Drivers/Hardware :: Unknown Device Disconnected Sounds

Jan 10, 2016

I am getting numerous Device Disconnected sounds and occasionally Device Connected sounds.

I am trying to trace the source of these and started looking in the event logs.

There does not appear to be any events with Critical or Error tags showing.

Should the Device Disconnected event create a log entry?

If it does not can one be created to give me a clue as to what has been disconnected? Everything still appears to be working after a Device Disconnected sound is heard.

CPU: Intel i7-4930K 3.4GHz
HDD: 2 x 2TB in RAID 1
HDD: 1 x 2TB
Windows 10 fresh install and updates to 10586.36

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Drivers/Hardware :: Unknown USB (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

Jul 29, 2015

Fresh install of Windows 10 and the last driver I need to sort out is the above.

I believe it is my powered USB 3 hub to which I plug in my keyboard and mouse. Technically it is working but I don't like seeing yellow triangles on devices.

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Play Application Sounds On All Output Device

Nov 11, 2015

Without using the stereo mix method, how could i make all applications play sounds on all my output devices. I want to do it this way, so if i want an application to play on just a single output(ex. headphones) i could just mute that application on all other output(ex. speaker, stereo, HDMI) on windows' volume mixer.

or if there is a software for this, i looking for designs as plain and simple as the default mixer and easily accessible. i don't want it too complicated.

[URL] .....

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Unknown Sounds - Constant Beeping Type Noise Every Couple Minutes

Sep 1, 2015

So ever since I upgraded to windows 10 I have been getting this constant beeping type noise every couple minutes and I can't get it to stop unless I mute the computer completely. I've checked my notifications are all turned off and the only other thing I can think up is something with my Bluetooth because I know my computer has Bluetooth but for whatever reason right now it does't even show me Bluetooth as an option so I can't turn it off and I know I'm not popular enough to be getting that many emails. This noise, I can't get it to stop!

My other quick question is is there a way to change the default search browser for cortana from bing to google. I hate bing.

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Bluetooth Not Reconnect When Disconnected Without Removing Device And Pairing It Again

Jan 16, 2016

I am running Windows 10 Home version 1511 build 10586.63 on a Dell XPS L502X laptop. I have just bought a Bose SLIII bluetooth speaker. I can connect it up to the laptop no problem and it works well, however when I disconnect it I cannot reconnect them without removing the device and pairing it again. On my Android phone it is detected and automatically reconnects. Why I have to recreate the device each time I want to connect on the PC? If I do a Win+A then 'connect' and select the speaker device, it tries for a few seconds then I get a yellow message 'Couldn't connect'. When I remove the device and 'Pair' it again it connects immediately. 

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Device Manager With Incorrect Info - Showing Old Disconnected Hard Drive

Jan 16, 2016

I have an odd issue where a Samsung SSD that is no longer in my system is still showing. The weird thing is if I bring up the properties, and then populate the fields of the drive (by pressing the populate button), it shows the capacity of the newer drive which is double the size. This drive is not a Samsung drive though. So I'm not sure what's going on here - see picture where it clearly states (at the top) that I'm looking at the properties of a 250GB Samsung drive, but the populated fields show it to be a 480GB drive.

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Drivers/Hardware :: USB Ports Being Deliberately Disconnected Or Disabled

Jan 19, 2016

I am being bugged by a problem associated with USB ports apparently being intermittently disabled or disconnected.

The result is a cacophony of device disconnected sounds being played. It ultimately means the PC has to be shutdown. Occasionally a device connected sound will be heard as well.

I have heard that Win 10 is disabling or disconnecting USB ports to save power for tablets and such. Understandable for limited power availability but for PCs where power is always available this seems misguided.

I need to know if this is by design or can it be selected off via registry option.

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HP Envy M7 / Windows Sounds Distorted (all Other Sounds Fine)

Jan 9, 2016

I have a new HP Envy M7 laptop running Windows 10. I have an odd problem where all the stock windows sounds are distorted as if they are being unnecessarily amplified. All other sounds, such as videos, music, movies, etc, are all completely fine. I've tried looking through the windows sounds area, looking at the device properties, and also at the 2 different volume control areas with no luck.

When i say 2 different olume control areas, i mean the volume control icon in the taskbar tray, and also the "Bang & Olufsen" sound control icon in the taskbar tray. Bang & Olufsen apparently provides the audio products for this machine? Anyway, i can see anyplace where the windows sounds are being amplified.

My devices are:

Realtek High Definition audio
nVidia Virtual Audio Device
Intel(R) Display Audio

i have all drivers up-to-date.

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Drivers/Hardware :: USB Hard Drive Unknown And Not Initialized

Jan 14, 2016

I have a 1TB external USB hard drive, it is not showing up in 'my computer' the light on the hard drive is constantly flashing and randomly beeps and clicks when first plugged in, I have never heard this until today..

I have tried it on two laptops, windows 7 and windows 10 and in a macbook, does not show up.

I have tried a different cable from another USB device, still no luck.

It appears in device manager which says it is running normally, I have tried un-installing and re-installing, no luck! In disk manager it says the disk is unknown and not initialized, see screenshot.

Reading other forums suggest trying Minitool partition wizard it comes up but as 0GB, screenshot

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Drivers/Hardware :: No System Sounds Functioning

Sep 23, 2015

I have updated to Windows 10. After scouring the internet for options, I need to turn to ask the experts. Movies play, songs play... even the system sound previews play when I pick a sound scheme. But under normal computer operation, no system sounds play. The recycling bin, system errors, windows boot and shutdown, and email notification sounds are all silent in regular computer operation. I have performed the two prescribed sound card driver tweaks described online for issues of no sounds working at all.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Unknown Partition / File System - Cannot Edit Or Remove

Nov 13, 2015

I was in the process of updating several sata controllers and chipset drivers. I also installed a new USB 3.0 hub and was in the process of moving around several devices between ports. I had a problem with my keyboard which uses USB 2.0 as a connector but I would recieve a "Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed)" code 43 on every port on the USB 3.0 Hub. I finally gave up and put the keyboard back into the 2.0 ports on my motherboard. When I finally fixed everything. I realized my DVD drive was not working. I had to reconnect the SATA cables because it got disconnected while I was moving my PC around. Upon the last restart of my PC.

I checked Disk Managment and noticed lots of system reserved partitions and drives which were not there before. What happened but I think updating several drivers and the combination of reinstalling USB ports via device manager or the optical drive being reconnected may have messed up how windows used to have system reserves as partitions. I only had one visible system reserved drive before, now I have 2 visible and lettered system reserved drives.

I also have a unknown partition at the top of the list, I cannot right click that partition and select any options. The only option in my context menu which brings me a link to Overview of Disk Management

I also had my video quick access as my DVD optical drive when I restarted. I have fixed this issue by changing my quick access links back to their proper folders and it removed the duplicate Videos Icon. My quick access links were remapped to the G: drive (CD Drive), they were usually on the F: drive. Why Windows did that during my driver updates and restarts.

I have only provided the above information to know what the unknown partition is and why I cannot modify or remove it. It's the recovery partition of the C: Drive. The System Reserved E: Drive, System Reserved D: Drive are both considered primary partitions.

Should I be concerned or is this all normal?

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Drivers/Hardware :: No Audio Output Device Is Installed - No Realtek Device In DevManager

Sep 12, 2015

i have my ASUS X555LD for almost a year now, so as far as date is concerned my laptop shouldn't be too old to suffer such illness. So it came with Win8.1 x64 of course and just recently, as soon as Windows 10 was released, i upgraded quickly.

but right after i upgraded to Windows 10, my laptop became ill and had this errors:

1. i got BSoD Most of the Time, one would say CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED or UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION. there are times my laptop would freeze in the BSoD, not even the 0% would move to 100%. so i had no other choice but to force shutdown it, and sometimes after turning my laptop on again i end up at my BIOS with no HDD nor BOOT ENTRY listed. as i experimented, i had to press slightly hard on the right side of my Laptop where my HDD is Located just for my Laptop to re-read my HDD once again, as soon as i got back to Windows 10, i ran an HDD Check and nothing was wrong, no bad sectors or anything. this is confusing me as to how it is happening. so i somehow got used to BSoD since my Laptop frequently experience it. sometimes just a simple movement that would shake my laptop would turn into BSoD again, i suspect something like my HDD or loose or the likes. i dont really know.

2. after the BSoD Case, a week or three i guess. i started to loose Audio Ability. it was just this morning, the Volume Icon has a "RED X" on its icon and states "No Audio Output Device is installed.". and after checking my Device Manager, to my surprise the Built-in Audio Device (Realtek) is not there. i don't know how or why it happened but i can't get it back.

even checking the sound tab on the control panel doesn't bring out Audio Devices.

i was wondering if ASUS or the PC Store where i bought my Laptop would fix it for me as per warranty is involved ?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Retrieve Device After Hitting Remove Device

Jan 17, 2016

I recently put my camera memory card into my computer to download photos. I couldn't open them and need to leave so hit "remove device" figuring that I'd go back later when I had more time to get them. When I went back and reinserted the card it didn't show up. I've tried to "add a device" but it still doesn't work. When I hit the device and printers icon it doesn't show up. What do I do?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Pointer Keeps Freezing And Making Beep Sounds

Nov 22, 2015

i have just reinstalled windows 10 on my SSD and i have some problems with the touchpad. While using both touchpad and mouse, pointer keeps freezing and keeps making "beep" sounds...I reinstalled drivers over and over, and still nothing...Does any1 have an ideea of what's going on with the freaking windows?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Device Manger Shows No Missing Drivers For Sound

Aug 29, 2015

Upgraded old laptop (HP Pavilion dv2225) to WinX and everything works except for sound. Device Manger (Win key+ X) shows no missing drivers for sound. Used to play AoK under Win 7.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Getting Report Of Installed Device Drivers And Levels?

Dec 28, 2015

It used to be possible to do this in Device Manager IIRC, but with Windows 10 installed I can't see how to get a device driver report. Has this been taken away? If so what will produce such a report?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Intel HD Drivers Trying To Update But Device Is Disabled

Nov 12, 2015

I very briefly switched on the IGP whilst swapping from Nvidia to AMD last month and now Windows Update is constantly trying to update (and failing) the drivers even though no Intel drivers are currently installed, I used DDU to remove the Intel and Nvidia drivers.

How to stop it? Now whenever I open Windows update I get updates are available for Graphics Adaptor WDDM1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 for Intel HD Graphics 4600

I can't even search for new updates any more!

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Track Down Missing Device Drivers

Sep 30, 2015

I have just done a Clean Install of Windows 10 on my Sony Vaio VGN-NW21ZF laptop following a partition corruption while trying to repartition the HDD. previously it had been upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and there were no device driver issues.

All appears to be working OK, but in device manager I have two unknown devices that do not have drivers installed. On is described as Base System Device, and the other as Unknown Device. Looking at Sysyinfo I see the following details:

How do I work out what these devices are so I can try to find the correct drivers?

Looking in Computer Management I see this information

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Drivers/Hardware :: Purging All Drivers For Device Type?

Dec 2, 2015

Over the past few weeks I've been trying various Alfa Wi-Fi adaptors, and different drivers. I've now given up and bought a device (TP-Link) that has a driver built into Windows 10.

However, when I plugged it in it seems to have picked up on an Alfa driver, possibly as the chipset is similar.

Is there a way to purge all drivers for a device type, except the Microsoft ones?

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Drivers :: Intel HD Drivers Trying To Update But Device Is Disabled

Nov 12, 2015

I very briefly switched on the IGP whilst swapping from Nvidia to AMD last month and now Windows Update is constantly trying to update (and failing) the drivers even though no Intel drivers are currently installed, I used DDU to remove the Intel and Nvidia drivers.

How to stop it? Now whenever I open Windows update I get updates are available for Graphics Adaptor WDDM1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 for Intel HD Graphics 4600

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All USB Devices Get Disconnected At Random?

Mar 5, 2016

my Mouse, Keyboard and my audio interface get disabled a few times a day. at seemingly random intervals.
mouse and keyboard are mostly no problem because they reconnect instantly, with one exception today which forced me to restart as win10 refused to detect them again.

but most annoying is when it disconnects my audio interface because it never manages to reconnect without me manually pulling the usb plug out and in. some programs and game crashs when i do that, or just wouldnt play any sound without restarting the program in question.

i installed win10 a few weeks ago, its a clean install not an update. this problem hasnt occured ever before last week or something. so i suspect some auto-updates could have messed with it. i have not tinkered with usb drivers or anything like that,

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WiFi Disconnected And Won't Reconnect

Oct 1, 2015

I was working on my Qosmio x505 on my router as I have been for the past 5 years with no problems. This time the laptop randomly just disconnected from my WiFi and wouldn't reconnect! When I try to connect to the router it acts as if I have never once connected to it (asking me for the pass). Once I put the password it does its usual thing and then gives me the message that it cannot connect.

I should mention that my laptop connects to my Samsungs hotspot just fine. Also, all my other devices (2 in total) connect fine to my WiFi. I tried to disconnect them and then connect my laptop and it didn't work. I reinstalled the WiFi driver but it didn't work. I tried troubleshooting but when it asks me to look for available networks and I press the option it completely bypasses the step! I tried to restart the laptop and router, didn't work either. I got so desperate that I backed everything up on my external hard disk and did a total windows 10 reset. That didn't work either!

I am sure I am putting in the password correctly. Also, when I left-click on the WiFi it doesn't give me the option to "forget" the network.

Windows 10 has been working for me very well since it rolled out, I doubt that it is a problem with windows 10 but it may be.

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No Operation Can Be Performed On Ethernet While It Has Its Media Disconnected

Jan 16, 2016

After upgrading to Windows 10 I'm getting internet problems. Most pages are very slow to load, I often get connection timeouts and lag in some games, despite the ping not being really that high. I thought it could be a browser issue so tried other ones but it didn't work. I've already updated all the drivers, have the latest BIOS and deactivated the P2P sharing of Windows Updates in local connection and applied all the updates that came up with Windows Updates. Oddly enough, Steam downloads and voice chat don't present any problem.

I've already tried the connection troubleshooter, to no avail, and also tried to renew the IP using instructions in a Tom's article:

1. Press Windows Key + X and select “Command Prompt (admin)”.
2. Type ipconfig /release and hit Enter.
3. Then type ipconfig /renew and hit Enter.
4. Type Exit and hit Enter."

But when I applied the commands I got the following message: "no operation can be performed on ethernet while it has its media disconnected" I'm connected using an Ethernet cable.

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WiFi Disconnected After Upgrading - Red Cross Appeared On Icon

Dec 5, 2015

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad  S10-3, it was upgraded from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 10 early august. Working find everything until updating to version 1511 in november, after rebooting with the new version the WiFi appears disconnected, it only shows airplane mode and I can only connect to internet by cable. I have tried changing drivers, disconnecting and reconnecting wireless, even going back to former Windows 10 version, etc. but no way. WiFi appears with a red cross!. Why WiFi worked so fine in the former version and why it´s disconnected in the new version?.

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How To Uninstall Old Device Drivers

Aug 4, 2015

The normal uninstall of old drivers in Device Manager isn't working. I am trying to update my Intel 7260AC Wi-Fi adapter to the latest Windows 10 drivers (18.12 from Intel's website). They won't install. The .exe runs but the drivers don't change and the new drivers aren't even listed in device manager to select. I can only select between two older driver versions that were once used under Win 8.1 (I upgraded).

When I try to uninstall the device, the check box to uninstall software isn't available. The device will uninstall but simply comes back with one of those two drivers. Is there another way to permanently remove them (e.g. where does Windows store driver software including registry entries). I would like to simply get rid of anything and try to get 18.12 drivers to install...I'm thinking they are somehow conflicting and preventing the install.

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Overcome ( This Device Is Currently In Use )

Oct 6, 2015

Most often I face this problem with my USB drive like Pendrive, Portable Harddisk, SDMMC Card etc which are not in use anywhere and does not show in Task Manager but still you cannot eject it out or get the message "safe to remove". If this situation arise how to overcome and eject the USB out safely without corrupting your contents in the USB Drives.

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