How To Retain Icon Positions On Restart

Aug 17, 2015

Win 7 used to have this problem. Win 8, I never experienced it. First day with win 10 and desktop icons are arranged as I want them and then after a reboot, they all bunched together instead of spread out along the gird in groups that I chose. Why can't windows retain my settings?

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Desktop Icon Positions Not Saving After Update

Nov 12, 2015

Desktop Icon Positions Not Saving after connecting to TV with hdmi cable.

This happened after install of November update, or 1511 (for the 11th month of 2015), or build 10586 windows 10 update.

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BSOD :: Folder View Settings And Desktop Icon Positions Not Saving

Sep 23, 2015

2 out of the 3 computers at work I have installed Windows 10 Pro on, have an issue of when I reboot the computer, the desktop icons, that were arranged in a certain way, have now all moved to the very left of the desktop. I am running Classic Shell on the machines and so get a desktop view immediately when booting. It's annoying. Windows 8.1 does not do this.

My work computer has both XP and Windows 10 PRO on it as a dual boot. It had a Windows 10 preview edition on it since back in April or May. Then when we decided to move into Windows 10, I merely bought a DVD of Win 10 Pro and when running in that preview OS on the one partition I installed the DVD and did and upgrade. Works fine, but every once in a while I see the explorer view of folders and when I close the folder {X} it magically appears again and click the X again to close it.

For the time I installed a program called DesktopOK ver 4.16 on the one computer and seems to be holding it's own so far (no moving icons back over to the extreme left. 

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Window Does Not Retain The Previous Sizing?

Nov 7, 2015

Is there a way to 'fix' windows sizes?

If I resize a window, next time I restart that application I am often finding the window does not retain the previous window sizing. In particular, Edge always opens maximised. A little irritating to have to resize every time - I don't want most applications maximised on my 28" 2560x1440 WQHD monitor.

Is there a solution or setting somewhere that I'm unaware of?

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Desktop Icons Positions Changing

Oct 1, 2015

I have Windows 10 since launch and I have all updated installed. I have my recycle bin in bottom right hand corner but if I restart the PC or refresh the desktop, it will go to the left side. This didnt happen in Win 7 and at some point in Win 10 I was able to move them anywhere without it resetting the positions.So what do I need to change for it not lose the positions?

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Desktop Icons Keep Reverting Back To Default Positions

Aug 17, 2015

First, my desktop icons keep reverting back to default positions. I place my shortcuts at custom locations in my desktop and when I refresh, they go back to the left. And whenever I restart my computer, they change back to the default large icon size.

I've searched the web on how to fix this and I haven't been able to find a working solution on this problem.

Then, Edge is now having a problem too. Edge starts just fine but the problem shows up when you type in a website you wanna go to. It will just sit there doing nothing. It's responding but it's just not doing anything... If you click the open new tab (The plus button) nothing happens. When you try to close it, nothing happens too....

I can still browse the web using other browsers (chrome for example) so it must be on Edge's side.I've ran virus scans with ESET and Windows Defender and they haven't found a virus so I'm pretty sure my computer is clean.

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Performance :: System Will Not Restart From Restart Selection On Start Menu

Nov 13, 2015

I upgraded to Windows 10 everything seems to run fine but system will not restart from the restart selection on the start menu. Windows update will not reboot automatically either. System looks like it is going to reboot, everything shuts down but as system trys to restart everything freezes. Only way around it is to do a hard shutdown by holding the power button. Updated graphics card,hard drive and bios but still no luck.

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Stuck - Install Requires Restart But Doesn't Progress After Restart

Jan 15, 2016

I am upgrading a computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I completed the download, and got a message that the computer needed to restart to continue the installation. However, when I restart and the computer comes back up, the same message appears and the installation does not progress. When I go to check Windows updates in the control panel, it says it can't check for updates because another installation is in progress. I have restarted the machine multiple times with no progress - can't go forward, can't go back.

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Start Icon Not Working And Edge Icon Disappeared?

Sep 1, 2015

After a driver (I think one related to Intel graphics, but i am not shure) was unsuccesfully installed, I had a BSOD problem, hard restart, kernel error message (unable to reproduce it afterward). Some applications from taskbar partially work (Office, Skype), some not. I am unable to open the Start menu (but the right click still works). The Edge disapeared, I post from anothe PC. Restarted a few times, tried to restore to a previous backup of drivers - nothing works.

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OneDrive Icon On Taskbar Instead Of Hidden Icon

Aug 3, 2015

Currently, my OneDrive icon is sitting in the 'hidden icons' section. I have seen pictures of the icon sitting on the taskbar next to Edge, the store, and all the other taskbar icons... how do you get that icon on the taskbar? I have tried all the normal ways I can think of (click and drag onto taskbar, going into taskbar settings, etc) but I can't get it to be removed from the hidden icons area.

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Won't Do A Restart

Aug 28, 2015

I installed Windows 10 as an upgrade and ever since my computer will not do a restart. Whenever I try a restart, the computer idles down then just hangs there with fans running and blank screen. The only way I can restart it is to press the reset button on the front panel after it idles down, or shut Windows down and power up from scratch. Things I have tried so far:

1) A standard Windows repair. This did not fix the problem.

2) Downloaded and ran the Bo Yans boot repair tool. Did not fix the problem.

3) Ran all of the Chkdsk options, which took 3 hours to complete and all results came back clear. Still Windows 10 would not do a restart.

4) Ran Easy Repair Professional for Windows 10. No luck there.

5) Scanned the registry and fixed all errors. Still no luck.

6) Checked the Power Management Options and found these to be okay.

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Slow On Restart

Aug 7, 2015

I have recently just upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8 via the recommended way. However, I have noticed it take a bit longer to start up and restart than Windows 8, it's like I have gone back to Win Vista or 7.

I personally would have performed a Clean Install of Windows 10 if there was a legal ISO for download but in saying that..... I bought my Laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed and wouldn't quite know how that would work performing a clean install anyway with out knowing my Windows 8 Product key as it is not visible on the Laptop. Not to mention that with it being a manufacturer OEM it probably wouldn't work using a legal ISO download. I didn't even get a Windows 8 installation DVD with my Laptop so had to make a Backup DVD.

So I'm thinking if no joy I shall just go back to my Windows 7. It would be a shame really because I really like the whole layout with Windows 10..... It's cleaner and crisper.

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How To Restart Without Password

Sep 21, 2015

I need to do a RUN in Administrative mode but I can't do it by right clicking as in Win 7 ....

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Cannot Shutdown / Only Restart

Aug 19, 2015

Upgraded from Win 7 which ran as normal. But now under Win 10 Pro, both "Restart" and "Shutdown" produce a restart.I have reflashed to the last BIOS just in case but to no avail.

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No Restart After Upgrading

Aug 13, 2015

I'm having some hard times with my pc after installing windows 10...I used to have windows 8.1 and everything was fine. Since I downloaded 10:

-it's no more possible for me to restart my pc: it stops during the process.
-programs behave weirdly: adobe is going mad, it's no more possible to close skype when I don't need it, and other minor issues.

Now, I tried to go back to Windows8.1, I tried to reset the pc, BUT OF COURSE I CAN'T BECAUSE THE RESTART OPTION DOESN'T WORK!!!

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Cannot Log Out Or Restart Or Shut Down

Jan 23, 2016

Recently I started having a problem where after my computer is on for awhile, nothing that operates in the Metro UI will open or function at all. This includes the Start menu, any Windows 10 apps including Settings, Task View, the alt-tab interface, etc. I also cannot log out or restart or shut down, I can get to the options from Ctrl+Alt+Del but it just gets stuck on logging out and I have to do a hard reset.

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No Restart After Upgrading

Aug 13, 2015

I'm having some hard times with my pc after installing windows 10...I used to have windows 8.1 and everything was fine. Since I downloaded 10:

-it's no more possible for me to restart my pc: it stops during the process.
-programs behave weirdly: adobe is going mad, it's no more possible to close skype when I don't need it, and other minor issues.

Now, I tried to go back to Windows8.1, I tried to reset the pc, BUT OF COURSE I CAN'T BECAUSE THE RESTART OPTION DOESN'T WORK!!!

I want my old OS back...

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Can't Shut Down Or Restart

Aug 14, 2015

Have installed win 10, but cannot shut it down or restart it, whenever I try to do so I get error message: page fault in nonpaged area (applecharger.sys) error. My main problem is that the solutions that I have found do not work for me, as when I search through win 10 search function I get only web responses.

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Windows Installer On Restart

Oct 25, 2015

In the last couple of weeks, when I reboot the system there is a popup message "Windows Installer, Preparing to Install". The only option is to "Cancel". If I wait about 3 seconds it disappears, but on the next reboot it returns.

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Lenovo G50-30 Laptop Won't Restart?

Oct 3, 2015

i bought lenovo g50-30 last week. installed Windows 7 (have licence) and updated to Windows 10. everything seemed ok. after that i decided to clean install Windows 10. That's where my problems started...

during install when laptop needed to reboot, it didn't, and i made force shutdown, and after turn it on and continued installation. After finish laptop is running normaly. but i can't restart it.

every time i try, it stuck on lenovo screen, and nothings happens. i shutdown it on button, and then turn on and laptop boot ok. so i can shutdown but can't restart my laptop.

already tried disable fast boot but with no success.

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Very Long Time To Restart

Aug 9, 2015

I'm having this issue since I upgraded to Win 10: when I click restart, my laptop becomes stuck on the restart screen for ages, even the hard drive doesn't show any signs of activity. Its only after like 15 mins or so the hard drive comes into life and the computer turns off. What could be causing this?Normal shut down and hibernate aren't affected.

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Way To Force Shutdown And Restart PC

Jan 22, 2016

looking for a way to force shutdown and restart of pc. How to do this for win 10?

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Doesn't Shut Down Or Restart

Dec 13, 2015

Can't close my system since windows 10 (only forced ) And also its not possible to do a restart

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Updates :: PC Crashes On Restart

Dec 22, 2015

Everytime I try to restart or shut down my PC, it always crashes on the shut down screen then I will have to force shut down by holding down the power button..

I'm running my OS on a SSD and it is 100% healthy,

I believe it could be an update that has made it like this, it started when I installed the KB31224200 update.

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Stuck On 91% Restart Or Wait

Jul 29, 2015

I am stuck on 91% for Win10. What do I do? 

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Why Have To Restart Lenovo To Get Internet

Sep 21, 2015

Just bought a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro that came with Windows 10. Everytime I turn my laptop on I have internet for about 3 seconds and then it stops working. I try to disconnect and reconnect and it says that I am connected, however the internet does not work. Once I restart my computer, it automatically has internet and I have no other problems. As I open and shut my laptop multiple times daily this has become time consuming and an annoyance. I'm sure it's not my Wi-Fi because my other computers and devices have no issues. Why is this happening?

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