How To Change To Short Day Format

Aug 12, 2015

As best as I can tell, the the windows 10 date format has four options beginning with "month" and only one beginning with "day"?

My accounting software will not run unless I can get the short date format starting with day. The nearest option is 13/Aug/15 ... no option for 13/8/15, 13/08/15 etc...

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Change Of Format Of Opening

Feb 20, 2016

suddenly, by opening windows it presents only the new format (see annexe).how can I return to the previous version, showing the entire elements onto the screen 

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Photo Rotated To Portrait Format On PC But Thumbnail Stay In Landscape Format

Aug 27, 2015

Why, after rotating a photo from landscape format to portrait on my PC, does the thumbnail stay in landscape format even though the photo is now in portrait format?

In Windows 7 and previous Windows OS's, the thumbnail of photos rotated with the actual photo but in 10 the thumbnail does not rotate with the photo. How can I correct this?

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Installation :: Cloning HDD To SSD - HDD Is 512 Format And SSD Is 4096 Format?

Feb 10, 2016

If so, what are my options? This HDD came from HP w/Win 7. I upgraded it to Win 10 but would like to clone it to the SSD for the speed increase.

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How To Put A Short Video Just After The Bootscreen

Oct 20, 2015

I'm missing the PS 1 start up video and I've searched for hours and hours on Google but found nothing ....

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PC Going To Sleep After Short Period Of Inactivity

Aug 11, 2015

I installed 10 on three machines and one has a mind of it's own when it comes to sleeping.  No matter how I set the power settings or screen savers if I get up and walk away from the machine it has gone into sleep mode when I come back.

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When Put System To Sleep It Restarts After A Short Time

Aug 8, 2015

Upgraded to W10x64. All is well and working BUT when I put the system to sleep it restarts after a short time.

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Performance :: Cannot Restore From Back Up Short Names Are Not Enabled

Nov 15, 2015

I have a back up of files & folders that I come from my previous Windows 7 system (same machine - I upgraded to W10) that I am not ableto restore and I really need them. My system is the following:

HP Pavilion DV7-6b32US laptop/notebook
64 bit
2 internal HD (1 is the original 500GB and the other is a 1TBdrive divided into two equal partitions in the NTFS format

The back up was done using Windows 7 built in feature/utility and I am trying to restore the folders with their files to my Win 10 but I keep getting the error "short names are not enabled on this volume" with the code 0x80070131. I have done my research which pointed me to answers pointing to this: "to manually enable 8.3naming after formatting you can use fsutil.exe from the command line: fsutil 8dot3name set d: 0 (d: is the drive partition on my 1TB NTFS driveI use for my data where I am trying to restore the files to. The only thing I haven't done is the formatting for two reasons, 1 - it is already formatted and 2 - I have a TON of data already on the drive that I cannot lose.

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Performance :: Hard Freeze When Idle For A Short Period

Nov 25, 2015

It seems to have started after a recent Windows update, but I'm not sure exactly what specific element has screwed things up for me and it may have taken a bit of time for me to notice the problem due to the nature of it. I wouldn't know when to roll back my system to even if I was willing to try, and I'm not at this point.

If I leave Windows 10 alone for more than a few minutes, it freezes. This happens without fail and it's consistent. Any more than five minutes give or take a minute or two and it's frozen hard and requires a hard reset. Ctrl alt del doesn't work, alt tab doesn't work, nothing but the power button or the reset button on the case has any affect.

There is no error message, there is no spinning wheel mouse icon, the mouse pointer doesn't move. It's just frozen and no input does anything. The screen just has a still image of whatever was displaying when it happened and audio is also dead, no system sounds or anything. There was sound once, but it was when I had a game running and left it too long, and it was just that locked up audio buzzing sound. It's a hard lockup of my system and not just the video getting stuck.

It also doesn't matter if something is running. If I have a video or game running, it still happens. As long as I'm not actively inputting something with an input device such as the keyboard, mouse, or a gamepad it locks up. If I pause a game to go get something to eat it's frozen when I come back, if I'm watching a video and get up to go to the bathroom it's locked up when I get back, it doesn't matter if I pause whatever it is or leave it running.

If I'm doing something, typing, playing a game, or whatever, it will run for hours uninterrupted. No problems whatsoever. I've got Fallout 4 and I've played for several hours without any problems as long as I'm sitting there and actually playing the game.

It's like the PC is trying to go to sleep or go into an idle or power saving mode from a lack of input and is crashing hard as a result. The problem is I've disabled everything that would do that.

I'm running Windows 10 x64 Home edition. I have an i7 3770k, 16Gb of Ram, two Radeon HD 7970s in Xfire [doesn't matter if this is on or off], and my boot drive is a SSD. It's not a new system and Windows 10 has been running fine on it for several months now.

I've already disabled all screensavers, there are no scheduled tasks or updates screwing with anything. They all happen in the middle of the night and nothing is pending. All my drivers are up to date, caches have been cleared, and everything runs fine as long as I'm there and active. The usual suite of common updating software such as adobe and virus definitions are also up to date, so that isn't it either.

I have already disabled shut downs and sleeping in the power settings. Every power setting has been adjusted so that my PC never shuts down on its own and was already set that way to begin with. I've double checked and everything is still set the way it should be. I've already turned off Link State Power Management in all power settings. That isn't it either.

I do have AMD's new Crimson drivers, but this was happening before I installed them. That's not the source of the problem. I installed the new driver in the hope of maybe fixing the problem and it had no effect on it.

I've scanned for viruses, malware, and adware. My system is clean.

My temps are fine, all system monitors show a clean bill of health and no unusual activity spikes in my hardware. Task Manager, processes, and services don't show any extra or unusual programs running. Nothing is out of the ordinary when this happens outside of there being no input for a bit.

There are no error messages popping up at all. No BSOD or indication of any problems outside of the freezing itself. It just locks up suddenly and once it does no input does anything but a reset using the tower's power buttons.

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Computer Turns Off Display / Goes To Sleep When Idle For A Short Time

Aug 11, 2015

As the title states, my computer will turn off the display or go to sleep (not sure of correct terminology) when I go idle for a short period of time. For instance, I get up to get a glass of water and when I come back, the screensaver is up and I need to re-enter my password. This problem arose immediately after the installing of windows 10 on my PC (upgraded from Windows 8.1).

I have already gone to control panel ~> power options but the thing is, even though I've already done that and set the options to "Never turn off display", "Never go to sleep" as shown in the screenshot, my PC still turns off display/sleeps after a short amount of time.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Audio Distorts In Short Periodic Intervals

Aug 24, 2015

W10 old insider build upgraded to w10 pro. No matter what media: mp3 in WMP, AUdio in movie or audio in the flashplayer(youtube). My audio distorts in periodic intervalls with an foreign noise distortion.

I have an old Laptop that still has official W7 drivers and they are at least partly installed(chipset) but the grafics driver is installed from W10 as the official ones from ATI and my laptop manufacturer wont install.

I ran the windows driver stresstest as advised in this forum but the laptop crashed BEFORE THE BOOTLOADER! ... had to boot it in safe mode.

Here are the logfiles : WIN-4NE8IBU1EPP-20_08_2015_235238,

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BSOD :: Complete Freeze Short Time After Turning On Computer

Aug 29, 2015

After maybe 10 minutes, I get a complete freeze and I need to restart my computer. After many attempts of restarting, it usually works fine if it doesn't freeze in the first half an hour. I attached the log.

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Computer Emits A Loud Buzz Sounding Like Electronic Short

Mar 5, 2016

This problem started a month or two ago and basically whats happening is every once in awhile (20 minutes to half an hour). My computer emits a loud buzz sounding very much like an electrical short like when you have an amp turned up and a cable shorts out when wiggled.

However there is very little wiring that can go wrong in the back of my pc. I've made sure the speakers are all firmly plugged in etc. Anyway could this be indicative of a hardware problem? It seems like the "buzzing" sound is getting worse as in it lasts for a longer interval than originally. It began as a 1 second burp but now continues for 2 or even 3 seconds at times.

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Battery Drains In Short Span Of Time Even Though Disabled Background Apps

Mar 16, 2016

Upgraded to Windows 10 Full version from Windows 8.1 two days back. My battery drains in short span of time. I disabled the background apps. Still battery life is poor.

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Is There A Different Way To Format HDD

May 23, 2015

my HDD with windows 8.1 died today luckly i had the iso saved on a USB and i have the serial key, im using a diff hard drive on the computer that has windows 10, but it does not work i keep getting a black screen so i tried to put the USB in and tried reinstalling it but it always freezes before i can put the serial key, the issue seems to go away after unplug the HDD. Is there a diff way to format the HDD.

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How To Format HFS Drive

Oct 25, 2015

I have several external USB3 500G and 1TB drives that were formatted with HFS for macs, I can read them an copy from them, but not write tot them (in win10). But I have cleaned some off, and want to reformat to exFAT so they can be be used cross platform. But when I try and format, either quick or otherwise, win10 won't let me.

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How To Format NTFS HD

Mar 22, 2016

How can I reformat my drive to re-install a fresh copy of Win 8 if the file win.old and any related files are missing? Is a NTFS formatting software available to accomplish this and if so, what is it and where can I get it?

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How To Format And Reinstall

Dec 4, 2015

My computer is a mess and I've got new parts coming and want to format all drives before that. I have windows 7 home premium on cd with key. In addition to SSD with the OS, I have two HDD disks that I want formatted aswell.

How do I get windows 10 back? Can I make a copy or something on a flash drive and install only windows 10 without having to upgrade from win7? Maybe it's possible to do a clean install of windows 10. I read something about a factory reset function, will this clean the drives and leave me with nothing but the OS? Thats what I want to achieve in the end.If I have to format, OS is currently on a SSD drive(Kingston v300, 120gb). Is the best option to format an SSD through the OS installation? Given that it's booted from a flash drive/CD. I have backed up everything I want to keep of course and uninstallled a lot of stuff to clean things up a bit and take care of all my local game files and such.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Cannot Format HD

Dec 4, 2015

I have a 4TB HD that was previously formatted that I've put into an external hd bay. When I go into Computer Management/Disk Management the hd is not listed in the top section and in the bottom section it is split into 2048 GB and 1678 GB, both "Unallocated". I want to reformat the hd into one partition but the only available option when I right click the larger partition is "New Simple Volume" and for the smaller partition there are no options available at all. Nowhere does it give me the choice to delete everything or just reformat the entire drive.

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Opening TS File Format

Jan 5, 2016

I have windows 10 and it wont automatically open this disk that plays this ancient video i have (2012)

I put it on an imac and it opened automatically and played the video perfectly.

But when i open it on my windows 10 PC i only get 2 files.

One labeled VIDEO.TS
One Labeled AUDIO.TS

audio.ts is empty but video.ts has a bunch of different files on it such as .BUPs .IFOs VOBs.

Windows 10 only recognizes the VOB files and i can only open them on movie maker. But the largest one is 978mbs and the second largest is 4600kbs

the largest file is the only one that "works" and it shows nothing but music

Now the video i am talking about it really a kind of slide show. a bunch of pictures with music thrown into the background.

How can i make this dvd bootable to the movie like it was on the iMac?

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Apps :: How To Scan Documents To PDF Format

Oct 23, 2015

In connection with my job, I have several insurance companies asking me to send scanned documents in Portable Document Format (PDF). My Brother Printer Control Center Fax-Scan software is not yet compatible with Windows10, even in Windows7 compatibility mode. The Windows10 Fax & Scan program does not list PDF as a scan-to file conversion option. Only jpeg, bitmap, txt, etc..

Is there a way to tweak or add-on something to Windows Fax & Scan to make it scan documents into PDF format?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Can't Format Kingston USB

Dec 2, 2015

I used my usb to boot Ubuntu onto my laptop that I hoped that I could diagnose it but it didn't work.

Now, I'd like to use of as a normal usb drive but windows doesn't like formatting it...

I tried many methods to get it formatted but none of them worked.

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System Does Not Recognize (non US) Date Format

Aug 13, 2015

I am having trouble with the date format for Australia (dd/mm/yy). It seems to coincide with the Windows 10 download. While my system clock shows the date correctly and the Date and Time setting are correct both in Region and Format, third party programs do not recognise the dd/mm/yy format. For example, the Photos app show the date in mm/dd/yy format and my spreadsheet, WPS Office will not recognise 13/8 mas 13/08/2015.

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JPEG Photos Converted Into ABC Format

Aug 31, 2015

all of my important Data inside my PC in separate D:1TB HDD I stored in the PC. But suddenly today all of my D:1TB WORD 2013, TEXT, .JPEG Photos converted into .abc format, this extension added to all of my very important files, which I am having from last 15 years, So I can't loos this Data at all, all files becomes like this

how to get my all of my files into original proper format, I mean node of the files are opening, when I click on it,I already Format & reinstall Win 7 from Scratch, And I already reinstall MS-Office also.After doing all, still I could not get back my files, I am struggling from last 20 hours continuously,

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Drivers/Hardware :: Cannot Format Brand New HDD

Nov 25, 2015

Purchased a WD 6TB Blue yesterday, ran disk management and created one partition using NTFS. Formatted and did its thing but it just displays the total size of the partition with RAW next to it. Tried reformatting again to NTFS but I get the error; "The format did not complete successfully".

Deleted the partition and tried to create a 2TB partition out of the drive with the exact same scenario happening again. Tried swapping between GPT and MBR with no success. Also tried a different SATA port with a different cable and same thing.

Ran Windows error checking and WD LifeGuard on Extended Test over night and both came back with no errors.

Ran Disk Part in cmd, after entering in clean i get the error; "DiskPart has encountered an error: The device is not connected. See the System Event Log for more information."

Log Name: SystemSource: VDS Basic ProviderDate: 26/11/2015 11:38:34 AMEvent ID: 5Task Category: NoneLevel: ErrorKeywords: ClassicUser: N/AComputer: TimsDescription:Cannot zero sectors on disk ?PhysicalDrive0. Error code: 48F@0101000FEvent Xml:<Event xmlns

[Code] .....

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Need To Format Storage HDD If Clean Install On SSD?

Jul 22, 2015

Basically I only use my SSD for windows. When I upgrade from 8.1 to 10 I want to do a clean install, will I also need to format my 2tb HDD ...

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