Mail Client Not Working On RTM - Fails To Find Exchange Account

Jul 15, 2015

I've never had a working version of Mail on Windows 10. It fails to find my exchange account, which is hosted by Microsoft. Also, any attempt to add any other account results in "Something went wrong" Error code 0x80040154. Seems odd none of my accounts will add.

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Can't Sync Exchange Account To Mail App

Jun 8, 2015

the mail app refuses to sync my university's account although I added all the details. The app says its for "security reasons" not sure what that means

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Browser/Email :: Links Not Working In Any Mail Client

Jan 5, 2016

I tried in MS mail and outlook to click on links and none of them go to any browser that I use, (Edge, FireFox or Chrome. The links are there the way they should show but no action when I click on them.

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Browser/Email :: Remove Exchange Account - Settings Are Not Active

Feb 23, 2016

In Mail I have two accounts. One is my personal MSN account and the other is a Exchange account with my former employer. Obviously the former employer has deactivated my account.

I want to remove the Exchange account. It currently is giving "attention required" I looked at the post to remove an account. When I go to settings under this mail account I only have two (links)options:

1 Fix account

2 Change settings

Neither of these are active. I do not have a option to delete the account.

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Filezilla FTP Client Fails To Upload Files?

Jan 27, 2016

Currently I have installed Windows 10 Home on my PC. The issue is that the File uploading software Filezilla FTP Client is not uploading files in this Operating System. The Previous Version ( Window 7 ) has no issue with FTP. Now my question is that how can Filezilla will upload files in Windows 10...

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Installation :: Find Every Time It Gets To 32% Upgrade Fails

Aug 3, 2015

Have followed instructions & downloaded upgrade only to find every time it gets to 32% it fails & will not go any further, have done this four times outcome always the same, I have 74gb of hard drive free so there should be enough to accommodate the upgrade.

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Browser/Email :: How To Set Yahoo Mail As The Default Email Client

Jan 20, 2016

I've already been to the Custom Default Programs settings, Yahoo! Mail is not listed. I want to be able to use a program not related to a browser, with an E-mail link, and it automatically send me to a browser with my E-mail so I can start composing the message.

How can I do this on Windows 10?

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Antivirus :: Dropbox Account - File Encryption Fails?

Jan 25, 2016

I tried to encrypt a file located in my Dropbox account. I went to File->Properties->General->Advanced->Encrypt contents to secure data.

After I did what I did, the file had a golden locker icon attached on it. I opened my other laptop and after Dropbox updated the file to its new version, I tried to open it expecting to see nothing of use. Guess what. I could read my text file crystal clear.

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Mail Won't Find Internet Provider

Aug 21, 2015

I am using Frontier Communications for my primary email account.  I also have gmail and outlook.  When I had outlook I was able to direct my Frontier email to Outlook and receive by my Hotmail email as well as my Frontier email.
When I set up windows 10 my gmail and outlook account both went in without any problem.  I am not able to get my Frontier email.  I know Frontier is using POP3 rather than IMAP.  Is there anything short of going to Frontier's email portal to get mail.  I would like to be able to get it on the Windows 10 mail tile.

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Unable To Find Option To Change Password - Sign In Is Via Microsoft Account Only

Dec 3, 2015

I cannot find a link to change my password.

My computer is using my microsoft account password on startup

How do I get back in control of my password? 

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Browser/Email :: Cannot Add Account To Mail App

Sep 22, 2015

I am logged in to my Microsoft Account and am trying to add an email account to the Mail app by following Brink's tutorial Mail app - Add or Delete Account in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums. When I get to step 9 and enter an email address and password, I get a message saying "We couldn't find info for that account. .....". This happens for each account on my ISP,

There is one email account shown by Mail and it is the same address I use to log into my MS Account.

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Account Settings Out Of Date In Mail

Mar 15, 2016

For some time now I have been unable to use one of my email accounts in Windows Mail because it keeps saying the account settings are out of date and when I try to fix it I am unable to as the password field in the box that comes up for verifying my identity doesn't work and I am unable to enter the password, thus cannot fix the account.

Another account in Mail recently also said it was out of date, but it was no problem to fix it. The box for verifying my identity looked different than the above box and I could enter my password. Why is it different with this other account and how can I fix it? 

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Mail App And Pop Email Account Setup

Feb 13, 2016

Just for fun, I am trying to set up my pop3 email account on the application called Mail in Windows 10. I have succeeded in having my MSN and Gmail accounts working in the application, but when attempting to set up my pop3 mail, it will show a triangle with an exclamation point inside it. When I click on it, it opens up an Attention Required with a User Name and Password. Each time I type in the password for the pop3 email account, it still fails to sign on and says "Your [provider] account settings are out-of-date."

I have also tried adding the account under settings>accounts>your email and accounts, and it still says attention required. when I click on manage, the password is too long for it to be the account password. I try retyping in the account password and saving it but it still changes.

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New Mail App - No Option To Add Second Outlook Account?

Apr 23, 2015

I can't find it. There are only other options..

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Missing Contacts In Mail Account

Aug 7, 2015

I have installed Windows 10 and got all my accounts working in Mail but cannot find my contacts, any button for contacts or any way to import them from Windows Live Mail in Windows 7.

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Browser/Email :: Mail App - Cannot Set Up Other Account POP - IMAP

Aug 22, 2015

I can't see how to set up 'Other account POP, IMAP' in the Win 10 mail app - or rather I can see how to set up accounts and either the app is faulty or I must be missing something, because I've tried using the advanced settings as recommended in the Ten Forums tutorial on the mail app (Mail app - Add or Delete Account in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums) but I don't see anywhere to put the actual email address for the account I'm trying to set up.

Likewise if I do it step by step setup from the 'Other account POP, IMAP' link in setup although I can put the email address in this eventually gets overwritten by my username when setup is finished - I have my own domain and my hosts username format is totally different to my email address - e.g. the mail format would be '' whilst the username would be in the format 'mydomain.com_someone' - the app appears to assume that mail address and username are going to be the same as when setup is completed the app shows my username as my email address. I've set up an ActiveSync account fine but I'm stumped on setting my personal mailbox up.

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Browser/Email :: Mail App POP Account Pst File?

Dec 19, 2015

After adding a POP account on Windows 10 mail app, where is the pst file created and saved?

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Add Yahoo Mail Account Into MS Outlook 2016?

Mar 8, 2016

I'm the yahoo user, need to setup my yahoo account ( with Outlook 2016, so how to do this?

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How To Send Email From Primary Mail Account

Aug 5, 2015

With the new W10 email client, either with my main account or a second Outlook account, it always picks a random alias for the 'From' address when creating a new email. In the web mail settings I have each account set to send from its primary address and W8 PCs Windows mail clients have an option to choose the used email address.

Where is the setting in W10 and how do I get this under control? This can't be an issue for most as the forums would be full of it. What am I messing up here? The email app is currently useless to me.

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Apps :: Mail Can't Be Opened Using Built-in Administration Account

Dec 4, 2015

I can't use any of the panes (calendar, weather, store, etc.) on Windows 10. I receive a message "this app can't open. Mail can't be opened using the built in administration account.

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Outlook Mail Settings Of Account Aren't Updated?

Mar 29, 2016

- I am using some email accounts from the same Internet service provider
- the accounts are configured apparently with the same settings
- one accounts gets through and works correctly, reading and sending emails
- the other accounts don't read, nor send

+ wrong accounts keep asking to "correct account", because "outlook mail settings of account aren't updated"
+ this happens both in Win10 Desktop and mobile.
+ the "correction" asks the password, then does nothing
+ the issue repeats at every sync, with no sync

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Why Mail And Calendar No Longer Opening Even In Admin Account

Aug 9, 2015

Updated a family PC to Windows 10 a few days ago, all went smoothly. Mail and Calendar apps opened, worked and details were put in.

A day later, these two apps - and only these two - will not open. Whether this is clicking the tile, or the name in the apps list, or even getting Cortana to try and launch them, they will not start up. Windows 10 will not allow for uninstalling them. This only happens on one account of the several on that PC - it happens to be the administrator account.

I have another PC that went through the upgrade at the same time, no issues. Under Settings, the working Mail/Calendar app is displayed on that computer as 760 MB. On the 'troublesome' computer, the app is only 450 KB in size (I cannot remember the exact number, I'm not using it right now). I am aware there was a recent update and wondering if this is to blame for not fully replacing the old version or something.

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Apps :: Error 0x8007054e When Adding Account To Mail Or Calendar

Jul 3, 2015

I tried to remove and reinstall mail but the Store now says Reinstall and exits when I click on it...

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Browser/Email :: App Won't Access Mail And Not Allowing To Delete Account

Feb 10, 2016

So I added my outlook account to the Windows 10 mail app. I can get mail on my iPhone and thru the outlook site in the Edge browser, BUT the mail app wont let me log in, wont let me delete the account (it says "something went wrong" and wont sync with my account.

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Browser/Email :: Asks For PIN When Adding Different Hotmail Account To Mail App

Jan 6, 2016

I have two outlook/Hotmail accounts. One I log into the PC with (which is pretty crappy by the way and is a huge hassle in Windows 10 IMO).

In the mail app, I was able to add the mailbox of the one I use, however I have a second email account through Hotmail that when I try to add the account to the mail app, it asks me to verify with a pin. I have never used a PIN with this account.

I went to settings and sign in option, and have an option to change the pin, however it is wanting to change the main account that I log into the pc. The pin appears to be 4 digits (it only allows 4 characters before it auto enters) unlike the main pin which is 8 or 9 numbers.

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Apps :: How To Delete The Original Outlook Account In Mail / Calendar

Nov 13, 2015

Okay, when I set up my computer (W10 Pro preinstall / Surface Pro 4) Windows put in my private address which is also my Microsoft user account - "" - as an Outlook account. It happens to be hosed in a Google Apps for Organizations account, so it runs best when the settings are for gmail. I added my personal gmail account, this apps account, and my business account to Mail.

Now I need to delete that fake outlook account, but the option to delete the account doesn't exist. It's just an annoyance in Mail as I can hide it by turning the sync off, but it's causing problems in Calendar because it always inserts itself as the default account and, unless I manually change the account every time, my calendar events get hidden and lost to the void that this account is.

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