Excessive Active Sessions Open Immediately After Boot Up?

Feb 17, 2016

I've been noticing that my Internet speed has become very erratic and overall greatly reduced recently. This afternoon I had a tech from my ISP, and investigate the problem he found that for some reason my computer is a large number of Active Sessions immediately after I boot up endless gift is worth by the time I open a browser session. The computer is secured by Norton Security and I have recently run Norton Eraser As Well as Malwarebytes. None of these found any problems.
What would be causing the excessive active sessions to be open? I'm talking some more the neighborhood of 50 of them are openly immediately after booting!

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Performance :: Excessive Sessions Open Immediately After Boot?

Feb 10, 2016

I've been having problems with Internet speed variations recently. Today I had a Tech from my ISP here to look at the problem and he discovered that immediately after boot I have over 50 active sessions open on my PC, even before I open a browser window. This machine has Norton Security installed and active and I've recently run Norton Eraser As Well as Malwarebytes and neither of them have found anything significant while scanning.

what could because of these sessions to open?

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IE 11 Not Remembering Sessions (Right Click / Open Tab)

Mar 11, 2016

Running a Win 10 laptop.  One month old.  Fully updated OS. The system is not remembering Sessions when I open up new Tabs.  For example, I will sign into Gmail and then go open a New Tab and go to Google, but I am not signed in.  Additionally, I will be signed into my university library site and click on a link that is supposed to take me to a report of document and I get an error about not being able to open the page, which is really strange.
I have the settings set in Options -> Privacy -> Advanced to 'Always accept session cookies'.  However, when I Reset IE 11 and restart unit and then go there, upon leaving the window, it does not say 'Apply' at the bottom of the main window as if the system didn't recognize I made a change it needs to save when I in fact have made a change by checking the box to allow sessions.  I would have thought a reset in IE would have fixed this but it did not.
I also have no Restore point to go back to.  I certainly do not want to start all over loading programs after another Windows restoring option like Refresh.
I also have tried searching on the Internet but I do not have the correct language / terms to search effectively.
Is this a common problem? As a last resort, I could send this back to the manufacturer but that would take a lot of time.

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Why Does Icon In Systray Open And Close Immediately

Jul 27, 2015

the windows 10 icon in the systray closes immediately after clicking it

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Open New Windows On Active Monitor (Screen / Desktop)?

Feb 26, 2016

Without any third party software: Can I with Windows 10 set new windows to open on the monitor (with dual monitor setup) from which it was launched?

By default Windows opens a new window on the monitor on which it was used last. So if I close file explorer on monitor 1, the launch it from monitor 2's start menu, it will still open on monitor 1 because that is where it was last active, even though I launched it from monitor 2.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Groove Music / Film And TV Apps Open And Then Close Immediately

Jul 30, 2015

Spent the best part of a day fixing my PC after a W10 upgrade this morning. All seems to be working well now except that I have an issue with a couple of Metro apps - those named in the title. What happens is that the apps open and then automatically close themselves after about a second. The main Store app opens fine as do all other Metro apps. Its just these two..

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Laptop Won't Boot After Latest Windows Update - Shuts Down Immediately

Dec 18, 2015

Exactly as it says on the title. When I power it on, the GPU fans go full blast, it stays that way for a little while and shuts down automatically. There's no splash screens or anything either so I can't go into safe mode. Sometimes it shuts down almost immediately and then starts up again by itself. Sometimes it seems to start fine, the fans spin at their usual speed, but nothing appears on the monitor and eventually it just shuts down again, it's not properly booting up though because my drawing tablet's lights don't go on when I plug it in.

All this after the latest update. I restarted the thing so it would install the updates, but it got stuck on "Restarting" screen with the dot things spinning. I left it for several hours until I forced the shutdown and it has done this stuff since. I do recall the task manager not starting up from the security screen though.

What I've attempted so far:
Taken the battery and power cable off and held the power button for atleast 2 minutes.
Taken the second graphics card off. And reset the battery again.
Left it overnight like that to see if it would actually do anything (As if).
Started it up without the battery.
Tried to get into safe mode, nope.

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3 Monitors But Only Need 2 Active At Once - Can Choose Which 2 Of 3 Displays Are Active?

Nov 30, 2015

My main system doubles as a HTPC right now. One monitor on desk and a long HDMI cable to a HDTV, the displays are set to duplicate (mirror) Thinking of adding a second monitor on my desk for dual display when working, probably in extend desktop mode. Does Windows have an easy mechanism to quickly choose which 2 displays are active?

I know Win Key + P allows me to quickly choose how to manage 2 displays. Is there a similar way to quickly choose which 2 of 3 displays are active?

FYI: GPU is a R9 270x

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How To Open The Boot Menu - F8 Does Not Function

Sep 28, 2015

How can I open the Boot menu? The F8 key does not function. Neither does the F1 F2 for Bios

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Laptop Freezes Almost Immediately After Log In

Aug 29, 2015

I own an acer aspire e5-551 and whenever I've been charging and unplug the power cord to run in battery power my laptop freezes.Also, whenever I try to boot on battery power, my laptop freezes almost immediately after I log in.

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BSOD :: Immediately After Waking From Sleep

Nov 5, 2015

I'm getting a blue screen advising "ATTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_READONLY_MEMORY" a couple of seconds after my computer wakes from sleep mode. It's not sporadic as it happens every time.

I've downloaded the log collector and attached the ZIP file to this post. First time poster so I hope I've done it correctly!

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Apps :: Closing Immediately Upon Opening Them?

Aug 9, 2015

All my apps open momentarily and then close. The only exception seems to be the browsers. I can go through file explorer and open the files that way, but not by clicking on the desktop app boxes.

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Chrome Immediately Crashes On Opening

Oct 1, 2015

I have 2 windows 10 Laptops. Both upgraded from Win 7 Pro. The first one I did from a CD, (Had to buy a copy of win 10)
The thing rocked for a few days with Win10 and everything was great. Very fast and after some figuring out where everything went, it was fine. UNTIL, an update got applied to either Chrome or Win10 and now Chrome Crashes immediately on opening. Even when trying to uninstall it. Have to go to safe mode to uninstall it. Tried Canary and still same result, Crash, Just chrome nothing else and no BSOD. All the other browsers work just fine, but I've kind of become attached to Chrome. BTW the second laptop I just upgraded the other night is still working just fine.

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Can't Delete Exe From Desktop - Locks Up Immediately

Mar 31, 2016

I have an icon on my desktop {HuniePop_v1.2.0_setup} that I cannot delete. Any time I select it {whether in File Explorer or on the actual desktop} it locks up the Windows Explorer process. More often than not, the process will go into 'not responding' and self-restart, but on occasion I'll have to hard-reset due to my inability to run anything from CMD to the Run window.

I've tried just about everything I can think of to remove this. I've tried the traditional ways {right click, delete}, I've tried system restore, I've tried safe-mode, I've got nothing left.

Any way before I completely reformat?

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Program Crash Immediately After Double Click

Jan 28, 2016

So when I run novaroma.exe(program to download tvsieries) after double click I see from task manager that crash in 2sec. the curious is that when I install it run . but after first restart this problem appears.

windows 10 64b.
information 1

Fault bucket 128997008285, type 5
Event Name: CLR20r3
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0


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Store Opens But Crashes Immediately After Half A Second

Feb 22, 2016

When i click on the Store, it opens, but crashes immediately after half a second. I watched various videos on YouTube looking for "the cure", but none of it worked (like PowerShell, than cmd where I typed "sfc scannow", etc.)

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Customization :: How To Add Color To Active Window

Aug 7, 2015

Just got Win 10 and if I have many windows open there is no distinction between which are active and which aren't. Before the active window would have a colored toolbar at the top while the inactive windows would be colorless or white. I've went into settings, personalization and color...turned the first one off and the other two on then selected yellow but still the active windows aren't getting the yellow across the top to show they are active.

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Networking :: Active Networks Not Showing?

Nov 7, 2015

I am connected to a wireless network but the connection is not showing on the Network and Sharing Center active networks. Also, I am unable to change my Network Location from Public to Private as there is no link on the Home-group page. I upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 and already updated wifi drivers.

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Screen Saver Settings Not Active?

Oct 27, 2015

I have upgraded three different machines to Windows 10 in the past month, and all three (two desktops and a laptop) have the same problem. I can't open the dialogue window for screen saver settings. When I click the settings link in "personalization", nothing happens. (It's not grayed out, it just doesn't do anything.) I can try to run it from a Cortana search, and nothing happens. I can try to run a CMD line commend, and nothing happens.

This isn't a problem with USB peripherals; I have nothing plugged into the desktops other than a keyboard and mouse. Nothing at all plugged into the laptop. I don't have gaming apps or flight simulators or anything else running. These are very clean systems that were running flawlessly until the Windows 10 upgrade. And the SS problem started immediately after the upgrades.

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Active Window Changed Automatically

Nov 11, 2015

I am using Windows 10. Am having problem with Active Windows changed to other window automatically. For eg. Lets say am using Microsoft Word and Micro Excel and I am working on Microsoft Word. Then suddenly application changes itself to excel.

I then have to press alt+tab or mouse to change application again. It's bloody annoying. Just writing this much small threat, 3 time active windows changed. So practically it is impossible to type long letters or any typing work.

Also am browsing and reading something and then windows changed automatically. it's bloody annoying.

Also if suppose there is only 1 active window, for eg word then it tried to change itself to desktop but since word is in full screen format, word kept open itself but become non-active. So suppose am typing anything then nothing will type and i have to retype everything again.

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Sony Vaio AIO Can't POST But HDD Is Active

Sep 30, 2015

Sony VAIO AIO model SVL241290X, Core i7, 2Tb HDD 64 bit, started doing a startup/shutdown constantly (not exactly a loop) never getting to POST or Welcome screen for Windows 10. It started doing it when I hooked up an old HDD to move files from it to the VAIO which had been in a machine that did the same thing. Thought it was a bad motherboard on the old PC, but now I think it's a virus. Whenever I power the VAIO down by pressing/holding the power button, and starting it up again, it just resumes with HDD activity but never shows anything on the monitor.

Even the VAIO Assist button doesn't work. Also can't get to BIOS or Safe Mode. Sounds like a virus - maybe a rootkit MBR virus? Right now I can't do anything with this machine. Normal troubleshooting does not work. I don't have any restore discs or bootable recovery discs, although I am creating a copy of Windows 10 on USB drive with Microsoft's Media Creation Tool. But, without being able to designate the USB port to look at first in BIOS, that won't work either. Most important things are backed up, but I have a few things I would not like to lose.

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BSOD :: Multiple Errors Immediately After Start-up From Sleep

Oct 29, 2015

I've been getting a lot of BSOD errors recently but always within a minute or so from starting my computer up from sleep. The messages seem random, but one time I noticed graphical glitches before the BSOD so I have a suspicion that it may be related to the graphics card/drivers. If it doesn't crash within the first few minutes, it seems to be fine.

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Browser/Email :: Edge Closes Almost Immediately After Start

Nov 24, 2015

Now Edge is not a browser I intend to use full time but was asked to try Netflix in it to figure out another problem, see my Netflix thread on that one.

Every time I go to open edge I get the blue window to come up and then everything for it closes down. Looking at task manager while this happens I see it jump from open app to background process to then fully closed, nothing listed in task manager.

Once in a while it stays open long enough that I can see the address bar and other of its UI elements start to render before it vanishes.

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BSOD :: IncrediMail Crashing Immediately It Displays Page

Dec 31, 2015

I have just had my Win 10 Home edition re-installed. After I performed a Reset that corrupted. After the re-install, it updated and since then, my Incredimail crashes as soon as it comes on screen. Tried uninstalling / reinstalling and same thing is happening.

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Installation :: Pixel Border Around Active Window

Jun 21, 2015

New Windows 10 user migrating (returning) from OSX.

So far only two issues found on 10130:

Orange active window border: I have this horrible orange colour around the active window. I have changed all the colour settings but both seems to change the active window border.. how to get rid of it. It is really obvious on Firefox for instance with a thicker part at the top tabs section and thinner elsewhere.

TaskBar locking: Occasionally the taskbar will lock and not autohide - even though there are no alerts. Need to sleep/retart to get the autohide to work again...

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Customization :: How To Get Back Highlighted Active Windows

Feb 10, 2016

Some of the Windows 10 GUI changes ARE SO STUPID. E.g.: why is there no more clear distinction between the currently active window (the one that has keyboard focus) and the others? Previous versions highlighted the active windows by giving its border and title bar a distinct color. Not so in Windows 10! I am constantly asking myself which window is the currently active now.

Is there any way to get the mentioned behavior back?

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