Networking :: DNS Cache - Try To Load New Site - It Always Directs To Closed Shopify Site

Jan 14, 2016

I have a site that was pointed to shopify, and then closed the store. Now when I try to load the new site, it always directs to the closed shopify site. If I do a dns reset using ipconfig /flushdns it will work for a while, but then always reverts back. So I have to reset many times per day.

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Browser/Email :: Cannot Get My Yahoo Site To Load On Either IE Or Firefox

Mar 5, 2016

I cannot get the My yahoo site to load on either IE or Firefox. It's supposed to be my home page and has all my bookmarks on it. I can get to Yahoo mail and sports, but the home page can't be displayed. Firefox said it was on another server and the path couldn't be completed.

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Pin Internet Site To Start?

Aug 3, 2015

How to pin internet site to Start?

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Adding A Site To The Desktop?

Oct 25, 2015

I haven't found a way to add a site to my desktop icons. This was easy with 8.1.

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Browser/Email :: Closing A Web Tab / Site

Sep 17, 2015

I have an issue i can easily fix when using windows 7 IE but this edge is another issue but anyways here it goes.

With windows 7 when i have an issue with a web page that a pop up locks me into that screen and I cannot close that web window I can easily open task manager and end that 1 window without closing any other open web sites i was currently on but I can't figure out how to do the same with windows 10 edge.

With windows 10 edge i have to reboot the pc because even when ending the microsoft edge process then re openeing edge all the opened web sites are still there including the one that prevents me from doing anything as i am unable to close any of the web windows unless i reboot

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Adding A Site To Desktop With Icon

Nov 8, 2015

With win 8.1 all I had to do was right click the page and I was shown a small dialogue box asking me if I wanted to put the site on the desktop. Why did they change this?

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Cannot Access Favorite Download Site

Sep 16, 2015

When I go to one of those sites that tells you weather the site is up or down, it states its up, so the problem must be at my end. Ran virus scan. Did one of those ip / dns flush. All other sites work just fine. No other issues. Windows 10. Generally use Firefox, but I tried IE also, same result.

Error message is as follows:

MySQL Error!
MySQL error in file: /engine/classes/mysqli.class.php at line 52
Error Number: 1
The Error returned was:
Host '' is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'
SQL query:

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Browser/Email :: IE11 Does Not Want To Start All Web Site

Dec 15, 2015

when open IE11 in win 10 Pro 32 bit ver.1511, it wont open all site but when i open IE11 run as admin... then works prefect. Chrome and mozilla works like a charm. I am creating prefect image from dreams for my company but IE11 is tough.

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Cannot Create Pinned Site Shortcut From Address Bar

Sep 29, 2015

This inability to pin a url to the desktop started 4 days ago. What I have done so far. Ran sfc/scannow 4 times, scanned with Norton Security and Malwarebytes and searched in vain on the web. I called Microsoft and they did a remote connection and Would not research the problem because it works in IE and would not persue the issue further in Firefox and Chrome.

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Edge - Can't Login Through Facebook Account On A Site

Jul 15, 2015

Cannot login through their facebook on - Learn Words - English Dictionary in MS Edge? I see the fb login page but upon entering my fb credentials the same page loads up again....

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Use Driver That Auto Installed Or From Mobo Site?

Jan 9, 2016

I just reset my pc and did a clean install of windows 10. I have a maximus vi hero mobo and for the management interface driver the mobo's site has v11.0.0.1155 but windows already has it installed for v11.0.0.1157 Should I use the latest version that has auto installed or is the one on the asus website better for me? Is it more specific to my board since its from the mobo's site?

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Browser/Email :: Windows Download Site Not Private

Dec 30, 2015

Went to the Windows Software Download site: Windows 10 to download a new W-10 iso.

From the above site, I clicked on the "All Windows downloads" link and got this: [URL] (The copy and paste doesn't show the "https" with a red line striking it out.

The page says:
Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).


Automatically report details of possible security incidents to Google. Privacy policy

There's a tab below this that says "Back to Safety"

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Browser/Email :: Favicon For One Site Will Not Display Only In Edge

Feb 1, 2016

I have four browsers on my desktop running Windows 10; the favicon for UBC Botanical Garden Forums displays in Firefox, Chrome and MSIE. It does not display in Edge. That site gives me notifications on the favicon, so I want it to display. I have just installed Win 10/Edge on my laptop, and the favicon displays in Edge on that machine.

I have cleared browser history and cache at least 50 times, mostly several months ago, and then now when I have returned home to use my desktop. I have followed the instructions here How to Reinstall Microsoft Edge Browser - All things technical - tips tricks on reinstalling the browser, though I think it just hid it and made it reappear.

if you want to make it show up faster for yourself, visit [URL] (eg visit the file itself) and hit ctrl f5 a couple of times. Tends to do the trick‚Äč

I don't understand what this means. In Edge, when I type [URL] into the url line, it downloads the image (to my downloads folder). There is no refreshing the path to the image where it will be accessed by the page.

I have searched my desktop for favicon.ico, but I have apparently nothing saved in a location that could be related to this site.

I believe the problem started when the site did not have a favicon. I was apparently the only user using the Edge browser during that time, as I seem to be the only person with the problem. It seems to me there must be a register setting that says "there is no favicon", and that setting needs to be removed. And it's only the Edge browser that works that way.

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How To Create Desktop Icon Or Shortcut For Internet Site That Has No App

Oct 10, 2015

There are some sites I visit frequently and I would like a desk top short cut for those sites.

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Networking :: Wireless Turned Off After Lid Closed Or Sleep (Not Power Management)

Feb 10, 2016

In the last two weeks I have been experiencing something very strange with my Windows 10 Pro. When my laptop resumes from sleep the Wireless is turned off in Windows. I don't believe it was an update because I have defer updates enabled. Unfortunately, I just noticed System Restore was turned off.

1) I have checked the power settings in Device Manager and the device is NOT checked to use power management)

2) I have updated to the latest wireless driver available.

Edit: I believe this issue has something specifically to do with Sleep because when I reboot or shutdown/power-on the Wireless is enabled and working fine. It only seems to be when Windows goes into sleep mode.

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Store App Force Closed?

Aug 17, 2015

I've just upgrade to Windows 10 a few weeks ago and since then I cannot open the sotre app It gives "The Server Stumbled" error message, without any error code and then force closed The same cases also happened to Xbox app I've updated a few times via windows update but it seems the error still occur

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Maps Crashing When Opened And Closed?

Feb 19, 2016

I am using windows 10 on my lenovo think centre and maps is crushing each time i open it

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SSD Cache To Speed Up Primary HDD?

Mar 14, 2016

is there any way to use SSD as cache to speed up primary HDD with Win10? I happen to have a 24GB Intel 313 drive I'm using for linux but I was wondering if I could use it to quicken my Windows...

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Laptop Not Locking And Sleeping When Lid Closed While Locked

Aug 15, 2015

I recently upgraded to win 10. I found 2 which are related to when you close the lid of your laptop.

1. If you close the lid when the laptop is unlocked, and then open it up again after it has went to sleep, it will not lock the laptop but re show whatever you were doing.

2. If you close the lid when it is locked, it goes into a deep sleep. This sometimes causes me to press the power button so that it wakes up but then it reboots itself I think and shows the lock screen again.

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How To Move Cache / Temporary Folder

Nov 26, 2015

I want to move my cache folder to ram disk in microsoft edge but don't have a clue.

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Thumbnail Cache - Prevent Windows From Deleting

Aug 16, 2015

Just made the upgrade from Win7 and I am wondering how to do this as the title suggests, I remember there being such a thing to do this here over at the sevenforums but this method is no longer working for Windows 10?

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How To Rebuild Icon Cache After Clean Install

Jan 6, 2016

I looked online on how to rebuild my icon cache in windows 10 after I did a disk clean and it never rebuilt. The instructions told me to locate this folder 'C:Users\%username%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsExplorer' but the problem is when I reach reach windows there is no 'Explorer' but instead to folders named 'INetCache' and 'INetCookies', both of these folders are empty. How I rebuild my icon cache?

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How To Change Cache Folder Microsoft Edge

Aug 24, 2015

edge don,t have internet options to change cache folder i want to put all my temp files on my ram disk.

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Phone Companion App Crashing - Buffering Symbol Appear Then It Closed Automatically

Jul 31, 2015

What i want to do solve this crash. its not opening itself. when i open that app, buffering symbol will appear then its closed automatically. i don't know what to do

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Browser/Email :: Limit Cache Size Of Chrome?

Nov 5, 2015

Any way to limit the cache size of chrome with W10?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Crucial 500gb SSD Momentum Cache

Dec 3, 2015

I have downloaded crucial executive for my SSD and on one page there is a button to enable the drives momentum cache. Also on this page is a warning that my PC is not battery backuped so enabling momentum cache is at my own risk. I backup my SSD to a Hitachi mechanical drive every day.

Two questions, as I backup every day is the possibility of data loss on the boot SSD due to power loss and the cache enabled a moot point. The second question is the Ssd is a 6gb drive connected to a data 3.0gb interface, will enabling the cache see much performance improvement and will the cache save some Nand cells from being written to extending the life of the drive?

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