Networking :: Laptop Keeps Disconnecting Randomly

Aug 29, 2015

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and was happy with the new OS but lately I have been having issues with the Wi-Fi since it disconnects randomly several times during the day. It seems to "turn off" on its own and comes back up after a while. It's annoying and I didn't have this issue with OS 8.1. If possible, I'd like to solve the problem. I've thought about reverting back to 8.1 but I've misplaced the key and it's not in a sticker underneath either so I can't really do that now. The option that most people show by going to 'Recovery' doesn't work because it says the 'necessary files have been deleted' so I can't proceed that route anymore.

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Mouse Keeps Disconnecting And Reconnecting Randomly?

Sep 20, 2015

So recently I've been having this issue where my mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting for about a second randomly. It doesn't happen too often, but it's enough to be annoying. I'm currently using the Logitech g100s with the Logitech gaming software installed, but even without the software it still randomly disconnects. I have a feeling it might be the mouse cord because I've been using the mouse for about a year and a half and it could be wearing down, but I can't really test this assumption out because I don't have any other mouse to use. Plugging it into other USB ports doesn't resolve the issue either.

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Networking :: WiFi Adapter Keeps Turning Off Randomly On Laptop

Aug 2, 2015

So yesterday my wi-fi started to turn off randomly for no reason, its not my internet connection becouse it works on other devices. Also i already tried ticking off power saving option on my network adapter, it worked for a while i thought, but after i restarted my laptop even though its still ticked off, its still turning off randomly.. (Also i noticed it turns off when i plug or unplug my mouse?)

Other problems i have:

1. Cant set opera as my default browser it asks me if i want to set it as default every time i open it and i always click yes..

2. Cant turn my touchpad off even though when i use fn+f9 it says its turned off..

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Networking :: VPN Hangs At Disconnecting

Oct 19, 2015

when I disconnect from my work VPN, sometimes it hangs at "Disconnecting".

the only indication is when I try and reconnect nothing happens the "Connect" button just flashes.

the only way to reconnect is to reboot.

am I the only one getting this, and if not is there a solution to this behaviour??

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Networking :: WiFi Keeps Disconnecting After Activation?

Oct 22, 2015

After upgrading my OS to windows 10, its making headache with wifi. My Thinkpad T410 gets disconnecting frequently from the wifi network and does not reconnect automatically. Also not getting reconnected manually for a few minutes. After that reconnects.

Old OS was Windows 7 64 bit.

Wireless adapter is Intel Centrino Ultimate N 6300 AGN

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Networking :: Keeps Disconnecting WiFi - Need To Reboot Router

Jan 25, 2016

My laptop keeps disconnecting my wifi since i installed windows 10 the only way to get connected again is to reboot my router.

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Networking :: Ethernet Connection Is Spiking / Disconnecting And Reconnecting

Mar 5, 2016

I have a problem with my internet connection. First, I've tried a PCI Wi-Fi card and a repeater and nothing change.

My computer have a problem with the internet connection. When I play games like Counter-Strike, I'm spiking and I have some rollback every 5s. Here's a picture of my internet connection in the task manager:

As you can see, I'm spiking alot. Sometimes, my PC disconnect from the router (even when it's wired).

What I tried:
- Recovery
- Flush DNS
- Renew IP
- Uninstall/Install network drivers and adapter
- Uninstall/Install general drivers

And... nothing worked, except one thing: Fix network connection issues - Windows Support

Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter.
Type netsh int ip reset and press Enter.
Type ipconfig /release and press Enter.
Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter.
Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.

It's working for like 30 minutes and then I'm spiking and lagging again. I suppose it's a DNS/IP problem. I need to do it again every time I want to play 30 minutes.

PS: When I'm browsing on chrome, I don't see the spike effects, only when I play or skype.

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Laptop Randomly Starts Itself After Being Hibernated?

Sep 3, 2015

I recently noticed that whenever i hibernated my laptop, after a few hours when i would go to open it, my battery would be completely depleted even though i had it on full charge when i hibernated it...

A few days later i found out, or what i thought was happening, that the laptop wasn't hibernating..Some times it would, sometimes it wouldn't..

Today i found out that the laptop does hibernate, but randomly it boots itself up after a random number of minutes..

First it boots up to the windows logo, then fades to a black screen, then powers off, and then in 5 seconds, it starts again, this time completing the boot and getting me back to how i left the laptop when i hibernated..

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BSOD :: Randomly Crashes About Once A Day - Brand New Laptop

Jan 16, 2016

I just bought this laptop about two weeks ago. It came with windows 10 installed. But for the last week or so it has been crashing to BSOD about once a day. Nothing specifically seems to be triggering it just randomly happens.

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Laptop Started Freezing Randomly For Few Minutes

Feb 20, 2016

Yesterday my laptop running windows 10 started freezing randomly. Everything seems to be normal when suddenly computer doesn't react any more for few minutes, then works perfectly well again. It's quite hard to find the cause. Only thing I have noticed that when it freezes, disk usage is very high. Could this be my cramped desktop (basically no space left) ? I haven't installed or downloaded any torrents lately. This week my laptop was mainly used for heavy browsing and projecting continuosly for hours, some powerpoint and audiocity usage. Also my windows partition is low on space (20GB left).

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Networking :: Laptop Cannot See Shared Printer In Windows Vista Laptop?

Feb 21, 2016

Both the Windows 10 laptop and the Windows Vista laptop have discovery on and file and printer sharing on. The printer is connected to the Windows Vista laptop. The Windows Vista laptop can see the files within the Windows 10 laptop. The Windows 10 laptop can see the Windows Vista computer but as soon as it tries to see inside it gives an error about "spelling of the name, etc." If using the diagnosis tool it says "One or more network protocols are missing from this computer". "Resolving problems as administrator" does not solve anything.

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Networking :: Wireless Connection Randomly Drops

Dec 17, 2015

So i currently have a MSI GT80 Titan running killer wireless 1525 network adapter and am constantly seeing network drops to the point where i get an exclamation mark over my wireless icon and no activity. Connection shows connected but no speed, only until i manually disconnect and reconnect. This has been happening since earlier this week after having the laptop off for a couple days and i'm sure some updates came in from Microsoft.

Steps I've taken already to resolve this:

1. Uninstalled killer wireless software suite and installed stand alone killer driver
2. Refreshed the PC with clean windows 10 install
3. All drivers are up to date including BIOS
4. Ran ccleaner along with registry side of it
5. Memtest shows no errors
6. Hard drives show no errors
7. Connected to LAN and no drops all day

I'm not sure what else to check as this is a fairly new laptop bought back in march and doing some searching on google showed some posts about people with the same issues (different laptops/hardware) thinking it was related to Windows 10.

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Networking :: WiFi Disconnects Randomly Since Update

Dec 19, 2015

Since installing the recent updates for Windows 10, every now and then my Wifi will just disconnect... Turning it back on is as simple as clicking on the Internet icon and clicking "connect" again, though I'm a gamer and when the connection drops out during games it becomes a real problem. My Wifi is set to connect automatically, but that tool seems to be ignored as it disconnects and stays disconnected until I manually click "connect".

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Networking :: New Internet Adapters Appearing Randomly

Oct 18, 2015

Picture tells more than a thousand words:

Last time I checked there were only five of those extra adapters. I thought they were made by VirtualBox, but since then I haven't used VirtualBox and new adapters have still been appearing.

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Networking :: Laptop Cannot Be Used To Print From Networked Laptop

Feb 22, 2016

I have a laptop running Windows 7 that is connected to a printer. I am connected to the internet using a WiFi connection. I have a homegroup called workgroup. My wife has a laptop running Windows 7, connects to the internet using the same WiFi modem and prints using the printer on my laptop.

I downloaded Windows 10 on to my Windows 7 laptop and all of a sudden my wife can't print anymore. Microsoft, you've done it again. How I hate this!

I fooled around with HomeGroup settings on the Windows 10 laptop and the system attributes on my wife's laptop and now I can see her computer on my Windows 10 system. But I cannot see the printer on my system from her laptop.

I tried to click on my compueter from her laptop and I get a request for username and password. I don't know what username and password to use. I gather from reading the forum that I should put the name of my laptop in the username but I don't know where to look for the password.

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Networking :: WiFi Signal Drops Randomly Then Reconnects In 1-2 Minutes?

Nov 15, 2015

I did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro x64 on my HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 laptop and now my Wi-Fi drops on me about every 10 minutes then it takes about 1-2 minutes to reconnect. I previously had Windows 8.1 Pro x64 and had no issues on this laptop and I just upgraded a few days ago.

I've installed the correct drivers too. Windows does report something when I attempt a troubleshoot .

EDIT 1:So far I ran a troubleshooting and my internet has been solid for about 4 minutes now since. It solved some gateway error?..

The problem is still there and I have NO wifi yet without it disconnecting.


OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name COSMIC
System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
System Type x64-based PC


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Ethernet Keeps Disconnecting And Always Can't Detect Cable

Jul 31, 2015

My acer notebook after upgrade from win8.1 to win10, my ethernet port keep disconnected and sometimes cant detect cable till i restart ny notebook. reinstall driver still same..

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Seagate USB 3.0 Drive Keeps Disconnecting And Remounting?

Sep 24, 2015

I have a Seagate 1TB USB 3.0 Expansion Drive (see signature for other hardware.) Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, it has an annoying habit of disconnecting and then remounting. When it remounts, Windows Explorer pops up over whatever I'm doing, even full screen activities like gaming or video playback.

It worked fine under Windows 7, and seems to exhibit no problems whatsoever under Linux, to it doesn't appear to be a hardware problem. Maybe there's just a way to keep Windows Explorer from popping up when it remounts?

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Disconnecting Any Drivers That Don't Contain Operating System

Sep 23, 2015

I recently Factory reset pc with windows 10 on which has deleted windows 10 and everything else it seems bios deleted too when I turn it on and it starts up it comes up with "An operating system wasn't found, try disconnecting any drivers that don't contain an operating system"

How do I sort this I built this pc myself I got two disks one graphics card driver and another for the other drivers I think like the on board graphics, wifi etc... don't have a windows disk to place in tray but can find someone who does... will it work if I just place the windows 7 disk in?

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Disconnecting Data HDD When Upgrading Via Clean Install

Jul 24, 2015

If I decide to do a clean install of Windows 10, can I just disconnect my Data HDD from SATA/Power during the process? This would be really ideal since I only have docs/installers/music/videos/photos and could even backup my current steam library. I don't have an external drive to back up anything with, and I don't see why it'd be needed here.

I feel like the internal drive is acting similar to how an external drive acts anyway

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Prevent Microsoft From Disconnecting Network When It Asks To Sign In Again?

Nov 29, 2015

I signed in to my Microsoft account when I logged onto my Windows 10 laptop, I should not have to sign in AGAIN. Or is this a new "feature" of Windows 10?

I was running an 8 hour job on my network late last night between the two laptops on my network. I just checked it and it had a little less than 2 hours to run. A few minutes later a Microsoft message popped up that said I needed to sign into my Microsoft account again. Immediately, my network went down and the long running job ended. I have to think these two are connected. What is really interesting is that I am still connected to the internet and I have to assume to my Microsoft account.

Why would I get that message? Why would it interrupt my network and crash my job? How do I prevent this from happening again?

The more I see of Windows 10 the better I like Windows 7, actually, the better I like windows 95. Remember that one? 

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Networking :: RDP Not Working From Laptop To PC

Dec 20, 2015

I am having trouble getting RDP to work on my PC. I have checked everything. But I can RDP from my PC to my laptop.

I have on both laptops a password, (I do have the same username, could that conflict?) I have on both PC's the latest W10 update (10586) and I can ping both PC's to eachother. I have disabled my second network card on my PC but still nothing.

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Drivers/Hardware :: USB 3.0 Drive Keeps Disconnecting And Reconnecting When Move Files

Nov 28, 2015

Its a common issue, but a long time ago I have fixed this issue but i forgot how. I have already tried all the fixes I could find on the internet. I disabled "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on every port, I also went to power settings and disabled use selective suspend setting on EVERY POWER PROFILE.

And i also updated the usb 3.0 extensible drivers and the intel series 8 intel chipset drivers. but everytime i plug my external HDD to my new laptop the first 3.0 port sometimes just keep connecting and disconnecting instantly, and on the second port it connects and stay connected but if i move a big file it will start flickering on and off ( small files i can move) and yes i know about the radiation that 3.0 devices output and i have moved the drive away from the laptop. last step is to disable wifi and try again.didnt work.

USB 2.0 ports work fine

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Networking :: Laptop Cannot See My Documents On PC Drive E

Mar 5, 2016

"My Documents" has been correctly relocated from C: to E:. The C: drive was getting full. Using the PC, all is well.

The network is fine and my laptop sees the PC, and PC sees the laptop.

However, when I click my [Username] folder on the PC from the laptop, the folders I see are on the C: drive, not the E: drive.

How do I make my [Username] folder on drive E: accessible over the netork?

Other family members/usernames whose files are on the PC's C: drive exclusively have no problem accessing them from their laptops or phones.

The laptop is Win7 and the PC Win10 Pro. The phones are both Android and iOS.

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Networking :: Laptop Can't See A Folder On Desktop

Oct 5, 2015

My network is really simple. A win10 laptop and a win10 desktop. The desktop has a couple of hard drives and the laptop needs to see one of them.

At various times it's all been good but then something mysterious happens and we're back to square one.

So I've set up a homegroup and both computers belong to itI've set up sharing so that the homegroup can read/writeI've added my husbands email address as a user on the desktop and accepted the invitation so that it doesn't show as pending

Yet, when I go to the laptop I can see the homegroup and the two computers that are in itI can see the network and the same two computersIf I click on the drives I get a no-permission error

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Networking :: HP Laptop Not Detecting WiFi

Oct 3, 2015

Experienced this problem of losing wifi drivers after installing win 10, my hp laptop does not detect wifi but if I plug in ethernet cable the internet connection is sporadic.

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