Forgot Password And Stuck In Safe Mode Startup

Dec 10, 2015

After an update to Windows 10 I started getting "invalid register key" errors with every open.  I restored a previous registry value prior to the last update and still go the error.  Instructed to boot up in safe mode but as I logon using my microsoft account, safe mode does not open wifi connection and the password cannot be verified.  At least I think that is what is happening as I reset my microsoft account password using another computer and it is still refusing the password on the windows 10 machine.Is there anyway around the password request and get the computer to boot up in regular mode?

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Stuck In Diagnostic Startup And Need To Get To Safe Mode?

Sep 19, 2015

In the diagnostic startup mode there's no search so I can't run msconfig. Is there another way to do run this? I got to where I'm at now by running msconfig, staying on the general tab (not the boot), unchecking normal startup, then checking diagnostic. No matter what I've tried (including combing this forum and searching online) I still can't get out of diagnostic startup. There are other things going on with my PC, such as at least one virus, the Trojan Zeus Banker. I'd like to try a couple of more things before I put my PC in the shop and probably pay mucho dinero.

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Lenovo Laptop Stuck In Startup Logo - Cannot Boot Into Safe Mode

Aug 24, 2015

I have a Lenovo laptop upgraded to Windows 10. Last night I switched it off but now when I turn it on, it stucks in the startup Lenovo logo. I think that it is a driver issue but I cannot boot it in safe mode to fix it? What can I do? ( I don't mind to lose my files).

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Get Out Of Safe Mode Without Password

Jan 28, 2016

Needed to boot in safe mode, used msconfig to set the boot mode. Of course I was not aware my pen number login is wothless so now I am stuck in perpetual safe login screen. My outlook password is in a program on the system which I cannot access.

Tried shift restart and tried startup settings and press enter, but this does not do a normal boot, just another safe mode. Where is the option for normal boot!?

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Cannot Get Out Of Safe Mode - Password Not Working

Jan 31, 2016

Okay so here's what happened. I had made a new user on win10 and gave it admin rights. I then booted my pc in safemode to fix an unrelated problem and when I went to log into the account, the password I had given it did not work. I do not have a windows 10 disk to reset my password as I upgraded internally from 8 to 10. all I need to do is get out of safe mode.

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Safe Mode Won't Accept Password - Pin Is Incorrect

Sep 12, 2015

I reset my boot using a command prompt, so that it would next boot into safe mode.

However at the flash screen which requests my PIN, it now says my PIN is incorrect and so I cannot complete the boot at all, either in safe mode or otherwise!

I was hoping to use safe mode to investigate why Devices and Printers hangs without reaching any display - but now I am completely locked out of the computer.

It is a 3.6GB desktop running Win 10. I have just previously run scannow to check that system files are OK, and found no discrepancies. 

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Stuck In A Loop - Cannot Even Open In Safe Mode

Aug 5, 2015

The upgrade to W10 has left me with a blue 'Welcome Back' screen and a 'Next' button. That's it! Clicking Next causes a reboot back to this screen. I cannot even open in safe mode and all boot options take me back to this screen.

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BSOD :: Flashing Screen After Upgrade - Stuck In Safe Mode

Sep 12, 2015

I noted that I am not the first one who encounters a flashing screen after upgrading to Win10, managed to type the "msconfig" and now I am stuck in Safe mode with the system not accepting my password, which is a 4-digit PIN.

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Forgot Administrator Password?

Dec 11, 2015

Like the title, I forgot the Administrator password. (I don't have any other Administrator accounts)

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Forgot BIOS Password

Oct 4, 2015

I accidentally put a user password on bios...How do I delete it...I do not need a password there...

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Forgot Password On Only User - No Windows Account

Oct 28, 2015

I actually did not forget the password, but I flucked up with the net use pc /random command.What to do now. Windows 10, ASRock motherboard, No windows account...

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Forgot Login Password To Another Computer On Home Network?

Mar 17, 2016

I forgot the login password/credentials to another computer on my home network.

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Can't Get Out Of Safe Mode

Aug 20, 2015

Due to there not being an F8 boot command screen any more I had to go into msconfig to change how the computer starts up.. which is now set to safe mode. So I'm in safe mode (on the other computer).. the problem is I cannot figure out how to reset it to start up in normal mode. The 'search windows' box at the bottom will not allow any text to be entered.. unless I can get to msconfig by looking for it in safe mode.. I'm stuck in safe mode. How to get to msconfig in safe mode without typing it in? again the msconfig was changed to have the computer start up in safe mode.. it's now doing it every time.. even after a system restore to 4 days ago.

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Can't Get Out Of The Safe Mode

Aug 25, 2015

I put my PC in safe mode but when I try to get out I can't I press the windows key and the R and then put msconfig. A window opens but it closes right after.

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How To Run In Safe Mode

Aug 2, 2015

I have a MSI board and cant seem to find how to run windows 10 in safe mode

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Boot In Safe Mode

Dec 1, 2015

I knew better but with the constant nagging for me to update...I accepted the update. This is where the problems started. My HP dv7 took the update and now only shows a sun burst and blue like screen...mouse works but will not do anything else...tried to boot in safe mode but nothing doing there either...... how to just get back to my win 7 home pre.

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Flashing - Cannot Get Out Of Safe Mode

Aug 24, 2015

I was having difficulty with flashing and went into safe mode to try to figure out which program was causing it but now whenever I reboot I am still in Safe Mode.

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How To Enter In Safe Mode With F8 Key

Sep 5, 2015

how it did not work on windows 10 using f8 key..I like knowing if I need to get into safe mode on my pc the f8 key will work... So I started checking the web and found how to make windows 10 go into safe mode with f8 key...The information I found is for windows 8 but I checked it out on my windows 10 pc and it works just fine... How to enable the F8 key to start Safe Mode in Windows 8.Admin...If this is information you all know about just delete this post...

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How To Get Into Safe Mode - Tool Bar

Dec 15, 2015

I'm using Windows 8.1 and know how to get into safe mode on that operating system.

However, my friend has Windows 10 Home Edition and I've never had exposure to it in the past.

How does one get into Safe Mode?

Also, how can you get the toolbar back on the page as like Windows 7 and Windows 8.1?

In Windows 8.1 it was very simple and straight forward, but Windows 10, different ball game all together.

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Disabling Safe Mode?

Feb 23, 2016

I work in an education environment and these kids are very savvy. They have figured out how to put the computer in Safe Mode and make it impossible for me to track them. how to Disable Safe Mode?

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Safe Mode Error

Apr 2, 2016

I want to boot into safe mode but every time I try it crashes and shows BSOD Bad_Pool_Header. I've tried to boot it manually through system config. It still won't work.

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Can't Login From Safe Mode

Nov 23, 2015

My laptop was windows 7 and I have upgraded to windows 10.  Over the past few weeks i've seen that some updates have failed, and I was going to try the product on this site , windows all in one, to try and find out the problem.  so i followed the instructions for powering off, unplugging and removing battery to drain electricity, and then rebooted to "safe" level...and then.....i can't login from safe mode, it says password is incorrect, and i am unable to get OUT of safe level to sign in the regular way.

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PIN Changed In Safe Mode?

Oct 28, 2015

So, to log into your computer you have now to enter a PIN instead of a password, right? Well, that PIN is changed (or something similar) because I can't log in with the normal one.

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How To Remove Old Windows 7 Safe Boot Screen On Startup

Sep 6, 2015

I have a old windows 7 safe mode boot screen that migrated over to windows 10. I works on windows 10 but I don't need it any more so I want to get rid of it. I just don't want to mess up in removing it... I'm using this tutorial... Can't get rid of the dual-boot option on start-up ?

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How To Get Computer To Revert From Safe Mode

Sep 27, 2015

Long story short, W10 doesn't support my built in Intel video chip and there is no driver and W10 wont let me load Windows Basic Video driver so I need to go back to W7. I can only get into Safe Mode so I don't see how to do the reversal. Windows.old exists. How do I get the computer to revert from Safe Mode?

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How To Stop Booting Into Safe Mode

Aug 28, 2015

I have just upgraded my PC from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

My antivirus software needed to restart and boot in to Safe Mode.

But, for years I have used the 4 digit pin login from Win 8,but I cannot remember the normal password.

Safe Mode ony allows login via the normal password and not the pin, so I nol longer have accessto my PC.

How can I get the PC to start in normal mode.

I do not have any install or recovery media.

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