Not Synced Yet Error Message

Feb 7, 2016

After installing Win 10 over Win 8.1, forwarding and sending new emails elicits the message "not synced yet." How can this situation be corrected? 

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OneDrive Error - Can't Access Files On Synced Folder When Offline?

Aug 21, 2015

I am having a weird issue with OneDrive. I have gone thru the update and selected the folders to sync (god, I miss the place holders). Now every time I'm offline I try to access a file in those folders I get a error "File system error (-2143326205) ". I have the checked if the folders are up to date and all files are downloaded and they are. I am able to access the files if I'm online.

I should also mention that I am using a SP3 i3 and I have my OneDrive folder in on my SD card mounted into a NTFS folder on C:

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Explorer EXE Error Message

Oct 9, 2015

I have started to get the following error message when I load my desktop from startup:'The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation'.

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Winzip Error Message Will Not Allow To Use It

Dec 31, 2015

I just downloaded winzip and it keep giving me this error message:

Javascript is disabled please turn on the IE setting or allow JS running to complete the installation.

How do i do this?

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NTLDR Error Message

Aug 7, 2015

I decided to change my powersupply to the new one I just bought. The powersupply wasnt working properly at first doing things like only one cpu fan turns on and the cpufan light doesnt turn on. I wanted to test to make sure everything was working fine before I close up my system so I did a test with everything plugged in including harddrives. When i turn the pc on I am not getting a message saying "NTLDR is missing". I read its something about the boot drive but I dont know how to solve the problem. I removed that powersupply and plugged in my old one that works perfectly fine and still get the message obviously. Could this be because of upgrading to windows 10 or maybe because started up the computer without a harddrive plugged in or maybe the powersupply somehow messed up my harddrive.

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BSOD :: Different Error Message Several Times A Day

Nov 8, 2015

Have had home builds for years with no big issues before windows 8.1 and now windows 10. I thought i had issues with memory or graphic card on my previous computer so i ended up buying new parts for a new build.

But nothing changed. Not so frequent as before but up to several times a day my computers gets an BSOD. I must say it is random for me what i am doing while this happens.

Different messages before restarting. The 2 last one while trying to create this thread and making the dump zip file was Kernel check failure and DPC watchdog violation.


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Get Error Message Invalid MS-DOS Function

Aug 7, 2015

I am trying to rename some of my files but the error message "Invalid ms-dos function" appears instead.

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Error Message Video Could Not Be Decoded?

Aug 4, 2015

I have installed windows 10 but unable to play a DVD get an error. Message to say video could not be decoded

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Mail Sync Error Message

Jul 30, 2015

For months I have had a problem on my Windows Phone where when I sync my account manually it pops up with an error (and does sync) saying it's not been synced for 2 months (which is not true). My other two accounts don't have this issue. It was never a problem on the PC (Win 8). However, on Windows 10 Mail app I'm getting errors with that account (not the others though). It showed error 80070490 and referenced Windows Phone, even though I'm on a PC.

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Downloaded 3 Times Now But Getting Error Message At About 60%

Aug 5, 2015

Okay so i have download threw windows installer, it gets to about 60% on the install (its in the installer not windows update)and gives me an error message (i have not been quick enough to catch it yet) and then reverts right back to windows 8.1. Then MAKES ME re download windows 10 AGAIN!! I am going to try to catch the error the next time, but crashing during install and then reverting back to 8.1 just to redownload it.

Also according to windows update it has failed to install 16 times!!!

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Apps :: Some Programs Closing Without Error Message

Sep 5, 2015

So, for the past 2 days my pc is displaying an unusual behaviour. Every installer that I download does not work.

Some programs like uTorrent or Dolphin or Hijackthis don't work. I have tried compatibility, I have tried running them as admin. And nothing worked.

Funny thing is, they run normally when I boot my pc in safemode. I have researched throughout the internet and I haven't found a similar problem nor solution.

If I access them through the cmd console, they run normally. Go figure.

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Installation :: Black Screen With Error Message

Jul 29, 2015

Just installed Win10 on a Win7 machine. Started it up and walked away.

Came back 3hrs later and all that was on the screen was this message:

Cannot Display this Video Mode. Optimum Resolution 1280 x 1024 60Hz

I can restart the machine and the normal Dell start up stuff happens. The Win10 logo comes up and then the screen goes black with the above message. No cursor. No nothing.

I cant even get the monitor settings to function once the black screen appears.

I can get into the monitor settings during boot up but cant make any changes before the black screen comes up.

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Error Message - Page Isn't Redirecting Properly

Mar 5, 2016

Windows 10 installed an automatic update on my Dell laptop a few days ago. Thereafter, when I tried to refresh my home page at using the "Firefox" browser, I received the following error message:

The page isn't redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

Prior to the update, I had no difficulty signing onto in Firefox. I can still upload the page correctly on Internet Explorer, but it is not my first choice browser. I have looked at various forums on line and cannot find a solution (suggestions to enable cookies, disable cookies, clear cache, etc. have not worked).

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BSOD :: Insignia Tablet Error Message

Jan 27, 2016

Insignia tablet did not start correctly message. I have tried all options of recovery and have had no luck.

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Error Message Disk Has MBR Partition Table

Nov 7, 2015

I could not load a disk with OS software and received this error message. "Disk has MBR Partition Table. On EFI Systems, Windows Can Only Be Installed On GPT Disks".

How do I convert the "Partition Table" to GPT? 

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Script File Error Message - How To Stop It

Jan 25, 2016

Recently, (maybe a month or so) I keep getting this pop up message:

"Cannot find script file" "CProgramDataBDCC550F-ED4E.........And a whole lot of numbers.

Where it came from and how to stop it. It pops up about every hour or so, all day long.

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Download Error Message - Installer Cannot Be Initialized

Jan 28, 2016

I cannot download and install any program updates and new programs from "The installer cannot be initialized". How to fix?

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Error Message When Windows App Icon Is Clicked?

Aug 5, 2015

Windows icon, search bar, Edge icon which are at bottom left in task bar, when clicked pops up a message saying CRITICAL ERROR, then causes my computer to restart. How do I fix this?

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Upgrade Refuses To Download / Error Message When Comes To 30 To 40%

Oct 18, 2015

I have a Surface Pro 2 and recently got the Windows 10 upgrade invite. However, the upgrade refuses to download. Every time it comes to 30-40%, there is some or the other error msg. I have tried the system support options. No change in situation...App

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Getting Runtime Error Message When Laptop Boot Up?

Aug 19, 2015

I recently upgraded my laptop from W 7 to W 10. Now when I switch on I get a

'Runtime Error! Program: CWindowssystem32atibtmon.exe'
'This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.'

Then there's the top 'half' of a line that reads 'Please contact the application's support team for more '

The only option is to click 'OK' and everything continues as normal.

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CPUID CPU-Z Error Message - Mutex Not Created

Sep 27, 2015

I am using windows 10, and cpuid cpu-z was working perfectly for me. I even uninstalled the program and opened it back up afterwards but it gave me the same message. I open it up and it gives me an error message.Then I display the error log file and I get a text document in which I have listed below, and cut out the name of the user account for the sake of the picture. It also gives me the message "Mutex not created." When I click OK, CPU-Z opens up but displays no information.

I switched the admin account and turned it into a user account, and changed my user account to the admin. I did this because I had just created that new user account and decided I shouldn't use the admin account on a daily basis and I knew that I wouldn't use that new user account because it would just take too long to set up, so I just changed that user account to the admin.

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Apps :: Audio Engine Missing - Error Message

Aug 29, 2015

Since installing Windows 10, I have tried to open two programmes that I had previously used successfully and received error messages about the audio engine.

The first was Audacity (Wave recorder and editor) and I got two messages on trying to open it - "Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate." The other message was "Could not find any audio device. You will not be able to play or record audio. Error: Internal Port/Audio error."

The second program I tried to open gave me the following message "No audio devices. Audio Engine Error: Bas settings."

The curious thing is that I can play things through iTunes for instance quite satisfactorily (admittedly through and external amplifier, but that must mean that there's an audio output).

Is it possible that Windows 10 has removed the audio devices or altered the audio engine settings (whatever that means!)? If so, how do I regain the status quo as far as audio is concerned?

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Cortona Message Critical Error Start Menu

Oct 12, 2015

We are getting a message when we open our laptop.

cortona message critical error start menu and cortana are not working. We will try to fix it the next time you sign in.

Two screen shots are attached.

We had Windows 8 then we updated to Windows 10.

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Apps :: Cannot Watch Movies On NetFlix - Error Message

Aug 17, 2015

Since installing Windows 10 I cannot watch movies on Netflix. I can access the Netflix website, however, when I click on the show I was watching I get an error message.

I know it's not the Netflix website because I can watch the movies on my other computer.

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Installation :: Cannot Install - Getting A Failed Message Error 8007000D

Oct 2, 2015

Have not been successful in updating from win 7 to win 10. I just get a message saying installation failed error 8007000D

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Apps :: Photos App Error Message Connect A Device

Sep 18, 2015

If I run the Photos App when I insert an SD card I get an error message:Connect a device...Connect the device you want to import from, and make sure it's turned on and unlocked.

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