Installation :: Upgrade And Updates It Appears To Be A Huge File

Sep 16, 2015

From what I've read on Windows 10 upgrade and updates it appears to be a huge file, about how much time should I expect ti to take for a complete download?

Using a generic machine, Intel core i5 processor, 3.4ghz, 6mb quad core, Asus P8B75-V M/B. 4GB Ram.

Each time I'm ready to hit the UPGRADE button I read another post which gives me pause and then wait for another "positive" post. Have a clone disk and image disk - so I guess we should be set. 

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Installation :: Upgrade Makes Huge Recovery Partition

Sep 25, 2015

My Dell venue pro 11 tablet comes with a 32gb inbuilt space with windows 8.1. Then I got the free windows 10 upgrade which went smoothly.

But now the problem is after the upgrade there was very little space left in my Cdrive. The recovery partition takes up 6.5gb of space. I thought of deleting it using a 3rd party software.

I need to free up that space, currently i have 11 gb free space, adding this would give me 17 gb.

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Customization :: Blurry Desktop Background For Huge Image File

Dec 23, 2015

I made a desktop background in 3ds max and its of a robot standing on the moon. The actual image I is about 10k by 6k so I converted it to 1080p because I was having the same problem with the larger image. When I set it as my desktop background it becomes blurry. The stars bleed out whiteness around into the black space. The textures and reflections just look like crap on the desktop image. But on the real image you can zoom in for miles and it is just fine. Why my desktop background looks worse quality than say an image viewer?

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Huge Folders Have Turned Into 0 Byte Files After Upgrade

Nov 30, 2015

I don't know why or how but many of my folders have been lost after an upgrade, mostly games, and converted into 0 byte files. I don't know how else to explain it, so here's a screenshot:

How I can regain access to the folders on my PC?

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Installation :: Upgrade Install Stuck On (Checking For Updates)

Feb 10, 2016

I've decided to upgrade my Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 with the free upgrade. Unfortunately, it has been stuck "Checking for Updates" for the last 30-45 minutes. Is this normal? I've updated two laptops, one Windows 7 Home and one Windows 8 and it didn't take nearly this long. I'm afraid I'm stuck in some kind of loop.

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Black Box Appears And Disappears After Installation

Aug 29, 2015

A black box appears and quickly disappears while I am online, after installing windows 10. It appears on the left side of my screen. It causes sites that I am on to close, and will also make the things I am typing disappear.

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Windows Logo Appears When Reboot And Brings Back Installation Process

Oct 10, 2015

When I try to install windows 10 into my newly built pc, everything goes normally... then it says that the pc need to reboot, and it does. After the reboot, the windows logo appears and it brings me back to the windows installation process.

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ISO File Updates?

Sep 12, 2015

A few weeks ago, I created a Windows 10 recovery DVD, using the media creation tool. Since then, Microsoft has installed several Windows 10 updates. Is the ISO file updated with the most recent updates? If it's updated, how often is it updated? Is it wise every so often to create a fresh recovery DVD?

I ask because I needed to do a fresh install of Windows 7 some time ago. That ISO file was older, and it took quite a while to install many, many upgrades. They installed fine, but it took a while. I'm wondering if the latest Windows 10 64-bit ISO file includes the latest updates.

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Performance :: Huge Fps Drop On Games After Upgrading

Feb 10, 2016

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 because there are a handful of upcoming games that I am interested in that are only available from the Windows store (Gears of War, Killer Instinct, and Quantum Break), and I also want to take advantage of dx12 when games start to utilize it. I've read that some people have noticed a minor dip in fps after upgrading, but my experience was so bad I had no choice but to revert back to Windows 7 Ultimate.


Rise of the Tomb Raider- Windows 7-max fps-62, min fps-43. Windows 10-max fps-44, min fps-31
Just Cause 3 Windows 7-max fps-54, min fps-30. Windows 10-a consistent 30 fps.
Project Cars Windows 7-max fps-118, min fps-88. Windows 10- max fps 88, min fps-73.
Mad Max Windows 7-max fps-111, min fps-88. Windows 10- a consistent 60 fps.

As you can see, these represent more than just a "slight drop" in framerate which I was willing to accept.

My PC :
i7 4790k 4 ghz cpu
gtx 980 ti x 2 SLI
32 gb ddr3
Asus Extreme Motherboard.

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Antivirus :: Huge Increase In Tracking Cookies

Feb 10, 2016

My SUPERAntispyware (free) seems to do a better job than Norton at blocking tracking cookies. It blocked 7 or 8 a day on average on my Win7. It's just stopped 257 that have arrived in the past TWO days on my new Win10. Nearly everyone had the name Microsoft in its title.

(1) Should I just accept that this is now the normal way of life and not get angry with Microsoft for the intrusions?
(2) Does Windows Defenders block tracking cookies? Being cynical, is it programmed to let through all those with Microsoft in its name?

I use IE11 - not Edge

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System Recovery Folder Huge And Growing

Aug 20, 2015

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and after a week noted that my C: drive had a new System Recovery folder that was about 10GB in size. Currently, the folder has reached 20GB and I noted that daily multiple recovery files of 34MB are added. Since my C: drive is an SSD with limited storage, how to put an upper limit on the size of this folder or alternatively, how to delete the folder without losing significant Windows 10 functionality?

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Huge Drop Off In Boot And Shut Down Times

Jul 31, 2015

I just installed Windows 10 and see a huge drop off in the boot time and shut down times. I have an i7 laptop with the OS partitioned on a SSD drive. Windows 8.1 would take 10-15 seconds to boot up.

This isnt the case here, right after the logo displays, I get a blank screen for a good minute. The laptop is fine after booting up, no lagging or heating issues so far.

I really don't want to clean install, just because the AMD drivers for my gfx card are difficult to properly install. Also reading people having this issue even after a clean install.

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Huge Lag And Rubber Banding In PvP Games After Sleep Mode

Aug 11, 2015

Last week and a good part of this one i've been dealing with a huge gaming issue called rubber banding. I've stressed out all the ISP employers and all of them said nothing it's wrong with the connection between them and me, and more likely there's a problem between me and the servers across Europe. Anyways, after hundreds of tries and many hammers hits into my router, i've discovered that if i restart the computer, all the lag and rubber banding disappears. Like nothing else ever happened. But if i go into Sleep Mode, and then turn it on again.

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After Using HDMI Cable Screen Is Blurry And Icons Are Huge

Oct 28, 2015

I have a laptop. Acer e5-571g to be precise. So, i had a problem with an hdmi cable to tv - had no sound. Did a bit of research, tried some things out, nothing. Unplugged the cable and my screen icons went large, screen is blurry now. Drivers, i think, are up to date. Screen resolution is not the problem, icons are set to small. Restarted the computer too. Oh, and i have windows 10.

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Updates :: Had To Replace HD And Can't Upgrade

Sep 23, 2015

my hard drive was going bad so decided to replace, but before i did i upgraded the old drive to win 10 thinking i could just use a old win 7 DVD to install win to download and upgrade back to win 10 on the new drive using the media creation tool for win upgrade this PC option, but it's still asks for a activation key tried using the original activation key from the laptop then tried using the activation key from the win 7 install disk i used neither worked

on a side note can i still just keep the non activated win 7 install on my laptop and watch internet streams and serf the web and play games not going to be able to use internet on my desktop soon till i get a new provider in a cpl months and am hoping i can just use the laptop at the library to bridge the gap till then

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Updates :: How To Install Update Patch Manually (Cab File)

Jan 21, 2016

how to install manually a patch which seems to be quite essential to upgrade my 16gb tablet to the 1511 build of windows 10:

the patch is KB3124260 and I downloaded manually the .cab file from the official support site, but I have no experience about this, and no clue on how to install it. Is there any tool or script available?

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Updates :: How To Block Downloading Upgrade

Dec 6, 2015

I have Windows 8.1 and I can not install the updates to Windows 8.1 in Windows Update because it always starts downloading Windows 10. How to block downloading Windows 10 and only download updates to Windows 8.1?

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Updates :: Upgrade Using Shared Network Key?

Nov 13, 2015

I m have activated my windows 7 on laptop using same shared key used for my business computers. If I will upgrade my laptop to windows 10, will it affect other computers which are using same key.

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Upgrade From 8.1 Stuck On Checking Updates?

Oct 6, 2015

Upgrade from 8.1 to 10 seems to be going OK, (on almost new laptop), until screen appears "checking updates".

After over two hours I gave up, and retried following day - same result ! 

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Updates :: Can't Activate After Upgrade From Activated 8.1

Jul 29, 2015

i just upgraded my original Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and when i try to activate it, Windows gives me an error

"Windows cannot be activated, please try again later"

How can i solve this?

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Updates :: Followed Steps For Clean Install From Upgrade

Oct 23, 2015

I've read the instructions on various websites.

I had Windows 8.1 Home activated and updated.

Upgraded to Windows 10 Home. It activated and updated.

Did a clean install of Windows 10 Home and it won't activate. I skipped both key input screens and it says my key is blocked.

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Updates :: Clean Install After Corrupt Upgrade

Jan 9, 2016

I have a laptop that was originally on Windows 8.1. I upgraded it to Windows 10 recently, however there were a variety of deeply embedded issues. I tried every troubleshooting method I could find, tried to revert back to 8.1, and tried to repair and reset Windows 10. Nothing was working, so I had to use installation media from doing a clean install on my PC to install a fresh version of Windows 10 on my laptop.

I was forced to format the hard drive, and delete all the partitions to even get the clean install to work (the upgrade did a real number on my initial system), and because of this I'm now unable to activate Windows 10. The upgrade was the Home edition, and I clean installed the Home N edition (as far as I'm aware there's little to no difference). I made a note of the product key that was listed in the upgraded 10 before the clean install, which I assume was my product key from 8.1 that carried over, as it is 20 characters long and not 25.

Is there any way I can activate my clean installed Windows 10 Home N in this situation?

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Updates :: Last Update Caused All Custom File Associations To Reset To Defaults

Feb 10, 2016

My PC updated Windows 10 yesterday afternoon ("Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3135173)". After rebooting, it completely screwed all my custom file associations (mostly for media files: photos, audio, and video).

A few minutes after the reboot, the Action Center started firing popups at me, one after the other, every few seconds:

"An app default was reset. An app caused a problem with the default setting for .avi files so it was reset to Films & TV."

with a different file extension for each popup (avi, bmp, mp4, and so on) . Even .pdf files were changed from Adobe Reader to Microsoft Edge. As well, all my custom context menu items for these same file types were also deleted. I spent a lot of time setting these associations up and now they were all obliterated. I'd backed them all up in a .reg file but running it didn't do anything. So with a heavy (and angry) sigh I started manually changing the associations back to the way I had them. However, each time I finished making a change within seconds the Action Center would fire the same message as before at me for the file type I'd just changed and it would be reset back to the MS default again.

Finally in exasperation, I just used System Restore to go back before the updates and that solved the problem. Now, the Action Center keeps nagging me to set a time to reinstall this same update. I know I can't block it indefinitely, and there are probably important security patches in it I should have. So the question is: How can I stop it from f'ing up my file associations again?

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Updates :: After Upgrade Cannot Activate - Error Code 0xC004F034

Jul 29, 2015

Getting this Error code: 0xC004F034 after upgrade to windows 10?

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Updates :: After Upgrade Getting PowerShell Has Stopped Working Error

Aug 4, 2015

After I updated to Windows 10 I get multiple "Powershell has stopped working" errors. How do I get rid of this error.

Things I have tried: Downloaded Malwarebytes and ran scan - did not fix issue. Downloaded RegCurePro and ran scan

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PC Won't Load After Initial Updates Following Either Fresh Install Or Upgrade

Sep 5, 2015

Hardware consisted of z87pro, 16gb ram, sandisk 250gbssd. Purely for office work and was fine. Upgraded to windows 10 initially and all seemed fine. Few weeks later being yesterday the pc would boot but got stuck on the windows 10 loader screen with the dots going round and never getting past it. Anyway in the end I had all my data so I formatted the disk and started again. Following fresh install of windows 10 as soon as the initial updates were applied the machine would appear to shut down but would not go off. Manual restart would lead to the machine getting stuck on the white dots going round and round.

I have also tried another SSD drive and a windows 7 to windows 10 upgrade and the same problem repeats. It seems as soon as the latest updates are applied and machine is rebooted it then fails to load the OS..I now have an image of windows 10 following install without the updates but soon as those initial updates go on the os fails on the white dots going round and round... The os shuts down with no updates and re-loads..

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