HP4500 Envy Printer Won't Function

Oct 9, 2015

I Have an HP4500 Envy and the HP printer won't function. When I uninstall the software and re load I keep getting a screen asking for location of printer or an address of printer but when I input the info nothing happens. I"m at the point of getting rid of the printer because of the problems and lack of support from HP.

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Performance :: How To Get HP ENVY 5530 Printer Online

Nov 12, 2015

How do I get HP ENVY 5530 printer online?

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Drivers/Hardware :: HP Envy 5530 Printer Software Won't Install

Dec 8, 2015

I can't use my printer after I upgraded to Windows 10. My HP Envy 5530 printer is not shown in the printers and drivers in my control panel. I tried to add my printer in the control panel. It searched the network for my printer and they found it. I click on my HP printer on the screen so it can be installed, but after I click on my printer I get an error screen. I tried to disable my firewall and I still could not get my printer installed.

I downloaded the latest update of the printer software and it won't let me install it. I uninstalled my printer software and it won't let me install the downloaded software. I tried using the HP Print and Scan Dr on my computer and it hasn't offered any way. I've only gotten troubleshooting for trying to fix a printer with a wire connection. My printer is a wireless connection they don't offer any troubleshooting for a wireless printer. I don't know what to do so I can actually use my printer again. I can't find a solution by searching online. How can I get my computer to install the printer software?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Default Network Printer Randomly Defaults To Adobe PDF Printer

Jan 26, 2016

The issue is I have a network printer selected as the default in Windows 10. I have the option "Let Windows manage my default printer" turned off. At one point randomly, the default printer goes back to the Adobe PDF as the default.

Steps taken:

* I have checked the registry settings to ensure that the options "let Windows manage my default printer" is switched off. I can confirm this.
* Switched the default printer back to the network printer and performed a reboot. The network printer remains as the default. At some point of the day it goes back to Adobe PDF.

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Why Does HP Envy 14 Do Frequent Reboots

Sep 15, 2015

I suspect some kind of driver conflict, maybe.... but why the machine randomly reboots....haven't lost any work yet but just a matter of time.

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HP Envy Dv6 - Disk Usage Always At 100%

Sep 29, 2015

I have had an HP Envy dv6 running Windows 8 for two years, Windows 10 for a week or two. The past two months, my computer has been running so sluggish that it's almost inoperable. Startup time has went from 5-8 minutes to 20, sometimes even 40 minutes. When it does load up to login, it takes an additional 20 minutes for me to even load up task manager.

My disk is constantly running at 100%, despite everything running at 0mb/s consistently. The things that go above that are the system, which will spike to 2.2mb/s, norton/Symantec framework which will hover at 0.2 at most, and a bunch of service host:local services (network) processes. HP support, and a bunch of other system background services also run at 0.1mb/s.

I've done a system reboot, which barely worked. I upgraded to 10, which worked for the first two times turning on, but soon went right back to being unresponsive. I've taken a lot of processes out of startup as well. I was unable to stop indexing services when I was on windows 8, despite running as admin.

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Installation :: HP Envy 120 Fails To Communicate

Sep 5, 2015

Since updating Windows 7 to Windows 10, if I try to" scan to computer" I get a message on the printer touch screen " No Connection No computer is connected" How can this be corrected?

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HP Envy 20 Black Screen On Startup?

Aug 11, 2015

On Friday, I updated my HP Envy 20 to Windows 10. Once the update was finished my computer started up fine, however, my antivirus software (AVG) said there was an update and I needed to restart. I did so and after the restart and HP logo screen I had a black, but luminescent screen. After a maybe ten minutes of the screen staying like this, I held the power button down to turn the computer off and then restarted it with no problems. I turned it off Friday night normally and it ran normally all day Saturday. Sunday when I turned the computer on the power light came on and I could hear the fans turn on, but the screen remained black. Just black, not even a luminescent black like when I did the antivirus restart. I tried a hard restart like before but nothing changed. I left the computer on like that for around an hour and nothing changed. Figuring it was maybe a heat issue, I opened up the case and dusted the fan and the heat sink but the problem remains. I posted this problem on the HP support board a few days ago and have heard nothing.

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BSOD :: New HP Envy X360 Laptop On Wakeup?

Oct 17, 2015

I've had this machine since Oct 5. On Oct 14 it started BSOD, particularly on wake up. Event log shows about 5 reboots. I've turned off the sleep while on AC, told it not to put the HD to sleep, and waiting to see if that fixes it. I can get a full refund or exchange on this box through Monday.

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HP Envy Laptop Won't Accept Password To Open

Aug 3, 2015

My hp envy now wants a password, after not needing one when I chose the button to not require a password in the windows settings. Now it won't accept any password, even after I went into microsoft account on another computer, got a code, updated password. Still won't accept password. I am not tech savvy, and just need to get into my laptop! 

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Drivers/Hardware :: HP Envy Laptop - USB 3 Slot Incorrectly Marked

Jan 5, 2016

I thought the USB 3 slots were BLUE by convention. On my Envy Laptop there is one BLUE slot - it's also a charging USB slot. However a Toshiba external USB3 device plugged into that slot has a WHITE Led when active indicating USB 2 speed.

I move the HDD to one of a pair of USB slots on the other side of the computer --not colour coded at all --and Hey presto the Toshiba HDD led goes BLUE indicating it's operating as a USB 3 device. Copying files also indicates it's operating at expected speed whereas connected into what I thought was the "Official" USB 3 slot only gave USB 2 data transfer speeds.

Shows you need to TEST the devices - don't always rely on external labeling etc.

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Driver Power State Failure Blue Screen On HP Envy I7 Laptop

Sep 28, 2015

I am using a HP envy i7 laptop i usually don't switch it off regularly instead i keep it into sleep mode, last night it failed to come back to life from sleeping,it brings blue screen error message that DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE even after several restarts. How can i fix this without damaging my files coz my laptop is useless for now.

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HP Envy 7640 / Cannot Print From Windows Apps - Mail - Edge - PDF Viewer

Jan 10, 2016

I am unable to print anything from Windows 10 apps on my desktop PC. Both my HP Envy 7640 and Samsung Laser are wired to the home network. 
However I can print from Chrome Browser and Paint, Photoshop and Word. Just not from the Mail app or Edge Browser. After pressing print a section opens up with the printer listed in a drop down menu, but says "connecting" all the time, which it never does. 
I have used the troubleshooting feature, removed the printers and installed them again, even via the add a printer option on the apps themselves, but nothing has worked.
To print an e-mail I have to open Chrome and access the email provider site directly.

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Lost Audio After Clean Install On HP Envy TS M7-J120DX With Beats Audio Quad Speakers And Two Subwoofers

Jul 31, 2015

My PC is the HP ENVY TouchSmart M7-J120DX with Beats Audio quad speakers and two subwoofers. After running a clean installation of Windows 10, my volume icon had an error "no audio device output" / IDT High Definition Audio Codec. The troubleshooting option did nothing. I uninstalled my audio device, and restarted my pc. My sound is back, but it seems that the middle speakers are the only ones working. My volume icon and sound device now is labeled "High Definition Audio Device" which now sounds substandard, just like those cheap tinny speakers you can find at the dollar store. How to recover my original great-sounding original speakers!

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HP Envy M7 / Windows Sounds Distorted (all Other Sounds Fine)

Jan 9, 2016

I have a new HP Envy M7 laptop running Windows 10. I have an odd problem where all the stock windows sounds are distorted as if they are being unnecessarily amplified. All other sounds, such as videos, music, movies, etc, are all completely fine. I've tried looking through the windows sounds area, looking at the device properties, and also at the 2 different volume control areas with no luck.

When i say 2 different olume control areas, i mean the volume control icon in the taskbar tray, and also the "Bang & Olufsen" sound control icon in the taskbar tray. Bang & Olufsen apparently provides the audio products for this machine? Anyway, i can see anyplace where the windows sounds are being amplified.

My devices are:

Realtek High Definition audio
nVidia Virtual Audio Device
Intel(R) Display Audio

i have all drivers up-to-date.

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Invalid MS-DOS Function?

Sep 7, 2015

I have various files throughout my hard drive which error "Invalid MS-DOS Function" if I try and move or delete them however they "work" normally if I try and use them.

I ran a check disk which returned no errors.

I am feeling this may be a format job however I'd like to avoid that if possible ..

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Function Key Not Working

Aug 17, 2015

I recently upgraded to Windows 10. I soon discovered that my Function key did not work for the majority of keys.I have a Samsung Series 7 Chronos.It does not work with brightness, backlight, wifi on/off, fan... etc.The key does work with volume so I know that the key itself isn't the issue.

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Cannot Use Search Function

Nov 1, 2015

I have installed Win 10 Clean. Meaning no update but from ISO on USB All is well but I cannot use the search function to go to an app or other function. or file. Is there an setting I have missed. 

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Search Function Not Working

Nov 6, 2015

When I type anything in the search, nothing shows up.

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Unable To Use Search The Web Function

Sep 10, 2015

I am unable to use the SEARCH THE WEB AND WINDOWS function in Windows 10. When I click on its icon on the task bar, the hour glass circle flashes momentarily and immediately goes off. What needs to be enabled in MS CONFIG for this function to work? I have enabled every item in MS CONFIG, and still the problem persists. Also, could there be a driver problem involved?

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Numbers Lock Does Not Function?

Nov 1, 2015

since installing Windows 10 for some reason the "numbers lock" does not function & I can't use the calculator

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Lock Screen Function

Feb 10, 2016

When I right click my desktop and go to personalization then click "lock screen" nothing happens and it freezes on background. I have to close out then start over to use other functions.

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Where Is Cut / Copy / Paste Function

Apr 4, 2016

where is my cut/copy/paste functions

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PC Search Function After Deleting Cortana

Aug 10, 2015

If I take ownership and delete Cortana from Windows/SystemApps will my search function on the taskbar still work (that is, search within the PC)?

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Most Used Function Only Shows Apps Not Programs

Aug 1, 2015

Is there a way I can put my most used programs on the left side of the start menu? I tried doing it using the Most Used function; and then simply hiding the applications I dont want listed. But this function only lists Microsoft Store apps, and not programs I've installed myself.

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Search Function Not Working After Upgrade

Dec 11, 2015

I have 8 NAS drives on my network that is attached to my computer. Prior to upgrade to Windows 10 - from Windows 7 , I could go to file explorer and then search all the NAS drives for the info that I needed.

In Windows 10, I can see on the NAS drives under This PC but when I try to do a search, File Explorer will say working on it and it will never complete - it stops responding. Windows 10 is the latest version(november 2015).

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