How To Copy Email Contacts To Apple IPad

Dec 1, 2015

I would like to copy all of my email contacts from my laptop (windows 10) to my new Apple air2 ipad. and if so how is it done? Can they all be copies together, or does it have to be done 1 at a time?

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Browser/Email :: How To Edit Contacts

Jan 23, 2016

How to edit contact information in windows live mail 2012

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Browser/Email :: Contacts In Hotmail

Nov 7, 2015

Running windows 10 pro here. I open iexplorer and open Hotmail and I went to create a new email to one of my contacts and noticed when I was typing in the email address that it didn't auto display from my contacts. I then clicked on the settings and selected 'People" and all I get is the beads just spinning for a while and then get "This page is temporarily unavailable.Funny thing when I open firefox and go into Hotmail I can see my contacts and when I select "People" it instantly displays all my contacts. What the heck changed in iexplorer for me yo lose all the contacts?

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Set Up Group Text And Email Contacts?

Jan 2, 2016

how you set up group Text and email contacts in windows 10 

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Browser/Email :: Where Are Contacts In Mail App

Nov 15, 2015

As a longstanding WLM user recently switched to Thunderbird, I'm really trying to like the new Mail app as my permanent mail client. But I can't find contacts. Where are they?

Also, I want to export contacts to a database of some sort (CSV?) like I can do with Gmail so that I can organize and then import back to Mail App. If I can't find or export contacts then I'll need to stay with one of the vintage apps.

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Cannot Access Contacts For Email Groups

Sep 17, 2015

Since the windows 10 upgrade, I cannot access my contacts for email groups that I had created.  

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Browser/Email :: Cannot Import Contacts

Feb 10, 2016

Finally managed to import my thousands of saved emails (had to buy a program to do it) but cannot get them to be sub-folders of the inbox, only down at the bottom as "Outlook data file". Cannot import contacts. I export to csv but they import blank, now I have about 100 blank contacts that this POS won't let me delete.I have 3 accounts, comcast, gmail, and All are IMAP accounts.

When I started this process hours ago, I was hoping the following could be done:

-Have one combined inbox
-Have all my saved local folders as a sub of that inbox
-Have a complete address book that I'm able to use and edit

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Browser/Email :: Mail App Doesn't Access Contacts

Aug 2, 2015

How to get the new win10 mail app to access my contacts or how to add an address book to the email client. I'm get mail through a pop3 optus server not gmail etc.

If I begin typing a name or email address in a new email the only addresses/ names that are there [autofill] are ones who I have received mail from, my contacts aren't there. [added csv file to contacts I exported from live mail before upgrading from win8.1] where are the contacts from received emails stored?, can I add my contacts there?

I notice that recieved email contacts aren't stored in my contacts app contacts folder. I would like to just use the win10 mail app than install something else.

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Browser/Email :: Using Calendar / Contacts Within Outlook 2013

Aug 1, 2015

I want to continue to use Outlook as my main email client (but the built-in app in Windows 10 is little more than a pretty toy, even my phone's email app is more powerful and configurable). I have Outlook 2010 installed on my PC and Outlook 2013 installed on my laptop (I prefer 2010 though), and I access about half a dozen POP3 accounts using both machines, using rules to transfer mails to multiple folders, etc.

The one (and thus far only) plus point I've found about the native Win10 mail/calendar app is that it syncs nicely with my contacts and calendar on my Android devices (via my Google gmail account, which I basically only use for syncing not for actually emailing, as I really don't need any more active email accounts!).

My question is how do I get Outlook 2010 or 2013 to use the new Windows 10 calendar? And ideally sync the contacts too. That way my PCs and my Android devices will all finally be in sync without having to fiddle around manually.

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Browser/Email :: Show Contacts In To Field Of Mail App?

Nov 20, 2015

I thought I'd install Windows 10 Threshold 2 (not to make the same mistake twice, on a laptop I hardly use this time) to see if the built-in Microsoft apps are now any better than they were in July. Disappointingly, with the exception of being able to turn off 'Conversation View', the Mail app is just as diabolically poor as it was back then. But on top of that, another thing I noticed this time is that when you type a name into the 'To:' field, it doesn't even look up that name / email address from your 'People' app contacts. The auto-complete feature only populates for people you've previously emailed.

So basically, if you haven't emailed someone, it won't show their name despite their details and email address being listed in the 'People' app.

Of course, another problem with not populating the auto-complete addresses from your address book is that if a contact changes their email address and you update their details in the 'People' app, the Mail app will still use the old email address in the autocomplete dropdown, causing you to keep emailing the wrong address.

Did Microsoft seriously release a Mail app that can't even look up names in your contacts list?

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Print A Copy Of Email From Mail App

Aug 29, 2015

I cannot find any way to print a copy of an email from the Mail app.

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Browser/Email :: Windows Live Mail - How To Create / Save A Category In Contacts

Apr 14, 2016

I use Windows Live Mail, and every time I create a category in my contacts, add 25 names, I come back to find that it has been deleted. Is there a limit to the amount of contacts it holds? How to permanently save a category?

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Browser/Email :: How To Copy Webpage And Print It Out

Aug 20, 2015

How do I copy a Web Page and Print it Out?

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Drivers/Hardware :: IPad Or IPhone Not Getting Recognized As A Drive In Explorer

Sep 10, 2015

Previous Win 7 did recognise apple equipment so that I could download photos to the desktop but although I tunes syncs with my phone and pad, win 10 will not show them in explorer. How can I download pics without using the cloud?

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Browser/Email :: Can't Reinstall Valid Copy Of Outlook 2010

Sep 28, 2015

Upgraded to Windows 10.

Everything was fine for about a month until I had a disk crash. After several days I got that fixed and did a clean install of Windows 10.

Now I am trying to reinstall Outlook 2010 from the original DVD. Valid product key (setup validates it).

Setup runs, then encounters an error (doesn't tell me what), and backs off all files.

As far as I can tell, Windows 10 is saying the SETUP file is incompatible, not Outlook 2010 which Microsoft states is still compatible with Windows 10.

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Browser/Email :: Microsoft Edge - Missing Copy Download Link Option?

Sep 1, 2015

We all know that IE, Firefox, etc have the option to copy the download link of an ongoing download job. But it seems Microsoft had something really great in mind and has apparently removed that feature from Microsoft Edge I wonder wheres the 'Edge'??

how to bring back the useful 'copy download link' option of an ongoing download link in Edge?

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How To Install Apple Application Support And QuickTime Player

Sep 6, 2015

I recently re-installed QuickTime 7.7.6 (7.7.8 doesn't won't install on Windows 10 for some reason) but whenever I try to open it I get "Please Install Apple Application Support". Furthermore, Adobe After Effects still can't detect a QuickTime Player on my computer. I can't seem to find the Apple Application Support on Apple's website and I don't trust the other sketchy websites google provided.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Getting Special Keys On Apple Bluetooth Keyboard To Work?

Jul 30, 2015

I have Windows 10 (upgraded from Win 7.1) installed on an iMac on a Bootcamp partition. When I was running Windows 7.1, all the function keys (to control brightness, volume, music playing) worked perfectly. Now under Windows 10 none of them work. And yes, I did go into the setup and try turning on and off the check box for whether or not the keys performed as Function keys with and without holding the FN key. If I go into Bluetooth devices, the keyboard is shown properly as an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard.

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Installation :: Apple MBP / UEFI Installation Won't Boot After Image Apply

Aug 25, 2015

last few hours I spent trying to manually deploy Windows 10 on clean GPT disk but after applying image and rebooting I always end in unbootable state.

I manually setup drive like this:


select disk 0cleanconvert gptcreate partition primary size 350 #RE tools won't fit 300MB anymore :-)format quick fs ntfs label "Windows RE tools"assign letter tset id de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6acgpt attributes 0x8000000000000001create partition efi size 100format quick fs fat32 label Systemassign letter screate partition msr size 128create partition primary format quick fs ntfs label Windowsassign letter wlist volumeexit#no recovery image partition as per documentation it is no longer needed and followed by pretty common deployment:


dism /apply-image /imagefile:g:Sourcesinstall.wim /index:1 /applydir:w:dism /image:w: /set-Timezone:"Central Europe Standard Time"md T:RecoveryWindowsREattrib w:WindowsSystem32RecoveryWinre.wim -h -s -rcopy w:WindowsSystem32RecoveryWinre.wim T:RecoveryWindowsREwinre.wimbcdboot w:windows /s s: /f UEFIw:WindowsSystem32
eagentc /setreimage /path T:RecoveryWindowsRE /target w:Windows

After reboot I always end unbootable (as we talk Apple computer it means 1) no partition on Option or 2) folder with ? or 3) just gray screen, make your pick). There's a chance that Windows rely on some UEFI 2.0 feature, which is not available as the old guy has 1.2 only. Or maybe I missed some step somewhere.

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Contacts List In Outlook

Jan 6, 2016

Where is the contacts list in Outlook? I want to add names and cant find where to add them . 

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Unable To Open Contacts?

Dec 9, 2015

I am using the mail program with Windows 10. The calendar and mail are working fine but I can't open my contacts.

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Win Live Mail Contacts

Jul 23, 2015

Using Win 7 with Live Mail 2012. Have reserved Win 10 upgrade. When I upgrade, will my Live Mail contacts be preserved or will I have to recreate them in Win 10?

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Apps :: MS Contacts App Always Re-downloading And Installing

Nov 7, 2015

I have the following problem, that the contacts app re-download and re-installs itself over and over again in the store. I have already tried:

PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command "& {$manifest = (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.WindowsStore).InstallLocation + 'AppxManifest.xml' ; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $manifest}"

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Installation :: Cannot Find Contacts In Outlook?

Dec 26, 2015

I can't find my contacts in Outlook ....

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Installation :: Can't Find Windows Contacts

Jan 19, 2016

I had saved my email address book off my W XP machine ( Outlook Express ) as a WAB file in my external hard drive. I imported it & now I can't find it anywhere! It was supposed to be in Windows Mail ( Hate it!). Where/how do I find it? 

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People Hub / Contacts - Not Syncing On One Device?

Mar 24, 2016

Problems syncing Contacts to one PC - how to fix!? I have the following setup:

- My contacts in the Microsoft Account on the web (People.Live.Com) with Outlook Contacts, Windows Messages, Skype and LinkedIn-integration, works perfectly
- A Lumia 925 with Windows Phone 8.1 and full sync to my account which works fine (including LinkedIn)
- A MS 950XL With Windows Phone 10 and full sync to my account which works fine (without the LinkedIn-integration)
- a PC with Win 10 Prof. which also works fine with all contacts showing up in the "Contact" app on my PC (except the LinkedIn integration)

But then also a laptop with Win 10 home, setup in exactly the same way with the Outlook account, Skype etc. but where the contact sync worked initially BUT HAS NOW STOPPED WORKING!

If I add a new Outlook contact on any of my other devices it syncs with all but the laptop and the same is true for changes of contact data. Somehow the sync function of contacts to the laptop has stopped working!!

I have forced sync but no new contacts show up. The settings in the Contact App on my laptop is the same as on my other PC (same server, same setting on what to collect and how to sync my outlook account, ticking the same boxes on how to filter the contacts etc). I have uninstalled and reinstalled Skype, Messages + Skype-app etc. but cannot make it work. I cannot detect any other differences between the devices and all other things work great.

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