New Laptop Goes To Vertical Gray Lines

Jan 11, 2016

I have a new Christmas Windows 10 Laptop and it goes to vertical gray lines with a 1" colored block on the screen with the gray lines. I can not get my screen back unless I do a hard power shut down. I did all the current Windows updates on laptop. I then put the full version of AVG on the laptop. It continues to go to the vertical gray lines after a short time of use. I am plugged in to 110 AC and haven't use the battery setting as yet.

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Small Vertical Rectangles?

Dec 20, 2015

I have installed some new fonts and after installation my desktop menus apperas with a small rectangle. I already installed the Windows 8.1 Font Pack but did not solve the issue ....

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Vertical White Bar In Notification Area

Feb 10, 2016

Immediately after upgrading my Insider's copy of Windows 10 to build 14271 I noticed a vertical white bar in the notification area. it has a little arrow pointing to the right. If I rest my pointer on the bar, no tooltip appears. If I click on the bar, it moves to the left and now the little arrow inside points to the left.

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How To Get Rid Of Lines Under Every Task Bar Button

Jul 29, 2015

I don't like them because they shrink the icon size and when I move the cursor to the bottom of the screen where the red arrow is and click it doesn't register.

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Vertical Taskbar Takes Up 1 / 3 Screen Width

Jul 31, 2015

Horizontal task bar works just fine but vertical task bar on left side (same problem on right side) is very wide with a small column of task icons in the center. Basically unusable when a vertical task bar is configured. I've tried with and without Classic Start Menu and it does the same thing.

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Customization :: Possible To Adjust The Vertical Length Of Action Center?

Aug 17, 2015

Is it possible to adjust the vertical length of Action Center? It's hard to reach the 'Clear all' option in a large screen, I hope it can be adjusted to half of the screen.

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Customization :: How To Set Visibility On Start Vertical Scroll Bar To Always Show

Aug 17, 2015

Is it possible to always display the vertical scroll bar for Apps on the Start menu (or for everything in Windows 10 with a page overflow)? I am setting up a laptop for person with disabilities and want to make it obvious that there's more to view by scrolling.

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Mouse Cursor Has Randomly Enlarged And Has Lines Going Through It

Jul 15, 2015

As the title says, my mouse cursor is behaving strangley, it has lines going through it and has enlarged itself. I've not modified anything in the cursor options, I've even click on default settings, restarted my PC ect and it's still not reverting. The strange thing is, if I log out of Windows, the cursor goes back to normal, but as soon as I log back in

It used to look like this:

Whereas it now looks like this:

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Pixelated Lines Of Color Preventing Startup

Sep 10, 2015

Alright, I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro shortly after it released. By upgraded, I mean performed a clean install.
More or less, the computer has worked fine for the weeks since. Now, for the past 2 days, I have been unable to use it because at startup the computer's keyboard and mouse turn off, and the screen displays broken lines of pixelated green, pink, and blue. (To be clear, I make it into and/or past the BiOS totally fine)
I don't have many support options due to the fact this PC was put together by me. So, to that end, my specs are:

MSI Z87-G45 mobo
Intel i7-4770k (no overclocking at present)
Samsung EVO 120GB SSD (have reinstalled Windows 10 solely on this, still producing the same errors)
[Random Thermaltake something something] 750W gold-rated PSU
Corsair h100 series liquid cooling
As I said, everything had been working fine. Then I put the computer to sleep, and when I returned the next day, the screen flashed white fuzziness. On restarting from that, the colored lines are all that happens. I am able to boot into safe mode. That is another weird thing, the colored lines (and keyboard/mouse power off) don't happen until after I go through the bios screen, and see the initial Windows 10 loading screen, then they shut off, and the screen turns to the lines within 20 seconds after.
I'm pretty lost. I'm assuming since I can force it into safe mode (at that split second when I have the windows 10 load screen), the problem is lying with hardware. I have confirmed all wiring is correct, dust is clear, and everything looks/sounds as it should. The only thing that was happening before this was that I would get intermittent "Nvidia kernal has stopped working, but has recovered" notifications popping up. As I type this I'm sort of realizing my graphics card must be done.

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Machine Has Stopped Booting - Vertical White Stripe Appears

Apr 6, 2016

My machine has stopped booting into Windows 10 and a strange white vertical stripe has appeared my monitor. The machine startup, refuses to load then just keeps rebooting until the various recovery options appear.

Have tried a reset but nothing appears to fix it. Now it just keeps rebooting without any of the recovery options.

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File Explorer Ribbons Cover Top Lines Of Folder?

Nov 2, 2015

When I open Windows 10 File Explorer from the Task Bar and choose Home, Share or View, the resulting ribbon covers the top few lines of the opened folder or files. How can I cause the ribbon to "bump" down the folder so that I can see the top few lines?

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Customization :: Context Menu Separator Lines Not Showing

Jul 22, 2015

Since I started using Windows 8, I used a custom all in one context menu with separator lines between the subcommands menu items, but with Windows 10 the separator lines doesn't show at all.

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Drivers :: Horizontal Lines Flickering - AMD Graphics Card

Aug 2, 2015

I've had a problem with windows 10 and my acer PC with an AMD chipset. I constantly have black horizontal lines flickering across my screen. It is worse when running games or Chrome.

I've had this problem before in Ubuntu when I tried using proprietary drivers instead of the default open source ones.
I didn't have this problem before I upgraded from windows 7 sp1.

It doesn't stop me using the PC but is rather annoying ^^.

I would attach a screenshot but I can't seem to get a line in a screenshot

PC: Acer aspire 7750g with internal SSD and HDD
Graphics hardware: AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M graphics chipset.
Driver version: 15.20-150715a-184226E driver with CCC version 2015.0715.2138.37093 

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Installation :: A Blank Gray Screen

Aug 14, 2015

After installing Windows 10 I had a gray screen. I thought the laptop had gone to sleep so I pushed the power button to wake it up. It powered down so I powered it right back up. I got the small new Windows window icon and the spinning circle below it then the screen goes blank and nothing! ?!

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Gray Screen When Restarting Or Shutting Down

Dec 19, 2015

I noticed after I downloaded the most recent updates and I disabled the Windows background on the sign-in screen I now have a dull grey screen when shutting down or restarting? When it says restarting or shutting down or when I'm signing in the background is blue, but in between a weird grey screen shows up?

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Apps :: Text Editor With Multiple Search Replace Lines

Sep 8, 2015

I am looking for a text editor which will allow me to take multiple lines from one text file (I also have the information in a spreadsheet) and will then replace then lines in another line of that document.

I am trying to make a list for my books and comics.

<Book Series="{name}" Number="{no.}" Volume="{year}" </Book>
<Book Series="{name}" Number="{no.}" Volume="{year}" </Book>

For the comics it would need to replace the above format so;

<Book Series="{Batman}" Number="{01}" Volume="{2011}" </Book>

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Customization :: How To Keep Title Bar White But Keep Rest Gray

Feb 23, 2016

Recently I updated windows 10 and now whatever colour you choose when "show colour on start, taskbar, action centre and title bar" is on changes the title bar's colour as well. I don't want to disable this option because I like the start, taskbar and action centre being grey but I want the title bar to be white.

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Games Freezing And Videos Getting Blurry / Gray

Aug 7, 2015

I have a problem with my computer after installing w10 in games totally random i get a 0.5s freeze or when i watch movies the video gets blurry/grey for 1sec(still working and playing).

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Computer Won't Boot - Screen Lit Up And Turned Gray

Feb 1, 2016

Recently I downloaded a program but it came with a ton of malware. I booted my laptop in safe mode and ran a bunch of malware removal programs. When I tried to boot my computer back up, the screen lit up and turned grey.

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Customization :: Any Way To Make Taskbar Color Light Gray Again?

Aug 6, 2015

All of the grey variants in 'Colors' make the Taskbar really dark/black, but ever since Windows 7 I've had a light grey taskbar so it feels like I've lost a very old and trusted friend.

I've tried Winaero Tweaker but I've only managed to get it to change my explorer accent colour - the taskbar stays stubbornly black.

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Customization :: When Opening Settings Has Gray Background Instead Of White

Aug 7, 2015

one of the pc's with Windows 10 on, when opening settings has a gray background instead of white and it seems i cannot alter this. change this background?

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Customization :: Remove Gray Pin Icon From Quick Access Navigation Pane?

Sep 1, 2015

For Pinned items in Quick Access in Win10 Navigation pane, a gray Pin icon is displayed beside each item.

Can it be removed or made transparent with Reshacker?

Note: I wanted to keep the Quick access feature so that I can still drag and drop in Nav pane.

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Stuck In Loop Flashing Between Lock Screen And Gray Loading Screen

Aug 24, 2015

I upgraded to Win 10 on Friday, and since, despite several resetting PC attempts, Win 10 will not load to the login screen. Instead, it is stuck on a loop flashing between the lock screen and a gray loading screen quickly back to the lock screen -- instead of loading to the login screen. This only happens when I attempt to restart or update my PC. If I go to the lock screen because I locked my PC or it fell asleep, I can unlock it. I have also attempted to reset my PC to the previous build, to no avail. I have no restore points.

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Networking :: Laptop Cannot See Shared Printer In Windows Vista Laptop?

Feb 21, 2016

Both the Windows 10 laptop and the Windows Vista laptop have discovery on and file and printer sharing on. The printer is connected to the Windows Vista laptop. The Windows Vista laptop can see the files within the Windows 10 laptop. The Windows 10 laptop can see the Windows Vista computer but as soon as it tries to see inside it gives an error about "spelling of the name, etc." If using the diagnosis tool it says "One or more network protocols are missing from this computer". "Resolving problems as administrator" does not solve anything.

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Hard Disk Of A Laptop Used As External USB Drive To Another Laptop

Oct 27, 2015

hard disk of a laptop with windows 10 used as external USB drive to another laptop and it workded but there are some problems that display is poor and shows windows is not activated but in my previous samsung laptop it was activated when i downloaded it freely from Microsoft. Other things are going smoothly till now.

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Networking :: Laptop Cannot Be Used To Print From Networked Laptop

Feb 22, 2016

I have a laptop running Windows 7 that is connected to a printer. I am connected to the internet using a WiFi connection. I have a homegroup called workgroup. My wife has a laptop running Windows 7, connects to the internet using the same WiFi modem and prints using the printer on my laptop.

I downloaded Windows 10 on to my Windows 7 laptop and all of a sudden my wife can't print anymore. Microsoft, you've done it again. How I hate this!

I fooled around with HomeGroup settings on the Windows 10 laptop and the system attributes on my wife's laptop and now I can see her computer on my Windows 10 system. But I cannot see the printer on my system from her laptop.

I tried to click on my compueter from her laptop and I get a request for username and password. I don't know what username and password to use. I gather from reading the forum that I should put the name of my laptop in the username but I don't know where to look for the password.

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