Laptop Won't Boot?

Nov 30, 2015

Recently(September) I bought a new laptop, with an i7, a ssd with windows 10 installed in it and a hard drive 1tb for memory. However, 3 weeks after I bought it, the ssd suddenly disappeared. I googled about that and i saw it was a common problem so i let it go and reinstalled windows10 on the hard drive. It worked perfectly(only a bit slower) for 2 months until 2 days ago it displayed a message that my ssd drive needs to be fixed. It was weird and i was scared to do it so i let it go. But after a few hours, the screen went black and nothing would happen. I decided to reboot the laptop, but it wouldn't boot, it stuck on the win 10 logo with the loading circle forever.

Then, after a while i rebooted again but this time it stuck on the same thing only with the message preparing auto repair. Again, nothing happened. I tried to reinstall the windows from the usb stick, and it seemed to stuck again on the same screen after the screen saying loading files. However, i let it load all night and in the morning it had loaded successfully. I let it install the windows, which btw took strangly too long, but after it installed and rebooted in order to open, boom, same loading screen again forever. I let that screen load for a couple of hours, and then i got a message saying installation failed press ok to restart. The same thing again.

By the way, i have tried entering recovery mode from the usb to reset the windows but it doesnt load again. The hhd seems fine on bios, the ssd appears but 0gb.

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Laptop Will Not Boot At All Not Even From DVD

Oct 16, 2015

The other day I was trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop. I searched the Internet for a guide, and it told me to use a software to create a bootable USB and let BIOS boot from it. I did that, and attempted to change it to boot USB as the first priority. After saving changes, exiting and restarting the laptop, it will not boot at all.

The exact process is as follows, when the power button is pressed:

Power button itself, 2 out of 3 LEDs beside the power button (WiFi, Caps Lock, Num Lock; only the last 2 light up), power light indicator (not sure what the exact name is, but it has a light bulb symbol above it), and the disk activity indicator all light up at once after one second. Screen also lights up (super dim) but only for around 200 miliseconds?All lights and indicators then disappear, except for power button and light bulb indicator which are still lit. Battery indicator flashes only when it is very low on power (< 7%).

Cooling fan doesn't seem to be running, and laptop gets warm after a minute until powered off.Keyboard is apparently not turned on, so spamming all kinds of keys like Del, Esc, and F hotkeys doesn't bring me to BIOS.Inserted a system repair disc (that is created in Windows 10 from a spare laptop, which is currently the one I'm using). Disc reader only spins the disc for a few seconds and stops, and laptop doesn't boot from disc. Force shutting it down and power it up again with the disc still inside still won't boot from the disc.

I've tried several other options, like draining all the power from the laptop and taking out the CMOS battery then putting it back again, but all to no avail . Operating systems installed in both laptops are Windows 10.

I changed the boot order to boot USB first, and laptop won't boot AT ALL. BIOS isn't accessible; it doesn't do anything.

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Boot On Dell Laptop From USB?

Feb 23, 2016

How can I boot my Dell Studio 1749 Laptop from either a USB or External HP CD/DVD drive in order to bypass a disabled internal CD/DVD (with stuck disk)? And how do I create the USB Boot Drive?

The F12 boot options freeze up trying to boot my repair disk in external dvd.

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USB Installation - Laptop Won't Boot

Mar 3, 2016

I am currently attempting to install Windows 10 but I am having some troubles. I have just removed my existing hdd and replaced it with a Samsung 850 evo 250gb.

As expected, the laptop is now displaying a "Boot device not found" error. I have inserted a usb that I created with the Windows 10 tool however the laptop won't boot it.

I have gone into the bios and put the usb at the top of the boot order but it still won't work. Do I need to disable secure boot or go to legacy mode?

Finally, will windows install the system using in the newer GPT mode?

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Installation :: How To Boot From DVD Drive On HP Laptop

Nov 19, 2015

How do I boot from dvd drive on HP laptop? According to Google it says press esc repeatedly and then f9. I did this and it did not work so I went into the BIOS and changed boot order to cd/dvd drive at the top but it will not boot do I have to press another key?

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Laptop Keeps Long To Boot Anytime

Oct 28, 2015

Am using and accer laptop and am using windows 10 but the problem i have is that my laptop keeps long to boot anytime i put it on. This hasnt happened before even after months getting into windows 10 but now it is lways happening and have restarted my laptop for a million times hoping it stops but it still doesnt stop eventhugh have even set my BOIS to default but yet still it is still happening.

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Laptop Stuck In The Boot Menu

Mar 10, 2016

laptop specs-
Toshiba satellite C55t series
Touch Screen
4gb RAM
500 gb HDD
Intel HD graphics.
WIndows 10 home

I bought my laptop some 2 months ago and reset it a month ago cause of some minor problem. After the reset it was working pretty good and i downloaded games and other stuff. THen yesterday night i realised that after my built in Toshiba service apps had been uninstalled after the reset, so went download and install them from the official site and the suitable versions. I think i download too many of them at the same time and installed, so after 5 minutes it got hung. I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del. After that the screen went black and i hit the power button to shut down. Then after that switched it on and there it said under toshiba logo that automatic repair was taking place and diagonising your pc, and took me directly to that bue Boot Menu. There i tried stuffs like restart, turn off and ultimately came to resetting giving up the rest. When i pressed reset it look good till 36% then after that it said "There was a problem Resetting your PC".

After this i went to this site- [URL].... And did only Method 1 cause for doing method 2 I cant get into my windows.

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After Laptop Reset Can't Boot Anymore

Jul 24, 2015

After resetting my laptop (specs below) from within Windows 10, it cannot boot anymore. It just displays the hp logo and after that it's a black screen with my mouse pointer, indicating that something is loading (the spinning circle). But how long I wait doesn't matter, because it doesn't boot ever. I have tried booting in safe mode, and that worked. But I'm not able to figure out how to boot normally.

my specs: HP Envy 15-j190nb
Intel i7 M 4700MQ
Intel HD 4600 graphics + nVidia gforce 840m
12 gigs ram

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Laptop Stuck On Boot Manager

Jan 8, 2016

I keep having trouble with my laptop it hasn't been even starting up in weeks, I turn it on and this it's black with a blue window that sus Default Boot Device missing or Boot Failed, insert recovery media or hit any key

Then select boot manager to choose a new boot device or to boot recovery media. So I hit enter and I go to boot manager and boot option menu but there's no options....

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Laptop Stuck On Boot Animation

Aug 23, 2015

My laptop was being weird at work one day so I rebooted. I had windows ten for probably two weeks. when it went to boot agian it got stuck on the windows boot animation. My bios options were limited and the only thing i could do was revert to windows seven through some windows ten recovery menu. Once i got back to windows 7 it still didnt boot. I re installed windows seven and then tried to go back to windows ten. Once i got to windows ten it tried to boot but failed. I rebooted it a couple times to see what would happen and it reveerted back to windows seven automatically. Now windows seven won't boot either.

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Laptop Doesn't Boot After BIOS Update

Oct 18, 2015

I recently bought a MSI laptop, and decided to update the BIOS.

However after the update my laptop just doesn't boot anything, no USB, no hard drive, nothing.

I already enabled/disabled secure boot, used UEFI etc. and tried to flash the BIOS again, but nothing worked.

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Making Laptop Boot To External Monitor?

Oct 15, 2015

I'm trying to just run my laptop as a desktop, as the screen hinges are faulty. Its a Lenovo Y410P. I know how to switch the display to the external monitor in the control panel settings. But I want to make it so that I can put the laptop to sleep or restart the laptop, and upon boot up have the login be displayed on the second monitor exclusively.

Currently, when the laptop is started from sleep or restarts, it will display everything only on the laptop screen. Then I have to open up the laptop, switch settings and send it to the external monitor.

Monitor is a ViewSonic VA2265smh. I'm running this via HDMI cable.

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Getting Runtime Error Message When Laptop Boot Up?

Aug 19, 2015

I recently upgraded my laptop from W 7 to W 10. Now when I switch on I get a

'Runtime Error! Program: CWindowssystem32atibtmon.exe'
'This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.'

Then there's the top 'half' of a line that reads 'Please contact the application's support team for more '

The only option is to click 'OK' and everything continues as normal.

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Laptop Will Not Boot And Is Stuck On A Blank Blue Screen

Sep 18, 2015

I downloaded and installed the Windows 10 upgrade on Tuesday. Since then my Dell Vostro 3550 laptop will not boot and is stuck on a blank blue screen. I took my laptop to Geek Squad at Best Buy yesterday and he told me Windows 10 is installed but it will not boot. He loaded their MRI operating system with my CD/DVD drive and he told me my files are still on my laptop. They wanted $100.00 to get my files of my laptop into a flash drive. The flash drive cost $30-40. In order for them to fix my laptop, I would have to pay $200.00 for a one year service contract. Then, to solve the problem, they would delete all of my programs, and possibly all my files, from my computer. That totals a minimum cost of $340.00 and that is if they do not find anything else wrong. I told them I could not afford that and I took my laptop home.

When I got home, I tried again to boot my computer and I got this message: WDF_VIOLATION. I ran a pre-boot diagnostic and I got error code 2000-01 42. Msg: Hard Drive 0 - self test unsuccessful. Status = 7. I looked online for information on this error code and found people saying that this means the hard drive has gone bad and needs to be replaced.My laptop was absolutely fine before I downloaded Windows 10 on Tuesday. Now my hard drive is destroyed and my laptop will not boot!

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Laptop Stuck In Inaccessible Boot Device Loop

Aug 10, 2015

I had a virus in my laptop so I reset my laptop to find that it's stuck in the INACCESIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE loop. I don't have any Windows disk to put into my laptop. My laptop is an Asus g750jx.

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Laptop Slow Boot / File Explorer Stalling

Feb 24, 2016

I have a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop. It's about a year old. Spec wise it is an i7-4710HQ, 12GB RAM, GTX860M dedicated GPU and I believe it has a 1TB 5400RPM Western Digital SSHD.
I've found that the boot time is slow. I can compare this to another Lenovo laptop I own, which is a Z580 (i5-3230m CPU, 8GB RAM, standard 1TB mechanical drive (unknown manufacturer)) which boots much faster. The last time I timed it, the Y50 took more than 90 seconds to reach the Windows desktop (set to autologin via changes to netplwiz) and the Z580 takes about 30 seconds. Furthermore, the Z580 is quicker to achieve a 'usable' state (ie. loading FireFox or something).
Both laptops came with Windows 8 (8 on the Z580, 8.1 on the Y50) and were upgraded to Windows 10. Both laptops were also upgraded from clean installations of Windows (to remove Lenovo's famed bloatware).
But more annoyingly than the boot time is the usability. On the Y50, if I right click a folder or file in File Explorer, it pretty much hangs File Explorer (loading circle icon for several minutes and a 'Not Responding' note). Eventually that'll stop and it will have done nothing.
Sometimes, if I then do it again it will actually allow me to right click and bring up the menu.
I have also found that any icon heavy folders, such as pictures or videos, cause File Explorer to have a complete meltdown and become sluggish to the point that the window needs to be closed.
I use StartisBack on both machines, and the Y50 does not display any icons on the 'More' section of the Start Menu. It also cannot find anything if you search for it. The Z580 has no such problem.
The Y50 has been scanned with both Avast Premier and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Premium. It does not appear to be infected.
I did perform a clean installation a few months ago (back when it was on Windows 8.1) - I cannot recall the exact reason, unfortunately. It wasn't the same issue I'm having now, but it was another usability problem that made me opt to do a clean install.
I am leaning towards doing yet another clean install, but I am also wondering if this could possibly be an indication that the drive has bad sectors or something and data keeps getting corrupted? Alas, as I say, I cannot now recall what prompted me to do the last clean install.

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Laptop Won't Boot After Latest Windows Update - Shuts Down Immediately

Dec 18, 2015

Exactly as it says on the title. When I power it on, the GPU fans go full blast, it stays that way for a little while and shuts down automatically. There's no splash screens or anything either so I can't go into safe mode. Sometimes it shuts down almost immediately and then starts up again by itself. Sometimes it seems to start fine, the fans spin at their usual speed, but nothing appears on the monitor and eventually it just shuts down again, it's not properly booting up though because my drawing tablet's lights don't go on when I plug it in.

All this after the latest update. I restarted the thing so it would install the updates, but it got stuck on "Restarting" screen with the dot things spinning. I left it for several hours until I forced the shutdown and it has done this stuff since. I do recall the task manager not starting up from the security screen though.

What I've attempted so far:
Taken the battery and power cable off and held the power button for atleast 2 minutes.
Taken the second graphics card off. And reset the battery again.
Left it overnight like that to see if it would actually do anything (As if).
Started it up without the battery.
Tried to get into safe mode, nope.

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HP Laptop Not Wake Up After It Goes Into Sleep Mode - Have To Cold Boot To Restart

Aug 11, 2015

How can I fix the sleep function for an HP laptop using Windows 10? After it goes into sleep mode, it won't wake-up. Have to cold boot to restart.

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Laptop Start Up With Error Inaccessible Boot Device After Reset

Aug 16, 2015

I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. After experiencing some problems I thought the laptop might run faster if I simply reset it. I picked the option to remove all personal files since everything is backed up anyway. After resetting my PC boots up, goes to a blue screen where it says it can't start up with the error "INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE" then restarts and does this process again.

My laptop has pretty good specs so it should have been running faster than it was and I am now stuck as to what to do.

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Laptop Won't Boot After Crash And Gives Error Critical Process Died

Dec 13, 2015

So I was playing around with VBS and I screwd up the loop command and made my computer open like 50 mspaint. I hard shutdown my computer and then it just wouldn't boot up. Put me in the fix screen and gave me two options of restart or more advanced. Restart gives blue screen with critical process died, safe mode takes me back to that screen and nothing is fixing it.

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Laptop Crashed / Boot Media Missing And BIOS Can't Detect Drive

Oct 6, 2015

My laptop suddenly crashed and now it says "Boot media missing" when I restarted. After that, it always takes me to "Preparing Automatic Repair" and then the 'Troubleshoot' menu.

In the 'Troubleshoot' menu, it has two options: 'Reset this PC' and 'Advanced options'.

When I choose "Reset this PC", it asks me whether to keep my files or remove everything. I've tried both and it displays an error. When I choose to keep my files, it says that drive is locked and tells me to unlock the drive and try again. When I choose to remove everything, it says that there is a problem resetting the PC.

And then I've moved to "Advanced options". The options are: System Restore, System Image Recovery, Startup Repair, Command Prompt, UEFI Firmware Settings, and Go back to previous build. I've tried all of these and it all returned an error. When I chose UEFI Settings, it restarted to BIOS/UEFI setting. And my BIOS/UEFI can't detect my hard drive. DISKPART from Command Prompt can't detect it either.

My project is due in 3 days and I've got all my files in there. Is there a way to fix this? Or to recover my files?

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Lenovo Laptop Stuck In Startup Logo - Cannot Boot Into Safe Mode

Aug 24, 2015

I have a Lenovo laptop upgraded to Windows 10. Last night I switched it off but now when I turn it on, it stucks in the startup Lenovo logo. I think that it is a driver issue but I cannot boot it in safe mode to fix it? What can I do? ( I don't mind to lose my files).

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Inaccessible Boot Device After Resetting Laptop Asus N550jk Cn015h

Sep 16, 2015

I have a laptop Asus n550jk cn015h with the original windows 8.1 license. I passed to windows 10 few weeks ago and I tried to completely reset it to fix some problems I had. I used the windows 10 reset function and there wasn't anything plugged. It took a couple of hours then it just turn off.when I tried to turn it on it appeared the blue screen page with inaccessible boot device but the laptop is not restarting as I learnt from people having the same problem,it just says that it's gonna restart but it turns off. Every time I try to restart the laptop it always appears the blue screen page and it turns off after a few seconds.

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BSOD :: Laptop Crashed / Boot Media Missing And BIOS Can't Detect Hard Drive

Oct 6, 2015

My laptop suddenly crashed and now it says "Boot media missing" when I restarted. After that, it always takes me to "Preparing Automatic Repair" and then the 'Troubleshoot' menu.

In the 'Troubleshoot' menu, it has two options: 'Reset this PC' and 'Advanced options'.

When I choose "Reset this PC", it asks me whether to keep my files or remove everything. I've tried both and it displays an error. When I choose to keep my files, it says that drive is locked and tells me to unlock the drive and try again. When I choose to remove everything, it says that there is a problem resetting the PC.

And then I've moved to "Advanced options". The options are: System Restore, System Image Recovery, Startup Repair, Command Prompt, UEFI Firmware Settings, and Go back to previous build. I've tried all of these and it all returned an error. When I chose UEFI Settings, it restarted to BIOS setting. And my BIOS can't detect my hard drive. DISKPART from Command Prompt can't detect it either.

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Laptop Doesn't Boot Because OS Is On D Drive Instead Of C Drive

Oct 18, 2015

My laptop doesn't boot because OS is on E: drive instead of C: drive

When I try to boot it up (it somehow boots up as windows 8.1 instead of my OS windows 10), it gives a BSoD and shows the error code 0xc000021a. I created a bootable USB drive with windows 10 pro on it, but it shows my OS as windows 8.1 instead of 10, and it doesn't allow me to restore or do a startup repair, because they both fail.

Booting up:

Repair shows windows 8.1 instead of 10:

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Networking :: Laptop Cannot See Shared Printer In Windows Vista Laptop?

Feb 21, 2016

Both the Windows 10 laptop and the Windows Vista laptop have discovery on and file and printer sharing on. The printer is connected to the Windows Vista laptop. The Windows Vista laptop can see the files within the Windows 10 laptop. The Windows 10 laptop can see the Windows Vista computer but as soon as it tries to see inside it gives an error about "spelling of the name, etc." If using the diagnosis tool it says "One or more network protocols are missing from this computer". "Resolving problems as administrator" does not solve anything.

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