Mic Sounds Like A Robot

Aug 15, 2015

Fresh installed windows 10 and when I plug my sennheiser game zero headset in the 3.5mm jacks I sound like a robot when I try and talk. I have tried talking right after a complete wipe install with usb and no drivers and have also tried after installing the mobo drivers (Gigabyte X79-UP4).

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HP Envy M7 / Windows Sounds Distorted (all Other Sounds Fine)

Jan 9, 2016

I have a new HP Envy M7 laptop running Windows 10. I have an odd problem where all the stock windows sounds are distorted as if they are being unnecessarily amplified. All other sounds, such as videos, music, movies, etc, are all completely fine. I've tried looking through the windows sounds area, looking at the device properties, and also at the 2 different volume control areas with no luck.

When i say 2 different olume control areas, i mean the volume control icon in the taskbar tray, and also the "Bang & Olufsen" sound control icon in the taskbar tray. Bang & Olufsen apparently provides the audio products for this machine? Anyway, i can see anyplace where the windows sounds are being amplified.

My devices are:

Realtek High Definition audio
nVidia Virtual Audio Device
Intel(R) Display Audio

i have all drivers up-to-date.

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Robot Sounding Microphone Since Update

Aug 16, 2015

Ever since I have upgraded to Windows 10 I have lost pretty much all of my bass in my headphones and my microphone now sounds like a robot to a point that you are not even able to make out what I am saying. I have a Realtek audio card and I have tried playing with all of the settings. It recognizes everything as being plugged in as well.

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Sound Like A Robot After Few Minutes Of Gaming Or Watching A Movie

Aug 23, 2015

i got a H97 gaming 3 gigabyte MB and i get a sound (like a robot) on windows 10 after a few minutes of gaming or watching a movie , if i switch my headset (HS40 raptor) to another USB it works fine for a few minutes then the sound becomes weird again.

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Remastering Sounds On PC

Sep 10, 2015

Is there anyway that I can "remaster" sounds on my pc.By "remaster" I mean...like setting the volume of a song e.g. to 90-95% (so I won't lose any frequency- sound) and then set the volume again to sth like 30% (cause my headphones are too loud).I've seen some digital music amps with this feature and i was wondering if this is also possible on the pc. I want this for several sounds ,not just songs..

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Why Does Come With Hidden Log On / Start Up Sounds

Aug 18, 2015

If you look in C:WindowsMedia, there seems to be some sounds that were created for Windows 10.

Like Windows Logon.wav. Did Microsoft scrap these sounds? For some reason, the option to choose a Log on or Log Off sound doesn't exist in the "Sounds" settings in the Control Panel.

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Customization :: Can't Use Custom Sounds

Apr 16, 2015

I use a lot of custom sounds on my computer, they are all saved in .wav format. Up to this build of Windows 10TP they have worked.

But since updating to version 10049 they don't work anymore. I can play them from the folder they are in, but if I try and add them to Windows Sounds through the Sounds control panel the icons turn yellow and they won't play.

This may go along with Cortana not talking in this version, and I've found that the Text to Speech function in this version of Windows 10 doesn't function either.

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How To Identify Notification Sounds

Oct 29, 2015

I have a desktop PC (see specs) that is persistently giving two different notification sounds but not showing a banner in the notification area to tell me what is warning/notifying me of. I think I have determined what events are being triggered by changing each notification sound in turn to a distinctive chime that is not used elsewhere. The two events concerned are "Device Connect" and "Device Disconnect". Strangely I seem to receive many more disconnect notifications than connects.

The sounds spoil my enjoyment when listening to music or watching movies etc. Obviously I can switch the sounds off by selecting "none" as the sound to play with these events but, just as obviously, I would like to know what is constantly connecting and/or disconnecting.

I am connected to a home network but I'm connected via ethernet cable and am not attaching or detaching any other equipment when the sounds occur. I'm a bit worried that I'm being scanned over the internet but I'm connected via a cable modem/router. Is there any way to show the reason for these notifications?

BTW, I'm using Windows Defender and Firewall together with the paid version of Malwarebytes.

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No System Event Sounds After Upgrade

Oct 13, 2015

I've had Windows 10 since August, and for the most part, things have been going relatively okay. My only real glaring problem with the OS is that I can no longer here a sound during a system event. By that I mean the usual sounds like when you're clicking through the Explorer, emptying the recycle bin, a dialog pop-up and such.

My system is a Dell Inspiron N4100 that was previously running Win7 Home Premium, and now I'm running Win10 Home Edition. The sound in general works fine; like media players, games, and through the Internet browsers. It's only the system sounds that refuse to play.

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System Sounds Volume Keeps Resetting To 100%

Aug 8, 2015

I'd like my system sounds slider to stay at 10% of the overall volume. All other volume settings seem to stick. Windows rememebers my overall / winamp / browser etc. volume just fine. Only the system sounds revert to EAR-SPLITTINGLY LOUD at seemingly random times. Sometimes after a restart (but not every time), sometimes in the middle of a Windows session. Is this a known Win10 bug?

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Why Is It Not Possible To Set Windows Logoff / Logon Sounds

Jan 28, 2016

So in Windows 8, MS removed the ability to have a login/logoff sound. In Windows 10, the same problem persists.

Interestingly enough, under the C:WindowsMedia folder, there is a file called "Windows Logon" which is a brand new sound from Windows 8, also in 10.

The "Windows Logoff Sound" file is the same as Vista/7, so no change there.

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Apps :: Skype NOT Muting Other Sounds?

Aug 6, 2015

I have headphones set as my Default Communication Device, speakers as my Default Device and when communication activity is detected, all other sounds are set to mute.

Using Skype (desktop), on W8.1 this worked fine; on answering a call, the music through the speakers is cut. However, on W10 (both Home and Enterprise) the sound through the speakers is not muted.

Seems to be the exact opposite of the following...

Skype muting other sounds in Windows 10 Pro.

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Sounds Comes Out From Both Internal Speaker And Earphone

Feb 13, 2016

Well I have w10 laptop and when I use earphone jack, sounds comes from both internal speaker and earphone, sometimes when I use external speaker, the result was same like earphone ... I tried:

Reset PC
Reinstall Driver

and earphone doesn't detected on sounds control panel even though there are sounds comes from it and in my realtek HD cannot change the advanced settings(since there isn't any jack input detected

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Installation :: Sound Fading In And Out As New Sounds Are Introduced

Aug 28, 2015

something has been bugging me beyond belief since I upgraded to Windows 10.

My audio fades out whenever a new sound is introduced. As an example- I'll be listening to Spotify (loudly) and the moment I get a Facebook message (ding!) the music from Spotify greatly decreases (can barely hear it) and stays that way for (sometimes) up to a minute. Of course every time Facebook dings! me, it decreases any other sound.

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Drivers/Hardware :: No System Sounds Functioning

Sep 23, 2015

I have updated to Windows 10. After scouring the internet for options, I need to turn to ask the experts. Movies play, songs play... even the system sound previews play when I pick a sound scheme. But under normal computer operation, no system sounds play. The recycling bin, system errors, windows boot and shutdown, and email notification sounds are all silent in regular computer operation. I have performed the two prescribed sound card driver tweaks described online for issues of no sounds working at all.

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System Notification Sounds Overly Loud?

Aug 12, 2015

ive noticed the notification sounds are way too loud. if i go into system sounds and hit the little green 'test' button it plays nicely at a normal level. but when the actual notification comes in i get this boosted version of the same sound that is extremely annoying. I have the sounds disabled for the time being

it happens even if i change the notification sound to something else. maybe ill have to make a custom version with it -12db or something then it might sound normal

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Locking Windows Disables Sounds In Applications

Nov 19, 2015

When I lock windows (win + L) and relog back on any application I had running when I locked the account will be muted (browsers aren't affected). The application doesn't appear in windows volume mixer and the only way ive found to get my sound back is to restart the application.

For example, I`m playing fallout 4 I need to leave my computer so I lock it (for a variety of reasons) then I return a minute later and my sound is gone. The only way to get it back is to restart the game. This is pretty annoying for me because I have to somewhat frequently lock my windows while I`m doing things.

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Can Mute System Notification Sounds When Headphones Plugged In?

Aug 7, 2015

This may possibly sound like a stupid question but can I mute the system notification sounds when I have headphones plugged in?

Last night I was happily watching a video with headphones when an e-mail came in; Windows blared a load BING at me.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Unknown Device Disconnected Sounds

Jan 10, 2016

I am getting numerous Device Disconnected sounds and occasionally Device Connected sounds.

I am trying to trace the source of these and started looking in the event logs.

There does not appear to be any events with Critical or Error tags showing.

Should the Device Disconnected event create a log entry?

If it does not can one be created to give me a clue as to what has been disconnected? Everything still appears to be working after a Device Disconnected sound is heard.

CPU: Intel i7-4930K 3.4GHz
HDD: 2 x 2TB in RAID 1
HDD: 1 x 2TB
Windows 10 fresh install and updates to 10586.36

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How To Set Custom Text Message Alert Sounds In Mobile

Jul 31, 2015

I just started using the fast build of the windows 10 mobile of my Lumia 1520. I want to set the text message alert to a custom ringtone but i can't find anywhere to change it.

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System Boots Up With Sounds But No Display After Logo Showed Up

Aug 2, 2015

I am having a problem booting up for my windows 10. Every time that i boot it up for the first time, it boots up with sounds but there is no display after windows 10 logo showed up. The only solution is i need to hard restart then it boots up properly.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Pointer Keeps Freezing And Making Beep Sounds

Nov 22, 2015

i have just reinstalled windows 10 on my SSD and i have some problems with the touchpad. While using both touchpad and mouse, pointer keeps freezing and keeps making "beep" sounds...I reinstalled drivers over and over, and still nothing...Does any1 have an ideea of what's going on with the freaking windows?

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Logoff / Logon / Shutdown / Restart / Startup Sounds Not Playing

Aug 1, 2015

Logoff, Logon, shutdown, restart, startup sounds not playing in Windows 10. What should I do?

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Play Application Sounds On All Output Device

Nov 11, 2015

Without using the stereo mix method, how could i make all applications play sounds on all my output devices. I want to do it this way, so if i want an application to play on just a single output(ex. headphones) i could just mute that application on all other output(ex. speaker, stereo, HDMI) on windows' volume mixer.

or if there is a software for this, i looking for designs as plain and simple as the default mixer and easily accessible. i don't want it too complicated.

[URL] .....

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Action Centre Doesn't Show Notification Toasts Or Sounds

Aug 5, 2015

Since upgrading to Win10 I've noticed as in the title, my action centre won't play any sounds or toast banner notify me at all. When I get an email in gmail, I'll see the icon in the taskbar go white, but absolutely no sounds or anything.

I've checked the settings and they're turned on, so I'm at a loss at what could cause it. Quiet hours are off as well.

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Screen Goes Black And Fans Starting To Make Weird Sounds

Aug 8, 2015

I just updated my pc to windows 10.when i am playing game like CS:GO and GTAV from steam, every time i quitting the game or minimizing it. my whole PC crashing, the screen goes black and the fans starting to make weird sounds. and then after 10 secs its restarting and coming back to the normal windows (no safe mod etc).my specs are i7 4790 8GB ram gtx 780.

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