Inherit Permissions When Moving Files?

Dec 27, 2015

how I can set Windows 10 up, so moved files will inherit the permissions from the destination folder?

I enabled the inheritance option on the parent folder and that works when copying files, but not when moving files.

In previous versions of Windows I could resolve this issue, by adding MoveSecurityAttributes in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer (as described in the article below), but this does not seem to have any effect in Windows 10.


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Why Cannot Set Permissions To Full Control Of My Files

Feb 12, 2016

Like many other new Win10 users, I've experienced Microsoft's built-in gotcha: all the files I transferred from my old PC are now Read-Only. OK, I know that I can uncheck this attribute in each file's properties. I've read that in recalcitrant cases I should go to the Security tab of Properties and edit them to allow Full Control. That works in some cases... but I'm finding cases where the Edit is greyed out, and I am unable to make changes. Most often, the only User in the box is Home Users. There is no other line for Administrator or anything else. How can I get past this roadblock?

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Lost All Permissions And Control Of Files / Folders

Dec 9, 2015

earlier I plugged in the hard drive from my wife's PC into my own PC (both windows 10) so I could try to recover some files from it (as it's currently not booting into windows).

As soon as I booted my PC back up I could see the second hard drive was there but since then I've been experiencing all sorts of issues. I am still an administrator but I just don't seem to be able to do anything - it's hard to describe, but I can't move or change or delete ANY files or folders on my system, I can't move files to or from an external drive for back up, on the desktop the right click menu doesn't come up at all and on files/folders it has no ability to access properties.

Also, whilst most programs still open normally, any Microsoft Office programs just don't do anything at all when clicked on. It's as if I have lost all control over making any changes on my PC.

I assumed that the two drives were conflicting in some way so removed the second drive but the problems are still there.

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Do Not Have Correct Permissions To Read / Write Files

Oct 11, 2015

I recently upgraded to windows ten but ever since I did my computer keeps telling me I do not have the correct permissions to read/write files. I have tried to change the settings to allow the one and only account the permissions. It works temporarily but after a few days it goes back to not allowing me again. I also tried activating the built in administrator account to save files but of course a built in administrator account cannot access the same things as the original account can.

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Permissions For Modify Files On Programs Folder

Aug 2, 2015

I come from windows 7 and i have not problem to copy delete etc. files on programs. Now every time i search to change file o delete or copy a windows appear ask me a permission..There is a way to disable this warning or ahve full acces to programs ?

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Can't Drag And Drop Files - Permissions And Security Settings?

Dec 11, 2015

Ever since i've updated to Windows 10 i've been having an issue with permissions which im unable to fix.

Basically all of my software and files located on a non-system hard drive appear to be restricted in one way or another despite the fact that i've manually set all of the permissions and made myself an owner of an entire hard drive.

Here are the examples of issues i've experienced:

1) I can't run any software i've installed on that hard drive unless im running it as administrator. This includes GOM player, Adobe Photoshop, Filezilla, Steam and other applications. I can run any software on a system disk without confirming it first as administrator though.

2) I can't drag and drop files from that hard drive to or from installed applications like GOM and VLC player's or Adobe Photoshop - it just won't let me since the cursor changes into a cross. If i installed the software on a system drive - i can drag and drop files (movies, photos, etc) just fine when i need to play something in VLC or edit files in Photoshop.

3) I couldn't use archives and drag and drop files from and to archives without a warning about "harmful files" popping up constantly until i installed winrar on a system disk.

4) Some files gotten locked if they were downloaded from the internet. I think i was able to fix that by editing permissions and security settings in gpedit.msc and explorer though.

Is there a reason why this keeps happening?

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Networking :: Permissions - Can't Share Files On Home LAN Computers

Oct 20, 2015

I've got a LAN in my home/office with 5 machines now running Win 10 and I've not been able to transfer files between them due to "permission problems". These were all running Win 7 and sharing files with no problems but now I'm blocked. I've made every "advanced" change I can think of to networking and sharing screens and to firewall screens. The machines can see each other in File Explorer but "access denied" on transferring anything but vanilla homegroup folders. Need to get some insights on "permissions".

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BSOD :: Changed Permissions On All Files On C Drive Now Get Black Screen?

Nov 12, 2015

Windows 10 In Windows Explorer, I right-clicked on C: and went to Properties and then selected the Security tab and edited the permissions to Allow Full control and it ran for a long, long time. When I re-booted the computer it works fine until after the Sign In screen then the screen goes black. I have a cursor and if I hit Ctrl-Atl-Delete I can select Task Manager but then the screen goes black again. I can boot into Safe Mode with Networking and I can get a Command Prompt in Safe Mode. I have looked at ICACLS but I'm not sure how to use it to re-set the permissions back to normal Windows 10 settings.

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Lost All Permissions And Control Of Files / Folders After Plugging In Second Drive

Dec 9, 2015

I plugged in the hard drive from my wife's PC into my own PC (both windows 10) so I could try to recover some files from it (as it's currently not booting into windows).As soon as I booted my PC back up I could see the second hard drive was there but since then I've been experiencing all sorts of issues. I am still an administrator but I just don't seem to be able to do anything - it's hard to describe, but I can't move or change or delete ANY files or folders on my system, I can't move files to or from an external drive for back up, on the desktop the right click menu doesn't come up at all and on files/folders it has no ability to access properties.

Also, whilst most programs still open normally, any Microsoft Office programs just don't do anything at all when clicked on. It's as if I have lost all control over making any changes on my PC.I assumed that the two drives were conflicting in some way so removed the second drive but the problems are still there.

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Moving Files To A New Folder Same Drive?

Oct 16, 2015

Why I do this is unimportant. In Win 7, when I move my daily backup files (2 weeks worth about 20gb) from my current BU folder to my save BU folder, the move took a couple of seconds (I think because only the file pointers were changed.) Under Win 10, it takes in excess of 2 hours (I think there is a physical move of file data.) This is my third try since installing Win 10 on my (admittedly slow) server. Will renaming the files work?

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Moving OneDrive Folders And Files To New Laptop

Jan 12, 2016

I have a laptop with about 68GB of OneDrive sync'd data. I now have a new laptop which I am setting up and it will replace my old laptop.

What is the best way to do migrate all my data to the new machine?

1) Let OneDrive automatically sync with my new PC and use 68GB of my 250GB monthly allotment?

2) I could manually move the data over - as we did in the old days - and then turn on OneDrive and "hopefully" let it sync and realize that same data is on the new laptop and not download or create other copies.

Moving the data over to a new machine? How does OneDrive react?

I tried with one folder and it seems to work where it did not download the folder again or create a second copy. I tried another folder and it started downloading (syncing).

Bottom line is I'd prefer to manually move all the folders and files (copy) from my old laptop to my new laptop's OneDrive but don't know how well this will play out. Nothing on Microsoft's OneDrive sit or elsewhere on this specifically that I've found.

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Performance :: Delete Or Moving Files Has A Delay?

Feb 3, 2016

Over last few weeks I have been noticing that when I go to delete a file or move it another folder it will actually take around 5-10 seconds to actually execute. I dont mean slow transfer but its like the process hangs for a bit. Weird thing is that it doesn't do it every single time, and hard to predict it. Everything else on my pc is working normally. My C: is a Crucial SSD

I have run disk check and disk clean and completes with no problem.

I tried running sfc /scannow both in safe mode and normal boot however it comes back with the following message. "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some

of them. Details are included in the CBS.Log windirLogsCBSCBS.log. For

example C:WindowsLogsCBSCBS.log. Note that logging is currently not

supported in offline servicing scenarios."

Ok, so I start digging into google trying to figure this out as im not sure what im looking at in the logs and I come across a few other commands to try

Dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth - the message I received "The component store is repairable.

The operation completed successfully."

Dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth - Error: 0x800f081f

The source files could not be found.

Use the "Source" option to specify the location of the files that are required to restore the feature. For more information on specifying a source location, see Configure a Windows Repair Source.

The DISM log file can be found at C:WINDOWSLogsDISMdism.log

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Drivers/Hardware :: Moving AVI Files To External Drive / Drive Not Recognized And Lost All

Apr 14, 2016

I was moving video files (AVI) from an external backup drive (WD Element) to another external backup drive (Seagate expansion) after having moved another video file from my laptop (Acer) to that Seagate external drive. The night before I had moved some video files from the WD to the Seagate with no problem but using a different laptop (Sony). These video files are all rather large and I can tell that the space is still being allocated on the Seagate because while the folder cannot be seen the space that was there is still being used by the Seagate because I am missing over 100GB which would be about the size of that now missing folder.

What happened was there was a message that the Seagate drive could not be recognized while the files were in the process of being moved to that drive from the WD. This is after I had already moved a video file of about 26GB with no problem into that now missing folder. When I saw the message I attempted several times to move files to that Seagate drive but I could not so I unplugged the Seagate drive from that laptop (Acer) then reinserted it into the usb port. I got a repair message that said it needed to be repaired because some files were corrupted and that no data would be lost but the drive would be unavailable during the repairs so I checked ok. It took only about 30 seconds and it said the repairs were completed and the drive was available but I noticed that the folder that I was moving the video files to was not gone.

As I stated there are more than 100GB of files in that folder some are video and others are audio recordings that were created by using the myrecording (audio and video) features of the Acer laptop and they are very important so I need to figure out if they can be retrieved from that Seagate drive. I have not copied anything else onto that Seagate drive but I have plugged it into the Acer computer to ensure it is being recognized. Both the external drives WD and Seagate are plug and play that are powered from the usb -- they have no power adapters.

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Customization :: Moving Files Into Folders Puts Them Under Recent Folders

Nov 20, 2015

I have the option "Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the taskbar" off.

However since the last update whenever I either copy or move a file into any folder windows puts that folder under the Recent group in the taskbar.

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Administrator Permissions Denied?

Sep 25, 2015

the error message says--onenote (office 2010) cannot fully register itself with windows desktop search because you dont have administrator permissions, to complete the registration, contact your system administrator and then repair the one note installation.

ive made sure i have administrative permissions, and attempted to "repair" one note install, from programs and features, but dont have administrative priviledges.

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What Are The Default Msiexec Permissions

Oct 18, 2015

what are the default permission the users, admins,system have in the msiexec application in sysWow64?

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Revert Permissions To All Folders Quickly?

Aug 20, 2015

Windows 10 seems to have changed the permissions settings to all my files and folders - and I have lot of them (documents, photos, music etc).

I must have at least 30 000 images stored as I'm a pro photographer and thousands of documents. I currently can't save or change anything as I'm told the files are read-only and I don't permission to do that. This is seriously delaying my work.

I'm not on a network and I am the administrator.

A) There is a universal way to do this throughout my drives (C and D) quickly or if I have to do it by folder (which could take forever).

B) The easiest way to do it.

C) Microsoft are aware of how they have seriously messed up our computers and if they are doing anything about it.

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Deleted Local Disk Permissions

Jul 30, 2015

After I installed win 10 yesterday, I was looking around and I noticed the windows.old file in my local disk. I looked online and saw that it was safe to delete it, but I couldn't because I didn't have permissions. So I followed a youtube tutorial on how to gain permissions, but I performed this on the entire c drive (note that this is my only drive). The video showed that I had to delete all the permission settings previously there. You can kind of see where this is going. So I did then I gave myself permissions. I immediately saw that win 10 started to not function properly. So I tried to re-add system and administrators to the drive permissions. Some of the win 10 functionalities returned and I thought that restarting my pic would fix the rest. But now after the win 10 logo I get a black screen and I can't log in.

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Accounts :: Granting Two Users Different Permissions To Different Folders?

Feb 10, 2016

I have a Windows 10 PC that acts as a file share. Within this file share there are several hundred folders. I'd like to know if there is an easy to grant two different users different permissions to these several hundred folders.

For example, I'd like like one users to be have full control to folders A, B, C and the other user to have full control to folder 1, 2, 3 - Neither of which should be able to see what access the other user has.

Is there an easy way to do that other than going to each folder and granting each user appropriate access?

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How To Reset Default File Permissions For These Directories

Oct 25, 2015

The other day, I was trying to fix Windows Default Apps not working by adding "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" to the following directories as indicated here: [URL]

However, it seems to have messed up the permissions as what I did was take ownership and then added both myself and "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES".

My question is, how do I reset the permissions of the following folders and their sub folders and sub files to the defaults:

C:Program Files

Does this command below do it?
icacls * /T /Q /C /RESET

My other question is will it fix the folders to the default inheritance if I enabled inheritance to child folders/files for a folder that was by default disabled or if I disabled inheritance to the child folders/files for a folder that is by default enabled?

Other than the above, Am I correct that I will have to manually change the permission for each users folder under C:Users so they own and have full control of that folder.

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Accounts :: Apps Reset Default Permissions

Jan 30, 2016

Is there anyway to reset the permissions back to Account Unknown() for the WindowsApps folder? I wanted to have a look in it, I changed the ownership to myself and now I just want to reset it back to the default. The default was Account Unknown(sequence of some kind), but you can't just set it back.

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OneDrive - Resetting Security Permissions Every Boot

Aug 4, 2015

After having multiple, miscellaneous, seemingly-disconnected issues with file and folder permissions, locked files, inability to save or edit in my user files, open Outlook, play games, etc, I accidentally stumbled across some oddities in my file shares in computer management related to OneDrive. I posted a more thorough description and permanent work-around here: Windows 10 OneDrive Default Settings Causing Major Issues With - Microsoft Community

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External Hard Drive Permissions Not Working

Mar 29, 2016

I cannot get my external hard drives to give me write permissions over my local network in some directions.I recently replaced our hard drives with SSDs and with the reinstall, I had some difficulty getting the permissions on my external hard drives working correctly.

I did several Google searches and read a procedure that I needed to go through adding a user called "Everyone" to each of my drives that I wanted to access and share. I did this and gave "Everyone" full read/write permissions and also went into advanced options (or wherever it is) and chose the checkbox to give all child files and folders these same permissions. It took ages but eventually it all seemed OK.

I had one folder which could not be corrected this way and ended up having go change each file individually. Anyway, I thought I was all set but if I try to move a file from Machine A to Machine B (the drives are attached to , I get an error that I don't have permission to do this. No overrides or Admin permissions are an option and when I check the specifics it *is* correctly shared with not only Everyone but this machine as well (so it attempted to fix the permissions itself at some point). However, if I go to Machine B and grab the files from Machine A over the network ...

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Change Permissions On Redirected MyDocuments Folder

Sep 22, 2015

I have a new install of Windows 10 and I created a separate partition to keep my data files on so I don't lose them when/if I do a fresh windows install.So I redirected the MyDocuments, Pictures etc folders from the system partition to the data partition. What I would like to do now is restrict access to those folders so that only the log in that they belong to can access them.

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Installation :: Failed Admin Rights / Permissions And Security

Jul 30, 2015

I just upgraded my Win 7 Laptop to Win 10, but I seem to have lost my admin rights to certain folders and actions.

I am getting "You don't have permission to save in this location" messages when trying to look at the Local Users and Groups console or save files.I can not download/ save (do not get the save dialog at the bottom of Edge (or IE for that matter)).Also I am not able to do the "Sign in with a Microsoft account instead" procedure in the "Your account" window. Nothing happens when I fill in my email and click.

I want my control back, of the Laptop. How do I solve this?

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Apps :: Scanning Permissions - Can't Access The Documents Folder

Aug 4, 2015

the windows fax and scan utility can't start up because it can't access the documents folder, where it saves the scans.

Then I tried the windows 10 scan app. It saves by default to the pictures folder. It, too, could not save to the default location. but I discovered that I can set it to save to desktop, and that works. But it forgets my choice as soon as I close the app.

I am the owner of these folders. Why can't my apps access them? I checked documents properties, and I have full permissions.

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