button doesn't work. Also can't get to BIOS or Safe Mode. Sounds like a virus - maybe a rootkit MBR virus? Right now I can't do anything with this machine. Normal troubleshooting does not work. I don't have any restore discs or bootable recovery discs, although I am creating a copy of Windows 10 on USB drive with Microsoft's Media Creation Tool. But, without being able to designate the USB port to look at first in BIOS, that won't work either. Most important things are backed up, but I have a few things I would not like to lose.

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Sony Vaio VPCEG17FB - How To Enable Stereo Mix

Dec 16, 2015

I got a laptop (Sony Vaio VPCEG17FB). I used to use Windows 7, which was already installed on it when I bought it. It was extremely easy to enable Stereo Mix on Windows 7.

But now I've just installed Windows 10. The same procedure which worked to enable Stereo Mix on Windows 7 doesn't work on Windows 10.

How can I enable Stereo Mix on Windows 10?

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No Bluetooth Option In Settings In Sony Vaio

Aug 1, 2015

Upgraded my Sony Vaio SVE15115ENW to Windows 10 Home. Now, I am unable find the Bluetooth option in settings menu. Have downloaded and installed the Atheros drivers as well as Intel drivers for Bluetooth from Sony website. But nothing worked. There's nothing in the device manager. Earlier, The get windows 10 app did not show any compatibility issues.

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Video Playback Distortion - Sony Vaio Pro 13

Aug 27, 2015

I'm on a Sony Vaio Pro 13 running Windows 10 64bit. Ever since upgrading to Windows 10 I've been experiencing strange horizontal distortion on the right half of the screen while viewing videos through any internet browser. The issue seems to be confined to YouTube ads (actual videos themselves are fine), news websites, and other websites whose video encoding is presumably similar. I've attached a fairly shoddy image I took with my phone to demonstrate the issue.
I have upgraded and tried reinstalling any driver that I thought was feasibly connected to video playback to no avail.

Attached Files : dodgy.JPG   57.39KB

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No Sound Output After Upgrading In Sony Vaio Laptop

Aug 24, 2015

There is no sound output in my sony vaio laptop after upgrading to windows 10.

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Overlook Sony Vaio

Feb 10, 2016

I have Sony vaio sve1513. I would like to reinstall Windows 10.

I've created a usb with media creation tool but when I boot from usb have a bootloop.

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Right-hand Click Menu Missing From Sony VAIO After Update?

Sep 4, 2015

I updated to Windows 10 a week or so ago, and since then I've noticed that I no longer seem to have a right-hand click menu function: on Chrome/Explorer, it opens the link I'm clicking on in another tab or window, but on everything else either nothing at all happens or the scrolling arrows appear. why this is, and how to get it back?

(to be clear: I'm talking about the menu that has copy/paste/select all etc on standard programs, or thesaurus/font etc on Microsoft Word.) 

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Sony Vaio Laptop Not Loading Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Oct 8, 2015

My laptop is a Sony Vaio E series running windows 10, for whatever reason it has stopped loading the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, it gets to the page and the loading will stay there forever. I have experienced many minor problems since upgrading to windows 10, it gives one the feeling windows 10 is still in beta form.

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Asus P7H55 And Sony Bravia - HDMI Not Compatible Since Upgrade

Sep 11, 2015

I just upgraded my htpc computer from win7 to win10 this morning. I have an Asus P7H55 motherboard with onboard Intel HD graphics H55 series. things were not perfect to start with.

Situation before the upgrade:
- if I was watching a moving in full screen on Netflix and went away forgetting to come back to the main web page, 9/10 when I would come back to the PC, the TV would somehow have forgotten it was connected and flash as it had lost its signal. I had to hard-reboot the computer, then the problem was fixed until next time. I never was able to figure out why it did that - overheating? incompatibility when going to idle / screensaver if in full screen? was it specific to the TV? I just went with it.

Situation after the upgrade:
Now, the TV just won't display the computer, period. I know something changed during the install of win10 - as the TV screen suddenly went dark then an error message "incompatible" started showing at the bottom of the screen.

What I tried so far:
- I went on Asus' website to try to download windows 10 drivers. Somehow they seem to have forgotten putting them on their website. The 8.1 ones dont work either.
- I tried downloading stuff from Intel (they provide the chipset and graph card) but so far haven't had much success

What I'd like to avoid:
- in some research, I found that some people had to connect using VGA instead of HDMI to fix this problem with their Sony Bravia TV. I'm not thrilled with this idea as the resolution and quality would degrade compared to HDMI.
- if at all possible I'd also like to avoid having to purchase a brand new graph card for this computer.

My setup:
motherboard: asus p7h55
tv: sony bravia

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Drivers :: Unable To Load Media File To Sony Vegas Platinum 13.0?

Nov 1, 2015

Unable to load media file to Sony Vegas Platinum 13.0 since I upgraded to windows 10 from 7, error message Unsupported Open GL version. HitFilm requires 2.0 or above. Current hardware GL 1.1 GLSL 0.0. This happened after the upgrade to windows 10.

How do I get the GL 2.0 or above? 

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Digital Camera Download

Nov 1, 2015

When inserting camera disk to computer, Windows 10 will not open. Is there a special driver or update I need to make this work? It worked just fine on Windows 7.

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BSOD :: Camera Does Not Work?

Aug 7, 2015

I installed Windows 10 today on my Toshiba laptop Satellite P755, I now cannot get my camera to work. 

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Why Can't Transfer Photos From Camera

Nov 6, 2015

It doesn't matter whether I insert the chip or use the cables "just absolutely nothing happens and ther is now explanation given.

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