Lenovo Y510p - Cannot Disable Adaptive Brightness After Windows Update

Jan 15, 2016

Recently, my laptop has been unable to disable adaptive brightness. That is, brightness changing based on the color of what is displayed on screen. This happened after a windows update got stuck, then the laptop ran out of battery. The update has since been completed successfully.
To fix this, I have tried:
Changing setting in power options
Changing setting in Intel Graphics options
Various scripts for similar Lenovo laptops.
None of these have worked?

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Monitor Changed Brightness On Its Own - Enable Adaptive Brightness Set Off

Aug 26, 2015

How do you disable the monitor brightness beening changed on its own when the "Enable adaptive brightness" is set OFF?

for some reason I'm not seeing the Adjust my screen brightness automatically option in the Display tab of the SETTINGS app. 

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Drivers/Hardware :: Audio Driver For Lenovo Y510P?

Oct 14, 2015

I have Lenovo Y510P and upgraded to W10 64bit.

It has no sounds and has an red X where the icon is.

I hear that my laptop isnt W10 compatible but there must be someone out there using it on W10.

What driver can I use?? I have tried the driver for 8 and 8.1 but it changes nothing.

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BSOD :: NVIDIA Driver Causes System Instability In Lenovo Y510P?

Jan 9, 2016

I am currently running the 358.50 version of GeForce drivers, however there are newer ones available (361.43). For some reason when I tried updating, my system got really unstable and eventually blue screened with KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE. When I rebooted it was fine, until I tried to use a graphics intensive application (Photoshop) that caused my laptop to switch from Intel HD to NVidia. My computer locked up and crashed again. I booted into safe mode and rolled back the driver, but I need to install that driver eventually as I use this laptop for gaming and Photoshop.Maybe another driver needs to be updated?

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Not Able To Adjust Brightness On Lenovo Laptop

Feb 13, 2016

Iam not able to adjust brightness on my Lenovo Windows 10 laptop. The short keys don't work and the option in taskbar on clicking the battery icon doesn't work either..

I think I got this problem after the windows update that came a few days ago. My laptop screen is brighter than my future right now and Im forced to use some third party screen filter software to avoid hurting my eyes..

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Drivers/Hardware :: Disable The Touchpad In Lenovo Laptop?

Sep 3, 2015

In June a friend bought a Lenovo Z50-70 laptop running Win 8.1. He particularly dislikes touchpads so uses a mouse. In 8.1 I was able to disable the touchpad for him, via Device Manager. He's now updated to Win 10 and the touchpad has come back to life. I've been trying to disable it again, so far without success.

In "Settings", the only option under touchpad is to alter the delay on using "click". I went to Control Panel.

In "Device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices" there are only two options, "HID-compliant mouse" (which has a disable option) and "Lenovo Pointing Device", which I assume refers to the touch pad (is this assumption right?) and which can be uninstalled but has no "disable" option.

In "Device Manager > Human Interface Devices" amongst other things there are two entries both named "HID-compliant vendor-defined device". Both can potentially be disabled, but without further knowledge I'm disinclined to disable them in case I inadvertently disable the mouse in the process.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Cannot Disable ELAN Touchpad On Lenovo G500

Aug 27, 2015

Prior to installing Windows 10, I would disable the touchpad on my PC (hate it!) by going to Settings - Mouse Properties - ELAN - Stop Device. Since installing Windows 10, the ELAN device does not show up under devices and I cannot disable.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Disable / Remove Automatic Driver Install Via Windows Update?

Nov 10, 2015

Recently I was notified that a driver installation failed. I went and checked it out, and it was a driver for HD 4600 graphics. My old system ran an i7-4790K, and when I upgraded to X99 I did not reimage my SSD.

Is there a way I can remove an update from Windows Update? The CPU I have has no iGPU, let alone HD 4600.

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Laptop (Lenovo G510) Fan Is Running At Full Speed Since Update?

Aug 4, 2015

Ever since i updated my laptop to windows 10, the fan has been running on full speed and i am not running anything intensive (just Firefox), task manager shows some Microsoft background task host and i really don't want to change back to 8.1.

Model: Lenovo G510
Cpu: Intel Core I5-4200M @2.50ghz
Graphics: Amd Radeon HD 8570M (1gb)
Ram: 4gb DDr3

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Why Unable To Adjust Brightness After Updating HP Laptop From Windows 8.1

Aug 20, 2015

i upgraded my laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10 single language home edition .after the installation brightness control key is not working and also on the right bottom of the screen from the battery option the brightness option is disabled (m not able to select it ). how to fix this bug m using HP notebook

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Nothing Will Download From Windows Marketplace On Lenovo Yoga 700

Feb 17, 2016

Picked up a Lenovo Yoga 700 the other day. Everything's been going ok. Got some windows updates last night. Today, nothing will download from the windows marketplace. Don't know if they're related. So far I've tried relogging into my windows account, disabling all security software, changing the boot mode, restarting windows update. All things I've found by searching for this issue. None of it has worked.

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Windows Hotkeys Not Working On Lenovo G580 Notebook

Feb 10, 2016

I have a Lenovo G580 Notebook with Windows 10 installed. The issue is that the Windows hotkeys, that is Windows key and other letter combinations, aren't working. For example, normally, if I press Windows key + I, then the Settings app should open up or if I press Windows key + R, then Run should open up. But the Start screen opens up instead in all such cases.

This is happening since I have updated the Synaptics touchpad driver via Windows Update. If I uninstall the driver, then the hotkeys start working again. But as soon as I install the driver, they stop working. This was not happening with Windows 10 before, even when the Synaptics driver was installed. It has suddenly started happening couple of months ago. Also I cannot completely uninstall the Synaptics driver because my laptop came with it itself nor can I stop the driver from updating as it is an important driver and it needs to be updated to be compatible with Windows 10.

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Lenovo Laptop Stuck In Windows Startup Logo

Aug 24, 2015

I have a Lenovo G500 upgraded to Windows 10. Last night I switched it off but now when I turn it on, it stuck in the startup Lenovo logo. I think that it is a driver issue but I cannot boot it in safe mode to fix it? What can I do? ( I don't mind to lose my files) .

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Disable Update Of Driver?

Jan 29, 2016

For some reason, the Intel HD Graphics driver which is included in Win10 for my notebook crashes continuously.I downloaded the driver from the intel site and that one works perfectly fine.

Problem is, Win10 updates this driver (all the time) to the one from Windows update ... and then the driver starts crashing again.

I did already set the 'Device Installation Setitings' for manufacturers apps (in advanced system settings) to No, but that doesn't work.

The only thing that works is setting the WLAN to metered connection, but that prevents all updates.

how I can have Win10Pro stop updating this driver? (Win10 Pro)

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Disable Interstitial Screen On Update

Dec 12, 2015

When I got home and turned my computer on I was made to sit through several interstitial screens after logging on.

>>We've updated your PC
>>All your files are exactly where you left them

It wasted my time giving me no more information than a notification in the system tray. I had to sit through it twice because I had to re-login as an administrator to repair registry settings for a monitor that the update apparently unfixed, which made it feel sarcastically obnoxious. "All your files are exactly where you left them... but we secretly changed some on you!" My blood pressure went up. 

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Disable Automatic Update From The STORE?

Jul 30, 2015

I'm aware that automatic updates via windows update cannot be disabled in windows 10 Home - does that apply to the store also.

In my Surface 3 (updated to win 10) the option to disable store updates automatically is greyed out with a message to contact my administrator (which is me!)

(I also have another win10 VM running pro where the option is not greyed out)

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Updates :: Can't Disable Update Driver Installation

Nov 17, 2015

I upgraded to 10 again without doing anything I usually do before hand. I went to disable the option to not let windows update install drivers and theres no option. I went to advanced system settings, hardware, then device installation settings and theres only 2 options, yes (recommended) and no (your device might not work as expected)

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How To Disable Or Stop Update In Insider Preview

Jul 22, 2015

How to disable or stop windows update in Windows 10 insider preview?

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Updates :: Can Apps And Office Update Through Windows Update

Nov 2, 2015

I am having trouble accessing MS app store and also updating office 2016 through any of the office applications.

My question is, will win 10 apps and office 2016 default update through windows update?

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Installation :: Is It Possible To Disable Windows To Reuse The Key On A New PC

Sep 3, 2015

My current machine is running Windows 10 Pro. I upgraded from Windows 8.1 Pro, using a windows 8.1 pro key if that matters.

My situation is that I ordered a new computer, and would like to deactivate my current one and use my current key on the new computer.

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Antivirus :: Permanently Disable Windows Defender?

May 4, 2015

I'm on build 10074 of Windows 10 and cannot find a way to permanently disable Windows Defender. When I go to Control Panel > Windows Defender > Settings, it brings up the new Windows 10 System Settings app which gives an option to turn "Real-time protection" off. However, the description on that states:

Real-tim protection find and stop malware form installing or running on your PC. You can turn it off temporarily, but if it's off for a while, we'll turn it back on automatically.

After about 15 minutes, it turns itself back on. How can I disable this permanently?

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Why Disable OS Upgrade Is Missing In Windows 7 Registry

Nov 23, 2015

I have been using the excellent reg edit tutorial on this site to disable upgrading to 10

Upgrade to Windows 10 Update - Enable or Disable in Windows 7 or 8.1

I like to go manually into the registry without downloading the app to do it, and it has worked well on one my windows 7 partitions.

However on my other windows 7 partition I cant see the DisableOSUpgrade DWORD in the registry key

Why it is missing, I am sure I am logged on as admin and also have enabled hidden files and folders? The size of that partition is 60GB.

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How To Completely Remove / Disable Windows Defender

Sep 11, 2015

I'm rather having much trouble with the standard virus scanner. I am not a fan of them, they block files and create errors.

Now, I have windows defender and every time I restart my pc it turns it self on, after disabling it. How to get rid of this?

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Cannot Update Windows As No Update Link Works

Dec 9, 2015

Well only 'View installed updates' works. (the earliest shows only one of 21 November - I thought November had a big update. no?)Clicking these does nothing:-
Win Update Elevated Installer
Win Update settings
Advanced Win Updates options
Check for Updates
As I updated via this on another computer yesterday with no problem (except updating 4 items took over 4 hours!!) what can be my present glitch be?

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Customization :: Disable Auto Arrange In Windows Explorer

Nov 29, 2015

I have disliked this "feature" since windows 7 and I see they still have not restored the ability to manually sort without having to give every file a "tag". Note: I do not want to use windows live essentials as I hate photo gallery, so this is not an option. I used to be able to arrange my photos by dragging and dropping them next to another similar photo and it would snap to grid where I dropped it. This eliminate duplicate pictures. I found this ink for windows 7:

Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable. However it says very clearly at the beginning not to use it for any other OS versions. Does this works for windows 10 as well or if there is a way to do it in windows 10? I would prefer a 3rd party program as oppose to editing my registry if it can work (all the things that need "fixing" for customization in windows 10 seem to always suggest a reg fix, but I am afraid to edit my registry too much).

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Apps :: Windows Asks Default Program Even After Being Set Disable This?

Aug 9, 2015

when I set a default program in the Settings app and then open a file, Windows still asks which program I want to use. Admittedly, it does this only once per file type, but this is extremely annoying in a work environment where there are numerous computers.

For example, I went into the Settings app and set the .AU3 file extension to be opened in a specific program. Then, I double-clicked an .AU3 file, and I got this window:

It has the correct default in the above image, but it asks if I want to "keep using this app." Why? Can I make this stop?

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